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  1. Frustrated with dogs skin rash, biting feet, doggie odor?: shepherd, allergy, bite
  2. Guys... I update you on Joey's Progress: border collie, shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  3. Important To Keep Nose Warm: breathe, Oregon, hair, sleep - Dogs
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  10. Ever wonder what your dog toys are stuffed with?: toy, cross, ears - Dogs
  11. Crate rest and herniated disc: shepherd, poodle, vet, stomach - Dogs
  12. Man is arrested after saving dog from Fire: skin, rescue, children - Dogs
  13. Hospital therapy dog: pitbulls, golden retriever, collie, sheltie - Dogs
  14. Nicotine Poisoning On The Increase: terrier, bite, vet, train - Dogs
  15. Careful How You Use The F Word: schnauzer, drool, best - Dogs
  16. Nice Puppy story....: labrador, breeder, puppies, best - Dogs
  17. Let me ask this: vet, heartworms, treatment, cost - Dogs
  18. Trying to maintain dogs weight when dog can't be active: border collie, how much
  19. CBD cookies: vet, rescue, outside, treats - Dogs
  20. If your package is late...: labrador, apartments, neighbors, liver - Dogs
  21. Can you feel the oxytocin?: shots, puppies, best, canine - Dogs
  22. Why did recurrant UTIs stop?: border collie, vet, train, cost - Dogs
  23. Carharrt Dog Bed- 7 years and gave up the ghost: basenji, kennels - Dogs
  24. Blood Donors; how many?: vet, year - Dogs
  25. Small Portion Organic or Healthy Dog Food for Small Dogs: vet, teeth
  26. Dog Flippers: adopted, puppies - Dogs
  27. Another deranged and hostile vet: barking, problems, neighbors, Cary - Dogs
  28. suddened dead of my dog: vet, cough, best, food - Dogs
  29. Loss of Appetite With Age: labrador, clean, vet, prescription - Dogs
  30. Pappilion looking type dog: ridgeback, chihuahua, vet, breeders - Dogs
  31. Family uses blindfolds to prepare house for blind dog: terrier, rescue, infection - Dogs
  32. Recall Monday Night: problems, treats, powder - Dogs
  33. How can I prevent fleas from jumping on me?: bite, skin, natural - Dogs
  34. Centipede bite or something: poop, vet, black, diarrhea - Dogs
  35. When to say No to surgery for senior dogs?: labs, stomach, skin
  36. US Olympian Gus Kenworthy rescues dogs from Korean dog meat farm.: breeder, treatment
  37. Dog Bad Breath and Oral Hygine: how much, rottweiler, clean, vet - Dogs
  38. Keeping Your Aging Dog Fit and Active: border collie, vet, training - Dogs
  39. peanut butters may be harmful for dogs: shepherd, veterinarians, toy
  40. Senior Dog Rescue and Health: lab, stomach, black, surgery - Dogs
  41. Just caught a scammer in a lie in grocery store parking lot: puppies - Dogs
  42. Are dogs more likely to bite certain people?: wound, aggressive, children
  43. Could Hobb's diarrhea be from eating Purina Pro Plan Savor canned food?: poop, vet - Dogs
  44. Long term boarding: kennel, walk, home, keep - Dogs
  45. TeGaMe78: chihuahua, vet, diet, adopted - Dogs
  46. Increased appetite: clean, vet, adopted, dachshund - Dogs
  47. Vetmedin Side Effects: poodle, chihuahuas, vet, toy - Dogs
  48. Mini Doxy puppy has behvioral proplems.: labrador, allergy, bite - Dogs
  49. Terrier Cross with CHF fainting/ collapsing a lot: vet, barking, best - Dogs
  50. use a leg brace for a dog with CCL|ACL?: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  51. The sweetest story and photos: spaniel, bird, best, mouth - Dogs
  52. Miniature Dachshund: boxers, terriers, chihuahua, toy - Dogs
  53. Bragging On My Girl: border collie, how much, golden retriever, spaniel - Dogs
  54. Warning for who feed their dogs a raw diet:: cats, ears
  55. Maintaining a steady weight: training, diet, puppy, food - Dogs
