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  7. sammy hatchett: NC - People Search
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  21. Adam Wallace and Kamran Nazarian: high school, looking for, living - People Search
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  31. Finding Her Mom: birth certificate, location, phone, street - People Search
  32. Trying to find my Mom, Maiden name is Tonya Lean Dean or Tonya Loyd Dean: phone, address - People Search
  33. Searching for my biological father Ronald Wilson: old, name, birth - People Search
  34. Calumet- in search of a couple in MI: friends, name, member - People Search
  35. Looking for Michele Geer, Roseville 1972, MI: location, record, children, friends - People Search
  36. Looking in Rogersville, TN-: sister, about - People Search
  37. Find My Daddy: street, sister, name, birth - People Search
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  49. For near GREENVILLE PA help me urgent: county, friend, lost - People Search
  50. Looking for on Edward Sumrell of Grifton, NC: children, name, member - People Search
  51. on B24 tail gunner Lawrence Lynn of Hooks, TX: genealogy, photos - People Search
  52. Moved to people search: records, photograph, name, Columbus
  53. know Steven Horner in Waterford, MI?: neighborhood, neighbor, lost - People Search
  54. Eritrea People: looking for, AZ, area - People Search
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  57. Bradberry Family - New Orleans area: children, names, address, where - People Search
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  60. trying to fine Lisa Renee & Daniel Lee,: daughter, where, family - People Search
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  67. looking for REILLY & GRZESIUK family address or phone number: relatives, son - People Search
  68. Bobby Kaplan: old, father, name, address - People Search
  69. searching for a special person: where, looking for, information, about - People Search
  70. Searching For Joseph Miller: father, name, birth, adoption - People Search
  71. Looking for Helene Vanklei, Palatine, IL.: children, father, name, member - People Search
  72. Lost my brother Terry Norman: phone, picture, old, name - People Search
  73. looking for me?: records, telephone, name, address - People Search
  74. Looking for family in Sanford, FL: names, Australia, information, locating - People Search
  75. Kathy Mills, James Mills/ Whitneys mom?: children, friends, daughter, sister - People Search
  76. Keith Brian Keiser and siblings: friends, old, last name, member - People Search
  77. Plzzz help locate my best friend father: old, lost, last name - People Search
  78. Looking for Information on Russell Casey Jones: picture, father, Missouri - People Search
  79. Looking For My Dad: children, daughter, father, name - People Search
  80. Helena Faith Carr and/or Adam Brennan Carr: father, name, birth - People Search
  81. Mackerly Cunningham 3rd: phone, children, old, name - People Search
  82. Searching for Birth Family-Philadelphia PA: birth certificate, records, adoptees, children - People Search
  83. Looking for my mother: old, dad, name, house - People Search
  84. finding old friends: lost, address, person, how to find - People Search
  85. Dont give up: searches, sister, old, adopted - People Search
  86. Youngstown, Ohio 1950's, Ellenwood area: neighbor, street, children, friends - People Search
  87. looking for a friend (moved from Utah): street, name, Canada - People Search
  88. Looking for Janet Joyce: phone, baby, county, friends - People Search
  89. I am looking for my brother Jim Jung: county, friend, names - People Search
  90. Saint Paul in Minnesota: sister, relatives, brother, person - People Search
  91. Missing love ones or Friends from the 70s': old, dad, name - People Search
  92. Is this who ur looking for left around 1976 girl long eyelashes moles face: sister, name - People Search
  93. Vanessa Jo Burns, Greenville,SC area: daughter, sister, father, name - People Search
  94. Michelle Juan Walker: picture, daughter, old, lost - People Search
  95. Thomas,Jeanette,Ellen and Lauren Boylan, Glasgow,Scotland: friends, last name, marriage - People Search
  96. Looking For my Older Brother Mark S. Foster: father, name, letter - People Search
  97. Alicia Norton / Alex Newport: friends, sisters, old, lost - People Search
