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  20. Non-title Titles: searches, name, adopted, Kansas - People Search
  21. Looking for my granddaughte TIFFANY RUBI THOMPSON: daughter, Miami, born - People Search
  22. Looking for Grazyna Kowalczyk from Poland!: village, friends, lost, last name - People Search
  23. Looking ForAndy J. Day, Ft. Lewis Area, WA: picture, friends, old - People Search
  24. looking: address, San Diego, san diego, CA - People Search
  25. Looking For Andy J Day,29, Bozeman or Great Falls: picture, friend, old - People Search
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  32. Darwin Jensen, formerly of Rupert: record, friends, lost, dad - People Search
  33. Looking for someone from burley/Rupert Idaho!: name, American, mother - People Search
  34. Ancestary: county, father, grandparents, Maryland - People Search
  35. Looking for a Person HELP WOULD BE NICE!!: birth certificate, phone, child - People Search
  36. Looking for Shelly Shadrick, Tulsa, OK: phone, children, friend, old - People Search
  37. I lost my uncle: friend, father, name, family - People Search
  38. Need the National Missing Persons site.: member, family, information, finding - People Search
  39. Piermont help: phone, county, lost, names - People Search
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  43. seeking:: CA, born, living - People Search
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  46. USA People Search: telephone, searches, name, address
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  49. does know adrian gwinn? around age 24 from Purdy, MO?: phone, friend - People Search
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  51. Searching for father/father's family, Mr. Lewis Corn, Greenville: area, finding, born - People Search
  52. Nathan Shaw - my little ex :): phone, friend, last name, addresses - People Search
  53. looking for Scott and Colette Webb, VT: addresses, family, ago - People Search
  54. I am searching for my daughter and my son.: daughters, sister, old - People Search
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  60. missing out on someone beautiful: record, children, daughter, lost - People Search
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  65. Looking for my Sister, She's gone for 8 days!: records, phone, picture - People Search
  66. I am trying to locate someone who lives in Zip Code 46241: phone, daughter - People Search
  67. Looking for an old friend: neighborhood, neighbor, children, sister - People Search
  68. Looking for familie World War 2 Hero: genealogy, records, phone, photos - People Search
  69. Ruben Martinez of San Antonio and Alpine, TX: father, name, Texas - People Search
  70. Looking for old friends: daughters, Virginia, daughter, about - People Search
  71. I'm trying to find Joe Smith, aka Professor X , OH: records, daughter - People Search
  72. trying to find adopted daughter: children, searches, daughters, old - People Search
  73. Long lost friend from Tehran/lived in NYC: name, finding, about - People Search
  74. George Hicks Warren Illinois: county, daughters, sister, father - People Search
  75. Lost- Nicaraguan friend from cruise ship, Roberto Hunter: picture, friends, last name - People Search
  76. Elm Grove/Big Wheeling Creek area, Mike Grosskoff?: friend, sister, dad - People Search
  77. Family research: genealogy, children, sister, name - People Search
  78. Looking For Charlie: Missouri - People Search
  79. Missing person Summer Dicus: location, name, Tampa, information - People Search
  80. Tuscarawas and Coshocton County Truck drivers: old, father, name, looking for - People Search
  81. Looking For Biological Father: places, street, adoptees, picture - People Search
  82. I REALLY need to find my dad: street, old, father - People Search
  83. looking for steven anton: friends, sisters, old, names - People Search
  84. i'm looking for SAM PATTERSON OF MARYVILLE,TN.: baby, children, sister - People Search
  85. find my friend janice rodwell: friends, old, names, where - People Search
  86. Searching for friends from Danville,IL: phone, street, dad, member - People Search
  87. Ronald (Dale) Ignowski: phone, friend, lost, name - People Search
  88. Searching for my old friend: friends, name, family, living - People Search
  89. Looking for Michael Gragg: name, addresses, brother, Louisiana - People Search
  90. Looking for my sister: Miriam Jenkins - she lives in Atlanta,Ga.: sisters, father - People Search
