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  1. Helen June Ward-Calico Arkansas: record, friend, address, person - People Search
  2. Help me find my son David Ewing !: phone, baby, child - People Search
  3. Looking for Mary McGarrah(?) from years past: location, record, friends - People Search
  4. brett j marsh: street, sister, name, birth - People Search
  5. Dale Orem: old, CA, city, about - People Search
  6. Information on Thomas Green Maddox, Alabama: children, county, searches, name - People Search
  7. searching for grace seeley my birth mother: phone, daughter, Ohio - People Search
  8. I am looking for a James Jim Adamson from Sinking Spring/Reading: friend, daughter - People Search
  9. looking for old girlfriend: brother, person, California, Florida - People Search
  10. I Want To Find People With surname Vatruba: brother, person, family - People Search
  11. looking for information on Tommy A. Moore: records, county, friend - People Search
  12. Rogers-Libby and Danny: record, county, sister, old - People Search
  13. Happy Birthday to Jalmer Whiteley--Siloam Springs, Arkansas: county, relatives, high school - People Search
  14. Trying to find a place in the bronx: neighborhood, neighbor, street - People Search
  15. Looking for Loretta Lynn Perez formerly Loretta Lynn Davis: location, friend, daughter - People Search
  16. Looking for old friend, Melissa Lopez: county, last name, California, locate - People Search
  17. Looking for old friend Daryl aka DEA: sister, lost, relatives - People Search
  18. Ron Threatt from Petersburg VA: record, lost, addresses, New York - People Search
  19. Looking for Austin Family - Trout Lake, WA: friend, sisters, father - People Search
  20. Looking for Masullo Designs Inc. (north carolina): phone, friend, where - People Search
  21. Searching for an old friend from alaska that lives in eugene now.: friends, name - People Search
  22. Looking for Pickers in Mountain Home Ark.: where, finder - People Search
  23. Mickey Charlene Davis, 67 (Salina, OK) Mayes County: member, Seattle, Montana - People Search
  24. looking for Andrew Haddon of NZ: children, sisters, father, name - People Search
  25. Need help......: record, friend, lost, name - People Search
  26. Grandfather commited suicide San Antonio: neighbor, friends, daughters, last name - People Search
  27. Looking for Danna Louise Knight: sister, name, area, Jacksonville - People Search
  28. Seeking family Gennaro Salvatore De Maria: children, name, where, information - People Search
  29. Joy Wagner or McCreight?spelling not sure/Wisconsin: friends, old, lost - People Search
  30. FOUND after 20 Years: My Brother, BILLY, THANK YOU: phone, child, searches - People Search
  31. Looking for Heike Baddizzoman: phone, friend, sister, name - People Search
  32. Looking for a long lost friend: phone, street, name, person - People Search
  33. Looking for Twin brothers (moved from Los Angeles forum): street, picture, sister - People Search
  34. I am trying to find my native american father.: name, relatives, Washington - People Search
  35. Graduates from Rising City High School in the '70's: looking for - People Search
  36. Lt Morris Leve, pilot UAAF 55FG/38FS: records, county, picture - People Search
  37. Looking for John Kendall: phone, father, name, birth - People Search
  38. Looking for someone: father, name, Miami, information - People Search
  39. Does know Vince Goodenough?: lost, name, where, brother - People Search
  40. South San Class of 80 Reunion; looking for classmates: buy, photos, old - People Search
  41. help find Daniel Baker Lee: friend, sister, father, relatives - People Search
  42. Willie T. Gamble from Texas: father, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  43. Jane Cavanaugh: friends, old, high school, looking for - People Search
  44. Miami Florida: telephone, children, friend, old - People Search
  45. Anissa Zamarron: telephone, friend, address, Texas - People Search
  46. does in Maryland no Elizabeth Williams: phone, street, friends - People Search
  47. Looking for Timothy A. Young in Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana: names, member - People Search
  48. baby girl born 7/24/64: father, name, Kansas, Arkansas - People Search
  49. Looking for Enid Martin...lived (might still live) in Baltimore: phone, friend - People Search
