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  11. Charles K. Allen, U.S.Army, Augsburg, Germany 1950-53: children, father, brother - People Search
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  20. Joseph (Joe) Caulfied: address, Chicago, 2014, Florida - People Search
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  22. Looking for an old friend from Woodycrest mid 1950's: picture, sisters, names - People Search
  23. looking for my dad: daughters, father, name, birth - People Search
  24. looking for my sister in SChonebeck germany: phone, friends, name - People Search
  25. Looking for David Gordo(n)? Johnson, 39 originally from the Miami area: friend, lost - People Search
  26. Looking for family: record, children, county, sister - People Search
  27. Looking for on supposed abduction/rape circa 1976: records, county, daughter - People Search
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  33. Looking for relativesof Edward E.Schenker & Charles John Schenker: street, children - People Search
  34. Looking for a Lost Love-Steve Linder: record, name, birth, address - People Search
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  48. Looking For My Father (He is around 48-49 years old) might be in TX: name, Miami - People Search
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  50. looking for ric penleys brother and sister from elon college: records, names - People Search
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  55. Hatchett's Alabama: location, children, county, daughters - People Search
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  59. This may sound childish..: phone, children, friend, name - People Search
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  62. Help Me, I'm looking for my father....: old, name, brother - People Search
  63. Looking for the children of Marvin and Dorothy Carroll: neighbor, friends, sister - People Search
  64. Harold E Marshall from Huron, South Dakota: genealogy, children, sister - People Search
  65. I think my soon to be ex husband had a there a way to find out?: birth certificate, records - People Search
  66. Looking for biological grandmother Constance (Connie) Linda: baby, sister, old - People Search
  67. Nancy J Villatoro seeking Salvador Rodriguez: birth certificate, county, friends, father - People Search
  68. Looking for a long lost friend Christopher Ryan Newlin (Escondido, CA): old, father - People Search
  69. birth mother Barbara Goins/Jackson and family: genealogy, records, daughter - People Search
  70. Looking for two brothers who lived in Arlington,Tx: searches, name, high school - People Search
  71. I was if was able to help find this person: father, last name - People Search
  72. Searching for my birth grandparents or other family members: father, names, obituaries - People Search
  73. Help me: address, brother, looking for, age - People Search
  74. iso lank keiffer, last heard in Nogales, Az.; old friend: where - People Search
  75. looking for my daughter in Germany: street, searches, lost, name - People Search
  76. Searching For Nate/Nathan In Pa: phone, friends, old, last name - People Search
  77. Trying to find my dad with little information: searches, friend, name - People Search
  78. Looking for my American biological father from USAirforce: old, name, birth - People Search
  79. ISO Birth Parents/Brother: adoptee, children, picture, searches - People Search
  80. Looking for Kara Henry, Pittsburgh PA: phone, street, friends, sister - People Search
  81. Trying to find my mom!!!!: picture, last name, birth, address - People Search
  82. looking for my familia in Chihuahua! help: baby, names, family - People Search
  83. I'm trying to find family of Theodore Douglas Jr: sister, lost - People Search
  84. would love to find my mom help: old, name, birth - People Search
  85. Mr. Joshua Scott Wells: street, county, name, birth - People Search
  86. Looking for Ashely Steen: records, county, daughter, father - People Search
  87. looking for on my military uncle: records, phone, street - People Search
  88. Lost Family set of twins born 1963 0r 1964 Gainesville,Fl: birth certificate, records, baby - People Search
  89. Looking for William Henry Murphy: father, name, adopted, Virginia - People Search
  90. Relative who served in the Vietnam War: children, photos, old - People Search
  91. Looking for my brother who was born in Bankok Thialand: father, last name - People Search
  92. lost sister (don't know where she is): daughters, father, name - People Search