  91. loooking for Peer from Germany: friend, old, lost, name - People Search
  92. I Want To Find My Frinds In Naknek Alaska: street, village, friends - People Search
  93. I'm looking for sitizen of former Soviet Union in Maine: where, country - People Search
  94. help me to finde my father everywhere in USA: phone, children - People Search
  95. Priscilla Ann Williams Where Are You?: lost, last name, Virginia, brother - People Search
  96. Looking for Derrel Van Willis: street, father, name, addresses - People Search
  97. Looking For Someone: records, phone, name, birth - People Search
  98. Runaway At Risk: phone, child, daughter, family - People Search
  99. Im looking for my Brother Mustafa Bayraktar(Nigdeli): records, sister, father - People Search
  100. Happy Birthday Johnny From Your Birth Family With Love!!: daughter, sister, old - People Search
  101. Looking for family members with last name Carita: phone, sisters, old - People Search
  102. lookin for half sister: phone, street, daughter, name - People Search
  103. WWII joseph V Del Torto: street, name, member, adopted - People Search
  104. looking for my dad: records, phone, street, children - People Search
  105. Searching for father.: street, sister, last name, address - People Search
  106. Looking for my dad: picture, father, name, where - People Search
  107. Looking for my birth mother New York: records, places, baby - People Search
  108. Is there Free Search Sites for finding people?: records, phone, friend - People Search
  109. How can I locate someone in liberia?: records, child, friend - People Search
  110. Looking For Someone From Osage: friend, old, name, locate - People Search
  111. Looking for Justin Allen: birth certificate, location, sisters, father - People Search
  112. Where are you Edith French: Missouri, searching - People Search
  113. looking for jayne schwartz, osu'71, morrison twr: children, sister, old - People Search
  114. looking for jayne schwartz, osu'71, morrison twr: children, sister, old - People Search
  115. Jerry Paul Millership: tx, locate - People Search
  116. Karla..........: lost, name, looking for, ago - People Search
  117. Does know my father?: name, Montana, mom, owner - People Search
  118. Carl Swan- Ft. Lauderdale or Miami areas...: sisters, old, brother - People Search
  119. Looking for relatives, Rosa Lee Scott.VA: father, names, Virginia - People Search
  120. Looking for Dana Eugene Horner: old, where, contact - People Search
  121. Holland River Line's Old Staff: contact - People Search
  122. Looking for Stepan in Iowa, Louisiana: person, area, area, contact - People Search
  123. Looking for knowing Nell Lorraine Anderson-Sanders: children, lost, name - People Search
  124. Looking for Long Lost Friend: name, Virginia, where, brother - People Search
  125. Looking for the Jules family in Lafayette, Louisiana: daughters, last name - People Search
  126. Looking for Rhonda Laverne Clark: daughter, sister, name, Texas - People Search
  127. out there an ahmid from the uk??: name, born, surname - People Search
  128. Looking for one with last name : deBruijn: grandparents - People Search
  129. Trying to find biological family in Port Angeles: adoption, where, born - People Search
  130. I am searching for my daughter and my son.: sister, old, name - People Search
  131. looking for you paul mueller: name, Sacramento, find, about - People Search
  132. Michael Reynolds: name, where, Utah, looking for - People Search
  133. Looking for relatives of the late Michael Breland from Mobile AL: friend, sister - People Search
  134. Hartford Ct - People Search
  135. Looking For Peruvian Woman Friend in Chicago: phone, father, house - People Search
  136. In search of..: picture, name, Florida, looking for - People Search
  137. Ruby Decker Harrell: member, Michigan, family, locate - People Search
  138. Looking For My Uncle: street, name, address, find - People Search
  139. Laurie (Lori) Harper (Sam)-looking 4 u: name, birth, looking for, son - People Search
  140. Sheryl Runyon, Athens Ohio- Were Are You: searches, lost, looking for - People Search
  141. I'm looking for him... HELP: child, friends, father, name - People Search
  142. Bobbie Sue,vera(sissy),joe Wiggins: father, about, mother, siblings - People Search
  143. Looking for Jackie Laser HC65, Box 105A, Tornado, WV 25202.: phone, street, address - People Search
  144. Wolfbear: person, history, family, looking for - People Search