  50. Does Know the Walls in Gurley, AL?: phone, names, member - People Search
  51. Looking for Ron Preacher, camp cook, ITT Nigeria 1978 (sh): friend, old, where - People Search
  52. long lost cousin: records, name, where, find - People Search
  53. Looking for someone (moved from NYC forum): name, American, find - People Search
  54. I am looking for candace hessler: telephone, friend, name, member - People Search
  55. find my dad: phone, friend, name, address - People Search
  56. looking for a man that my dad: birth certificate, old, name - People Search
  57. Rita Horkan-Las Vegas: friend, lost, address, Boulder - People Search
  58. Looking for sandra scheffer (netherlands): friend, old, name, find - People Search
  59. Searching for Kelle Budak: birth certificate, street, children, sister - People Search
  60. Cameron D Morran: street, friend, father, name - People Search
  61. Looking for Greg Orvis: phone, relatives, address, Minneapolis - People Search
  62. looking for relatives of Harry and Mary Rash: children, find, Vermont - People Search
  63. looking for missing cousin - Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, NC: children, lost - People Search
  64. help... (moved from Los Angeles Forum): phone, picture, friends - People Search
  65. Looking for William K. Austin's family --Tri-Cities WA: sisters, where, brother - People Search
  66. John womack are you out there???: baby, where, person, looking for - People Search
  67. Does know david olsen from long beach ca?: name, member, address - People Search
  68. Looking for the family of Jud Penn, Detroit: genealogy, phone, baby - People Search
  69. Steve Soviak/Anna Soviak/Loraine Ohio: genealogy, friend, sister, father - People Search
  70. looking for my half sister Angela Utterback in Maryland: county, old, father - People Search
  71. Michael Lee Bone...Stephanie Diane Lowe I' looking for you: father, name - People Search
  72. Thank You to Everyone on that Helps people reconnect! - People Search
  73. Looking for Michael John Thomas native Aussie now possibly in Calif: location, places - People Search
  74. Lokking for relatives in Seattle: names, where, person, Germany - People Search
  75. Looking for my Mom/born in Pinellas county, FL: birth, adoption, area - People Search
  76. Toot-toot Miss Smoot!: picture, daughter, sisters, old - People Search
  77. Looking for cousins, Vickie and Shelly Kay Victor Peoria IL: daughters, Illinois - People Search
  78. Looking for my Father: birth certificate, location, old, last name - People Search
  79. Looking For Verke Family Lived In Puyallup Wa!!!: friend, daughter, address - People Search
  80. Lookng for Chandler family members who live in Ida, LA.: street, children - People Search
  81. locating family: phone, children, daughter, father - People Search
  82. where are you robert burton.: phone, daughter, old, roommates - People Search
  83. Looking for Daniel Lynn McClain.. help me...: children, picture, father - People Search
  84. Still Looking: children, name, relatives, house - People Search
  85. Missing Father: places, phone, photos, searches - People Search
  86. charles alvin (erns)allen family: father, last name, where, looking for - People Search
  87. Seeking about a former police chief in England, Arkansas: name, trying to find - People Search
  88. Looking for Patricia Lemmons or Lemons (maiden name).: location, sister, father - People Search
  89. Looking for Mary Ann (maiden name Stalker) originally from New York: child, daughters - People Search
  90. Looking for Amanda Richardson: location, friend, sister, father - People Search
  91. looking for my dad john c carlsonjr: old, father, name - People Search
  92. Help me find Rhonda R Perkins: phone, daughter, name - People Search
  93. Looking for Jane Easterly in OK: phone, friend, old, name - People Search
  94. Can help me find my family?: sisters, father, name - People Search
  95. Looking for Valerie Niida (maiden name) from California: phone, old, roommates - People Search
  96. Gary Eastman where are you dad?: father, names, New Jersey, looking for - People Search
  97. Trying to locate my biological mother & or family members: birth certificate, record - People Search
  98. looking for more friends: phone, name, member, addresses - People Search
  99. Looking for John Churchill.: phone, name, address, high school - People Search
