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  1. Looking for Richard (Gayus) Palmer, California: daughters, sisters, names, relatives - People Search
  2. looking for sister that was adopted in mass.: name, Boston, about - People Search
  3. Looking for Alvin Thompson, Jr.-NJ native: friends, name, member - People Search
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  7. Looking for birth father...: name, address, Kentucky, Oklahoma - People Search
  8. Looking for relations in North Wilkesboro N.C: children, daughters, names - People Search
  9. trying to locate Arletta Edwards: daughter, sister, Kentucky, Missouri - People Search
  10. trying to locate Arletta Edwards: sister, father, name, birth - People Search
  11. Looking for Jessica Gahimer Torres: last name, member, high school, information - People Search
  12. karen,gail or johnny dixon: names, Chicago, area, trying to find - People Search
  13. Looking for my uncle.: children, old, lost, name - People Search
  14. How do you find someone in Ireland: genealogy, location, records - People Search
  15. Looking for Busca Gerrit Roozeboom: CA, Netherland, family, information - People Search
  16. Looking for Brother last known to live in Plano: phone, old, name - People Search
  17. Grandmas Brother from Germany: records, father, name, America - People Search
  18. looking for BENJAMIN S BROOKS in DC: records, children, old - People Search
  19. Looking for a Richard Geyer: name, birth, CA, city - People Search
  20. Looking for an girl named Angelica who worked at Kroger on 1925 Electric Rd, Roanoke, VAPlease help!!: location, friend - People Search
  21. One for the history books and need your help writing it: name, birth - People Search
  22. Deloras: name, birth, where, looking for - People Search
  23. Who is this woman?: county, photos, person, Boston - People Search
  24. Looking for birth family- Lee County Florida: sister, last name, where - People Search
  25. Searching for who knew my Mom: friends, roommates, father - People Search
  26. Looking for half brother (R.Sparks birth father): baby, child, name - People Search
  27. How to find out who adopted mother's parents were...: birth certificate, daughter, names - People Search
  28. Looking for Daniel Wright: records, sister, father, names - People Search
  29. Looking for long lost father: name, Houston, tx - People Search
  30. John Anderson: records, phone, street, searches - People Search
  31. searching for then annie casey.: street, birth, address, house - People Search
  32. LARRY REID - Burtonwood Airbase England SEARCH Help: name, birth, where - People Search
  33. I'm Trying To Find My Grandfather He Went By the Name Pellum Sayre, Lehigh Valley, PA: old, lost - People Search
  34. Virginia Claudette Allen Holloway: birth certificate, records, phone, street - People Search
  35. searching for William Meier: sister, father, name, San Diego - People Search
  36. Looking for Jan Mavis, former exotic dancer at Black Orchid Lounge, Hot Springs AR: name, house - People Search
  37. looking for help finding my long lost inlaws: lookup, records, friend - People Search
  38. searching aunt inger and coisin bill (colvin)from Denmark: name, USA, Germany - People Search
  39. looking for someone: father, name, address, family - People Search
  40. Who and where is my biological father?: old, name, Germany - People Search
  41. Seeking Relatives in Chicago: United States, family, information, state - People Search
  42. Looking for my birth father: Donald Winters: records, phone, county - People Search
  43. Looking for grandfather in GA...Pittman: name, birth, Virginia, address - People Search
  44. Looking for lost love Gregg Jelin: friend, old, address, Houston - People Search
  45. Looking for an old friend: picture, daughter, names, USA - People Search
  46. Search: names, relatives, searching - People Search
  47. searching for an acquaintance: brother, important, state - People Search
  48. looking for my birth father-ferdinand percy: location, records, last name, address - People Search
  49. Looking for Harry Fowler: friend, father, Washington, Oregon - People Search
  50. Looking for Daughter's Father Timothy Lamar Shedd: phone, old, birth - People Search
  51. Looking for Yolanda Mercer: phones, lost, names, relatives - People Search
