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  1. Searching for my sister: baby, father, name, member - People Search
  2. Looking for and john alfred anderson famlily in st paul area: old, father - People Search
  3. Looking for Lisa Marie Phillips(Wardlaw) and her two sons Christopher and Joshua Wardlaw, Pittsburgh: phone, street - People Search
  4. looking for Robert Wylie Harris: phone, children, names, member - People Search
  5. to find Lewis Caldwell: father, names, American, searching - People Search
  6. Doug Rogers: friend, sister, old, lost - People Search
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  15. I miss you M. W. Williams: lost, looking for - People Search
  16. Trying to find my former supervisor...: phone, friends, old, lost - People Search
  17. looking for ...........: daughter, name, where, brother - People Search
  18. Looking for Mrs. Margaret Larkin: phone, street, friend, old - People Search
  19. looking for Ingrid Cones(?)..our sister - El Paso, TX: children, father - People Search
  20. Looking For Delores Adeline Trembley: birth certificate, sisters, father, name - People Search
  21. Looking for my uncle: names, relatives, addresses, person - People Search
  22. folks: child, sister, name, member - People Search
  23. McCourt: friend, family, looking for - People Search
  24. Bob schaffer: child, old, father, name - People Search
  25. Leslie Howard, Steele, Castolenia, Winchler: record, county, daughter, sister - People Search
  26. Looking for someone ...Puyallup WA, can u help?: daughters, name, daughter - People Search
  27. Need help finding my sister: records, county, picture, daughter - People Search
  28. Looking for my sons biological mother: location, phone, old, name - People Search
  29. Kelly Grant: records, street, children, searches - People Search
  30. Looking for Mike Spyers-Army Buddy: county, daughter, old, lost - People Search
  31. I am looking for Neysa Nikki Whitney: friend, name, Virginia - People Search
  32. Looking for Stephen Bobrovnikoff: father, name, high school, Columbus - People Search
  33. Searching for Tim Carroll, Christopher is possibly first or Middle name: record, searches - People Search
  34. Need help in locating my sister.....: phone, street, friend, sisters - People Search
  35. Looking for a friend named Joe: picture, sister, birth, member - People Search
  36. tryings to my niece: birth certificate, records, baby, friend - People Search
  37. Searching for someone: records, county, searches, name - People Search
  38. Kosiba: children, sister, old, father - People Search
  39. Iuka ms - sherry wright married name?: birth, address, city - People Search
  40. searching for Barbara (moved from L.A. Forum): street, daughter, last name - People Search
  41. Looking for William K. Griffith Jr.: sister, old, name, relatives - People Search
  42. merry christmas jamie: phone, dad, last name, birth - People Search
  43. help find my brother's grave: records, searches, father, name - People Search
  44. Looking for Joseph Frank Zabka III: location, places, friends, daughter - People Search
  45. Toni Barrett lst seen 8/21/07 Spfld.MA on NYC bound bus: name, member - People Search
  46. Looking for Samantha Downey: high school, mother, contact, Facebook - People Search
  47. Does have lookup, records, county, father - People Search
  48. Susan Thompson - Wherefore art thou?: county, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  49. Looking for John Coulter, Grand Rapids, MI: record, old, birth - People Search
  50. Looking for Alice Merritte,Keith McGriff, and Ulyssess F Byas Aka(MAN): record, addresses - People Search
  51. Looking for Barbara (Jenkins)-Bell, Daughter-Bonnie Marie BEll: child, friends, sister - People Search
  52. worked with melissa ivie 44 at skool lunch deli and bakery; 95: zip code, phone - People Search
  53. looking for my mother and sister: county, USA, SC, information - People Search
  54. Happy Holidays and Thank you to all the wonderful Volunteers!: searches, lost - People Search
  55. I'm looking for my mom...: old, name, grandparents, Social Security Number - People Search
