Dallas, Texas, United States of America, North America

Founded: 1841
Location: North-central Texas; southern United States, North America
Slogan: "Dallas, the Texas Star"
Flag: White star with yellow emblem centered over stripes of red, white, and blue (top to bottom).
Flower: Bluebonnet (Texas state flower)
Time Zone: 6 AM Central Standard Time (CST) = noon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Ethnic Composition: White 65%; Black 14%; Hispanic origin (of any race) 17%; other, including Native Americans and Asian/Pacific Islanders, 21%.
Elevation: 150–250 m (500–800 ft) above sea level
Latitude and Longitude: 32°50'N, 96°50'W
Climate: Hot, humid summers and mild winters.
Annual Mean Temperature: January 1°C (34°F); July 37°C (98°F)
Average Annual Precipitation: Snowfall is rare; precipitation is 750 mm (29.5 in).
Government: Council-manager, with an 11-member council, 8 of whom are elected from single-member districts; the remaining 2 and the mayor are chosen by voters in a nonpartisan election.
Weights and Measures: Standard U.S.
Monetary Units: Standard U.S.
Telephone Area Codes: 214 and 972
Postal Codes: 75201–75398

2. Getting There


Several major highways lead into Dallas. Interstate-20 runs east to west. I-30 runs from the northeast into the city. Running northeast to southwest is I-35, the major route from Dallas to Austin and San Antonio. I-45 runs from Dallas southeast to Houston. US 75 (North Central Expressway) comes into Dallas from the North. I-635 forms a loop around Dallas and the neighboring cities of Arlington and Fort Worth. Driving time to Houston is three hours and 40 minutes, while it takes four-anda-half hours to drive to San Antonio.

Bus and Railroad Service

Both buses and passenger trains serve Dallas. The Greyhound bus station is located downtown at 205 S. Lamar Street, and in addition to Greyhound, several other smaller bus lines run out of this location, including El Conejo and Euro-Coach. Trains arrive at Amtrak's Union Station, 400 S. Houston Street.


Dallas has two airports: Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport (DFW) and the smaller Love Field, which offers commuter transit. DFW is located 29 kilometers (18 miles) northwest of downtown. Transportation to and from the airport is available by bus, airport shuttle, rental car, or taxi. Most major domestic airlines fly into Dallas, including American, Continental, Delta, and TWA. Regional airlines include America West, Atlantic Southeast, Southwest, and Sun Country. Several international airlines also service Dallas, such as Aeromexico, British Airways, Japan Airlines, and Korean Air. Flight times from major U.S. cities are as follows: New York, four hours; Chicago, two-and-a-half hours; Los Angeles, three hours.

Dallas Population Profile

City Proper

Population: 1,068,880
Area: 980 sq km (378 sq mi)
Ethnic composition: 65% white; 14% black; 17% Hispanic descent, any race; remainder Native American and Asian or Pacific Islander descent
Nicknames: Big D

Metropolitan Area

Population: 3,912,000
Description: Includes Dallas and suburbs (the area known as DFW Metroplex also includes Forth Worth, Arlington, and suburbs)
Area: 16,800 sq km (6,490 sq mi)
World population rank1: 62
Percentage of national population2: 1.4%
Average yearly growth rate: 1.6%


  1. The Dallas metropolitan area's rank among the world's urban areas.
  2. The percent of the total US population living in the Dallas metropolitan area.

Buses and Commuter Rail Service

Dallas Area Rapid Transit System (DART) offers bus and light rail transportation to the city and 12 surrounding suburban communities. DART provides 130 bus routes, while the light rail services major sites, with free parking at most rail terminals. A trolley line circulates downtown. Fares for DART range from 50 cents to two dollars.


Because of urban and suburban sprawl, Dallas is not a city well suited for pedestrians. However, tourists can and do take walking tours downtown and in the historic West End. In most other areas, people either drive or take public transportation.

City Fact Comparison
Indicator Dallas Cairo Rome Beijing
(United States) (Egypt) (Italy) (China)
Population of urban area1 3,912,000 10,772,000 2,688,000 12,033,000
Date the city was founded 1841 AD 969 753 BC 723 BC
Daily costs to visit the city2
Hotel (single occupancy) $89 $193 $172 $129
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) $44 $56 $59 $62
Incidentals (laundry, dry cleaning, etc.) $26 $14 $15 $16
Total daily costs (hotel, meals, incidentals) $135 $173 $246 $207
Major Newspapers3
Number of newspapers serving the city 1 13 20 11
Largest newspaper The Dallas Morning News Akhbar El Yom/Al Akhbar La Repubblica Renmin Ribao
Circulation of largest newspaper 4,79,863 1,159,339 754,930 3,000,000
Date largest newspaper was established 1885 1944 1976 1948
1United Nations population estimates for the year 2000.
2The maximum amount the U.S. Government reimburses its employees for business travel. The lodging portion of the allowance is based on the cost for a single room at a moderately-priced hotel. The meal portion is based on the costs of an average breakfast, lunch, and dinner including taxes, service charges, and customary tips. Incidental travel expenses include such things as laundry and dry cleaning.
3David Maddux, ed. Editor&Publisher International Year Book. New York: The Editor&Publisher Company, 1999.

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Government Offices

Dallas Fire Department
1500 Marilla, Room 7A South
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 670–4607.

Dallas Mayor's Office
1500 Marilla, Room 5EN
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 670–4054

Dallas Parks and Recreation
1500 Marilla, Room 6FN
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 670–4071

Dallas Police Department
2014 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 670–3698

Tourist and Convention Bureaus

Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau
1201 Elm Street, Suite 2000
Dallas, TX 75270
(214) 571–1000

Dallas Visitor Information Center
100 Houston Street
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 571–1300


Daily Commercial Record
706 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 75202
Phone: (214) 741–6366

Dallas Business Journal
10670 North Central Expressway, Suite 710
Dallas, TX 75231
Phone: (214) 696–5959

Dallas Morning News
508 Young Street
Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 977–8222

The Dallas Observer
P.O. Box 190289
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 757–9000

Dallas Times
200 W Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 943–7445