Schools in North Dakota

NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
A L Hagen Junior High School402 4TH ST W, Dickinson--7-8
Adams Elementary School701 PARK ST, Adams-75PK-6
Adolescent/Child Treatment Center School120 2ND ST SE, Jamestown---
Agassiz Middle School1305 9TH AVE S, Fargo535766-7
Alexander Elementary School601 DELANEY ST, Alexander-24PK-6
Alexander High School601 DELANEY ST, Alexander-227-12
Almont Elementary School205 FANNIE ST, Almont-20K-8
Amidon Elementary School106 COURT AVE, Amidon-4K-8
Anamoose Elementary School706 3RD ST W, Anamoose5439PK-6
Anamoose High School706 3RD ST W, Anamoose-577-12
Apple Creek Elementary School2000 93RD ST SE, Bismarck-51K-6
Ashley Elementary School703 W MAIN ST, Ashley-70PK-6
Ashley High School703 W MAIN ST, Ashley-837-12
Bakker Elementary School880 96TH ST SE, Hague-5K-7
Baldwin Elementary School20100 SOO AVE, Baldwin-17K-8
Beach High School600 N CENTRAL AVE, Beach-1887-12
Becep Center School720 N 14TH ST, Bismarck--PK-K
Belair Elementary School501 25TH ST NW, Minot70262K-5
Belfield Elementary School302 NE 3RD, Belfield6790PK-6
Belfield High School302 NE 3RD, Belfield-1247-12
Bell Elementary School5901 HWY 52 S, Minot74147PK-8
Ben Franklin Elementary School1016 S 20TH ST, Grand Forks-323PK-5
Ben Franklin Middle High School1420 8TH ST N, Fargo-9157-9
Bennett Elementary School2000 S 58TH AVE, Fargo71568PK-5
Berthold Elementary School401 4TH AVE NE, Berthold74137PK-6
Berthold Elementary School401 4TH ST NE, Berthold--K-6
Berthold High School401 4TH ST NE, Berthold--7-12
Berthold High School401 4TH AVE NE, Berthold641057-12
Beulah Elementary School200 7TH ST NW, Beulah-224PK-4
Beulah High School204 5TH ST NW, Beulah-3069-12
Beulah Middle School1700 CENTRAL AVE N, Beulah-2315-8
Bisbee-Egeland Elementary School204 3RD AVE W, Bisbee-28PK-6
Bisbee-Egeland High School204 3RD AVE W, Bisbee-417-12
Bismarck High School800 N 8TH ST, Bismarck-1,44210-12
Bismarck Spec Education Unit School806 N WASHINGTON ST, Bismarck---
Bismarck Tech Center School1200 W COLLEGE DR, Bismarck---
Bob Callies Elementary School205 2ND AVE, Garrison-161PK-6
Border Central Elementary SchoolHWY 20 N, Calvin--K-6
Border Central High SchoolHWY 20 N, Calvin--7-12
Bottineau Elementary School710 MAIN ST, Bottineau66304PK-6
Bottineau High School301 BRANDER ST, Bottineau-4247-12
Bowbells Elementary School200 MADISON AVE, Bowbells4936K-6
Bowbells High School200 MADISON AVE, Bowbells-407-12
Bowman Elementary School102 8TH AVE SW, Bowman60234PK-8
Bowman High School102 8TH AVE SW, Bowman-1549-12
Buffalo Valley Spec Education Unit School230 2ND AVE SE, Jamestown---
Burke Central Elementary School101 4TH AVE W, Lignite-43PK-6
Burke Central High School101 4TH AVE W, Lignite-427-12
Burleigh County Spec Education Unit School4007 STATE ST SUITE 101, Bismarck---
Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary School301 WALLACE ST, Burlington63382PK-8
Cando Elementary School418 2ND AVE, Cando65102PK-6
Cando High School418 2ND AVE, Cando-1117-12
Cannon Ball Elementary School7080 8TH AVE, Cannon Ball-96PK-6
Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School1035 16TH ST S, Fargo-293K-5
Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School1238 LOUISIANA ST, Grand Forks AFB83301PK-3
Carrington Elementary School232 9TH AVE N, Carrington-375PK-7
Carrington Elementary School232 9TH AVE N, Carrington--PK-7
Carrington High School100 3RD AVE S, Carrington-2838-12
Carrington High School100 3RD AVE S, Carrington--8-12
Cavalier Elementary School300 MAIN ST E, Cavalier42333PK-8
Cavalier High School300 MAIN ST E, Cavalier-1929-12
Cavalier Middle School300 MAIN ST E, Cavalier-1077-8
Centennial Elementary School4201 25TH ST S, Fargo--1-5
Centennial Elementary School2800 ITHICA DR, Bismarck--K-6
Center Elementary School315 LINCOLN AVE, Center7484PK-6
Center Elementary School315 LINCOLN AVE, Center--K-6
Center High School315 LINCOLN AVE, Center-1507-12
Center High School315 LINCOLN AVE, Center--7-12
Central Campus School215 1ST ST SE, Minot--9-10
Central Cass Elementary School802 5TH ST N, Casselton-380PK-5
Central Cass High School802 5TH ST N, Casselton772489-12
Central Cass Middle School802 5TH ST N, Casselton-2136-8
Central Elementary School212 3RD AVE N, Wahpeton--1-5
Central Elementary School321 N BENSON ST, Tioga--PK-6
Central High School115 N 4TH ST, Grand Forks-1,1099-12
Central Middle School325 7TH ST, Devils Lake-5965-8
Central Valley Elementary SchoolHWY 81, Buxton-134PK-6
Central Valley High SchoolHWY 81, Buxton-1407-12
Century Elementary School830 W 15TH ST, Grafton--PK-5
Century Elementary School3351 17TH AVE S, Grand Forks--PK-5
Century High School1000 E CENTURY AVE, Bismarck-1,10010-12
Cheney Middle School825 17TH AVE E, West Fargo-8996-8
Clara Barton Elementary School1417 6TH ST S, Fargo-1743-6
Community Alternative High School500 STANFORD RD SUITE B, Grand Forks--9-12
Cottage School14602 76TH ST SW, Bowman--K-8
Custer Elementary School205 8TH AVE NE, Mandan39146PK-6
Dakota Elementary School101 EAGLE WAY, Minot AFB60511PK-6
Dakota Prairie Elementary School101 NYHUS AVE, McVille-138PK-6
Dakota Prairie High School518 4TH ST, Petersburg331617-12
Dakota Prairie Junior High School400 MAIN ST N, Tolna--7-8
Davenport Elementary School115 4TH AVE, Davenport--PK-1
Demores Elementary School350 BROADWAY, Medora-16K-8
Des Lacs-Burlington High School317 ROOSEVELT ST, Des Lacs672069-12
Devils Lake High School1601 COLLEGE DRIVE N, Devils Lake466209-12
Dickey-Lamoure Spec Education Unit School100 1ST AVE SW, Lamoure---
Dickinson High School979 13TH AVE W, Dickinson639029-12
Dickinson Spec Education Unit School444 4TH ST W, Dickinson---
Discovery Junior High School1717 40TH AVE S, Fargo325288-9
Divide County Elementary School206 1ST ST NE, Crosby-114PK-6
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