  56. Kristopher Lee Sanders: phone, friend, names, birth - People Search
  57. childhood friend moves from boston: father, looking for, born, mom - People Search
  58. know Glen or Nancy Payne: places, children, friends, names - People Search
  59. Information/Location of: Betty Jo Bingham: children, sister, roommates, names - People Search
  60. Looking for my siblings father John Damron: children, friends, name - People Search
  61. Looking for dad - Tampa, FL 1973-74: birth certificate, records, neighbor - People Search
  62. like a little brother to me: Saint George UT and Area: name, Nevada - People Search
  63. Resting Place - Houston: record, county, name, member - People Search
  64. New York State Public Records: street, friend, old, name - People Search
  65. Looking for cassandra Alldridge: location, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  66. looking for my sister: area, family, information, state - People Search
  67. Jamaican male eldest of four (moved from NYC forum): sister, New York City, Florida - People Search
  68. everyone: last name, person, find someone, area - People Search
  69. Trying to find my brother in Brookings SD: neighbor, sister, father - People Search
  70. Looking for a friend in the Rockville/Frederick area (Maryland): phone, where - People Search
  71. A Message for Aunt Maureen (Dolly) Bellingham WA: phone, picture, sisters - People Search
  72. trying to find family in italy: child, friends, old, lost - People Search
  73. Seeking friends Robert C. Block Newport: neighborhood, neighbor, name, Oregon - People Search
  74. Looking for cousin: daughter, name, Illinois, obituary - People Search
  75. Looking 4 the son of Shawn Featherer, mothers name is Lisa Davis (Camden, NJ area): location, phone - People Search
  76. Looking for someone who use to live in salem (SC): location, old - People Search
  77. searching for lost sister: name, co, Chicago, looking for - People Search
  78. Kenosky's out there?: last name, where, looking for, finder - People Search
  79. Kimbrough siblings: birth certificate, children, friend, sister - People Search
  80. Calvin & Emily Henry,Brewer,ME.1960's: record, phone, friends - People Search
  81. Eric Juhl in san antonio?: where, person, information, living - People Search
  82. does know clifton goodenough r.n?: phone, county, father - People Search
  83. Looking for former pen pal - Chad G. Foster: record, sister, name - People Search
  84. Searching in Littleton/Colorado: record, children, photo, father - People Search
  85. Looking for Sabrina Jent from Morgantown IN: phone, street, friend - People Search
  86. Searching for Esther Soltero (Maria)/40yoa: location, county, daughter, old - People Search
  87. Looking for my father: name, member, co, Columbus - People Search
  88. Looking for my son: last name, birth, person, information - People Search
  89. serching for jackob pisoiu: records, phone, photo, old - People Search
  90. would you move: Kansas, Mississippi, Arkansas, mother - People Search
  91. Mike James Smith-Iwers: location, name, member, person - People Search
  92. Trying to find daughter: records, baby, child, county - People Search
  93. help me find Michael Galler !!: phone, picture, friends, daughter - People Search
  94. Golf Business Networking?: name, Orlando, area, contact - People Search
  95. Trying to help a coworker find her birth mother: birth certificate, records, telephone - People Search
  96. Looking for Paula, Vickie or Flo Egan: friend, daughter, sisters - People Search
  97. Help find Ronnie: picture, last name, Virginia, information - People Search
  98. john beachler: child, father, name, birth - People Search
  99. Martha/Martie Norment Connel looking for friends, DC: record, old, lost - People Search
  100. lost father can you help?: location, records, names, birth - People Search
  101. Shelby Township, Blue Earth County, Minnesota: children, photos, name, relatives - People Search
  102. Help Find Kara: persons, family, missing, local - People Search
  103. Glenview Naval Air Station Illinois: picture, friends, father, name - People Search
  104. Searching for Evelyn Walton: daughter, names, addresses, Oklahoma - People Search
