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  1. Looking for my son lucus bennett: children, county, old, lost - People Search
  2. Tracy McCauley - Florida: friend, old, names, address - People Search
  3. Does one know Jackie Carter?: street, friend, sister, old - People Search
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  5. Richard Hastings: location, records, phone, children - People Search
  6. Help Me i am looking for my half brother and sister: father, names - People Search
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  9. Longmont - Boulder, Colorado: Looking for old friends: name, high school, brother - People Search
  10. Looking for Dora Ganster or relatives: name, birth, where, CA - People Search
  11. Billy Gene Brewer Jr. dob 1-1-1951 my 1/2 brother: record, names, relatives - People Search
  12. Look for family of harold e shurley: daughter, member, America - People Search
  13. Looking for my father: children, picture, daughters, sister - People Search
  14. Searching for Missing Relative/Mathisen: location, sister, last name, Buffalo - People Search
  15. looking for casado's in cuba: father, relatives, trying to find, born - People Search
  16. Arthur Hice Price in CA or David Earl Price in or around Houston TX: phone, county - People Search
  17. Frank Pelot - Ocala, FL: record, roommates, names, relatives - People Search
  18. Maiden name>Bent now married name>Barnett: record, friend, old - People Search
  19. Elizabeth Betty Baskin - Bossier City, LA: location, phone, friend - People Search
  20. ancestry of James M Lee 1893 in ky or tn: father, names, birth - People Search
  21. STILL LOOKING FOR MY BROTHER: Robert Allen Williams, September 2, 1977: names, birth, adopted - People Search
  22. Looking for Kathleen Beres-Lafferty in Fl, NC or Oh: phone, friend, old - People Search
  23. Need Help Looking My Sister: records, baby, old, lost - People Search
  24. Who has the email for the India, Rev. Prechard Basaiawmoit?: address, about - People Search
  25. James Loughmiller?: daughter, Michigan, Las Vegas, house - People Search
  26. Searching for my son's dad: sisters, old, name, birth - People Search
  27. private adoption in atlanta in 1950: person, looking for, information, mother - People Search
  28. Looking for Leslie Dortch: daughter, sister, name, birth - People Search
  29. Looking for Janet Wozniak, Pittsburgh: picture, friends, old, names - People Search
  30. Searching For PW Konstenius: name, person, Massachusetts, looking for - People Search
  31. Looking for relatives of Robert Aspinall 1920-1945: records, phone, names - People Search
  32. Looking for a old friend.(Rhonda): records, phone, last name, birth - People Search
  33. Looking For David Johnson: record, last name, information, contact - People Search
  34. looking for a neighbor, william/bill hopke: old, family, state - People Search
  35. George Frye: buy, real estate, house, letter - People Search
  36. Amy Martin in Casper,Wyoming: children - People Search
  37. Deidre d wilson verdugo valley conv hosp: member, address, letter - People Search
  38. Darlene Austin: sisters, old, name, brother - People Search
  39. Looking for Uncle Vernon Walsh: county, daughters, name, birth - People Search
  40. Looking for siblings Mitchell, Patricia & Benny Ray born in Texas in the 70's: sister, last name - People Search
  41. Looking for David Eddy of Pennsylvania: friend, house, marriage, where - People Search
  42. looking for my brothers sun: phone, father, address, Germany - People Search
  43. Looking for my Biological Father: records, children, name, birth - People Search
  44. Looking for friend from High School Band, John T: searches, friends, relatives - People Search
  45. Searching for half-brother: location, children, father, names - People Search
  46. looking for a young lady, i met at a casino: phone, name - People Search
  47. Have you seen Jerry Francis ? help: records, children, names - People Search
  48. Ralph Martinez--Craig, Arvada, Brighton Colorado: friends, name, person, history - People Search
  49. James Rooney: street, high school, obituaries, family - People Search
  50. Diane Boykin of Camden SC: South Carolina, information, about - People Search
