Madison: Transportation

Approaching the City

The Dane County Regional Airport, east of the city, is an international airport served by 11 commercial airlines with 75 regularly scheduled daily flights. Renovations and expansions to be completed in 2005 are to double the airport's square footage.

I-90 and I-94, two of Wisconsin's interstate highways, pass through Madison, connecting the city with Chicago (2.5 hours), Minneapolis (4.5 hours), and Milwaukee (1.5 hours). The highway system also includes U.S. routes 12, 14, 18, 51, and 151 and state roads 30 and 113. The West Beltline, formed by U.S. 18, 151, 12, and 14, bypasses the city. Three companies provide inter-city bus service.

Traveling in the City

Madison is long and narrow, following a northeast-southwest orientation along the shores of Lakes Mendota and Monona. Within this configuration, downtown streets radiate from the Capitol hub; principal thoroughfares are Washington, Johnson, and Williamson, which run northeast and southwest, and State Street and University Avenue, which extend due east.

Madison is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in America, with miles of paved bike paths and an extensive map system to help bikers get around. Intracity public bus transportation is operated by Madison Metro Bus Company, which provides Metro Plus service for elderly and handicapped patrons. Unlimited access to the bus system comes for just $3 per day.