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  67. (Dale Richarson) 1920's, '30's, early '40s History Fullerton, CA: daughter, father - People Search
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  70. Looking For My Father - Daniel Bade: records, names, address - People Search
  71. I try an old love to which I have not been able to say excuse in the NJ: telephone, name - People Search
  72. Does work for the Albuquerque P.D.?: lost, looking for, find - People Search
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  86. Cliftons?: relatives, Illinois, looking for, area - People Search
  87. Debbie Davidson: find - People Search
  88. Seeking Melanie Murray (nee Kepler) in Philadelphia: Canada, finding, UK - People Search
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  91. Fredrick William ( Freddie Bill ) Hayes: Minnesota, South Carolina, find - People Search
  92. looking for my moother: name, Philadelphia, Delaware - People Search
  93. bunn - People Search
  94. Jon, are you out there????: member, looking for - People Search
  95. use to live in stroud: member, looking for - People Search
  96. one form Vista knows Troubles(Santeena): friend, find, contact - People Search
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  100. Arun Kumar Mehra: where - People Search
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  102. Dolphin Blue, from SFNet?: friend, about - People Search
  103. Carmen Simmons: friend, old, name, Alabama - People Search
  104. Looking for The Williams - People Search
  105. Iso Nc Male 5-23-1970: birth, adoption, person, family - People Search
  106. Searching a 2 hours friend.: name, member, about, living - People Search
  107. Dan Hoffman, lompoc, ca - People Search
  108. Looking for PEER: friend, lost, name, Germany - People Search
  109. Looking for grandfather William Sullivan Wesley Tye: children, birth, Mississippi - People Search
  110. Looking for Lorenzetti and Malfatti in Rio Dell California: names, relatives - People Search
  111. Daniel Etheridge: old, looking for, about, UK - People Search
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  113. from Pt. Pleasant ? looking for Daniel: name, about - People Search
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  115. Looking for family, name Schneebebi, PA: America, German, information - People Search
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  117. W I L L I A M S - Lucille, Ann/e or Thomas: phone, daughter - People Search
  118. WANTED! W I L L I A M S - Lucille, Ann/e, Thomas: phone, daughter - People Search
  119. Unpublished Story About Bobby Kennedy?: person - People Search
  120. Vance Chandler: location, Oregon, looking for - People Search
  121. Joseph Daniel Kanady: father, address, Kentucky, Kansas - People Search
  122. Looking for my niece Christy Newton: Virginia, Kentucky, brother, Missouri - People Search
  123. John Doolittle Doc: friend, old, Minnesota, USA - People Search
  124. msjbrent, is your PM box full? - People Search
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  126. Andrew Ching age - 27?: father, addresses, looking for, information - People Search
  127. Looking for Jackie: baby, friend, name, Germany - People Search
  128. Teachers/ramsey, Nj: old, name, where, looking for - People Search
  129. Looking for BRYAN STANWOOD (truck driver): CA, information, contact - People Search
  130. Oasis Motel - Phoenix - Sheila: friend, name, house, person - People Search
  131. Sunset, TX Lokking for someone: looking for - People Search
  132. Looking for father: places, street, old, address - People Search
  133. know of Vako in Bridgeport Ct.: daughter, New York, Connecticut - People Search
  134. Looking for Mario Mamangun...... help.: father, name, area, information - People Search
  135. Looking for half sister named Teresa: father, birth - People Search
  136. LOOKING FOR FATHER!! help some1): phone, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  137. Scranton residents - need help finding on my grandmother!!: photos, father - People Search
  138. Jay Gould - Roxbury, NY: picture, looking for, information, owner - People Search
  139. Debbie Davidson looking for you: contact - People Search
  140. Joseph Austin Carr: father, information, locating, son - People Search
  141. I am looking for my two sons who were taken from my life in 1994.: last name, Arizona - People Search
  142. Haack family from Morris Illinois: father, name, brother, about - People Search
  143. Looking For Shelley Jones and Ricky Sobel: Orlando, contact - People Search
  144. searching for my spanish friend chelo garatea: picture, dad, name - People Search
  145. Zachary Ferdman: Florida - People Search
  146. trying to find email address in Snyder Tx - People Search
  147. Trying to find Mrs Susanne Harkins waite park?: daughter, old, about - People Search
  148. looking for my Teacher, her name is Betsay Decembrana, Boston, MA or Philippines: picture, lost - People Search
  149. Hanahan, South carolina - looking for a friend.: lost, contact - People Search
  150. ndegwa: lost, where, Atlanta, about - People Search
  151. Looking For An Old Miltary Friend: Maine: name - People Search
  152. looking for a friend/cassandra burroughs: name, Michigan, Chicago - People Search
  153. Looking for Ordean Hanson: address - People Search
  154. living relatives of John Sivertsen in Lake Nebagamon?: picture, cemetery, looking for - People Search
  155. easley reunion contacts: daughter, family, looking for, find - People Search
  156. WHERE IS JAMES RINKE???Last man to see my mother alive: name, area - People Search
  157. Genealogy for GARRISONS IN WESTCHESTER, NY in 1600s-1900s: county, name, where - People Search
  158. I am looking for Valeria Acuna: neighbor, friends, where, contact - People Search
  159. I am looking for someone in silver springs nevada can you help me?: Missouri, about - People Search
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  161. Derek Your 60's?? From Long Island Or Queens?: father, searching - People Search
  162. Scott Odom In Paris Tn - People Search
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  165. Bruce Michael Speaker: Kansas, looking for, mother - People Search
  166. Crista?? Pittsburgh: looking for - People Search
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  172. Looking for old Navy buddy -- Rudy M Gonzales -- Grand Junction, CO??: phone, searches - People Search
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  175. All states: friends, name - People Search
  176. A great resource for you folks..: looking for, finding, website, best - People Search
  177. Looking for Sibbie - People Search
  178. California, Arizona, Pennsylvania - People Search
  179. michigan - People Search
  180. Looking For:Donna gilmore in Ketchikan,Ak: friends, best - People Search
  181. help: friend, name, New York, looking for - People Search
  182. Looking for on T. J. Haley of the Fighting 69th: children, friend - People Search
  183. looking for Nicholasa Figeroa aka Dora: friend, old, lost, name - People Search
  184. looking for friend: old, name, Michigan, area - People Search
  185. Looking for Jerry and Angie woodard, WY: contact - People Search
  186. Briedenbach Relatives Contact Me: daughter, sister, father, name - People Search
  187. Looking for information on the Morgan store in Clarkssville,Va: family, married - People Search
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  189. Loking for David Paul Latham: baby, picture, father, Washington - People Search
  190. Dimaggios out there?: sisters, father, name, relatives - People Search
  191. Mosca, Blanca, Ft. Garland in Colorado: old, looking for - People Search
  192. Looking for Kathleen Maloney: America, Ohio, trying to find - People Search
  193. Burtonwood air base England: Kansas, searching, mother - People Search
  194. Mark Montana Rutherford: phone, friends, old, father - People Search
  195. Father Robert Hammond (Hamui) in Fairchance, Masontown or Republic: family, about, ago - People Search
  196. Co-Worker: lost, looking for - People Search
  197. Webb's in Victoria: name, Germany, Texas, looking for - People Search
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