  56. leash aggression.... sorta: barking, aggressive, cross, puppy - Dogs
  57. Apparently I own a Cocker Spaniel Pomeranian mix...: boxer, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  58. Man's best friend: Owning a dog linked to lower death rate, study says: disease - Dogs
  59. Luxating Patella Advice Needed: terrier, chihuahua, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  60. Pet Drivers License ID: pitbulls, border collie, shepherd, black - Dogs
  61. FDA Recall of Deadly Dog Treats: surgery, bones, chewing, noise - Dogs
  62. My 3rd Embark DNA test results: how much, poodles, terrier, breeder - Dogs
  63. LED Collar: how much, black, chew, cross - Dogs
  64. One is enough: vet, black, training, rescue - Dogs
  65. One young border collie + one open door + one flock of sheep: shepherd, training - Dogs
  66. experience with seizures in dog?: bulldog, vet, black, drool - Dogs
  67. Need a good laugh? Spin Spin Poop: labradoodle, housebreak, puppy - Dogs
  68. Newly adopted dog and boarding: training, rescue, natural, children - Dogs
  69. Bedroom drama: tooth, bones, legs, ears - Dogs
  70. Weave Pole Training: how much, poodle, clean, breeder - Dogs
  71. My dogs' Embark DNA test results: how much, poodles, breeding, black
  72. Pretty Girl With Mouth Disease: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  73. It has been 6 Years since my Dog Got Runover: vet, walk, leash - Dogs
  74. Licking feet for pain vs for itching???: allergy, tumors, vet - Dogs
  75. 6 yo puggle suddenly kneading, sucking on blanket: poodle, vet, paws - Dogs
  76. Strange Behavior in older dog.. ideas?: labs, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  77. co-sleeping positions?: stomach, train, best, shelter - Dogs
  78. Best way to train recall?: border collie, bulldog, barking, rescue - Dogs
  79. well the adoptee german shepherd puppy: neutered, puppies, outside, breeds - Dogs
  80. The pounce: bite, walk, allowed, leash - Dogs
  81. New Recall of Dog Food: diarrhea, natural, noise, best - Dogs
  82. Puppy training Fastrack System: labradors, breeder, housebreak, skin - Dogs
  83. Poodle shaking, yelps occasionally: poodles, miniature, vet, toy - Dogs
  84. Our puppy sleeps in our bed: train, surgery, outside, breed - Dogs
  85. Plott hound: border collie, tooth, collie, kennel - Dogs
  86. Growing lump on dog's leg: shepherd, tumors, clean, vet - Dogs
  87. 10 year old sick Boxer. How much would you spend?: boxers, clean, vet - Dogs
  88. flying dog out from breeder?s: bulldog, clean, poop, legal - Dogs
  89. Husky as property dog: shepherd, schnauzer, breeders, huskies - Dogs
  90. new work schedule problems: toy, walk, cage, housebroken - Dogs
  91. Dog Park Behavior Questions: shepherd, bite, poop, aggressive - Dogs
  92. Separation/Crate Anxiety: vet, training, rescued, collie - Dogs
  93. High maintenance dogs need FREQUENT grooming: border collie, poodles, poop, spaniel
  94. While asleep...: labrador, barking, rescue, puppy - Dogs
  95. Venison in Dog Food: breeding, black, infection, chew - Dogs
  96. Does Have Idea What Breed Of Dog This Is?: goldendoodle, poodle - Dogs
  97. I got a dog: how much, terrier, wound, rescue - Dogs
  98. I found a (weird) solution to my dog licking her feet!!!: lab, allergy - Dogs
  99. My cat is trying to kill the puppy...: lab, terrier, clean - Dogs
  100. Should I adopt a second dog?: border collie, shepherd, labrador, poodle - Dogs
  101. Finding the right rescue dog: labrador, shih-tzu, bulldogs, terrier
  102. found a box full of puppies last night on side of road: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  103. Advice on roaming dog: poop, black, train, cross - Dogs
