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  6. Gerald Paul Becker From Idaho: last name, area, age, area - People Search
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  13. looking for margarit chapin from roosevelt island, ny: record, places, phone - People Search
  14. Gayle from Oakland Beach 1965: friend, old, name, looking for - People Search
  15. searching for johnnie mae jones: street, picture, daughter, last name - People Search
  16. is the kennedy home for boys and girls still in operation: sisters, address - People Search
  17. In search of John Neasbitt: phone, daughter, old, father - People Search
  18. Looking for Marilyn Booth.: name, Illinois, Virginia, Boston - People Search
  19. Nikki Rebecca Moore -- Denver ??: father, name, address, brother - People Search
  20. missing grandmother from Yazoo MS: birth certificate, records, county, names - People Search
  21. Looking for my father ,William Hanson, Engelwood, N.J.: records, telephone, children - People Search
  22. Looking for a fellow Nurse at NMH in Petoskey, name is Cristine Stenic: records, village - People Search
  23. Looking For Tanya (or Tonya) Williams Of Beaumont, Texas??: street, baby, friend - People Search
  24. GI Tiers - 1944 Burtonwood: records, father, last name, information - People Search
  25. looking for Herb Zimmer (moved from North Dakota forum): friends, old, dad - People Search
  26. Best Friends Biological Father Search: picture, old, names, relatives - People Search
  27. Looking for Betty Gertrude Dean, Seiling OK: name, history, family - People Search
  28. Looking for Karen Buchanon in Las Vegas: baby, sister, names - People Search
  29. to all help me: location, telephone, picture, friend - People Search
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  31. Looking for Biological Father: birth certificate, friends, lost, names - People Search
  32. Looking for...: phone, friend, sister, old - People Search
  33. Seeking Aunt: address, looking for, city, contact - People Search
  34. looking for my mother/brother in Las Vegas: sister, name, contact - People Search
  35. Looking for my Father's Paternal Family - Reardon or Riordan: baby, sisters - People Search
  36. Lookig for someone: records, phone, children, old - People Search
  37. Looking for biological father (Matthew Daniels): daughter, sister, name, high school - People Search
  38. michelle juan walker: father, finder - People Search
  39. Adam Buntain...Central Point/Medford Oregon: friend, old, name, high school - People Search
  40. Looking for Wilma Shirar - teacher Konawaena 1964: daughter, name, where - People Search
  41. David Sladen - Vietnam vet: record, phone, father, last name - People Search
  42. Wanting to find my brother!: record, old, father, name - People Search
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  45. Looking for father: Milovic, Michael: child, old, name, American - People Search
  46. Trying To Find Gateshead Jason: brother, local, number - People Search
  47. Gregory Tebrich -- Ward, Colorado: Michigan, person, America, looking for - People Search
  48. Looking for Michael F. Heffernan...: records, telephone, county, searches - People Search
  49. Looking for Joseph John Snedeker from NJ: searches, old, lost - People Search
  50. Help (Father): finding, mother, living, area - People Search
  51. Looking for August (Junior) Guettler: telephone, name, address, Texas - People Search
  52. Looking For On Rena Sodan Zeininger from Delaware County, NY: records, father - People Search
  53. Searching: sisters, father, name, member - People Search
  54. Searching For Thomas Doyle: father, name, Connecticut, American - People Search
  55. Looking for the Reinecke family from Oscoda, Michigan: phone, sisters, names - People Search
  56. Looking for dad!: friend, old, lost, father - People Search
  57. trying to find my father: friends, name, San Antonio, where - People Search
  58. Looking for Scott Mitchell Beck: record, friends, old, address - People Search
  59. Looking for my Uncle NEZIR OSMANI from ALBANIA: old, New York, Detroit - People Search
  60. The West Indies: old, where, family, searching - People Search
  61. Lashone Rose Bryant-have you seen her?: location, places, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  62. Help!! I Am Looking For My Hero In Booneville Or Pilot Grove, Mo: name, searching - People Search
  63. looking for father and siblings: records, daughter, sisters, old - People Search
  64. Looking for my Son (John) and Maria Marquez: street, baby, friend - People Search
  65. Need help find Timothy Lee Figgs: county, picture, searches, sisters - People Search
  66. Do/did you know/knew Mr G Moss?: records, father, last name - People Search
  67. Trying to locate an old friend: phone, name, New Jersey, databases - People Search
  68. Looking For Bryenne Or Monica Merideth, Reno NV: picture, Nevada, find - People Search
  69. Looking for my Dad. Steven Michael Payton: location, records, phone - People Search
  70. Looking for Bam/AKA Yvonne Marie: (Vounov, Mcgovern, Browne) in Colorado ??: where, how to find - People Search
  71. looking for uncle in USA - Yelverton: searches, last name, brother - People Search
