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  14. seen this movie?: American - Dogs
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  20. Another guilty dog - Dogs
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  28. Microchips save lives and reunite families - Dogs
  29. The Dog Humpers: poop, vet, aggressive, train - Dogs
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  31. 99 years for animal abuser: Alabama, people, stories - Dogs
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  35. Raw Beef bones: clean, vet, cleaning, teeth - Dogs
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  37. Article about Westminster show: Shar-Pei, labrador, bulldog, toy - Dogs
  38. Vet prescribed Rimadyl yesterday; after googling I am concerned: labs, shih tzu, clean - Dogs
  39. Stray dogs attend funeral of woman who fed them: normal
  40. Dog walks on four artificial limbs: animal - Dogs
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  55. Is there a reason our 3 year Boston terrier doesn't like to cuddle?: retriever, noise - Dogs
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  59. Mama saves her litter from fire by digging hole: puppies, medium - Dogs
  60. Farm dog to leashed dog -- how to transition and does it work: border collie, labs - Dogs
  61. small dog wont stop barking at people: daschund, chihuahua, kennel - Dogs
  62. iverheart max cost $$$: how much, vet, test, prevent - Dogs
  63. Grey Muzzle Rescue: lab, black, adopt, puppies - Dogs
  64. Neighbor's dogs stinks: clean, poop, fleas, odor
  65. Anal gland removal cost: vet, costs, cheap, Kentucky - Dogs
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  67. What does my dog want?: miniature, toy, training, mice - Dogs
  68. NextGard for flea/tick versus Frontline: vet, skin, fleas, chew - Dogs
  69. 175-Pound Pit Bull Hulk Shatters Misconceptions About the Breed: breeder, rescue, cross - Dogs
  70. Why dogs get returned to the shelter: compatibility, aggressive, rescues
  71. Man smashes through ice in frozen river to save dog - Dogs
  72. Bentley Loves the Snow: medication, Massachusetts, Boston, mean - Dogs
  73. oral cancer- squamous cell carcinoma: vet, aggressive, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  74. 1Westminster Kennel Club tonight: terriers, beagle, best, water - Dogs
  75. Dog Transport Recommendations: vet, black, adopted, vaccinations - Dogs
  76. Dogs are so good at entertaining themselves: border collie, terriers, toy
  77. Need advice..on Polycystic Kidney Disease. .: English Bulldog, vet, diet - Dogs
  78. News, 4-Year-Old Loses Foot After Dad's Police Dog Bites: kennel, children, allowed - Dogs
  79. Missing police dog captured: kennel, ears, Washington, Ohio - Dogs
  80. 10 year old yorkie's eyes are red: allergy, vet, treatment, best - Dogs
  81. Should I do TPLO surgery? Is it the best option for me?: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  82. How one old stray dog united many people trying to help him: medium, ears - Dogs
  83. Hip Dislocation with an older dog.: lab, vet, surgery, kids - Dogs
  84. Fire devastating for Richardson Rescue in York SC: adopted, maltese, ears - Dogs
  85. Stolen dog grooming van and 7 dogs inside found safe: pups, Chicago, owner
  86. Cops close off highway to rescue senior dog: vet, cost, cross - Dogs
  87. They really do miss us when gone: doggie - Dogs
  88. What are signs that your dogs aren't long for this world?: terriers, chihuahuas
  89. Houdini caught after 3 years on the run: lab, outside, home - Dogs
  90. Our dogs won't pee on frozen grass: poop, training, diarrhea
  91. People Acting like Dogs at The Dog Park
  92. The pug who could not run: problems, people, hip - Dogs
  93. People Acting like Dogs at The Dog Park: cats
  94. never seen photographs like: chocolate, bowl - Dogs
