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  1. feel like helping...need name of grandparents parents: genealogy, records, photos - People Search
  2. Looking for my brother bobby ford... age: 30... lives in san antonio, texas.: picture, names - People Search
  3. Trying to get ahold of TIM AMMERMAN in Boise,ID.: phone, old - People Search
  4. Looking for my brother bruce his father's name is claude fourie: phone, last name - People Search
  5. searching: name, city - People Search
  6. Looking for Harry Stalaton (Saw an ad for a missing persons finder): record, friend - People Search
  7. Looking for Louise A. Kalshan: record, phone, friend, name - People Search
  8. seeking information on cookbook authors: daughters, names, Kansas, daughter - People Search
  9. Im looking for my brother Eric Matthew Uriegas: places, phone, county - People Search
  10. William Robert Breen Bill: phone, street, children, dad - People Search
  11. Looking for Mike Ball or his family in Hamilton VA: friend, names - People Search
  12. Trying to locate you know her?: lost, father, names - People Search
  13. Looking For Robert Ernest Lee known as Bobby Lee) Of Phoenix, Az.: phone, old - People Search
  14. Ana Rafols & Martin Martin Acevedo- Tres Cantos, Spain: lookup, phone, friends - People Search
  15. Lost friend Billie Jean Mercer: records, county, sisters, name - People Search
  16. Help find my SISTER: friend, lost, father, last name - People Search
  17. Kasper Cosentino: record, children, county, picture - People Search
  18. Trying to find fathers ex wifes name and 1/2 brother and sister: children, birth - People Search
  19. im lukin for my old friend: name, member, Minnesota, family - People Search
  20. Looking for Ralph Martinez: phone, searches, old, names - People Search
  21. Finding Someone in Vegas..: record, phone, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  22. Family of William Bennett-from Hysham: daughter, sister, lost, father - People Search
  23. looking for my brother steven aroche 3/6/69: street, old, dad, name - People Search
  24. Looking For My Half Brothers: father, names, birth, Houston - People Search
  25. trying to find john dodd ex usaf chelvesstern uk: relatives, address, Houston - People Search
  26. look for Garcia Maria, Lindsey Hopkin 73-74: friend, lost, last name - People Search
  27. looking: friend, name, Mississippi, looking for - People Search
  28. Looking for william edward shelton: places, phone, village, friend - People Search
  29. looking for my brother...: phone, lost, father, name - People Search
  30. Searching for Angela Coley, Richmond VA: friend, lost, father, name - People Search
  31. Looking for Harold Orville Clemons from VA, around 75 years old: name, Virginia - People Search
  32. I am looking for my mother....: picture, name, birth, member - People Search
  33. Looking for my half sister: picture, friends, father, last name - People Search
  34. Posted on a year ago looking for my bio dad--you helped me find him.: old, name - People Search
  35. Looking for my son Johnathon Anderson: name, Maryland, information, city - People Search
  36. looking for my daughter have been for ten year: name, Orlando, Texas - People Search
  37. trying to find james smith: genealogy, street, father, name - People Search
  38. Looking for Bill Freeman: friends, old, name, address - People Search
  39. looking for birth mother: Lidia E Rivera: sister, where, finder - People Search
  40. Death Notification: phone, father, name, birth - People Search
  41. Looking for Paul Depriest, Jr.: father, birth, brother, Cleveland - People Search
  42. Kathy Horner, Longmont, COLO: county, friend, lost, names - People Search
  43. Looking for rick (richard)collett of philadelphia pa: street, names, relatives - People Search
  44. Looking for Harold L. Taylor from NY: record, phone, searches - People Search
  45. trying to find my Bio-Mother: baby, old, name, birth - People Search
  46. Looking For My Dad - Ronald Cain - Philadelphia: daughter, old, father - People Search
  47. Lost best friend: searches, friends, old, names - People Search
  48. Help me find Michael J. Wilson: child, sister, lost, dad - People Search
  49. Francis Mary Amaral or aramal nee chaplin from the UK: children, co - People Search
  50. Looking for old coworkers from Comair Delta Airlines BTV Station (2005?): record, USA - People Search