  93. Friend: name, where, person, Germany - People Search
  94. looking for my father Edgar Romero Sanchez: phone, lost, name - People Search
  95. Search for Philip John Baker !!:(: old, father, name, where - People Search
  96. help me find my mother!!!: phone, sister, dad, name - People Search
  97. Looking For Family of Mr. Elmer Curtis of Chicago, IL (died 1997): lookup, location - People Search
  98. Looking for Peter Zimmel, Germany: name, Washington, USA, family - People Search
  99. A guy looking for his brother.: location, old, dad, name - People Search
  100. searching for my father: photos, name, family, about - People Search
  101. David Taylor: photo, friend, name, Canada - People Search
  102. Searching for Rick/Richard Cole: daughter, old, name, Ohio - People Search
  103. Looking for My father: information, military - People Search
  104. What happens when you find them.?: children, friend, daughter, lost - People Search
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  107. Bio Dad (Robert Henry Hawkins) and half sibling(s)?: children, picture, searches - People Search
  108. Looking for on Lester Harbol Missouri died May 1991: records, baby, children - People Search
  109. find out how someone died: record, county, friend, high school - People Search
  110. Is David Cooper your father? Born early 1970's? Ever worked at CTRC?: location, records - People Search
  111. seeking my relatives!: last name, Tennessee, Nashville, family - People Search
  112. Searching: baby, friend, daughter, lost - People Search
  113. I need to find my mom help me: old, father, name - People Search
  114. Bellinger Family: father, Kansas, where, brother - People Search
  115. Searching for tattooed hair stylist Ari (sp?) who lives in Ohio: friends, daughter - People Search
  116. help finding my dad: records, children, picture, daughters - People Search
  117. Long lost love: phone, sisters, old, last name - People Search
  118. help me find my dad: records, county, name, birth - People Search
  119. Looking for Christiane Boex...lived in New Orleans, London, England, Hamburg, Germany: father, name - People Search
  120. Morris N. Liebmann: photo, name, relatives, adopted - People Search
  121. Babe's Chicken - Cedar Hill: last name, Dallas, Houston, looking for - People Search
  122. Deceased bio father: genealogy, children, names, obituary - People Search
  123. I need help finding my teenager daughter's father: phone, sisters, old - People Search
  124. Looking for birth mother around Boston Area: records, child, father - People Search
  125. Looking for Veronica Whitenour: street, Texas - People Search
  126. Looking for family of 2 KIA soldiers of WW2.: records, children, county - People Search
  127. Help me reach out for my dad: buy, phone, old - People Search
  128. Beresniki Russia (total shot in the dark): cemetery, area, family - People Search
  129. looking for my birth father George Sutton once lived in Warrenton Virginia,: friend, daughter - People Search
  130. Searching Thomas Emmett Kearney: photo, father, name, adopted - People Search
  131. A guy refuses to return my money: what can I do?: children, friend - People Search
  132. help a girl find her dad! William Curtis Jones: sister, names - People Search
  133. Looking for old friend...: phone, last name, Virginia, where - People Search
  134. Help me to find my son: records, picture, name, Germany - People Search
  135. on Pte Raymond L Webber. kia 1918, from Lititz,PA: record, children - People Search
  136. looking for Sarah bowers, Pittsburgh PA: daughters, sister, name, obituary - People Search
  137. Old High School Friend Laura Hall: street, county, name, member - People Search
  138. Looking for Birth Father, was stationed at Glasgow, MT AFB: records, photos - People Search
  139. Biological Father Search: location, phone, street, daughters - People Search
  140. Looking for my cousin Chad Sergent: county, friend, lost, father - People Search
  141. Looking for Kerry Aston from Butler, OH (possibly in Las Vegas, NV): buy, phones - People Search
  142. Looking for parents/siblings: birth certificate, records, neighbor, adoptees - People Search
  143. looking for my half siblings: daughter, sisters, father, names - People Search
  144. are their people search sites that are actually legit?: location, phone
  145. How can I find out the last address of my deceased grandmother in Pennsylvania?: phone, street - People Search
  146. Finding a deceased child: location, records, county, friend - People Search
