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  13. ww2 Us Army Camp - Callas Staging Area (France): photos, father, name - People Search
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  15. 1st LT ROBERT M WOLFE: photo, daughter, sisters, father - People Search
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  19. Descendants of James/Margaret Boyle, Allice/John Waller- Summerhill, PA: genealogy, location - People Search
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  25. I am looking for my half sister, born between 1946 and 1955, father's name is Kenneth L. Bressler.: names, member - People Search
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  59. TAE-517 1982 Bicycle tour members: picture, sister, lost, father - People Search
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  65. Looking for my Japanese penpal from 1970: sister, father, name, brother - People Search
  66. FATHER DIED without telling us the names of my HALF SISTERS! HELP ME FIND THEM!: photos, old - People Search
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  69. Looking for James McBride, my FIL: genealogy, children, old, father - People Search
  70. Looking for my grandfather: birth certificate, old, names, birth - People Search
  71. lost love: sisters, names, address, North Carolina - People Search
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  77. can help me !!!: birth certificate, record, baby, photo - People Search
  78. Looking for Danny Doherty: old, lost, names, relatives - People Search
  79. plzz help me: phone, friend, daughter, old - People Search
  80. Access to Soc Sec Death Index?: genealogy, location, records, searches - People Search
  81. Looking for my mom for years: names, addresses, find, online - People Search
  82. Father: old, names, relatives, looking for - People Search
  83. Looking for birth mother. Simmons: adoptee, sisters, last name, adopted - People Search
  84. help, he is missing, my bf: phone, friends, lost - People Search
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  87. looking for my brother and sister: children, father, last name, relatives - People Search
  88. Christine Gernon: where, looking for, about, ago - People Search
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  90. Looking for my 1/2 Brother Bobby or Obie in Minneapolis: records, baby, children - People Search
  91. people search: father, name, looking for, biological
  92. Looking for a family member.: county, father, name, North Carolina - People Search
  93. Looking for Half Sister - possibly Gwendolyn or Cookie: records, father, names - People Search
  94. looking for birth father. Richard Bruce Mansfield: address, Oregon, family - People Search
  95. looking for phone# of Harold S. Fountain in Charleston: friend, dad, name - People Search
  96. Looking for my nephew: last name, birth, adopted, about - People Search
  97. list your persons name, in your subject line: California, looking for, information - People Search
  98. Betty Jeanette Alcorn Hubbard: family, looking for, born, son - People Search
  99. know a Brittany O Hamby or Brittany Oneil?: information - People Search
  100. searching for a girl that goes by jolee Thompson: baby, picture, friend - People Search
  101. looking for kathy westbrook powell, dallas texasneeded urgently: phone, friend, lost - People Search
  102. Looking for my mom, Holly Beres (Canada): location, friend, sister - People Search
  103. Looking for Uncle: records, neighbor, county, name - People Search
  104. Looking for mystery attorney in Memphis who helped with estate: children, friends - People Search
  105. Sibling Search: records, sister, dad, name - People Search
  106. searching for biological father: old, name, birth, Michigan - People Search
  107. Searching for Birth Father and/or family.: records, county, name - People Search
  108. help my find my long lost Mom!: phone, picture, old - People Search
  109. Looking for my half-sister: birth certificate, records, street, adoptees - People Search
  110. Searching for ARTHUR EUGENE CARRUTHERS - USA. Ohio?: child, father, adopted - People Search
  111. Can tell me about my birth father William Jacob DeLong: baby, photo - People Search
  112. Looking for my ex brother in law John E Phelps: member, South Carolina - People Search
  113. Christopher Charles Lee, Tybee Island, GA: street, friend, sister, lost - People Search
  114. people-searching: location, records, adoptees, children - People Search
  115. Help Me Find Bobby Lee (Robert Earnest Lee)...Phoenix, AZ.: phone, friend - People Search
  116. Help Me Find Daniel Russell (Dan); Sgt in U.S. Army....: friend, member - People Search
  117. Looking for pictures of Eric Harris/Passed away July 2006/Kankakee County, IL: genealogy, photo - People Search
  118. Looking for father in Colombia/Venezuela: location, photo, old, name - People Search
  119. Looking for Sang Pham!: children, daughters, sister, old - People Search