  100. Looking for latasha or franchetta lewis: neighbor, picture, sister, old - People Search
  101. Looking for on Doris Marie Bruce Tanner: records, county, searches - People Search
  102. Looking for Close Friend Tamika Shonte' Jackson: location, lost, address - People Search
  103. Looking for Carrie and Delena Teague: records, phone, friends, daughter - People Search
  104. looking for my son who is staying in the queen anne area of seattle: picture, looking for - People Search
  105. Looking for a brother and 2 sisters: daughter, old, last name, relatives - People Search
  106. Former student from Chile: children, daughter, sister, name - People Search
  107. Looking for Family of Robert Lani Nueku: children, daughters, sisters - People Search
  108. michael d rioux, 40, brooks maine, where are you?: names, finder, about - People Search
  109. in search of orthodontist 1987-2000, orange ca. lincoln ave orange, CA.: record, California - People Search
  110. ISO birth family DOB 1-24-66: children, county, sisters, father - People Search
  111. Looking for Rosie Stokes or her family: sister, old, lost - People Search
  112. Festivo Melchiorre ?: record, children, picture, father - People Search
  113. seeking old roomate last seen in Fife wa.: relatives, Sacramento, Richmond - People Search
  114. Looking for a lost love..: record, phone, father, letter - People Search
  115. Looking for family of Rev. John Anderson: daughter, name, member - People Search
  116. Looking for my 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Owens: names, Illinois, where - People Search
  117. Finding a person?: records, places, phone, photo - People Search
  118. Beth Hufnagel - Los Angeles: friend, old, father, brother - People Search
  119. Searching for Michael Coffman in Honolulu?: records, friend, old, name - People Search
  120. harold e shurley: records, county, sister, lost - People Search
  121. Don Ford Bullrider!: baby, friend, Washington, address - People Search
  122. Searching for long lost family members in QUINCY, MA: street, daughter, father - People Search
  123. looking for my daughters mother: friend, sister, names, birth - People Search
  124. Looking for a sister I've never met....: location, father, last name - People Search
  125. Denzil stevens where are you?: father, birth, Virginia, looking for - People Search
  126. Last name McCord: searching - People Search
  127. looking for a lost friend: record, phone, children, roommates - People Search
  128. Lafayette, LA: Looking for graduates from Judice High School in 1963: record, phone - People Search
  129. Looking for Zorine: picture, friend, old, about - People Search
  130. Julie Verke Do You Know Her?: sister, lost, father, last name - People Search
  131. Searching for my nephews: phone, sister, father, names - People Search
  132. trying to find my cousin in Los Angeles ...he's a singer: phone, picture - People Search
  133. Looking for Half Sister: records, phone, picture, searches - People Search
  134. Does know JEFF ANDERSON in Newport Oregon??: county, old - People Search
  135. Looking for DWAYNE JACKSON in Dade City, Florida: street, friend, daughter - People Search
  136. Looking for my aunt Cynthia Louise Putnam: lookup, phone, picture - People Search
  137. Looking for other people that were in The Essex Cty. Emergency Children's Shelter: county, picture - People Search
  138. David Jolley, Delta Airlines employee: record, phone, friend, old - People Search
  139. help...i find my siblings!: records, children, sister, father - People Search
  140. Looking for Phylis Fudge-Birth Mother: street, name, adopted, where - People Search
  141. Where´s my Dad: lookup, records, phone, baby - People Search
  142. looking for sal guarino new york: records, children, county, photo - People Search
  143. Thomas Thompson: children, name, birth, where - People Search
  144. Old Army Buddy: records, phone, county, picture - People Search
  145. sholley family: records, phone, street, county - People Search
  146. help us to find out father....Calvin Dunbar, Baton Rouge,LA.: searches, old - People Search
  147. Searching my bio father, possibly in AZ or CA: children, last name, relatives - People Search
  148. Brothers & Sisters... Sperm Donor was Doug Struve: location, phone, street - People Search
