Portland: Geography and Climate

Located 110 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Portland lies between two mountain ranges, the Cascade Range to the east and the lower Coast Range to the west, in the Willamette River valley, one of the world's most fertile river valleys. The city is divided by the Willamette River, which flows into the Columbia River just to the north. Winters are rainy in Portland, with 55 percent of the annual rainfall occurring between the months of November and February, but the marine air keeps temperatures moderate, and the summers are mild, with temperatures rarely over 90 degrees.

Area: 130 square miles (2000)

Elevation: Averages 173 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 39.4° F; August, 67.3° F; annual average, 53.4° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 40.5 inches