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  1. ISO of birthfamily-Tulsa, OK-10/15/70 Tanguay (sp?): records, father, last name, adopted - People Search
  2. looking for Benedetto Eliodoro: daughter, name - People Search
  3. Looking for Leslie Mega, Roanoke/Salem VA: friend, lost, name - People Search
  4. Searching for lost parent-Steven Miller: location, children, daughter, sister - People Search
  5. Got a real challenge: sisters, birth, Kansas, brother - People Search
  6. Need Help Findin A Friend dat joined da army 4 years ago: phone, lost - People Search
  7. Bessie Simmons: records, county, names, member - People Search
  8. Looking for my sister I lost contact with: phone, name, brother - People Search
  9. Arnold S Burnham/Ann L Burnham Rouses Point/94 Grand Street Albany: name, birth - People Search
  10. Help find Juliana from brazil: lost, looking for, about, contact - People Search
  11. 1986/1987 Murder of a Mother in San Antonio: records, children, county - People Search
  12. Looking for someone from riverside california: phone, old, name, find someone - People Search
  13. Looking for Carl Bodansky: location, phone, picture, friend - People Search
  14. Darlene Robinson Sims: old, last name, where, looking for - People Search
  15. Looking for relatives of Hill Graham Ingraham from Potlatch: children, unsolved, lost - People Search
  16. Looking for brother: location, birth, searching, age - People Search
  17. Kyle McWilliams: friends, lost, last name, relatives - People Search
  18. Search for Relative: member, high school, USA, Ohio - People Search
  19. Searching for family of Richard Edward Griffin: birth certificate, records, phone - People Search
  20. Craig Dewitt Wilson, Arkansas, approx. 38-42 yrs. old: records, father, name - People Search
  21. Looking for Jasmine K Porter: friend, name, address, Kansas - People Search
  22. Searching for my dad Paul Lang: father, names, birth - People Search
  23. does know mike miller?: phone, street, county, lost - People Search
  24. Searching John and Phillip SMITH: names, relatives, Michigan, Tucson - People Search
  25. Trying to find Brian O'Connor from Frayne Athboy, Co Meath: phone, county - People Search
  26. looking for Michael John Axtell. Born in 1955, London, England: baby, name, adopted - People Search
  27. Debbie Shemano: Cincinnati native last known to be in Winthrop, MA: phone, neighborhood - People Search
  28. Need help: county, old, last name - People Search
  29. lookin for my sister HELP: birth certificate, neighborhood, neighbor, baby - People Search
  30. looking for daniella kimberely rogers adopted name conn: adoptee, sister, old - People Search
  31. looking for daniella kimberely rogers adopted name conn: sister, father, last name - People Search
  32. Looking for Joe Walker, Nashville/Hendersonville TN: places, old, name - People Search
  33. Looking For My Brother! if you are able to help do!: lookup, photos - People Search
  34. Nancy Kidd: finder, age, best - People Search
  35. Deborah Waller: old, San Diego, san diego, searching - People Search
  36. army buddies: old, looking for - People Search
  37. Looking for old friend: sister, father, last name, birth - People Search
  38. Trying to find my dad: friend, father, name, birth - People Search
  39. Seeking Kim Alfred: friend, names, relatives, member - People Search
  40. looking for my dads old friend: friends, dad, last name, Washington - People Search
  41. I look for people who live in New York Far Rockaway.: telephone, children - People Search
  42. Looking for Floyd Stewart/Stewert: friends, old, names, relatives - People Search
  43. Need help with another guys: record, phone, picture, daughter - People Search
  44. Searching for familyin pontotoc oklahoma: sister, old, father, last name - People Search
  45. Terry Burchett or Burgess - Ohio: records, county, old, birth - People Search
  46. Looking for Cousins Lynette and Randy Hill: name, member, where - People Search
  47. TRYING TO FIND Erin Henry Johnson, 44, of Redding: old, relatives, USA - People Search
  48. looking for Army friends: old, names, Canada, address - People Search
  49. Judge Baker Guidance Center, Mission Hill Boston MA??: children, looking for, blog - People Search
  50. Looking for 1/2 sister, commercial pilot from Newport, R.I.: birth certificate, telephone, father - People Search
