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  1. Help dearching for my Wife's Dad: records, children, searches, daughters - People Search
  2. The Reed Family: father, member, Texas, born - People Search
  3. I am looking for my children Justin Wayne Kerr & Tyler Winston Kerr in johnson county texas: where, attorney - People Search
  4. Looking for Angela Hester,Jackie McDaniels,Richard French,all lived in Pittsburg in the 70's: information, finder - People Search
  5. Looking for Mother and Beick/possibly Adams family from Longview, TX *Reward Offered*: location, records - People Search
  6. Looking for Stephen W. Barnett, Jr of Georgia: friend, old, birth - People Search
  7. Looking for Maria Rodriguez: friend, sister, lost, names - People Search
  8. Searching for long lost relative: children, searches, daughter, sister - People Search
  9. Looking for my birth father: daughter, old, name, Virginia - People Search
  10. Do you have grandfather Majdecki from Poland?: children, sisters, last name - People Search
  11. help: phone, name, Utah, find - People Search
  12. Looking For: location, name, birth, address - People Search
  13. heelp: sister, father, name, address - People Search
  14. unknown sibling: child, friends, old, father - People Search
  15. Dad: baby, daughters, name, daughter - People Search
  16. Trying to contact Jamie in Metamora, Il.: last name, find, Facebook - People Search
  17. trying to find Carol hurd (Thibodeau): name, address, where, person - People Search
  18. If you know......: name, person, country, information - People Search
  19. i need help finding my brother.: phone, old, father, name - People Search
  20. Do you know Juan and Johanna, 20 year-olds on the west side of San Antonio TX?: children, last name - People Search
  21. Bill and/or Susan Bridges, Sint Maarten: friend, Canada, where - People Search
  22. lookking for my brother in law --Las Vegas: phone, searches, name - People Search
  23. Looking for: name, state, age, married - People Search
  24. Looking for a friend Sandra Sommers aka Sam Sommers, Reading PA: old, name - People Search
  25. I need to find my old friend.: zip code, picture, friends - People Search
  26. Looking for my birth mother (marion davidson)scotland: birth certificate, records, friend - People Search
  27. I need suggestions in help finding my Dad.: birth certificate, child, picture - People Search
  28. im looking for steven verle johnson aka dusty johnson: phone, street, old - People Search
  29. Searching for our sister darlene: genealogy, children, county, photos - People Search
  30. payton from colorado 1900,peterson from california1900: looking for, information - People Search
  31. Home Health Care: telephone, friends, old, name - People Search
  32. looking for a grandpa: phone, name, addresses, CA - People Search
  33. In Putnum Co. near Cookeville>? I Need Help!: county, picture - People Search
  34. Looking for Stella: friend, sister, father, names - People Search
  35. Searching for Maria Asplund, aprox 42 yrs old: phone, baby, photograph - People Search
  36. Looking for on James A. Highsmith Wenona, IL: father, Illinois, high school - People Search
  37. look for my birth father living in holland Jan Sebastiaan van den Bosch age 71 or 72: relatives, Netherland - People Search
  38. Looking for Tracy and Teresa Allen: father, name, birth, Charleston - People Search
  39. looking for Sun Hwa,maiden name kwak - Harrisburg, PA: person, USA - People Search
  40. Help find Rhoda Briggs (86) LIVONIA, MI: phone, Washington, address - People Search
  41. Sharon (Sherry) May Englewood, CO: street, father, last name, address - People Search
  42. Mr.: places, names, information, about - People Search
  43. help! Searching for Gene from Alabama: records, old, dad - People Search
  44. search my father: records, county, last name, Michigan - People Search
  45. looking for a long time friend: friends, name, birth, Miami - People Search
  46. Where is Sweet Baby James, nephew of James Tasylor, son of Alec and Brent Taylor from Chapel Hill, n.c.: child, daughters - People Search
  47. looking for gary lee dunham or children of: friend, father, name - People Search
  48. I am looking for my daughter's father: sister, old, name - People Search