  52. Melinda Waters-Tulsa,OK-1980/81: children, friends, old, lost - People Search
  53. need . Frank Ritz - Wilkes Barre, PA area: name, looking for, born - People Search
  54. Looking For Connie White: friend, sister, names, birth - People Search
  55. Lost Touch with Relatives-Where are you now?: genealogy, lookup, location - People Search
  56. Air Force Buddy Corky Vesa from Calif.: old, name, where - People Search
  57. I am looking for my sister CYNTHIA ANN ROBINSON DIXON, formerly of GRAPEVINE TEXAS: children, name - People Search
  58. Birth Certificate Search: genealogy, records, neighbor, children - People Search
  59. Looking for MJ Hawes, my former roommate.: location, last name, relatives - People Search
  60. lookin for bogans family: children, sister, father, name - People Search
  61. looking for father stationed in panama in 70's: phone, friend, name - People Search
  62. Looking for my brother! Anthony (Tony) Scott Lett: picture, name, co - People Search
  63. Help: lost, last name, tx, looking for - People Search
  64. I'm Looking for my mother i'm adopted it's been 22 years!!: dad, name - People Search
  65. have tips on starting a search for adoptee??: birth certificate, name - People Search
  66. Alma Johnson, waitress at the Spotted Horse Cafe in San Antonio TX in the 60s.: records, phone - People Search
  67. Looking for a Felix Consq... and his daughter DAISY last seen in Chicago,IL!: records, photo - People Search
  68. Looking for niece, her father past away: phone, address, Florida - People Search
  69. Looking for the Jordahl Family: friend, father, name, information - People Search
  70. Looking for a very special person: Vicky Counts: friend, relatives, high school - People Search
  71. I am looking for robert randolph of belpre ohio, he worked on the pipeline in iowa in the 1960's. Can you help me? Tha: children, names - People Search
  72. Looking for my half brother Christopher Howard: father, name, birth - People Search
  73. help me Im begging you!: baby, searches, sister, father - People Search
  74. Looking for my Birth Father and Bio. Brother: names, relatives, member - People Search
  75. Looking for Birth Father: phone, names, adopted, address - People Search
  76. search: father, name, birth, address - People Search
  77. Lookin for my uncle Douglas Eschner: old, names, address, New York - People Search
  78. linda kay bridges: sister, father, last name, birth - People Search
  79. i find my sis !: daughter, sister, lost, Australia - People Search
  80. help me find out the truth about Michael Ryan Nuland: record, phone - People Search
  81. Long lost friends from refugee camp Bataan: names, looking for - People Search
  82. Looking for my dauther M.L. Hernandez: last name, birth, city - People Search
  83. Looking for my grandpa: name, Germany, information, finder - People Search
  84. Tait T Guthrie - Trying to find friend: phone, house, letter - People Search
  85. MallySawney??: children, sister, address, where - People Search
  86. rossita palmagrimn: friend, last name, Arizona, family - People Search
  87. Calders from banning ca: name, birth, relatives, brother - People Search
  88. BoschertFamily History: location, daughter, father, last name - People Search
  89. Looking for Kent Phelps: children, father, names, Las Vegas - People Search
  90. Siblings: father, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  91. Looking for Robert william Holt: children, father, names, relatives - People Search
  92. Looking for Robert Armstrong: searches, names, Oregon, where - People Search
  93. looking for my lost uncle and lost father: places, phone, names - People Search
  94. Looking for Robert Bob Swafford: records, phone, last name - People Search
  95. I am looking for half sibling from my father's side ...Centralia Washington: children, names - People Search
  96. Looking for Birth Mother/Birth sisters: records, adoptees, children, county - People Search
  97. Looking For My Grandfather- Henry L. Shingleton in NC: places, name, address - People Search
  98. Long Lost Friend - Silvina King: last name, birth, looking for, information - People Search
  99. my sister mary: lost, last name, birth, member - People Search