  120. HOLLEY family Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina: children, friend, daughter - People Search
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  122. My father is Henry Rogers (1SG Rogers): picture, searches, member - People Search
  123. Help Me find my Father: county, name, birth, Virginia - People Search
  124. Trying to find my boyfriend's Son: birth certificate, records, adoptees, children - People Search
  125. Long lost child: picture, name, birth, USA - People Search
  126. David Wayne Perkins: sister, birth, where, brother - People Search
  127. Searching person in Montreal: phone, friend, daughter, name - People Search
  128. help time running out for my daughter: location, phone, baby - People Search
  129. help me find: Christine Gibson - Prescott Valley, AZ: location, records - People Search
  130. body know Harriet Peebles?: sister, name, relatives, looking for - People Search
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  132. USA - Lost Cousins - Different Surnames - Desperate For Help!: birth certificate, genealogy - People Search
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  134. Looking for my biological dad, signed 23years: location, places, baby - People Search
  135. Seaching for Janet Saia: location, phone, friend, names - People Search
  136. Legitimate reverse phone number lookup service?: location, name, member, where - People Search
  137. help me find my fiances father!!: phones, daughter, old - People Search
  138. Searching For My Biological Father (who evidently doesn't want to be found): neighbor, photo - People Search
  139. Searching for John O'Connell NYC Bus Driver 1970: location, names, obituaries - People Search
  140. Help me find my mother- havent seen in 15 years- IN MISSOURI?: phone, neighbor - People Search
  141. help me find my half least 6 of them!: children, friends - People Search
  142. Patrick Nicolette from or lived in Mount Pleasant, PA area: old, father - People Search
  143. I am looking for an old friend Peter McMahon: lost, name, where - People Search
  144. Help me: sister, last name, brother, find - People Search
  145. Finding My German Girlfriend Juliet Jehad: Germany - People Search
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  147. Looking for help finding a woman in Mannheim Germany: daughter, father - People Search
  148. Old Friend: name, where, locate, about - People Search
  149. Lost Girl from many years back: friend, last name, San Diego, san diego - People Search
  150. Tonia Wolfberg: looking for - People Search
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  152. offer help to find your German birth family: telephone, adoptees, addresses - People Search
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  164. Looking for Birth Father Seattle area 1969: birth certificate, name, adoption, Washington - People Search
  165. ISO - Joanne Horvath - Cleveland, Ohio Area: records, sisters, lost - People Search
  166. Pauline Baker -ISO: children, friends, Illinois, Ohio - People Search
  167. Family members looking for.. Detroit Michigan Pingree Street - People Search
  168. Looking for biological grandparents family in Aberdeen, SD: father, adopted, information - People Search
  169. my younger brother same father different mothers his mother name is candy or candi: zip code, last name - People Search
  170. Looking for John Beckwith: Ohio, city - People Search
  171. looking for biological father: county, name, birth, information - People Search
  172. Looking for about PVT Salvatore Buscema KIA 08-30-1918: photo, member - People Search
  173. Looking for siblings, Father from Puerto Rico: photo, old, names - People Search
  174. Looking for Marilyn Webb: friend, old, Texas, son - People Search
  175. calling families.: looking for - People Search
  176. Pajauds or Williams: street, children, friends, daughter - People Search
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  180. looking for electrical engineer in St Albans, NY: daughter - People Search
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  182. Do You Know Her? Race is On to Help Terminally Ill Amnesiac: California, family - People Search
  183. Names or towns in title. HUGE HELP!: person, searching, state - People Search
  184. my friend: street, sister, name, looking for - People Search
  185. looking for the Nelson family: children, friend, where, information - People Search
  186. Seeking Charlie Ramos, New Milford NJ, 1980-83: phone, county, friends - People Search
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  195. Lonnie ebey of Louisiana: where - People Search
  196. help me one: California, looking for, about, contact - People Search
  197. Tec5 wong a chin: name, Kansas, brother, Missouri - People Search
  198. Lost siblings: dad, name - People Search
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  200. Looking for gamer friend: friends, name, Canada, where - People Search