  104. Two Dog Food Recalls: clean, poop, wound, stomach - Dogs
  105. Training with Positive Reinforcement (and where do you use Negative Reinforcement): breeder, barking - Dogs
  106. Dogs and poo eating: shih tzu, miniature, clean, poop
  107. I love this little guy: how much, puppy, breed, cats - Dogs
  108. Thoughts and Advice: vet, barking, train, doxie - Dogs
  109. to Dog Trainers-'Eye Contact': border collie, shepherd, rottweilers, aggressive - Dogs
  110. Wolfie joins us: training, puppy, best, cats - Dogs
  111. Short Dog Hair: shepherd, labradors, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  112. Barbra Streisand has cloned her dog (twice!): clean, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  113. Wisdom Panel DNA test results are in!: pitbull, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  114. Happiness is a new bed: border collie, collie, cross, puppy - Dogs
  115. Is this something to worry about?: vets, toy, barking, kids - Dogs
  116. Questions about training a Foster Dog: toy, barking, train, rescue - Dogs
  117. Dog Breed Suggestions for Rally/Agility: border collie, shepherd, poodles, boxer - Dogs
  118. When a Visitor Orders Your Dog Around: barking, skin, train - Dogs
  119. Just Fostering For Now?: training, rescue, adopt, kids - Dogs
  120. Do you feed Blue Buffalo? Beware General Mills buying it.: lab, allergic - Dogs
  121. Hypothetical If someone hit your dog: how much, rottweiler, biting - Dogs
  122. dog barking at other dogs who walk by: train, natural, puppy
  123. What do i do with this dog?: bulldog, bite, veterinary - Dogs
  124. When do you decide?: border collie, labrador, poop, vet - Dogs
  125. If you bought your dog from a breeder....: labrador, clean, breeders - Dogs
  126. Need to Find Labrador Puppy For Mom: boxer, golden retriever, chihuahuas - Dogs
  127. Getting a rescue dog with cats: shepherd, terrier, shepherds, breeders - Dogs
  128. Pet gate for car.: train, kennel, puppy, best - Dogs
  129. My Dog Growled at Me: ridgeback, labrador, bite, poop - Dogs
  130. Potty problems: yorkies, poop, toy, breeder - Dogs
  131. Is it mean to just have one dog when the other one died?: border collie, lab - Dogs
  132. unhappy dogs: clean, poop, wound, skin
  133. A friend has kind of gotten herself in a sittuation with a re home: clean, breeder - Dogs
  134. Your best guess what breed this is: labrador, golden retriever, paws - Dogs
  135. have of you run into someone who was a lil too: bites, rescue - Dogs
  136. Just adopted a dog from the pound and neutered on the same day. He needs a bath.: clean, vet - Dogs
  137. Helping/training a dog with bad separation anxiety: yorkie, barking, train - Dogs
  138. Cold temps and puppies...: shepherd, labradors, poodle, shepherds - Dogs
  139. Chihuahua rescue: how much, biting, vet, barks - Dogs
  140. dog has a hard time with traction on my wood floor :/: vet, black - Dogs
  141. how much money have you spent on your dog with Vet Bills: border collie, clean - Dogs
  142. Why would a dog stop eating?: how much, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  143. wow has this ever happened to you ?: huskies, training, adopted - Dogs
  144. Runny diarrhea: vet, stomach, cost, natural - Dogs
  145. Helicoptering dog walkers?!: breeder, cost, best, breed - Dogs
  146. Chronic pancreatitis in min schnauzer: how much, allergy, vet, training - Dogs
  147. have pet insurance?: vet, treatment, costs, cross - Dogs
  148. Advice for a Climber!: shepherd, shepherds, train, rescue - Dogs
  149. Patricia McConnell's talk at Google (Youtube): bite, vet, training, collars - Dogs
  150. Cane Corso's Anal Glands: chihuahua, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  151. News, Cops: Veterinarian Shot Neighbor's Barking Dog: vet, prescription, legal - Dogs