  100. Pat Foy-Madeline Babcock Relative?: location, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  101. looking for an old friend in MI: lost, name, find - People Search
  102. Looking for friend named Aslam Sharif: address, New York, information, searching - People Search
  103. Unsolved mystery from 99 years ago: genealogy, child, picture, father - People Search
  104. looking for old best bestfriend: addresses, house, person, California - People Search
  105. Michael Lowe Stephanie Lowe Simpson Bone, Oklahoma 1991: phone, sisters, names - People Search
  106. looking for lost family, Brookline Pa: location, records, county, daughter - People Search
  107. Searching for a long lost half-sister i've never met..: old, father, last name - People Search
  108. looking for marcus in new orleans: searches, last name, Dallas, information - People Search
  109. looking for relatives in the mukilteo washington area: phone, sister, names - People Search
  110. Missing Andrea 1960-1970: children, picture, daughter, lost - People Search
  111. Amanda Weatherford - friend from childhood: friends, name, Dallas, Texas - People Search
  112. Trying to locate Danny Crawford formerly of Lafayette AL: location, daughters, old - People Search
  113. Looking for Frank Wydra: names, living - People Search
  114. My son is missing from Reno...: birth, high school, Alabama, Nevada - People Search
  115. I'm looking for My real father: name, Minnesota, family, find - People Search
  116. Finding Family of Paris Mountain, SouthCarolina: phone, children, county, daughter - People Search
  117. looking for my mother: Alicia Rivera: children, daughter, name, birth - People Search
  118. looking for jeannie: record, children, friend, last name - People Search
  119. Looking for Rodolfo Hernandez last seen en Los Angeles,California: location, county - People Search
  120. Looking for my dad: records, phone, county, name - People Search
  121. looking for a cousin: father, born, first - People Search
  122. seeking Robert F. Matthews, Wildwood Crest, NJ: records, phone, child - People Search
  123. Is your Bio Father Tom Walsh ?: lookup, phone, baby, old - People Search
  124. Looking for my brothers: phone, street, lost, dad - People Search
  125. Looking For My Half Sister...: records, children, county, picture - People Search
  126. Looking for my long lost cousin-Lori Lee Najphor: phone, street, daughter - People Search
  127. Looking for my daughter: records, phone, picture, old - People Search
  128. BIO Father - James Clark: location, records, searches, daughter - People Search
  129. Trying to find Adopted daughter.. Help!: birth certificate, genealogy, records - People Search
  130. looking for navy friend: picture, friends, name, person - People Search
  131. Searching for my missing brother: phone, friend, daughter, old - People Search
  132. Looking For My Daughter Jan Marie Gardner: birth certificate, zip code, records - People Search
  133. Looking for my half sister: record, daughter, father, names - People Search
  134. Searching for families of American's KIA in WW II while serving with the 48th Highlanders of Canada: location, records - People Search
  135. Season Greetings to hcgCali from all the People That Were Helped: photos, friend - People Search
  136. Help Finding an old Friend: location, records, phone, county - People Search
  137. Looking for Raquel Bradley - our daughter's birth mother: location, records, phone - People Search
  138. Looking for friend.: phone, friends, daughters, sister - People Search
  139. Maryland: Does know what happened to ...: street, friends, father - People Search
  140. Lookin for kin... Coe of Fairfield, PA: sister, father, Michigan - People Search
  141. Looking For My Cousin: child, father, name, New York - People Search
  142. john looking for Sher: New Jersey - People Search
  143. Catherine Cornwall Rose and son Chickie , last res. in CA: friends, old - People Search
  144. Horace Claiborn Johnson, Grandfather in Aldan, PA: phone, address - People Search
  145. Looking for old friend Eve Nadeau (Libby): California, about - People Search
  146. Looking for Connie Sue: brother, find, born, living - People Search
  147. Looking for people who knew my dad in Cuba 1957/58, Thule Airbase 1960/62 or Heidelberg base 1962: records, picture - People Search