  72. Looking for Troy Blanchard: street, father, name, address - People Search
  73. Worked for C.A. Lund ?: record, Minnesota, Seattle, Michigan - People Search
  74. Mack Caddell King In north carolina: record, phone, children, father - People Search
  75. looking for bruce gustafson: phone, friend, old, dad - People Search
  76. A relative that works @ John Hopskins University: phone, old, lost - People Search
  77. Looking for my brother (moved from the AZ forum): phone, street, name - People Search
  78. Looking for long-lost Klasek sisters!: information, find, state - People Search
  79. Looking for Lost Relative: phone, baby, county, daughter - People Search
  80. Trying To Find My Biological Dad (moved from the Houston, TX forum): birth certificate, location - People Search
  81. I'm Looking For Damien Mitchem: friend, name, find, about - People Search
  82. daughter living in Cary, NC: phone, street, baby, old - People Search
  83. Looking for Grandparents- Maryland??: father, name, birth, adopted - People Search
  84. Looking for John: friend, lost, birth, addresses - People Search
  85. Tonya Whelan<tonya Weaver<tonya Edwards?: children, friends, dad - People Search
  86. Looking for Michael Martin Larsen AKA Sporter: friend, old, Oregon - People Search
  87. aussie looking for Jack Depizzo youngstown ohio: county, name, birth - People Search
  88. Looking For S.A.E. in Ghent: friend, old, name - People Search
  89. Charles M Kittredge -- Colorado ??: neighbor, county, daughters, sister - People Search
  90. Looking for old friends - Arkansas: picture, lost, last name - People Search
  91. Kapica: father, name, Connecticut, USA - People Search
  92. Missing Relatives: phone, dad, names, birth - People Search
  93. looking for someone.....: friends, name, address, high school - People Search
  94. Looking for friend Bob Marsh from Utah: old, California, area - People Search
  95. I found Leo B Jackson: family, find, missing - People Search
  96. Looking for keating: children, county, sisters, father - People Search
  97. DEIDRE WILSON died L.A 1990: records, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  98. Moosbrugger: record, last name, addresses, California - People Search
  99. help me find my dad: birth certificate, friends, daughters, sister - People Search
  100. Looking for relatives in North Carolina: children, county, sisters, father - People Search
  101. Looking for Jennifer Cummings: zip code, street, county, friend - People Search
  102. Looking for Surname of Zuzza (Zuzze): genealogy, records, find, city - People Search
  103. Friends of Johanna Block 1949-1961: photos, name, member, Miami - People Search
  104. Wayne E Ragan: Georgia, born, mother - People Search
  105. Looking for Kelleta Zadu: friend, old, name, Springfield - People Search
  106. WWII Herbert L. Oas Jr.: children, father, name, relatives - People Search
  107. Looking for someone: friend, old, lost, name - People Search
  108. Looking for old high school friend?: lost, name, trying to find, reunion - People Search
  109. need help that can be: father, name, relatives - People Search
  110. Leonard Ebenezer Wetherill 1883-1973 & Edith F Wetherill 1877-1957: genealogy, zip code, location - People Search
  111. find an address of someone in spain: records, phone, friend - People Search
  112. Looking for Huey Norris Jr., and Chase Norris Orlando, Florida: phone, child - People Search
  113. Trying to find my Father!!: records, child, sister, name - People Search
  114. How do I find my dad? help if you can! Thank you!: lookup, phone - People Search
  115. search family my grandfather: records, street, children, county - People Search
  116. Looking for father's half sister-Leota: location, records, neighbor, children - People Search
  117. Trying to find someone from Ireland...: records, county, friend, father - People Search
  118. R U looking 4 a John Jock Jack Jacques last seen or Heard in the 70's: friends, name - People Search
  119. looking for Paul C. Hernandez in CA: name, where - People Search
  120. know Colin Davis: dad, area, looking for, area - People Search
  121. Looking For Philip Grant Johnson: baby, daughter, father, name - People Search
  122. Nancy T Hall: name, brother, information, locate - People Search
  123. searching for Jean (Tad) Brunell, Winnemucca Nevada: friend, old, name - People Search
  124. Looking for Tyler Manthey in Knoxville, Tennessee! - People Search
  125. caschera relatives??: German, searching, mother, state - People Search
  126. looking for jensen family/hanover area, PA - People Search
  127. Missing friend Maryland Carole: high school, searching - People Search
  128. Autumn Dawn [ Hogarth] Rand , were are you: friend, lost, name - People Search
  129. Looking for Kostas Varagiannis DJ Sunny: phone, street, friend - People Search
  130. looking for folks fron Da hieghts in wilkes-barre from golden days: member - People Search
  131. I Am Looking For My Daughter By The Name Of Raven Russel: contact - People Search
  132. Gibbo: father, birth, relatives, where - People Search
  133. lost family members: locate - People Search
  134. Zumbrota?: friend, old, name, member - People Search
  135. Liz Trout: friend, old, lost, where - People Search