  98. I am looking for an old friend, Danny Summers.: phone, friends, daughters - People Search
  99. trying to find Lisa R.Tozier (aka morgan): location, city, about - People Search
  100. I am looking for my grandfather...: daughters, name, Virginia, address - People Search
  101. I am looking for a Lady named Karen last name possibly Hammond-near plainfield,indiana: address, person - People Search
  102. I'm A Native American Girl/can You Help Me Find My Father: baby, sister - People Search
  103. Isaac McCune: Kansas, looking for, information - People Search
  104. HELP!! LOOKING FOR MARK PHILLIPS a.k.a MONK from HARTFORD CITY,INDIANA: street, friends - People Search
  105. lost contact with friend.: name, birth, address, state - People Search
  106. Do you know? help Cambridge MA: street, lost, last name - People Search
  107. Looking for Amanda Peterson, Greeley-Colorado: buy, old, name, addresses - People Search
  108. Searching for Mr.Mathews in Kingsville texas: phone, county, name - People Search
  109. Freeman: birth, person, USA, area - People Search
  110. help me: street, name, brother, USA - People Search
  111. Looking for Joselito Padua, MI: Michigan, family, find someone, website - People Search
  112. Looking for family: location, record, old, father - People Search
  113. Father Looking for sons in Rochester, IN: children, sister, last name - People Search
  114. Searching for Wiggins: genealogy, records, phone, daughter - People Search
  115. What worked for you when searching for birth family?: records, children, county - People Search
  116. George Schultheis Building: genealogy, children, county, names - People Search
  117. Wilkes - Barre...Looking for Laura and Anthony Dixon!!!: record, birth, addresses - People Search
  118. Terry Goodman from Topeka,KS: record, phone, friends, lost - People Search
  119. Looking for Paul David Wood: records, phone, county, daughter - People Search
  120. Need to locate my bio father Steve Gilmore: birth certificate, picture, friends - People Search
  121. Looking for my bio father Alan Myers. Waterford Michigan.: friends, sister, names - People Search
  122. HELP!!!! How to find people? I have her photo!!!: searches, friend, lost - People Search
  123. >>>Looking for my father Rene Figueroa<<<: phone, baby - People Search
  124. Looking for my Birth Mother: buy, telephone, child, daughters - People Search
  125. Looking for my sisters and brother: phone, searches, lost, father - People Search
  126. Looking for rmation about my deceased fathers family, help!: genealogy, records - People Search
  127. Sarah Ann Strickland (mom) Help Find Her: birth certificate, sister, old - People Search
  128. Has seen my lost sister Roberta Ford (maiden name from her father, Robert Ford)?: birth certificate, location - People Search
  129. Searching for Dad: lookup, phone, friends, sister - People Search
  130. Jon P. Sefcik or Mary Sefcik: records, phone, street, child - People Search
  131. Rick Cherrick AKA Morris Rick Cherrick: daughter, lost, father, name - People Search
  132. Read Me If You Are In Battle Creek Vip: records, places, telephone - People Search
  133. Looking for Marjorie Shisoff: records, phones, children, county - People Search
  134. Gerald Paul Becker: where - People Search
  135. Mountainburg/Chester Arkansas: name, looking for, missing - People Search
  136. looking for him: where, find, about, UK - People Search
  137. Searching for long lost friend, Rosemarie McDonald. help find her!: old, name - People Search
  138. winter garden..need on avenelle (nell) gray ambrose: neighbor, daughter, name - People Search
  139. Shelley Roosevelt Grossman: friend - People Search
  140. Looking for: - People Search
  141. looking for marie michelle: California, find, living, married - People Search
  142. Looking for Ian Colson once of Sutton, NSW: friend, sister, person - People Search
  143. looking for long lost friend: name, New York, Florida, find - People Search
  144. i need help kansas people: address, looking for, find, contact - People Search
  145. Erie, PA area - late 1950's early 60's help locate Larry a photographer: county, old - People Search
  146. Godfather - Steven Matthews, Baton Rouge LA: Germany, looking for - People Search
  147. looking for katie simpson: sister, name, Germany, family - People Search