  51. need help locating old prescott friend!: roommates, names, area, finder - People Search
  52. FORT COLLINS, COLO: Looking for daughter: children, picture, sister, name - People Search
  53. Searching for an old friend: name, Miami, born, age - People Search
  54. NY State Adoption records: adoptee, father, birth, adopted - People Search
  55. Want to find my sister sasha may dilley: sisters, dad, names - People Search
  56. looking for son in florida: last name, birth, relatives, where - People Search
  57. Looking for lost best friend: name, where, Missouri, contact - People Search
  58. Looking for my dad, Bill: children, father, name, Louisiana - People Search
  59. Looking for father Eugene Patrick Moran: location, child, name, brother - People Search
  60. Looking for someone in Oakland California: phone, searches, names, address - People Search
  61. Melvin Thompson: location, children, picture, daughter - People Search
  62. Looking for Helen Friedman (maiden name): sister, lost, father, last name - People Search
  63. help me, you are my last chance!: record, name, addresses - People Search
  64. searching for relatives: address, Minneapolis, family, information - People Search
  65. looking for my son in missouri: phone, name, person, information - People Search
  66. Searching for Sister: old, father, last name, member - People Search
  67. Searching for Relatives of David Phillip Smith of Arizona: street, child, picture - People Search
  68. Looking for long lost cousin Deloras Ann: dad, name, find - People Search
  69. I need help: searches, sister, father, name - People Search
  70. Looking for Miguel Mitchell: county, name, California, Ontario - People Search
  71. loking for Steven Samuel Smith: baby, sister, adopted, where - People Search
  72. looking for Steven Lanir Brown: phone, baby, names, relatives - People Search
  73. searching for cousin: children, lost, name, birth - People Search
  74. Basurto: genealogy, records, children, father - People Search
  75. Looking for a dead beat dad help, Indian Springs NV: location, child - People Search
  76. Trying to find my birth father: sisters, name, adopted, Philadelphia - People Search
  77. on Jack Babcock: Nampa, Idaho. D. 1967: father, birth, adopted - People Search
  78. in search ...Seattle/Tacoma area: children, daughter, old, names - People Search
  79. Looking for an old friend: county, name, birth, member - People Search
  80. looking for my father in New Orleans, LA: phone, child, lost - People Search
  81. Looking for Mrs. Happy... Tucson/Houston: name, birth, member, Arizona - People Search
  82. looking for my biological father but dont have much information.: friend, name - People Search
  83. Looking for the daughter of William Robert Myers: sister, old, father - People Search
  84. A long shot - looking for grandmother who died in Philadelphia around 1940.: children, daughter - People Search
  85. Leslie Charles Dobson, Ritzville WA: photo, member, address, obituaries - People Search
  86. Martial Arts Teacher (Son of Cornelio): street, father, last name, member - People Search
  87. I need to find my brothers!: lost, father, names, Virginia - People Search
  88. Looking for my friends relatives in COSTA RICA .. Help..: children, daughters, old - People Search
  89. looking for the wheeler family: location, children, searches, sisters - People Search
  90. Looking for lost family in Italy: last name, USA - People Search
  91. Karlyn Iona Keep: child, picture, father, names - People Search
  92. Dr Steven Pearlman, Robin Haddad, Pam Straus all NYC: neighbor, street, friends - People Search
  93. Rita or Joseph L Turcotte, Michigan: records, children, name, birth - People Search
  94. Looking for Teresa A Price, Virginia Beach VA: record, name, member - People Search
  95. This section of the forum...: phone, friends, address, Florida - People Search
  96. Looking for an Old Love: record, phone, searches, lost - People Search
  97. Looking for lost love Ana Aguilar: phone, picture, friends, name - People Search
  98. Thanks! City Data.Com: friends, old, member, where - People Search
  99. Looking for childhood friend in Arkansas: village, last name, relatives, area - People Search
  100. looking for sister: sisters, dad, names, person - People Search