  51. Looking for hubby's old army buddy: friend, name, Virginia, where - People Search
  52. Looking for someone in Arcadia, CA: telephone, name, find - People Search
  53. Looking for Carl Andrew Anderson (He went by Drew Anderson) and children: name, birth - People Search
  54. Jeffrey Lance Crain, its your daughter Melody.: father, name, addresses - People Search
  55. searching for an old friend!: phone, street, names, relatives - People Search
  56. looking for little brother born in 1938 with birth name Priebe: baby, children - People Search
  57. looking for my cousin who was adopted DOB 9/19/74-Tara Cheung: children, friends - People Search
  58. Looking for my birthfather: baby, picture, friends, last name - People Search
  59. African American Guyton family members in Jackson, MS area?: daughters, birth, relatives - People Search
  60. Looking for my sister: birth certificate, daughter, lost, father - People Search
  61. How do I find Cuauhtemoc Loza-Garcia: phone, daughter, relatives, address - People Search
  62. Looking for Josh Britton (North Carolina): phone, friend, old, name - People Search
  63. Looking for Phelps cousins from Illinois: children, daughter, sister, father - People Search
  64. Dont know where to post, looking for a person: adoptees, friend, old - People Search
  65. seeking Vietnam Vet Col. Hicks: names, member, looking for, members - People Search
  66. Looking for lost friend in Cortland, NY: sisters, last name, address - People Search
  67. Looking for birth father: birth certificate, name, Oregon, California - People Search
  68. just found out i have a sister help me find her.: sisters, roommates - People Search
  69. Looking for Tonya C Black, Detroit, MI: record, searching, born - People Search
  70. finding relatives: lost, name, city - People Search
  71. Need To Find My Sons Grandma: phone, friends, old, lost - People Search
  72. Looking for a Grandfather I've never met: friend, old, name - People Search
  73. Debora l Macdowell-Wicks 1957-2009: street, friend, old, lost - People Search
  74. Looking For Descendents of Charles Howard Rowell: neighbor, children, father - People Search
  75. Lost friend - help me find her (Northern Virginia): phone, county, photo - People Search
  76. Searching for James Bradley from Ireland born 15 January 1984?: county, lost, father - People Search
  77. Looking for birth mother: records, sisters, name, Washington - People Search
  78. Need find friends from Glasgow: names, California, contact - People Search
  79. looking for an old friend: records, county, friends, father - People Search
  80. Looking for a south texan or two: names, member, addresses - People Search
  81. Trying to find old school teachers?: name, high school, New York, area - People Search
  82. Looking for Lynn A.Taylor: Germany, Jacksonville, born, military - People Search
  83. Has seen this person?: picture, Dallas, tx, family - People Search
  84. looking for Sher came from dayton ohio: last name, relatives, family - People Search
  85. Birth Father looking for adopted daughter born april 11th or 14th in 1983 in Pueblo CO: records, phone - People Search
  86. Searching For Hilda Kobler: name, member, address, lawyer - People Search
  87. Search for Missing: Becky Hamilton, 52 Yrs., Huffman, TX: searches, sister, member - People Search
  88. Help to trace Soldier from WW11: records, birth, SSN, information - People Search
  89. Joseph Eric Nunn/ Kelly Cox: friend, sisters, old, lost - People Search
  90. Lester Ray Hicks: name, address, where, finder - People Search
  91. Looking for Biological father-Charlie Puckett-Oklahoma City area: daughter, name, where - People Search
  92. Otto Schroeder - Detroit, Michigan: records, phone, children, daughter - People Search
  93. Help in finding ex-usaf richard ernest moon: friend, old, lost - People Search
  94. Finding relatives overseas?: genealogy, phone, lost, address - People Search
  95. Looking for birth father: birth certificate, records, county, last name - People Search
  96. Looking for a person in Clinton, Ma.: friend, name, ago - People Search
  97. Help my find my dad: roommates, names, birth, addresses - People Search
  98. Mr John Watt, 6th grade Gang is looking for you: Birmingham, Ohio - People Search
  99. looking for Sher: last name, Ohio, finding, first - People Search
