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  25. Address????: where, city - People Search
  26. Looking 4 My BestFriend from Middle School: searches, last name, member, address - People Search
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  28. crossett, arkansas--Jean Dunn: friend, old, lost, looking for - People Search
  29. Iam hope to find my daughter and my son.: location, records, baby - People Search
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  31. Posen, MN: county, photos, daughters, father - People Search
  32. Joshua Dabney: lost, name, family, looking for - People Search
  33. Searching In Winder Goergia USA: friend, name, person, information - People Search
  34. Waterbury, CT: T/5 Robert E. Doran, 502nd PIR 3bn HQ: picture, sister - People Search
  35. Sister I have never known: neighbor, street, baby, county - People Search
  36. Searching For Long Lost NC Peeps & Pals..: phone, county, friends - People Search
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  39. Terrytown NY: village, lost, father, name - People Search
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  43. Syracuse Ny, St Lawrence Seaway: friend, daughter, father, last name - People Search
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  58. The Mystrey: Who And Where Is My Father?: record, children, county - People Search
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  61. single seniors: member, where, locate, members - People Search
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  67. Lost Brother Around 35 Yrs Old~clinton?: baby, child, friend, father - People Search
  68. Searching for Someone: names, San Diego, san diego, where - People Search
  69. Mike Smiley: phone, address, person, Georgia - People Search
  70. Rodney Carlson - Rye Colorado Looking for old pen pal: name - People Search
  71. Robin {Legarra}Lum: records, lost, father, last name - People Search
  72. Glendale Oregon: friend, names, birth, member - People Search
  73. Allen family in Dover, Ohio: street, daughter, father, name - People Search
  74. All graduates from Hicksville or Bethpage 1970 reply!: friend, father, high school - People Search
  75. Looking for Archives of TV Show Fantasy: phone, picture, old - People Search
  76. Looking for an old friend: friends, lost, relatives, member - People Search
  77. luigi calcagno pittsburgh: phone, father, name, area - People Search
  78. Looking for someone: friend, lost, name, address - People Search
  79. Looking for my father: zip code, record, phone, street - People Search
  80. Looking For ANITA SHRADER, OF WAR, WEST VIRGINIA: where, locate, best - People Search
  81. Looking For My Sons, Christopher and Michael Fultz: child, photos, old - People Search
  82. Stubelicks - Mass /Connecticut: child, daughter, name, member - People Search
  83. Does Know A~~~~~ from Albuquerque: sister, old, father, name - People Search
  84. Signa and Nelson Logan Green - Colorado: children, daughter, member - People Search
  85. Cookeville Resident Missing: lost, last name, where, looking for - People Search
  86. searching lost friend Nigel Martin from Slough(UK) not the goalkeeper!: friends, member - People Search
  87. copaquag: last name, Canada, Columbia, looking for - People Search
  88. Searching Therese Tauscher (Smyth): daughter, dad, last name, Germany - People Search
  89. Looking for Judith Van Der Kley: children, sisters, name, member - People Search
  90. from TOK, AK area: children, village, friends, old - People Search
  91. Chico, Weed, Redding, Red Bluff, Tehama - CA: phone, child, daughter - People Search
  92. need opinions: searches, where, South Carolina, California - People Search
  93. Can On How 2 Find A Lost Lov: phone, friends, where - People Search
  94. Vikings and Cowboys Game: buy, name, member, Minneapolis - People Search
  95. Lost Moore brothers Thomas and Patrick: name, where, Missouri, looking for - People Search
  96. Butler family - Alligator, Mississippi: genealogy, daughter, old, father - People Search
  97. Laotians-Looking for brother Patrick(Goup): name, address, New York - People Search
  98. Har-Brack Reunion of 1966, Pittsburgh: Atlanta, information, find, website - People Search
  99. Lenz,Atkinson, Michigan: friend, sisters, father, name - People Search
  100. Sally Rella 182nd St. Bronx NY: phone, children, friends, old - People Search
  101. Looking for Mariska: name, address, person, beautiful - People Search
  102. from Clanton, Alabama?: sister, name, relatives, house - People Search
  103. yoo: Colorado, looking for - People Search
  104. Looking for sibling in Germany: records, telephone, child, lost - People Search
  105. Looking For The Father I Never Knew: record, neighbor, baby - People Search
  106. need to find a friend (El Paso, TX): phone, sister, name - People Search
  107. Trying To Locate My Son: searches, last name, address, high school - People Search
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  109. Looking for biological father: children, name, birth, where - People Search
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  111. looking for friend: phone, street, friends, old - People Search
  112. Sites to search in the netherlands!: record, children, friends, father - People Search
  113. Sgt Joseph L MARKIEWICZ ( CT.): sister, name, relatives, address - People Search
  114. The grave of Benjamin Franklin Beebe: location, records, names, birth - People Search
  115. Long Lost Daughter: records, child, sisters, old - People Search