  101. Rand & Shorrette families: father, name, where, brother - People Search
  102. Family Tree Search: Frank B Thompson: phone, children, photos, daughter - People Search
  103. looking for my sister: birth certificate, name, birth, adopted - People Search
  104. im LookinFor Randolph Turner Born 9/46 from phx az: records, phone, lost - People Search
  105. Long lost Sister in Taxes from Camden New Jersey: child, old, father - People Search
  106. Trying to locate a woman in Houston, Tx Her father supposedly owned truck chrome shop over 10 years ago!!!!: record, county - People Search
  107. Looking for an Old High School Friend: names, house, brother - People Search
  108. Tracing the Schwartz and Petroskie family trees- Pennsylvania: location, county, father - People Search
  109. Kay Biggs(maiden name): names, member, high school, person - People Search
  110. Whitman/Hanson high: looking for, Facebook - People Search
  111. SHUMAKERs in ROUND HILL & LOVETTSVILLE: genealogy, street, county, sisters - People Search
  112. Looking for My Daughter who was adopted illegally: baby, children, picture - People Search
  113. seeking my birth mother: old, names, relatives, adoption - People Search
  114. Looking for my father or relatives Queens, NY: location, records, picture - People Search
  115. Looking for Old Friend: phone, dad, address, where - People Search
  116. Trying to find Clifford White: birth certificate, street, photos, friend - People Search
  117. Trying to find my Father: old, names, address, brother - People Search
  118. Looking for my sister who I have never met: father, name, relatives - People Search
  119. Trying to locate an old friend ...Seattle: phone, name, where - People Search
  120. My USAF father from Huntsville, AL: location, friend, daughter, sister - People Search
  121. help!!: baby, child, searches, old - People Search
  122. Looking for my father: records, phone, daughter, name - People Search
  123. Looking for birth daughter, born 1962-63 in Albert Lea, Minnesota: baby, photography - People Search
  124. Looking for Jim Finneran - Illinois: phone, sister, dad, name - People Search
  125. Friend Search: name, address, trying to find, about - People Search
  126. Robert Wooten, U.S. Navy veteran--my uncle: phone, daughter, sister - People Search
  127. looking for 1/2 sisters from Wisconsin, help: street, father, names - People Search
  128. I was born at Cannon Memorial Hospital in Pickens, SC: genealogy, records - People Search
  129. Looking For Afram or Efram Fanoos In The Dallas Area: children, county - People Search
  130. Trying to locate my brother, Henry Ruffin Mitchell: records, children, lost - People Search
  131. Carol Jean Beavers is maiden name. (braxton): friends, names, birth - People Search
  132. OCS Class 4-82: member, looking for, members, military - People Search
  133. Agapito Acejo, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona: daughter, father, name, birth - People Search
  134. Looking for old friend in Georgia: last name, relatives, member, Anchorage - People Search
  135. Looking for 'Shorty' USMC: find, reunion, living, military - People Search
  136. Looking for siblings: street, county, searches, friends - People Search
  137. ISO Jim Moran (may be fake), brother Don, Highland, NY area: genealogy, places - People Search
  138. James Victor Bo Flemming: location, record, children, picture - People Search
  139. Looking for birthparents: location, records, county, old - People Search
  140. on Jeff Rosen in Phoenix, AZ: records, picture, friends - People Search
  141. Look for children of Ruben Belmarez: phone, street, sisters, father - People Search
  142. Trying to find my Dad: location, sisters, father, name - People Search
  143. Concern Mother (daughter talking to a guy online): zip code, phone, friend - People Search
  144. looking David Pelz (high school sweetheart): searches, lost, name, relatives - People Search
  145. I'm searching for my father!!: location, records, places, phone - People Search
  146. Remember The Black Orchid in Hot Springs, AR?: neighbor, friends, daughter - People Search
  147. Looking for my biological grandparents or family [MOUNT PLEASANT ,TEXAS]: records, phone - People Search
  148. Looking For My Dad, Nick Stevens: lookup, sister, father - People Search
