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At the City-Data Blog, we seek to draw interesting insights from data available on our site and through other sources. Our writers include Ph.D. recipients or candidates who locate and analyze interesting data sets to draw conclusions and trends from this analysis. The articles we feature cover a huge range of topics, and primarily examine the correlation between two or more factors in regions throughout the United States.

6 thoughts on “About the City-Data Blog”

  1. Your data for 06339 is incorrect. This is the zip for LEDYARD
    CT, not Mashantucket which is a small Indian reservation located within the boundaries of Ledyard. The reservation uses 06339, however the zip is NOT the reservation.

  2. Blogs can be great. But if you don’t index it with RSS, or at least have a twitter account hyping the new entries, it won’t be read as much as it could be.

    You are putting out content – good for you. But if you don’t utilize the tools to make it known, you (and we) are losing out.

  3. I grew up in Newark, Illinois…. Not even listed as a small town. Zip code 60541, in Kendal county…. Get your facts straight….

    There used to be 500 people living there…. SW of Chicago, approximately 60 miles….

    Check it out…..

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