  51. Looking for Kenneth McCasky--NOLA area: records, phone, friend, sister - People Search
  52. Garland Walker: address, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Florida - People Search
  53. Paul Tuebner (or Tubner?) NJ: phone, person, New Jersey, looking for - People Search
  54. The seed of hope or the bait for phishing?: name, member, person - People Search
  55. Brothers & sisters ...Vancouver, Washington: last name, looking for, city, important - People Search
  56. melody williams: daughter, sisters, names, birth - People Search
  57. Looking for Amanda Jade Tidwell and Jaime Preston Tidwell: children, daughter, name - People Search
  58. Looking for Dawn Blackman: daughter, names, Washington, finder - People Search
  59. Robert A. Rose NJ: children, county, friend, daughter - People Search
  60. Looking for Christine De Jesus 33yrs old: sister, dad, names - People Search
  61. can u help me find this person: friends, old, father - People Search
  62. Looking for a half-brother - Raymond Gene - Ohio: last name, address, where - People Search
  63. Looking for a half-brother: genealogy, friend, daughters, lost - People Search
  64. Looking for Noel Shreves born Dec 1955 or 56 lived on Cathedral Dr: location, records - People Search
  65. Looking for two friends from Birmingham England: Alabama - People Search
  66. Looking for Raymond K Doyle: location, street, sisters, old - People Search
  67. tring to find my mom: birth certificate, phones, county, sister - People Search
  68. Email for Michael Bishop: phone, New York, 2014, about - People Search
  69. Looking for my father, William Dale Stutts: records, old, name - People Search
  70. California High Schools Class of 1962 1963 1964 1965: county, picture, old, father - People Search
  71. Price, Tener, Vinson, Jones, Thompson, Matula, Chwalinski, Altstatt: genealogy, county, friends - People Search
  72. Long lost friend: looking for, Facebook - People Search
  73. looking for Porkii13: member, person, find, city - People Search
  74. Family in Presa Italy: phone, sisters, father, names - People Search
  75. Looking for John Isaac Johnson, Benton Harbon, MI: county, old, lost - People Search
  76. Searching for my long-lost sister: name, birth, address, house - People Search
  77. Miss my father. help: phone, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  78. Searching for an old friend Statesville, NC: name, area, country - People Search
  79. Adam & Jola Skiba in Ukrain/Poland: genealogy, children, photo - People Search
  80. Robert Turner Seaman 1902-1988 died in Clackamas: record, street, daughter - People Search
  81. looking for wohlfords: last name, relatives, Washington, real estate - People Search
  82. Looking for Old Army Friend-Joseph Hackett: phone, relatives, address, high school - People Search
  83. Looking for Charles Gardner: name, relatives, California, information - People Search
  84. searching for Dad: sister, father, name, birth - People Search
  85. Kathryn Macks nee Glisson: daughter, name, relatives, NC - People Search
  86. Friend on Geneuiev clr.,El paso,texas 79927: zip code, street, child - People Search
  87. Somei and Tsura Jitchaku, from Okinawa, Japan: daughters, name, obituaries - People Search
  88. Looking for george villard: phone, sisters, father, last name - People Search
  89. Looking for my half sister: father, name, birth, Tampa - People Search
  90. Seeking someone in the Nixa/Highlandville area: location, phone, street - People Search
  91. looking for my aunt katie rosa: sister, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  92. Searching for a young woman: friend, old, lost, name - People Search
  93. SEARCH RAIFORD Hall Family las Vegas Na/St.Aug,fl: records, phone - People Search
  94. help me find my birth father Richard Jones, D.O.B November 1960: records, street - People Search
  95. can you help me find my brother: records, phone, photo - People Search
  96. Looking for Mark Schweitzer in Michigan: children, sisters, father, name - People Search
  97. Looking for my real father Ray Manning: location, records, searches - People Search
  98. Looking For half sister named Erica Alisa Robin: picture, birth, relatives - People Search
  99. old navy buddy in Linn...where are you?: record, friend, lost - People Search