  116. Looking for my dad: location, picture, old, father - People Search
  117. Rochester, Macedon area: looking for - People Search
  118. Sadith Alvarado: friends, names, tx, looking for - People Search
  119. Reese AFB, Lubbock, TX: looking for - People Search
  120. Lost Her In Dinuba (CA). Help!: daughters, name, daughter, looking for - People Search
  121. searching for dennis mitchell romero jr.(my brother): CA, looking for - People Search
  122. butch(jackal) of herndon,va,my best friend: searching - People Search
  123. Candy Ingo: friends, name - People Search
  124. Searching for Bernette J. Clark from New Orleans: name, member, where - People Search
  125. I am looking for a firend: sister, name, address - People Search
  126. Looking for our brother David Casey: Seattle, family, son, area - People Search
  127. WA. NY, SC, GA, David Red hair & freckles: old, where, brother - People Search
  128. Looking for my relatives: children, daughters, sister, names - People Search
  129. looking for roberta walrath laflemme: friend, about - People Search
  130. Looking for Susan Harper originally from Aldan Pa: friend, old, address - People Search
  131. looking Ben Santiago, Happy Brithday: name, where, person, about - People Search
  132. Looking for a former/current Memphian !!!: places, name, member, German - People Search
  133. Lost Friend: friends, name, Florida, looking for - People Search
  134. Spencertown NY - Columbia County: friend, lost, last name, brother - People Search
  135. Looking for relatives or friends of james mcpherson: daughter, trying to find, age - People Search
  136. Looking for PA tricia F Hill nee Casey: area - People Search
  137. Looking for friends: born, contact - People Search
  138. somebody looking for me? Mannford, Oklahoma~Chicago - People Search
  139. Daughter looking for Jerry Ewing: name, Columbus, Ohio, family - People Search
  140. gordon wi - People Search
  141. family search: USA, grandparents, New Jersey, find - People Search
  142. The Absolute Best Resource for Finding People!: city - People Search
  143. Trying to find Timothy Robinson: phone, sister, father, name - People Search
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  146. Person Search In Schofield,wis.: name, area, looking for, area - People Search
  147. James (Butch) Horner: phone, sisters, lost, father - People Search
  148. Fulda,MN: contact - People Search
  149. 1988-2000: friends, name, Arizona, Michigan - People Search
  150. Looking for Chester V. Hall, GA, aka Shawn Hall: daughter, old, father - People Search
  151. Looking for Denise Lehrmann of Mart Texas: friend, old, name - People Search
  152. Looking for Matt: friends, best - People Search
  153. Fergus Falls MN-03/01/1965: baby, birth, looking for, contact - People Search
  154. Help! Searching my cousin Petra...: name, San Diego, san diego, age - People Search
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  156. Does know where this girl is from?: photo - People Search
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  159. state 1988-2000: name, member, Arizona, Michigan - People Search
  160. Frank Allegra: old, about, living - People Search
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  163. looking for my brother: father, name, where, California - People Search
  164. Lookin 4 Margaret Guzman: neighbor, lost, name, contact - People Search
  165. Creede, Colorado: name, where, information, searching - People Search
  166. Looking for Mr Jonathen Paul House, Pennsylvania: find - People Search
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  168. in Smithton, MO?: looking for - People Search
  169. WV baby: birth, looking for, information, born - People Search
  170. Searching for Anna Reiser Pfalzer Daughter: name, son - People Search
  171. Searching for Sara(h) Alexander - may have reverted to madien name: Chicago, mother - People Search
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  173. Looking for Coppages' and Bobos': last name, persons - People Search
  174. I Am Looking For Kerstin!!! Help!: friend, name, address - People Search
  175. me: sisters, name, brother, looking for - People Search
  176. Looking for Edith Ann Davis, Maine: name, birth, adoption, born - People Search
  177. Searching in Las Vegas, NM - People Search
  178. Whereabouts of STANTON/BRUCE Family emigrated to USA from England: children, daughters - People Search
  179. Looking for my son: address, mother, results - People Search
  180. looking for alex s llorente: phone, friend, old, name - People Search
  181. looking for Anatoliy Pislar: telephone, address, Sacramento, information - People Search
  182. Looking for My half Sister: county, name, brother, born - People Search
  183. Hiscocks/Hitchcocks -Everett,Chelsea,Revere: children, father, name, relatives - People Search
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  185. Looking for a lost love: looking for - People Search
  186. Searching for my grandson Sean Patrick...McCartney? Fleming? , PA: phone, old, information - People Search
  187. Looking for Halbert\Bulreice decendants.: living, area - People Search
  188. need help on how 2 find a lost love: finding, state, contact - People Search
  189. Hiscocks/Hitchcocks - Everett,Chelsea,Revere Mass: children, daughters, sister - People Search
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  191. whats going on In mena,Ar - People Search
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