  49. Looking for Jimmy Flores from Blythe, Ca: friends, old, names - People Search
  50. Looking for my father: phone, sister, name, address - People Search
  51. son: records, adoptees, father, birth - People Search
  52. Looking for my Mother.: phone, old, name, house - People Search
  53. Find my Father after 36 years?: name, birth, where, brother - People Search
  54. Searching for diana manlove: daughter, address, house, where - People Search
  55. Looking for someone: name, Virginia, address, Ohio - People Search
  56. Looking for my half sister, maiden name AnnMarie Price: phone, old, father - People Search
  57. Trying to find my half brother from Coshocton, Oh. mothers name is Beth Guy: father, family - People Search
  58. lLt. Ralph Brown: Oklahoma, Texas, looking for, information - People Search
  59. Who knows FRANK M. KOESTER ? Vancouver / Woodland Washington: daughter, lost, address - People Search
  60. search for dad or siblings: friend, old, name, relatives - People Search
  61. Trying to find my parents in Italy: daughters, sisters, father - People Search
  62. looking for james mason/james goodbrad: children, sister, name, address - People Search
  63. Looking for Bianca Carr or Carrie Bell Carr: sister, birth, member - People Search
  64. Dominique Nikki Walck McKinney: phone, child, friend, old - People Search
  65. Looking for Roberta Matson (maiden name): friend, old, relatives, CA - People Search
  66. Searching for biological mother - kathleen murphy: birth certificate, records, places - People Search
  67. Looking for BIRTH FATHER - Help: sister, name, member, adopted - People Search
  68. Looking for rick napier & bob scott: street, sister, old - People Search
  69. Geraldine Vidas formerly from college pt, NY: phone, friends, old - People Search
  70. Relatives of Ruth M. McCraw formerly of Logan Store, Rutherford, North Carolina: records, neighbor - People Search
  71. James G Shilliday 1916-1996 married Helen Myers: children, photo, Canada - People Search
  72. Looking for my Father: name, information, mother, living - People Search
  73. William Pharoah Thwaites from UK to Archbold, NY: children, daughter, name - People Search
  74. Help! Looking for Michael W. Branscome from Punta Gorda!: phone, old, name - People Search
  75. Looking for relatives or children of Theresa Jeanette Stranieri (Deoniso): birth certificate, records - People Search
  76. Looking for my birth father... left before I was born...: genealogy, record - People Search
  77. Searching for a Visitor who went to Hong Kong (End of Jul 2010): photo, Georgia - People Search
  78. Looking for old friends Linda and Bernard Treboute: sister, lost, father - People Search
  79. Daniel Hemenway: children, county, father, relatives - People Search
  80. Is from Springfield, MA?: name, house, looking for, information - People Search
  81. Seeking Father-in-law across the pond HELP!: genealogy, records, children, searches - People Search
  82. looking for half brother born in Florida in1986: county, sister, father - People Search
  83. how to search birth records: birth certificate, baby, child, old - People Search
  84. : Sarah l lekhouidi: looking for, state, Facebook - People Search
  85. Finding family of fallen Vietnam Marine: daughter, sister, lost, name - People Search
  86. Help me find an old friend: father, name, relatives, Indianapolis - People Search
  87. Looking for Jose Luis Rivera in San Antonio, Texas - an old friend.: names, relatives - People Search
  88. Looking for my birth father: friend, name, person, Florida - People Search
  89. looking for my Iranian friend David: name, USA, find, about - People Search
  90. Find my grandma, Ilse Wilhelmine Brunsfeld, 86 years old: genealogy, records, sister - People Search
  91. Looking for Sisters/brothers/fathers Last name BAINES in Dallas, TX: location, neighbor - People Search
  92. Looking for lost family friends from troutdale or: last name, birth, where - People Search
  93. James Shilliday married Mary F ?: location, children, father, last name - People Search
  94. Does one know Sandy/Kal in Dillon Montana???: friend, looking for, area - People Search
  95. Looking for My cousin-Randy. Have you seen him? Arizona/possibly Phoenix area: neighbor, sister - People Search