  95. Luxating Patella and Pet Insurance: vet, skin, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  96. Loyal Dog Runs Away From Home And Travels 20 Blocks To Owner In Hospital: surgery, cancer - Dogs
  97. The Battle Buddy Foundation: medium, sleep - Dogs
  98. My dog barks a lot at other dogs: barking, aggressive, skin
  99. newly diagnosed dog with chf: how much, labs, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  100. Woman receives lengthy sentence for setting fire to her own pet store with puppies inside: ears, year - Dogs
  101. When your dog dies: vet, barking, adopt, euthanize - Dogs
  102. Cold out in Colorado - Lost pet: rescues, best, food - Dogs
  103. Influenza vaccine for dogs??: vet, skin, infection, symptoms
  104. Do you use a treat hierarchy?: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, laser - Dogs
  105. Congestive Heart Failure in my Dog: A Long, long goodbye: shepherd, shih tzu - Dogs
  106. acepromazine 25mg: lab, vet, best, breeds - Dogs
  107. John Unger got a new dog!: skin, rescue, adopt, best - Dogs
  108. Video, Dog Shows Up at Hospital Where Owner Is Battling Cancer.: miniature, schnauzer - Dogs
  109. A message from your dog: ears, home - Dogs
  110. Dog overly affectionate twoards my wife: tumors, aggressive, training, surgery - Dogs
  111. Karma is a ...... - Dogs
  112. Dog Food - Beneful: diet, treats, Denver, feeding - Dogs
  113. Fences for Fido: sick, people - Dogs
  114. Pets goind deaf: rescue, noise, outside, cats - Dogs
  115. Male dogs more affectionate?: border collie, vet, collie, neutered
  116. Vegan dog??: diet, bones, natural, food - Dogs
  117. Should Dog Ownership Be Regulated?: clean, poop, vet, breeders - Dogs
  118. Does your bark collar work on your dog?: barking, training, natural - Dogs
  119. Cop Saves a Woman’s Life After Choosing to Understand a Dog Instead of Shooting It: aggressive, rescued - Dogs
  120. How to deal with your blind dog: lab, clean, vet - Dogs
  121. Socializing an older dog: retriever, breeding, barks, training - Dogs
  122. Dog bites when startled from sleep, how to handle?: poodle, train, adopted - Dogs
  123. One dog inside, the other outside: labs, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  124. i need a english bulldog: clean, vet, breeding, cleaning - Dogs
  125. Do you feed your dog people food?: chihuahuas, diet, natural - Dogs
  126. just adopted a rescue dog: vet, shots, best, shelters - Dogs
  127. My dogs were fighting and need advice on how to go about introducing them together again: pitbulls, how much
  128. Is Exchanging Dog Walking Services a good idea?: how much, vet, train - Dogs
  129. My Dog Forgot Me?: pups, best, medium, home - Dogs
  130. Adopting mutt - help with breed?: border collie, how much, shepherd - Dogs
  131. Goldendoodle or Shih tzu: border collie, how much, shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  132. Why do we love dogs more than people?: best, cats,
  133. Is your vet a pushy salesman?: breeders, prescription, science, skin - Dogs
  134. Dog-Friendly Mulch: bulldog, poop, toy, breeders - Dogs
  135. The Corgi Sploot!: border collie, golden retriever, spaniel, breeding - Dogs
  136. Side effects from glucosamine supplements?: terrier, bite, vet, treatment - Dogs
  137. Fake Service Dog article on BBC: allergic, miniature, clean, training - Dogs
  138. Moving Vs Rehoming: shih tzu, bulldog, skin, rescue - Dogs
  139. Dog Park Etiquette Vent: boxer, terrier, rottweiler, toy - Dogs
  140. Would you report a neighbor with a banned breed?: pitbull, spaniel - Dogs
  141. Reasons to let dogs sleep in the people bed: clean, shedding, kennel
  142. Terrified of Great Danes: boxer, puppies, best, breeds - Dogs
  143. I think my dog is allergic to brewer's yeast: bites, clean, vet - Dogs
  144. Bill proposes letting police enter your home without a warrant and shooting your pit bull: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  145. Homeless man refuses to abandon his dog to get out of the frigid weather: how much, skin - Dogs
