Toledo: Education and Research

Elementary and Secondary Schools

Public elementary and secondary schools in Toledo are administered by the Toledo Public Schools system, the fourth largest public school system in the state of Ohio, with just over 35,000 students. Five partisan board of education members select a superintendent. Washington Local Schools serve much of the northwest area of the city.

The following is a summary of data regarding Toledo public schools as of the 2002–2003 school year.

Total enrollment: 35,533

Number of facilities elementary schools: 47

junior high schools: 7

senior high schools: 8

Student/teacher ratio: 23–25:1

Teacher salaries

minimum: $32,697

maximum: $65,520

Funding per pupil: $7,838

The Catholic Diocese of Toledo operates an extensive parochial school system in the city and surrounding area. Other private and church-related schools also offer educational alternatives.

Public Schools Information: Toledo Public Schools, 420 East Manhattan, Toledo, OH 43608; telephone (419)729-8200

Colleges and Universities

The University of Toledo's eight colleges enroll nearly 21,000 students and offer degrees in undergraduate and graduate fields, including engineering and pharmacy. The Medical College of Ohio (MCO) grants a medical degree as well as graduate degrees in medical science and industrial hygiene; MCO conducts joint educational programs and collaborative research with area businesses and educational institutions. Owens Community College offers two-year programs in biomedical equipment, computer-integrated manufacturing, and glass engineering, among others.

Within commuting distance of Toledo are Bowling Green State University and the University of Michigan.

Libraries and Research Centers

Toledo is home to about two dozen libraries operated by public agencies, private organizations, and corporations. The Toledo—Lucas County Public Library houses about 2.3 million books and has an annual circulation of over 6 million; the library system includes 18 branches and two bookmobiles located throughout the city and the county. The University of Toledo, the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, and Owens Community College maintain campus libraries. Other libraries are associated with the Toledo Museum of Art, companies such as Libbey-Owens-Ford, law firms, hospitals, and churches and synagogues.

The Medical College of Ohio (MCO) in Toledo is active in medical research and development. MCO has created the Health Technology Park to house college facilities and the Northwest Ohio Health Technology Center (NOHTC), which serves as a research and development incubator for private companies and academic institutions.

Research and development is also conducted at the University of Toledo's Polymer and Thin Films Institute and Eitel Institute for Silicate Research as well as at Edison Industrial Systems Center. The federally-funded National Center for Tooling and Precision Products research is housed at the University of Toledo. The National Drosophilia Species Resource Center, affiliated with nearby Bowling Green State University, is internationally known for fruit-fly research.

Public Library Information: Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, 325 Michigan Street, Toledo, OH 43624-1332; telephone (419)259-5207; fax (419)255-1332