  100. Parenti De Maria emigrati in Chicago: last name, birth, relatives, Illinois - People Search
  101. Searching for Half-Sister, Susan Isaacs: father, name, birth, address - People Search
  102. Looking for a friend: names, birth, relatives, Missouri - People Search
  103. Frank Gosley's daughter where are you?: friend, name, birth, member - People Search
  104. Johnson Indian Heritage: children, old, name, Virginia - People Search
  105. Im searching to one person of Hastings, Im from Spain: records, father - People Search
  106. Where is Wayne Sharp?: phone, address, family, looking for - People Search
  107. Looking for family name Haber in Bronx, NY, 1957: telephone, children, friend - People Search
  108. locate biological father and half siblings: phone, street, child - People Search
  109. Half bro(Antonio De Jesus) & sis (Maria De Jesus): picture, sister - People Search
  110. Looking for my adopted sister Nancy: record, picture, name, birth - People Search
  111. help!: dad, name, birth, where - People Search
  112. Looking For Adam Pierce Coble of TN: records, adoptee, child - People Search
  113. looking for an old friend: sister, names, relatives, member - People Search
  114. Florians from Germany: children, name, member, family - People Search
  115. Long Lost Brother...Dave Gifford: searches, name, where, finding - People Search
  116. Sergeant George Jasman 8th AF: street, county, names, New York - People Search
  117. do not jack: name, person, results - People Search
  118. Looking for information on Otto Leander Brown: genealogy, lookup, records - People Search
  119. Looking for Carol Ellen Denmark, born Carola Ellen Mitchke: name, birth, New York - People Search
  120. Looking for Jerry Russel, not his birth name, my birth father: county, old - People Search
  121. Looking for son of Max Davis, Modesto Ca.: birth certificate, records, baby - People Search
  122. Looking for Birth Uncle: birth certificate, children, name, adoption - People Search
  123. Looking for Lorraine Denise Erwin (married name Baca): daughter, birth, Miami - People Search
  124. Looking for Terry Nickerson (male) from New York State - would be about 55-60 yo now.: names, member - People Search
  125. Searching for ex tennis coach: picture, friend, name, Washington - People Search
  126. searching for my father: phone, children, old, name - People Search
  127. This site has helped me find my sister!!!: children, father, names - People Search
  128. From england-help me to find family members: children, county, daughters - People Search
  129. Carl Stanley in wright city, mo: phone, relatives, house, Eugene - People Search
  130. Mathew Magee: picture, dad, last name, where - People Search
  131. Genealogy: name, area, family, looking for - People Search
  132. Vincent A Brescia...Bound Brook...dod 11/27/71 ...dob..9/19/1930: children, sister, father - People Search
  133. looking for Rolf E. Axelsen: New York, person, about, born - People Search
  134. Looking for Friels: children, sister, names, birth - People Search
  135. Death cert in London, UK: phone, searches, father, name - People Search
  136. Looking for Katz: daughter, old, lost, name - People Search
  137. Trying to locate Mike McDonald: name, Houston, area, Texas - People Search
  138. Trying to find an old neighbor: friend, daughter, name, relatives - People Search
  139. Curious about my cousin: baby, friend, father, name - People Search
  140. Search for biological father, Allen Collins: location, records, places, phone - People Search
  141. Help find 4 girls Dora,Melissa,Paula,Belinda Price: location, records, phone - People Search
  142. Helping my wife find her father Arthur G. Woodward: birth certificate, location, records - People Search
  143. Looking for my twin nieces diana and tanisha: phone, picture, searches - People Search
  144. Looking for my son: phone, father, name, where - People Search
  145. im searching for my father!: children, friend, daughter, sisters - People Search
  146. Does know my sister?????: lookup, phones, street, county - People Search
  147. Marie Dunkinson, Snyder , TX: phone, county, searches, friend - People Search
  148. Looking for a Missing Soldier, Northeastern PA: phone, friends, old - People Search
  149. birth mother looking for her children: location, old, last name, relatives - People Search