  149. Hirsch family: children, name, Illinois, marriage - People Search
  150. van lierop: street, family, looking for, born - People Search
  151. Searching for daughter of Joseph S. Timo: phone, father, name - People Search
  152. Looking for a girl in Muley,Mt: sister, father, name - People Search
  153. William Ellison from Kentucky: relatives, where, brother, Pennsylvania - People Search
  154. NANCY AND MARIO....Where are YOU?: neighbor, child, old, last name - People Search
  155. Jennifer Jones?: father, about, born, mom - People Search
  156. looking for my dad john c carlson jr: photos, old, father - People Search
  157. Loking for Terry in Vancouver: Mexico, contact - People Search
  158. cATHERINE CORBET WERE R U st. clements c of 66: looking for, reunion - People Search
  159. looking for sandra in netherlands: children, friend, old, name - People Search
  160. seeking jolene mccaskel, TX or important!!: sister, name, birth - People Search
  161. Looking for Ralph and Harold Collison - People Search
  162. Looking for Joshua and Amanda born in LA 1983 &1984: sister, father, name - People Search
  163. Looking for a old friend: children, dad, name, about - People Search
  164. Looking for Half sister Daughter of Joe LaPorte: father, name, born - People Search
  165. I Need help looking for a Kindergarten student of Lincoln elementary, year 1991-1992 (moved from Los Angeles forum) - People Search
  166. Valarie do wop jackie and the starlites (moved from NYC Forum): friend, member - People Search
  167. Looking for Mickey (gal) Texas Area code 903/Pgh PA: friend, sister, father - People Search
  168. Seeking strawberrywine: about - People Search
  169. Looking for megan: daughter, names, adopted, born - People Search
  170. Seeking family Gennaro Salvatore De Maria: name, information, about, born - People Search
  171. Carol Bruch?: friends, name, Virginia, Vermont - People Search
  172. I am searching for an old friend JIM HENRY that lived in Alaska now lives in Portland or Eugen Or: friends, name - People Search
  173. I am looking for a name in Belmont, Ms.: Mississippi, trying to find - People Search
  174. Marie in pennsylvania looking: friend, old, name, looking for - People Search
  175. information on the Midtown area in Roane Co.: street, old, about - People Search
  176. My Dad: father, name, birth, American - People Search
  177. People in Maine: old, name, Alabama, area - People Search
  178. hallo evelyn where are you?: brother, person, Georgia, information - People Search
  179. Looking for Father Mickey Wade/lived in Mobile, AL: old, name, person - People Search
  180. Looking for Susie Terzian: area, contact - People Search
  181. Looking for Emmanuella Cirelli (Montreal, QC): friend, name, Canada, address - People Search
  182. S*****rd: child, last name, looking for, Baltimore - People Search
  183. Looking for a boy from Troy!: picture, contact - People Search
  184. looking for Mike Jaskolski: New York, age - People Search
  185. Looking for verkey family from puyallup wa: daughter, Seattle, CA - People Search
  186. Lost contact: friend, looking for - People Search
  187. I am looking for my half sister her name is Heather Chandler or Heather Hewitt: daughter, father - People Search
  188. Decendants of Johnson and Alice Justice: children, father, name, San Diego - People Search
  189. fozia: looking for - People Search
  190. looking for a guy who I met in Florence (italy): picture, Washington - People Search
  191. know this woman from san antonio?: photos, old, last name - People Search
  192. Trying to locate the family of Jud Penn In Detroit: baby, friends - People Search
  193. Soviak descendants in Ohio: sister, father, Arizona, Cleveland - People Search
  194. 1968--Graduates from Carrollton High School. Carrollton, Ohio: area, contact - People Search
  195. Looking for LEON from Cuba in Hawaii big Island: about, living - People Search
  196. Midwood High School- Brooklyn - People Search
  197. We've been in touch with Angela! Thank you!!: phone, daughter, sister - People Search
  198. lookng for ken and Nancy Moore: friends, lost, name, Oregon - People Search
  199. Looking for family name Angell around Boston Mass: father, last name - People Search
  200. LOOKING FOR BASEBALL PLAYER AZ vs CA OCTOBER 1988 TEMPE: friend, daughter, sister - People Search