  100. Searching for my birth father: name, NC, New Jersey, born - People Search
  101. need to find my mother inlaw, HELO: name, birth, where - People Search
  102. looking for my daughter born april 1984 I believe in colorado to tami wigern: name, birth - People Search
  103. DAVID FLOYD, Philadelphia: photo, sister, old, father - People Search
  104. Darrell G. Elmore where are you?: record, phone, friend, sisters - People Search
  105. Looking for jerry edgell cuz darrell: family, area - People Search
  106. Wards in Ft. Pierce,Fl: name, best - People Search
  107. looking for AT-2 SCHROEDER: phone, birth, Minnesota, address - People Search
  108. I am looking for a long lost friend who lives in westville nj: daughter, address - People Search
  109. Companies that help you find who you're looking for?: searches, lost, member - People Search
  110. Looking for my half-brother: name, address, Oregon, Texas - People Search
  111. looking for son: sisters, father, name, Australia - People Search
  112. i know this is a long shot but: names, relatives, member - People Search
  113. shot in the dark, looking for biological father: name, information, mother - People Search
  114. Rueful in Riverside: phone, friend, lost, name - People Search
  115. Audrey & Maria Johnson looking for birth parents: records, sister, old - People Search
  116. Rob Robinson-South Bend/Elkhart Indiana 1992: old, names, relatives, high school - People Search
  117. Looking for Nancy Briante: phone, friend, old, name - People Search
  118. Looking for someone...: baby, child, friend, daughter - People Search
  119. George Demos and his wife Mae, Jamestown, ND: street, sister, names - People Search
  120. Philip Lucy us navy late 40's: photograph, where, California, looking for - People Search
  121. Adult daughter looking for birth mom: name, member, adopted, Minnesota - People Search
  122. Miguel Cabrejos/as: phone, name, relatives, Virginia - People Search
  123. searching for mother.....: daughters, names, birth, where - People Search
  124. Looking for Michelle Jeffries / Garcia: records, child, friends, old - People Search
  125. looking for half sister: child, daughter, father, last name - People Search
  126. Navy guy.: Kentucky - People Search
  127. looking for someone, my father: children, searches, old, names - People Search
  128. John Herman Taylor's sons: birth, New York - People Search
  129. Searching for William Paul Hampton: phone, street, county, father - People Search
  130. have information on tracey R. of Bedford, TX?: phone, child, father - People Search
  131. Need Advice(I think I've Found My Biological Father): photos, friends, daughter - People Search
  132. Lost Co-Worker/Friend: location, friends, name, San Francisco - People Search
  133. Jeffrey Crain-Houston: records, child, county, picture - People Search
  134. ruth ann grissom,looking for relatives: birth certificate, records, street, children - People Search
  135. Need help finding my birth mom: lookup, phone, names, house - People Search
  136. Trying To Find Barbara Jean Allan (Allen): records, phone, baby - People Search
  137. Looking for lost missing sister born in Baltimore: location, phone, father - People Search
  138. Looking for my wifes mother.. HELP: birth certificate, records, phone, child - People Search
  139. Looking for old John White, the boxer: photos, name, Alabama - People Search
  140. lost family: father, names, where, brother - People Search
  141. Searching For Adopted Siblings: children, born, website - People Search
  142. Kimmels, Homers of Oklahoma (city): family, married - People Search
  143. Looking for my sister: baby, last name, adopted, Indianapolis - People Search
  144. First steps for searching: lookup, phone, searches, name - People Search
  145. Seeking Family Related To Alton Simpson,Brother To Morgan: sister, old, father - People Search
  146. Looking for arturo roig martinez: dad, contact - People Search
  147. shago: father, name, brother, Chicago - People Search
  148. looking for my half-brother: name, address - People Search
  149. Looking for friends of Elizabeth Muller, Garden City NY: county, family, son - People Search
  150. looking for Ca****/Capurro/Vivas: birth certificate, location, adoptees, father - People Search
