Waterbury: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

The Waterbury Republican-American, founded in 1844, is Waterbury's morning newspaper. Special interest magazines published in Waterbury include Northeast Outdoors, Alternative Energy Retailer, Secondary Marketing Executive, Servicing Management, and Dry Cleaners News.

Television and Radio

One independent television station exists in Waterbury, which also picks up New Haven and Hartford programs. A cable television franchise also operates in Waterbury. One local AM radio station broadcasts a variety of programming from Waterbury, but stations from nearby cities are available.

Media Information: Waterbury Republican-American, 389 Meadow Street, Waterbury, CT 06722; telephone (203)574-3636

Waterbury Online

City of Waterbury. Available www.waterbury-ct.gov

Connecticut Development Authority. Available www.ctcda.com

Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce. Available www.waterburychamber.com

Naugatuck Valley Development Corporation. Available www.nvdc.org

Silas Bronson Public Library. Available at www.bronsonlibrary.org

Waterbury Region Convention & Visitors Bureau. Available www.wrcvb.org

Waterbury Republican-American. Available www.rep-am.com