  147. Does know this gentleman?: photos, name, member, where - People Search
  148. WWI 1914-1918 - U.S. Sgt. Carl W. Roberts, Cleveland OH: street, children - People Search
  149. andrea vannucci: person, looking for - People Search
  150. Argentina Family: sister, father, name, member - People Search
  151. Felicity, Ohio... Rick Sheets might be your father.: sisters, lost, name - People Search
  152. Looking for Mr. Michael Dennis Moore: records, phone, name, relatives - People Search
  153. Looking for Marcelino Reinaldo Leyva Borqes, Havana CUBA: children, old, family - People Search
  154. In the SUBJECT LINE - always mention your person's name: find - People Search
  155. Looking for 2 German girls on train Ostend-Ghent 05/07/2014: searching - People Search
  156. Looking for Someone in Havana, Cuba: friend, lost, name, where - People Search
  157. looking for my biological father from Mexico: picture, sisters, name - People Search
  158. Looking for my father: Armando Bugarin (possibly Napa, CA): name, where, California - People Search
  159. Northeastern PA - Wolf family, kids born 1960's: children, adoption, looking for - People Search
  160. Looking for Kenny Vincent: friend, best - People Search
  161. looking for my brother: friend, father, name, information - People Search
  162. Looking for Jesse James Johnson Valdosta Gorgia: daughter, sisters, father - People Search
  163. I am trying to find my father: birth certificate, name, birth - People Search
  164. looking for family in havana cuba: sisters, lost, name, brother - People Search
  165. looking for mansberry family, PA: father, name, where, area - People Search
  166. I would like to find my half brothers & sisters or about them at least: children, father - People Search
  167. trying to find my aunt, Roanoke VA: daughter, name - People Search
  168. Edgar Lunsford: friend, old, name, house - People Search
  169. Helpppp: name, Germany, find, mother - People Search
  170. Looking for Ulker Sheydayeva: father, name, relatives, letter - People Search
  171. Looking for my mother and family: sister, old, father, name - People Search
  172. wildflecken.germany: name, contact - People Search
  173. Looking for my Brother Born in Bonn 1960s??: dad, Germany, information - People Search
  174. help me find my mom: name, area, looking for, born - People Search
  175. help to find family: picture, father, relatives, addresses - People Search
  176. Looking for relations in argentina: child, name, birth, member - People Search
  177. Search for Philip John Baker !!:(: old, father, name, Germany - People Search
  178. looking for Jan Moritz Bese: old, lost, address, person - People Search
  179. Looking for Mary G. who worked with me in Seattle - People Search
  180. Michael L Taormina or Norma J Driscoll reside in Harbor City, CA: relatives, trying to find - People Search
  181. Im looking for my father frank bright: name, address, where - People Search
  182. Looking for harold E Kline 1918-1944 killed when his plane shot down near Pezenas France: Oregon, family - People Search
  183. It's been ten years: neighbor, friend, old, name - People Search
  184. Help Find My Friend: children, friends, father, where - People Search
  185. Looking for John R. Small: name, birth, Washington, Seattle - People Search
  186. Search person in Ireland: looking for, find, living - People Search
  187. Horst w Hahne: children, father, Germany, law - People Search
  188. Looking for her: friend, lost, about - People Search
  189. Find more family; urgent: daughter, father, Colorado, California - People Search
  190. I'm looking for juanita lopez or kino lopez: friends, daughter, old - People Search
  191. trying to find family; urgent: location, daughter, name, California - People Search
  192. ISO Niki Coates: friend, Virginia, where, person - People Search
  193. Trying to locate Michael Wayne Keeth aka Mehas: location, county, Arizona - People Search
  194. Help Massachusetts authorities find next of kin: neighborhood, neighbor, Washington - People Search
  195. Searching for childhood friend: street, old, names, member - People Search
  196. Sally Tansky search: sister, father, Miami, Philadelphia - People Search
  197. Searching for this guy born -94 from holland/netherlands: phone, photos, friends - People Search
  198. Davion e. Parker Jones, Philadelphia, 1960: child, father, name, birth - People Search
  199. looking for my only brother, born Sundance Wyoming: father - People Search
  200. Looking for the family of ** Lynda S. Chase**: sister, brother, information - People Search