  145. I am searching for my daughter.: sister, old, name, birth - People Search
  146. Pamela J. Libby - Portland, ME - Approx 36 yrs old: telephone, sister - People Search
  147. Looking For An Old Friend Who Works On The Racing Track . - People Search
  148. looking for Joseph Johnson James: high school, where, USA, Salem - People Search
  149. Looking for first love 1962: records, friend, lost, name - People Search
  150. Looking for my hero... Need help !! :): county, picture, searches, where - People Search
  151. Carstedt-Germany>IL>KS (Cherryvale): children, Kansas, family, mother - People Search
  152. Searching Leon from Cuba in big island: looking for, information, contact - People Search
  153. Stanley R. Jaffe: father, family - People Search
  154. Daniel Riffe, Pt. Pleasant, WV: friend, where - People Search
  155. John Heath, Ravenswood, WV: friend, looking for, find - People Search
  156. syd: contact - People Search
  157. Research Family Captain John W. DICKSON: German - People Search
  158. Elisabeth Lockwood (Naperville, IL or ?): old, name, looking for, information - People Search
  159. Cookie: where, Connecticut, family, looking for - People Search
  160. looking for Joanna E. 1963: street, New Orleans - People Search
  161. Ohio Wollenbeckers?: name, birth, information, searching - People Search
  162. I want to contact my daughter in Indy .. no phone: zip code, lost - People Search
  163. Looking for Red Sellers, OK: name, Oklahoma, locate - People Search
  164. searching for Matt Dondee, TX or NM: places, friend, old - People Search
  165. Selma, Indiana 1999 Help !: old, birth, adopted, information - People Search
  166. Amanda Jeresulah Roark: father, address, looking for, born - People Search
  167. looking for: name, brother, Texas, family - People Search
  168. 3 Moskovskiy Imperatora Alexandra II-go Kadetskiy Korpus: father, brother, looking for, about - People Search
  169. looking for family of nancy deyoung: Chicago, living, ago, area - People Search
  170. Lookin for US Army Reserve Unit 1958: records, old, name, Michigan - People Search
  171. Rudy H Taarea, MD - in the Enterprise Alabama?: name, address, letter - People Search
  172. Looking for my father: friends, old, information, searching - People Search
  173. seaech for long lostfriend: NC - People Search
  174. Looking for Betty or Beth Rolph: name, area, locate, area - People Search
  175. Roy Taylor: friend, old, father, house - People Search
  176. Sorry: person, living - People Search
  177. Looking For Lost Buddy!!!: information - People Search
  178. Phoenix 1988 Special Sheila: area - People Search
  179. state 1988 - 2001: Mexico, best - People Search
  180. New Orleans 1963-64 lived on Fortin across form fair grounds: friend, looking for - People Search
  181. does know him?: where, looking for, living - People Search
  182. Rueb family history Artes SD area: children, father, name, where - People Search
  183. Looking for Renate: where, German, family, information - People Search
  184. I'm looking for my friend Eleanor: telephone, old, lost, American - People Search
  185. Christi Martinez: friend, member, high school, USA - People Search
  186. Looking for Ted of Joe Thurman in Beulah, Colorado: friends, where, about - People Search
  187. looking for my bestgirlfriend: Ata Maivia: picture, daughter, member, Miami - People Search
  188. Looking for on ancestor John Sullivan, OK: children, daughter, father - People Search
  189. Can help me, I'm in england searching for relatives in Henryetta: birth - People Search
  190. if one knows: friend, sisters, old, name - People Search
  191. Help me find Mrs. Sally Harris, Turkey Point in Jefferson County, Ohio: zip code, phone - People Search
  192. Florida online records search: places, phone, county, picture - People Search
  193. Searching for Agronsky family - 2nd posting: name, relatives, looking for - People Search
  194. So. Portland High School, ME - Class of 1988: phone, looking for, information - People Search
  195. penpal: children, name, California, married - People Search
  196. from Quincy: county, name, Illinois, where - People Search
  197. Iron Ridge friend: name, real estate, looking for, about - People Search
  198. Locating former Richmond family: children, find - People Search
  199. Looking for 1962-1965 Norwich High graduates: friends, old, high school - People Search
  200. I need to find an old friend in Little Eagle, So. Dak.: friends, name - People Search