  105. Looking for a friend: friends, old, living, married - People Search
  106. Looking for an old neighbor from GA: records, phone, father - People Search
  107. Searching for my biological father Anthony Tony Picone (sp?) New Orleans, LA: phone, last name - People Search
  108. looking for son: name, USA, North Carolina, how to find - People Search
  109. Ole or Ida Jensem, Worthington, MN: records, places, children, photo - People Search
  110. Looking for Sherry Miller or Kelly or Jeff Wise, Blue Eye, AR: phone, lost - People Search
  111. Looking for Birthmother and Grandmom in Pennsylvania/Florida: old, Virginia, address - People Search
  112. Searching for 3/4th grade teacher, Sunset Elementary, Vancouver Washington: searches, name, high school - People Search
  113. Looking for BAILEY BLUE MARSHALL from the WHITE PLAINS/NY: dad, name - People Search
  114. Help in tracing Perry Satullo: friends, lost, name, Minnesota - People Search
  115. gum springs va. searching for my daughter: Las Vegas, biological, living - People Search
  116. This has been brought up so many times: name, person, results - People Search
  117. Looking for Richard Michael Bryant: location, names, relatives, Virginia - People Search
  118. looking for lost friend in N.C.: name, relatives, Washington - People Search
  119. fowlkes *spelling* unsure: friends, daughter, sister, name - People Search
  120. teague lost brother in n.c.: record, phone, names, addresses - People Search
  121. Terri and Tina Robinson in Hawaii: village, daughter, sister, name - People Search
  122. looking for a lost friend.....: location, daughter, old, last name - People Search
  123. Do you know William Archibald Snyder III ?: children, county, daughter - People Search
  124. Searching For Birthparents : Ernest & Margaret Fortney.: birth certificate, record, baby - People Search
  125. Sam Houston: lost, address, looking for, information - People Search
  126. Looking for my half brother Shane Cronheimer: child, father, last name - People Search
  127. left canada-returned to Italy: friend, name, address, looking for - People Search
  128. Searching for a Friend: places, phones, picture, friends - People Search
  129. Looking for cousins - help: name, birth, member, adopted - People Search
  130. Chole may: street, friend, old, last name - People Search
  131. Rogers-Libby and Danny, Elaine Neaushafer: sisters, father, names, member - People Search
  132. Looking for two half brothers, help.: records, phone, child - People Search
  133. How to find green card holder?: location, records, friend, lost - People Search
  134. looking for jason marker used to be jason kienert: location, records, phone - People Search
  135. looking for my son, jamie kutzler, lives in liberty pa: sister, old - People Search
  136. looking for my biological father-Steven Hanna (moved from LA Forum): birth certificate, records - People Search
  137. Looking for Shane Alan Bailey: record, friend, birth, relatives - People Search
  138. My Brother's Daughter Delana (O'Dell) Wilson Has Been Found!God Bless Susan13202: phone, daughters - People Search
  139. Looking for Lost Dad: phone, children, county, friends - People Search
  140. Running out of Options: Looking for my Real Mom in Georgia: picture, friend - People Search
  141. Do you know this story.. help!: records, friends, where - People Search
  142. Searching for my brother-our father's name is Dimitrios (James) Spinoulas: record, phone - People Search
  143. Looking for Joe Powell (Kip) in Utah: picture, searches, friend - People Search
  144. Looking to find half siblings from fathers side (David Roland Crofut): birth certificate, location - People Search
  145. help me know the truth!!!: records, friends, father, name - People Search
  146. Need Help Finding My Uncle, son of Pete Howe in FL: record, phone - People Search
  147. Looking for Horace Johnson in North Carolina: lookup, name, birth - People Search
  148. Ronald Schroeder: records, phone, county, searches - People Search
  149. Looking for a Lost Mom: records, street, friend, name - People Search
  150. help me find my dad!: birth certificate, father, name, birth - People Search