  148. From Greece (can number 43 him says something): Illinois, find - People Search
  149. Looking for Cathy Campbell maiden Cathy Cavalero: children, address, high school - People Search
  150. in search: Mexico, looking for, owner - People Search
  151. Looking for Lisa Waters, Pine Bluff, Arkansas: zip code, mother, living - People Search
  152. Joseph William Michaels b. Philadelphia d. in Pacific during WWII: photograph, sister - People Search
  153. I am looking for people with name-sake Sapelin-Sapelina: last name, relatives, information - People Search
  154. Nils and Mary Anderson, North Dakota: contact - People Search
  155. arcola mississippi - Washington: last name, Chicago, looking for - People Search
  156. Looking for Friedenbergs in Maryland - People Search
  157. john or james maphet: name, addresses, New Jersey, looking for - People Search
  158. Norman Thompson of Exmore, Va.: member, family, looking for, members - People Search
  159. research on my GGgrandfather James R Winn, Homerville (Medina Cty) Oh: genealogy, Ohio - People Search
  160. looking for: relatives, area - People Search
  161. searching for johnnie mae jones-aka- nefertiti: daughter, adoption, information - People Search
  162. Looking for Patti Holland: friend, old, lost, contact - People Search
  163. Deidre Wilson Verdugo Valley Conv Hosp: friends, relatives, looking for, hospital - People Search
  164. Monroe County: Florida, information, searching, about - People Search
  165. Wellesley '02 grad seeks other alums. - People Search
  166. Looking for Thomas linden Anderson: sister, lost, name, house - People Search
  167. Looking for involved with IMSA Camel GT racing in the 70's esp during 1976: name, member - People Search
  168. looking for birthmother: baby, German, family, born - People Search
  169. Looking for Enrique (Henry) Lopez from New York City: old, name, Germany - People Search
  170. Albany High School: friends, old, find, online - People Search
  171. LOOKING for JOSEPH JOHN SNEDEKER of NJ: lost, name, brother - People Search
  172. Looking for Lisa Waters: zip code, mother, living, area - People Search
  173. Looking for Jazmin Davey - Chris Davis: contact - People Search
  174. Searching for birthmother in Argyle,NY: birth certificate, baby, Washington, address - People Search
  175. Looking for Bert Smith of Ardmore, PA: daughter, Delaware, about - People Search
  176. Looking for JONI CROW - Garland, Texas area: name, high school - People Search
  177. Searching for siblings of Vern Max Rodgers/Rogers!!: father, name, looking for - People Search
  178. Looking for half brother or bio father...1942 era!: name, adoption, area - People Search
  179. Farmington ..need help: Germany, looking for, number, contact - People Search
  180. Looking for my son: phone, name, birth, adoption - People Search
  181. find lost friends: name, family, about, ago - People Search
  182. looking for a cousin in the US: baby, name - People Search
  183. family search: information, mother, contact - People Search
  184. LA county: father, last name, where, brother - People Search
  185. Who's Uncle bummy?: father, name, looking for - People Search
  186. Casey's With Syracuse ties....: relatives, member, area, family - People Search
  187. Cullman, Alabama: area - People Search
  188. know Steven Horner in Waterford, MI?: friend, lost, Michigan - People Search
  189. Help Locating my husband's father: records, children, picture, name - People Search
  190. looking for Julius: name, Philadelphia, Florida, born - People Search
  191. Looking for Harry Alphonso Ricks: sister, father, name, brother - People Search
  192. Looking for James Mc or Mac...birth father in Taylor, MI: last name, house - People Search
  193. ESU transfers students from MD: looking for - People Search
  194. Looking for Lisa Water, Pine Bluff, Arkansas: zip code, mother, living - People Search
  195. on George I. Gorham B24 Navigator WW II: Ohio, looking for, information - People Search
  196. Meekers in Mars Hill NC: family - People Search
  197. Boylan family,Glasgow,Scotland.: friends, last name, address, marriage - People Search
  198. looking for camila (she lives in rio de janeiro): picture, friend, name - People Search
  199. Connie Meldahl- Fairview,MT: Oregon, Eugene, looking for - People Search
  200. Privacy issues: records, friend, name, where - People Search