  152. Isn't jumping just - jumping?: training, paws, legs, ears - Dogs
  153. have of you had success at ?: poodle, chihuahua - Dogs
  154. Legion is losing his family jewels.: border collie, lab, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  155. Breeds living together: pitbull, daschund, how much, shepherd - Dogs
  156. Bad dog food....: how much, labrador, vets, training - Dogs
  157. Thinking about Return shelter / rescue dog?: terrier, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  158. Wow- my daughter surprised me with a portrait of my buddy for Christmas: best, medium - Dogs
  159. AKC name for Black German Shepherd: breeders, kennel, best, breed - Dogs
  160. Dogs are smarter than cats, study finds: how much, training, eat
  161. Old Dog Peeing Everywhere - Cold Weather - Diapers?: how much, vet, skin - Dogs
  162. Dog that bit a child: how much, vet, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  163. Leash reactive when other dogs are leash reactive: border collie, barking, aggressive
  164. Nasty Comments About Service Dog: how much, clean, training, cost - Dogs
  165. Need help picking the best dog harness: training, surgery, chew - Dogs
  166. People who donít have dogs.....: how much, labrador, poodle, terrier
  167. Help identifying dog breed: cross, breeds, walk, adult - Dogs
  168. Housebroken, but accidents on occasion: labrador, poodle, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  169. Dog Whimpers with Rawhide Chewy: labs, poodle, biting, vet - Dogs
  170. Our dog snaps when taking treats: lab, bite, barking, teeth - Dogs
  171. Keep the pup or not?: lab, veterinarians, puppies, best - Dogs
  172. Puppy and kitten play HARD: how much, lab, bite, skin - Dogs
  173. Dogs playing VS fighting: pitbull, terrier, bullmastiff, chihuahua
  174. Old paws in the snow: how much, poodles, clean, pup - Dogs
  175. Leg shaved for surgery: border collie, miniature, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  176. News, So Dogs Eat Poop: clean, cleaning, mice
  177. A Winter Puppy arriving tomorrow - Help!: poop, breeders, housebreak - Dogs
  178. teeth cleaning: how much, breeder, costs, bones - Dogs
  179. Advice for taking 2 dogs on a 3 day road trip...: shepherd, vet, pomeranian
  180. dog breeding farms: how much, vet, shaking, black - Dogs
  181. Unknown factors and the rescue dog: bites, breeding, aggressive, training - Dogs
  182. Obnoxious Black Lab, 2 years old !: how much, labrador, train, adopt - Dogs
  183. Sudden death of 11 year old chihuahua from CHF?: gagging, how much, labrador - Dogs
  184. They're making me lazy.: labs, allergy, housebreak, black - Dogs
  185. So Many New Breeds: shepherd, shih tzu, bulldogs, poodle
  186. Thankful for my dogs: breed, walk, ears, home
  187. food puzzle gadgets: clean, toy, training, chew - Dogs
  188. It's the Year of the Dog!!! - Dogs
  189. Recall For Saturday: food, eat, months - Dogs
  190. How to find a qualified dog trainer: New York, owner - Dogs
  191. Time for your cute/adorable holiday dog pictures: terrier, Boston, liver - Dogs
  192. Just Food For Dogs Dog Food Recall of January 201
  193. Dog Gets His Very Own Graduation Photo for Funny Family Joke: Orlando, Canada - Dogs
  194. All Recalls - Dogs
  195. dog food recall alert: California - Dogs
  196. Primal Dog Food Recall: white - Dogs
  197. Vomiting in Congestive Heart Heart Failure: how much, vet, coughing, puppy - Dogs
  198. Newest Embark DNA test results: terrier, breeding, barks, black - Dogs
  199. Can we get pics/videos of Tosa Inu living in the USA? - Dogs
  200. They have been a part of this for millennia...: puppy - Dogs