  151. Old friend from UK: county, village, roommates, lost - People Search
  152. help me find my dad.: birth certificate, baby, county, old - People Search
  153. Looking for GARY BUTLER: location, county, sister, father - People Search
  154. My son, birthname Robert Murphy: birth certificate, records, phone, adoptees - People Search
  155. Trying to find old friends from Florida: phone, children, county - People Search
  156. Looking for my daughter's half sister--Angela Lynn McEwan-Furtado: records, phone, street - People Search
  157. Richard Henry Lee Wilson Desendants: children, co, searching, living - People Search
  158. Looking for the Talley family or Gray: name, Virginia, brother - People Search
  159. Looking for an old penpan in Telford, United Kingdom: phone, address, number - People Search
  160. Orange, TX. back in the 80's and 90's.: father, name, member - People Search
  161. Searching for Aunt, Dolores Evans PT ST LUCIE,FL: address, house, area - People Search
  162. lost girl in richlands: where, about - People Search
  163. Looking for Biological Father - Montreal 1971: baby, last name, area, family - People Search
  164. Searching for Bangus Rex race horse trainer: name, Kentucky, where - People Search
  165. SABOL in PA.... Or Leona Jean Sabol? Sound look.: children, daughter - People Search
  166. I'm trying to find my Friend Maggie Enos (Silva): friends, sisters, name - People Search
  167. HELP: name, finder, contact - People Search
  168. Vancouver WA: Dudley Hall: father, relatives, looking for, son - People Search
  169. Moore Kenny,Nancy Wolf: friends, lost, name, Oregon - People Search
  170. fiona wilson who lived in australia: friend, father, name, member - People Search
  171. Cousins: name, Toronto, looking for, finding - People Search
  172. Blackman? Father of child that was adopted: last name, person, California - People Search
  173. Looking for my sister: sisters, old, name, birth - People Search
  174. sylvia r pereira from New Orleans: where, contact - People Search
  175. Looking for my father William Jackson: birth, New York, where, Tennessee - People Search
  176. SISTER BORN around JAN 1950 ODESSA TEAXS: names, adopted, Texas, information - People Search
  177. Looking for the guy that was my first boyfriend!: name, Miami, Florida - People Search
  178. Looking for Mr.WIRATHEP PAILIN (THAIRIN): contact - People Search
  179. vanessa wilson (ness): lost, member, where, brother - People Search
  180. Nicholls family: children, sisters, Canada, marriage - People Search
  181. Jacqueline Fernandez (Paris 1983?): friends, lost, where, California - People Search
  182. Looking for Marie or Mary Hill Tampa FL: name, law, about - People Search
  183. Antonia St.Clair from London UK: friend, old - People Search
  184. Loacating my father after many years: name, where, Ontario, family - People Search
  185. Looking for relatives in Paragould Arkansas--Parker: member, family, members - People Search
  186. Looking for Peter Schmidt.: friend, lost, name, Canada - People Search
  187. Looking for Hocking family or SIL teens 1954-62 Yarina Cocha, Peru: contact - People Search
  188. Marked Tree Arkansas--Searching For Ancestors: names, Illinois, information, surname - People Search
  189. Looking for old friend: dad, birth, address, born - People Search
  190. Need help locating someone in Taos!: name, Houston, tx, area - People Search
  191. looking for mark homer - People Search
  192. Looking for RELATIVES OF ADOPTED BABY NAME MEEMAW: adoptee, find, born - People Search
  193. James e. Masters 6/19/62: looking for, contact - People Search
  194. Looking for one spanish guy: sister, lost, family, information - People Search
  195. finding a friend - People Search
  196. Looking for my father or other family member on his side..: old, name - People Search
  197. Looking for a friend: old, lost, name, San Diego - People Search
  198. Looking for Marvin (Marc) Williams: lost, Georgia, about, contact - People Search
  199. Looking foir POLLOCK/ELLIS/MILLER families/POWERSVILLE MISSOURI: father, member, looking for - People Search
  200. Looking for a few people in the Orange, TX. area: friends, sisters - People Search