  151. Find Sara - Mother is Traci (or tracey, tracy): baby, old, last name - People Search
  152. Charles Donny Warren: sister, name, brother, South Carolina - People Search
  153. Help to find G Uncle in Chicago: street, children, address - People Search
  154. houghton Mich. 1917 marriage certificate: address, Michigan, Florida, state - People Search
  155. Looking for you carol MOTZ: high school, California, state, living - People Search
  156. Looking for Jennifer Davis-Central Ohio: picture, friends, name, birth - People Search
  157. Looking for my brothers Manuel, Antonio and Ronnie Figueroa Oritz: dad, information - People Search
  158. James goodson/vietnam 1965: children, friend, daughters, old - People Search
  159. Barbara Jean Allen: name, Raleigh, information, find - People Search
  160. Searching for sister: father, name, Miami, Kentucky - People Search
  161. Arnold S Burnham/Ann L Burnham Rouses Point/94 Grand Street Albany: relatives, New York - People Search
  162. Ann Doreen King: friends, New Zealand, contact - People Search
  163. izzygone may be on to something...: friend, address, person, Texas - People Search
  164. Trying To Find My Father Roger Mills Bowers D.O.B 20/03/1956: address, information - People Search
  165. Ford,Taylors,Mccauleys, or Powells from Plain Dealing LA. Where are you?: lost, Seattle - People Search
  166. Looking for Lynn Taylor, NFA Class of 1990 - People Search
  167. Does know Oscar James ?: where, history, find, about - People Search
  168. Adopted Relative: street, name, family, find - People Search
  169. Looking for a lost contact in spain: address - People Search
  170. Lookinf for uncle: name, birth, adoption, looking for - People Search
  171. I am searching for my sons, if you have seen them contact me, last known in Kearns, UT: child, picture - People Search
  172. Female Adoptee Search for Birth Family 4-20-60: children, county, member - People Search
  173. Trying to find 1/2 brother up for Robert Allen Golomb born August 9, 1970 Neptune, NJ: children, birth - People Search
  174. P.S. 201 Kissena school: member, person, looking for, about - People Search
  175. Steven Koecher disappeared Sun City Anthem, Henderson NV: where, information, contact - People Search
  176. searching for adopted maleborn 7/3or4/1945: child, sister, birth, person - People Search
  177. Missing Arrow driver found!: persons, Dallas - People Search
  178. Looking For Donald R. Perry, Terry Samer: Facebook - People Search
  179. Looking for Darren (his mother's maiden name Walsh) in Ireland: sister, Australia - People Search
  180. Looking for Birthparents in Kingston PA: friend, sister, name, adopted - People Search
  181. looking for floyd stewart from Pennsylvania: friends, name, born, mother - People Search
  182. Looking for on Edward William Magee bn 1915 N. Ireland: Canada, where - People Search
  183. Looking for Eamonn , from Galway Ireland: children, house, family, business - People Search
  184. Maddison and Scarlett Twins aged 7 years: children, photo, old, father - People Search
  185. Kathleen Miller/Jewell: children, daughter, sister, lost - People Search
  186. Minneapolis Deedee mother of Kayla: daughter, area, contact - People Search
  187. Looking for ROBERT K. McCall: Alabama, Maryland, information, important - People Search
  188. Rochester Indiana: name, looking for, locate, area - People Search
  189. Looking for family information: baby, sisters, father, name - People Search
  190. Looking for my adoptee daugher: name, adopted, finding, born - People Search
  191. help me find someone in Rochester Indiana: name, looking for, area - People Search
  192. Looking for turner family in hazard ky/corbin ky?: sister, father, name - People Search
  193. Looking for descendants of Katherine (Jackson) Lee (1885-1940) and Sam Lee in Chicago: friend, name - People Search
  194. Jane Levitt or Leavitt: friend, old, high school, Nebraska - People Search
  195. Floyd Stewart: friends, dad, looking for, mother - People Search
  196. Searching for my grandfather William Edward Richardson in Detroit, MI: zip code, street - People Search
  197. looking for adopted brother: where, born - People Search
  198. Brenda s. Baggett smith vero,florida - People Search
  199. Goldman/Muckenbrun: last name, looking for, born - People Search
  200. Baby girl 1946: name, looking for, born - People Search