  148. Looking for Vincent Jones, husbands grandfather: records, children, relatives, Canada - People Search
  149. Looking for flame!: old, name, high school, brother - People Search
  150. Robert and Angie: children, last name, adopted, Washington - People Search
  151. The Nail Family in Lamar County, Alabama: dad, name, member - People Search
  152. Help me: friends, Virginia, family, looking for - People Search
  153. Born in 1964 St Johns on F St: birth certificate, father, birth - People Search
  154. Denise Thompson Where are you: looking for, finding, about - People Search
  155. Looking for my sister, mother DIANE LYY BROWN, Lehigh Valley PA: old, father - People Search
  156. Looking for Jill Trumble: friends, name, USA, Netherland - People Search
  157. Looking for my family!dob 08/10/71: county, name, adopted, born - People Search
  158. help me find my friend...: phone, name, member, address - People Search
  159. Best site to use for a backround check: records, person, family - People Search
  160. If you are a male (twin) adoptee, Born in 1964 in STL - Read!: children, adopted - People Search
  161. Searching a girl in Russia: name, birth, where, databases - People Search
  162. Robert McCall is looking for his biological son!!: location, child, old - People Search
  163. Joe M. Souza, USAF veteran, RAF Mildenhall 1962, report:: friend, best - People Search
  164. Help me find her: name, area, mother, married - People Search
  165. looking for a barber named jose acevedo in philly: friend, lost, find - People Search
  166. looking for lost friend for 30 years: phone, daughter, old, name - People Search
  167. find relatives: children, father, name, brother - People Search
  168. Looking for my brother.: name, birth, Mexico, family - People Search
  169. Looking for old friends from school and around the neigborhood....: sister, Michigan - People Search
  170. Owensboro search: friend, old, name, address - People Search
  171. Looking for Missing Friend - Nadine Kyriakopoulos: lost, father, name - People Search
  172. looking for family members of leslie austin white of henderson ky: sisters, father - People Search
  173. Mother looking for adopted Son - Randell Collins: county, name, born - People Search
  174. I'm looking 4 my father in Bronx, NY: name, member, hospital - People Search
  175. Looking For Lawrence (Larry) Coulter (prob. California): friend, lost, father - People Search
  176. finding someone from Rochester IN: name, contact - People Search
  177. alexander family: name, adopted, New York, area - People Search
  178. Looking for Connie Jean Beamon: name, where, information, find - People Search
  179. Poughkeepsie, NY: name, family, city - People Search
  180. Krininger: name, brother, mother - People Search
  181. Do know Marie williams?: friend, name, Ohio, find - People Search
  182. Going out on a limb: phone, photo, name, address - People Search
  183. search 4 judy chalker - People Search
  184. Karen and Jackie Harris from So Cal.: friends, sisters, father - People Search
  185. Do know Marie williams?: friend, name, Ohio, find - People Search
  186. help me find my little boy: old, father, name - People Search
  187. Looking for Robert from Tennessee, met 1998 in Destin, FL: picture, old, name - People Search
  188. Basil mc kelvey: friend, name, living, number - People Search
  189. Looking for Mark Desmond Cameron: father, name, area, family - People Search
  190. Rei: picture, friend, old, person - People Search
  191. Clendenin WV (another - moved): dad, name, Germany, looking for - People Search
  192. Carol S*****rd and Richard King: baby, name, information, born - People Search
  193. twin brother alive: birth, Boston, looking for, city - People Search
  194. Chris Lesinski & Darlene of Lexington NC: names, Virginia, house - People Search
  195. Searching for IRENE HOWCUTT: about - People Search
  196. Looking for a person.....: trying to find - People Search
  197. Lookung For Children, Hopedale, Ma: USA, looking for, ago - People Search
  198. Mary McMannis Indpls IN: baby, father, relatives, Indianapolis - People Search
  199. Search for son: names, address, information, city - People Search
  200. looking for on fathers grandparents: lost, name, Arizona - People Search