  150. Way to find out how someone died?: records, county, name - People Search
  151. Hoyt Bradley Georgia: street, photo, father, names - People Search
  152. Searching for Alberts Family: daughter, sister, father, names - People Search
  153. ISO Joe Ferrucci: phone, picture, daughters, roommates - People Search
  154. Looking for my dad... Southeast Florida: phones, county, picture, friend - People Search
  155. I'm Looking for My grandmother: neighbor, children, father, name - People Search
  156. Success stories sticky: phone, baby, photos, friend - People Search
  157. Trying to locate my half brother: Harold Alexander aka known as Corky: record, street - People Search
  158. Net Detective: lookup, records, phone, searches - People Search
  159. Looking for Daniel Lee Humphrey, Leesville, DeRidder, Rosepine Louisiana: phone, county, father - People Search
  160. Have information about my father, just can't find him.: location, phones, street - People Search
  161. looking for Bobby Little: friend, lost, names, member - People Search
  162. looking for brother Larry Dean McVey in Dallas-Garland tx area: places, phone - People Search
  163. Tracy family: record, children, county, daughter - People Search
  164. Chadwick Dustin Adams from marietta georgia: records, photo, friends, father - People Search
  165. Looking for someone in the U.K: children, searches, friend - People Search
  166. looking for second cousin: baby, county, name, birth - People Search
  167. ISO Nancy Z. (with son Doug) who lived in east Buffalo 1978 - 79: father, contact - People Search
  168. long lost friend: name, address, Las Vegas, find - People Search
  169. Looking for Larry Phillips worked at Olan Mills 1960 Erie Pa and Crawford County areas: last name, relatives - People Search
  170. looking for my dad: father, name - People Search
  171. I am looking for my biological mother: buy, picture, old - People Search
  172. Re;repost concerning charles m.wilson: father, name, relatives, New York City - People Search
  173. Susie Mays and/or Kristi Morgan of Chandler, Oklahoma: friend, daughters, sister - People Search
  174. Harper Family - Alexandria AFB: street, friends, daughters, member - People Search
  175. Looking for Balans in Ohio: picture, relatives - People Search
  176. Looking for birth mom: adoption, city, born, Baltimore - People Search
  177. I am looking for my half brother: father, name, birth - People Search
  178. One Great Family Web Site - People Search
  179. ISO birth parents DOB 12/21/1972: Columbus, Ohio, born, hospital - People Search
  180. looking for John, geogrpahy and economics teacher from Cork (Ireland) now 33 years old: last name, member - People Search
  181. Looking 4 Donald Fox born approx 1980 in Phillipines: lost, father, member - People Search
  182. extrano: looking for, best - People Search
  183. Lookin for damian, grandrapids or saginaw michigan: name, where, looking for - People Search
  184. Robert Martins from Denmark: picture, friend, father, name - People Search
  185. Looking for: sister, name - People Search
  186. Alwin Carstens: children, Germany, born, mother - People Search
  187. Looking for Ernesta Mae Bass, Detroit, MI: children, friend, sister - People Search
  188. trying to trace family of vertis morrison of ripley: member, members - People Search
  189. BlixtGordon: children, daughters, father, name - People Search
  190. joanna matherson: friend, NC, looking for - People Search
  191. Looking for Jeff Christiansen: father, last name, mom, different - People Search
  192. i a looking for a girl ( st george, utah): name, where - People Search
  193. How many people have the same last name as you in the USA?: address, where - People Search
  194. bona tarda hicksville: friend, name, person, find - People Search
  195. Looking for someone: name, member, New York, person - People Search
  196. E. Del Socorro R. A. of Managua Nicaragua: friend, Florida, family - People Search
  197. know where people went?: name, Virginia, area, family - People Search
  198. Looking for................. - People Search
  199. trying to find: picture, old, name, looking for - People Search
  200. looking for vivian shanahan (now brown): friend, old, dad, find - People Search