Savannah: Geography and Climate

Savannah is located on the Georgia-South Carolina border where the Savannah River and the Atlantic Ocean are the natural boundaries of both the city and the state. In its semitropical location, Savannah usually has warm, and frequently hot, humid weather throughout the year. The city is set on the coastal plain and is surrounded by flat and low marshland to the north and east, and higher land, rising as high as 51 feet above sea level to the south and west. About half of the land to the west and south is clear of trees; the other half is woods, much of which lie in swamp. The intercoastal waterway runs down the Savannah coast, as do numerous rivers and inlets. There are seven months in which the average temperature is 70 degrees or higher. Summer temperatures are moderated by frequent afternoon showers. Average snowfall is less than one-half inch per month in winter.

Area: 75 square miles (2000)

Elevation: approximately 46 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 49.2° F; July, 81.2° F; annual average, 66.4° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 49 inches