  149. looking for birth mom my dob 10/24/58: records, phone, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  150. Looking for an Army buddy: phone, picture, lost, names - People Search
  151. Looking for my dad Jorge I Ospina: records, phones, neighbor - People Search
  152. Looking for Richard Scott Lively, Pittsburgh, PA: phone, friends, sisters - People Search
  153. lokking for: daughter, name, looking for, son - People Search
  154. A Friend from Holland: name, trying to find - People Search
  155. Looking for women who flew from DallasFW to El Paso on Sept. 4th 2009: phone, name - People Search
  156. Searching For Twin Brothers: name, birth, adoption, area - People Search
  157. Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Harriet Adkin relatives in Canada: phone, children - People Search
  158. Chuck mathews: Minden, Gardnerville NV: Nevada - People Search
  159. Looking for Lewistown PA Resident, W L Boyd (William): street, addresses, locate - People Search
  160. Eleanor Louise (Keen) Lannaye in Souris North Dakota: friend, name, high school - People Search
  161. Looking for my father Rafael Rodriguez?: name, family, information, about - People Search
  162. Francesca Ferrar Cirni, where are you?: state - People Search
  163. ~Anthony DePaul - Pennsylvania: friend, looking for, about - People Search
  164. Looking for Margaret Jane Schnee (maiden name): friends, father, mother - People Search
  165. HELP ME: finding indonesian girl Yente in Hong Kong: telephone, number, contact - People Search
  166. Looking for my uncle: name, Toronto, trying to find, living - People Search
  167. Friend from Cruise ship: looking for - People Search
  168. Searching for an old college buddy...: last name, member, person, city - People Search
  169. Looking For Old Friend/Philly area: children, name, person, married - People Search
  170. Antonio - July 24th Praque: lost, New York, looking for, contact - People Search
  171. Clayton Johnson ...Puyallup, Seattle WA: relatives, looking for, married - People Search
  172. steiners in germany or austria: last name, looking for - People Search
  173. Looking for a Kathryn Stevens: name, about, married - People Search
  174. Birth mother ISO birth daughter DOB 04/27/84 Bradenton ,Florida: baby, name, hospital - People Search
  175. rogers arkasas: lost, name, Kansas, looking for - People Search
  176. Looking for Paola Boroni: children, father, name, family - People Search
  177. Arthur H Price in Philadelphia PA: looking for, mom - People Search
  178. Looking for Deloras Ann Krininger: lost, family, born, mother - People Search
  179. Basil Hart Jr. III: name, where, brother, find - People Search
  180. Looking for bernice peeples!: information, find - People Search
  181. Searching for Jose Quiroga from Can Picafort, Mallorca!!!: picture, friend, Germany - People Search
  182. relatives to Chicago: born - People Search
  183. Looking for an in-law: old, father, name, marriage - People Search
  184. looking for Korean American guy: phone, name, San Francisco, trying to find - People Search
  185. dorothea from switzerland missed diane bernhard: looking for, searching - People Search
  186. I am looking for my biological family - Mount Pleasant, Texas: father, name - People Search
  187. bud ford: friends, name, birth, looking for - People Search
  188. Amy from Tahoe staying with your grandma, had a baby in Reno 1992: friend, old - People Search
  189. Looking for Mickey Jones-last heard from in Texas: name, trying to find, Pittsburgh - People Search
  190. I am Trying to Find David Barnette From Jersey City New Jersey: daughter, old - People Search
  191. son: old, father, name, looking for - People Search
  192. JUST CURIOUS one is looking for me?): name, country, state - People Search
  193. Looking for my brothers mom: name, birth, adopted, find - People Search
  194. Missing Person: child, friend, name, family - People Search
  195. Looking for High School friend in Owasso, OK: dad, name, adopted - People Search
  196. Amy from Tahoe California 1992 I have questions: baby, friend, old - People Search
  197. trying to find the Wilson family!: friends, sisters, where, brother - People Search
  198. Looking for Father: children, lost, name, relatives - People Search
  199. looking for linda rogers: name, high school, number - People Search
  200. Egypt to Panama - lady from Rotterdam: name, where - People Search