  146. Dog Biting - cause for concern?: how much, shih tzu, bite, vet - Dogs
  147. New pet owner questions: vets, rescue, adopted, natural - Dogs
  148. Dog videos: outside, stop, people - Dogs
  149. Why do we own dogs?: vet, training, costs, children
  150. 7-week old Mini Schnauzer continuously biting: bulldog, retriever, bite, poop - Dogs
  151. Does think a county should have a limit on the dogs / cats you can own ?: barks, rescue
  152. Sheltie puppy barking incessantly for: train, rescue, cough, bones - Dogs
  153. New Cincinnati law target bad owners not specific breeds: bite, legal, training - Dogs
  154. pre med before euthenasia?: vet, euthanize, shots, pup - Dogs
  155. Who's the Father?: pitbull, boxer, spaniel, skin - Dogs
  156. Returned adopted dog... grief and guilt: allergic, terrier, bite, vet - Dogs
  157. Active breed. What would you do?: border collie, poop, aggressive, training - Dogs
  158. Selecting A New Dog Food: stomach, skin, training, rescue - Dogs
  159. Suspected poisoning at Crufts Dog Show: labradors, shih-tzu, bulldog, boxers - Dogs
  160. Lawsuit Claims Purina Brand Is Killing Dogs: allergic, vet, diet
  161. Can a one plus year old border collie be trained?: toy, spaniel - Dogs
  162. Best dogs for apartments?: daschund, lab, shih tzu, poodle
  163. Ideas to help with a clingy Labrador: how much, labradors, retriever - Dogs
  164. Dog taking dislike to other dogs: lab, barking, aggressive
  165. Dog food issues (want no grain and no GMO): clean, vet, science - Dogs
  166. If this were your dog...: border collie, vet, prescription, treatment - Dogs
  167. How to keep dogs from kicking my mulch off?: poop, skin, treatment
  168. is my puppy a pitbull?: how much, rescue, beagle, best - Dogs
  169. Dog died while getting his nails trimmed at Petsmart: how much, bulldogs, vet
  170. A good photograph can really help a pet get adopted: bulldogs, chihuahua
  171. Ideas for New Dog Walking Lead..for GSD: shepherd, labs, black - Dogs
  172. about stray dog...: vet, wound, husky, skin - Dogs
  173. Does your dog sleep in his bed?: shepherd, lab, toy - Dogs
  174. how long do dogs grieve: border collie, collie, bones, puppy
  175. about liability in dog attack: lab, terrier, bite, barking - Dogs
  176. How to console my bf when his dog passes: how much, vet, adopted - Dogs
  177. A for neighborhood dog walkers: shepherd, lab, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  178. Have never heard my dog bark!: lab, poodle, barking, husky - Dogs
  179. Does your dog sleep bark,: barking, collie, noise, legs - Dogs
  180. Command collar from Don Sullivan: shepherd, boxer, shepherds, barking - Dogs
  181. they caught Shaggy - Dogs
  182. Touching farewell to retired police dog - Dogs
  183. Funniest commercial ever: home - Dogs
  184. AKC on Current Events: kennel, American - Dogs
  185. A really BIG Boy - Dogs
  186. Grooming altamont: New York - Dogs
  187. What it takes to heal a fearful unsocialized dog: puppy, shelters, vicious - Dogs
  188. Another good cop story- She helped cold lady and her dog: county - Dogs
  189. Senator Vest's tribute to man's best friend: wound, skin, paws - Dogs
  190. Weimaraner puppy: walk, pee - Dogs
  191. County Shelters: veterinarians, treatment, neuter, ears - Dogs
  192. Border Collie does great job rounding them up - Dogs
  193. Indiana Bones :Police Dog: best, medium - Dogs
  194. half deer half jrt: outside, yard - Dogs
  195. How to play snow hockey with a Dachshund - Dogs
  196. He won't leave his blind brother: shelter, medium, home - Dogs
  197. Experience with different Frontline Plus Generics? (like ZoGuard, PetArmor, ): vs, cheap - Dogs
  198. More than $28K raised for heroic dog hurt in Ohio house fire: boxer, year - Dogs
  199. This dog hops on the bus for a ride to the dog park - Dogs
  200. Dying dog gets to take a beach vacation: best - Dogs