  136. looking for brenda faye morgan, Ohio - People Search
  137. Marlon From River Park Towers: record, street, friends, sister - People Search
  138. Looking for my long lost love: old, name, where, Tucson - People Search
  139. Bledsoe County, TN: children, father, Virginia, Alabama - People Search
  140. Seek Ed in Chicago area 1962: friend, important - People Search
  141. Deperately seeking the other Boylan girl..: friend, lost, last name, where - People Search
  142. Looking for L Zaporowski: friend, sisters, old, dad - People Search
  143. Looking for relative: name, Dallas, information, about - People Search
  144. Rick Weathers: location, Texas, looking for, information - People Search
  145. Looking for muzzah: mom - People Search
  146. searching my father: friend, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  147. Suggestions for Posting on this: location, children, names, birth - People Search
  148. Have you ever had a BEST FRIEND: phone, lost, name - People Search
  149. Looking for my old friend Sveta Shiliaeva: name, Canada, find - People Search
  150. Children of William Norman Wilson,,Deidre DuBarry: USA, state, death - People Search
  151. Looking for someone from Emden, IL: family, information, about - People Search
  152. Missing Niece: father, names, brother, family - People Search
  153. Seeking my cousin Leo Bango Jackson: picture, daughter, name, where - People Search
  154. Henry & Inez Zeininger: children, father, name, obituaries - People Search
  155. Searching for Michelle, Kim, or Tracy Thompson. Granddaughters of Mr & Mrs Farmer (moved from San Antonio, TX forum): street, name - People Search
  156. Looking for Lana & Mike Organ: children, friends, lost, names - People Search
  157. Chatham Central, Chatham Ny: high school, brother, best - People Search
  158. Southampton - Atherly School: lost, dad, names, member - People Search
  159. Tell Shirley Martin or her daughter Christine Nelson to call: sister, brother - People Search
  160. Looking for Mario in Miami: friends, old, name, finding - People Search
  161. Looking for Lisa in Brooklyn: New Jersey - People Search
  162. yes i know someone: lost, last name, member, searching - People Search
  163. Jenny Gene Janz, Eugene Janz Jr?: born - People Search
  164. missing sister: sisters, name, address, history - People Search
  165. Looking for Eileen Abbott Texas: friend, married - People Search
  166. Martin family in West Palm Beach, Florida area: Miami, Philadelphia, information - People Search
  167. olga mac: lost, name, brother, trying to find - People Search
  168. Looking for Roberta Anderson-Avery: friend, lost, married - People Search
  169. looking for uncle in Australia - Yelverton: brother, contact - People Search
  170. Looking for G. P. Becker: living, area - People Search
  171. Looking for cousin of whom I've lost contact: children, last name, where - People Search
  172. RCK High School / MSMC: friends - People Search
  173. George Grassi where are You ???: friend, high school, looking for - People Search
  174. Looking for Amanda Brunko Swires -- Colo? Neb?: lost, last name, where - People Search
  175. Looking for a Samual Croyle from Sandy Ridge Pa.: old, area, family - People Search
  176. looking for relatives in Westport, N.Y area: sisters, dad, last name - People Search
  177. Still looking for Harold B Sells Jr.: friend, old, name - People Search
  178. Do you know Leonard/Michael Charles Holder III (McAllen/Dallas): name, high school - People Search
  179. searching for johnnie mae jones-aka-neferititi: daughter, name, area - People Search
  180. missing relatives: zip code, born, contact - People Search
  181. Spencertown NY: friend, looking for, married - People Search
  182. Barbara Clark formerly of NH: last name, Raleigh, NC, area - People Search
  183. Searching for a Friend from Stevensville, MT: last name, information, about - People Search
  184. Looking for Claytor Family, W Virginia: city - People Search
  185. Looking for Luke from OK CITY: USA, Germany, UK - People Search
  186. Looking for old Friends! - People Search
  187. Looking for a Doctor or Dentist that has a missing Son from the 70's: where - People Search
  188. Looking for a couple of old friends: Colorado, about - People Search
  189. South Gate LA-looking for someone: America - People Search
  190. west monroe people- Rhonda Evans?: sister, about - People Search
  191. former members of knowpost: city - People Search
  192. Searching for Helen Chapman of Oak Hill, OH: children, county, daughters - People Search
  193. old penpal: names, penpals, searching - People Search
  194. looking for armando: friend, Toronto, person - People Search
  195. Looking for Rachel Padilla, maiden name torres - People Search
  196. Looking for Steve Noonan Jr, NH: friend, lost, name, information - People Search
  197. Widemer?? Widemeyer?? Widymer??, Cincinnati. Do you know this name?: records, adopted, brother - People Search
  198. Looking For several people from the Fairfield Glade Resort, Crossville TN: friends, old - People Search
  199. ancestors in polish hill & homestead area, Pittshurgh PA: father, names, member - People Search
  200. Looking For Jen: daughters, sister, lost, last name - People Search