  96. I'm looking for one who works at the Federal prison in Butner,NC: last name, about - People Search
  97. Still searching for my old friends - Buddy - Skip - Bonnie -: street, county - People Search
  98. Help... Find my father...In Las Vegas...: name, address, house - People Search
  99. Help Looking for Gladys Velma 1944 Florida the last name was Swan!: street, child - People Search
  100. Jake/Jacob Dawson who immigrated from England to Frackville PA around 1923: member, addresses - People Search
  101. Joseph Valento~ Seattle Washington??: old, name, address, person - People Search
  102. Looking for birth father, Jake Rose born in late 1940s: birth certificate, name - People Search
  103. laws in Texas?: birth certificate, friend, father, birth - People Search
  104. Knuckles: last name, Kentucky, family - People Search
  105. Looking for relatives of Susan S.Gould-Colorado springs: children, father, names - People Search
  106. Amanda Ann Wilkerson: father, name, relatives, looking for - People Search
  107. looking for cousin in Ashland Pa: dad, name, mom, married - People Search
  108. Troy Larsen: Bostonian from Utah: phone, neighborhood, neighbor, picture - People Search
  109. Looking for Timothy Morell, Michigan: phone, friends, sisters, old - People Search
  110. Looking for cousin: sisters, last name, birth, address - People Search
  111. Looking for my family in Anniston AL & Dad in Montgomery. Last seen over 20 years ago and before that when I was a baby.: phone, sisters - People Search
  112. Ruth Gatliff: phone, birth, where, looking for - People Search
  113. looking for relatives: records, friends, old, lost - People Search
  114. Have you seen him?- GEORGE ALDRICH MISSING FROM Aspen, CO!!!!: photograph, village - People Search
  115. Leather Bound Hardback Genealogy Books: address, about - People Search
  116. looking for Jerry Simpson in Elizabethton, TN: children, name, son - People Search
  117. Looking for my biological father Charles Sheffield: phone, picture, sisters - People Search
  118. Margaret S Milne: record, children, sister, Canada - People Search
  119. Looking for a lost friend in Italy: children, old, name - People Search
  120. Where is Leroy Blevins,WVA: friend, daughter, old, dad - People Search
  121. Seeking Dina Hanna, Lakewood, COLO, 1980's: picture, sister, old, address - People Search
  122. Looking for my brother, born 1959-1960: records, places, baby, county - People Search
  123. My brother: location, old, father, name - People Search
  124. Looking for Denise Richerson: father, name, high school, Arizona - People Search
  125. looking for a long lost friend from colombia: friends, sister, old - People Search
  126. I'm looking for My Dad name Clifford Franklin Quon 59 y.: phone, father - People Search
  127. My Son is searching for his Father: phone, names, Miami - People Search
  128. Looking for old friends in PITTSBURGH,PA (70's): where - People Search
  129. Looking for my dad: birth certificate, lost, father, name - People Search
  130. Searching for Maria M Navejar 1963 Gonzales, San Antonio, and Brownsville Texas: phone, county - People Search
  131. William Martin Keck, Your son is trying to find you....: phone, friend - People Search
  132. Ready Branch NC: location, records, neighbor, county - People Search
  133. Start a NEW for each individual. Don't hijack threads.: name, where - People Search
  134. Looking for bio Grandma Ilene Hornback.......: records, phone, adoptee, children - People Search
  135. julie k niles, my husband's mom: county, sister, name, member - People Search
  136. Looking for sisters; Children of Donald Presley - Ky: father, last name, where - People Search
  137. Searching for birth father: phone, old, name, addresses - People Search
  138. Searching for my Uncle Thomas Riley: zip code, records, places, phone - People Search
  139. looking for my mom in russia. help: records, street, photos - People Search
  140. looking for my dad in bellflower: record, places, street, county - People Search
  141. plese help me find my mom: location, phone, old, dad - People Search
  142. my son --Las Vegas: child, picture, friends, old - People Search
  143. Help me find my brother!!: record, phone, child, friends - People Search
  144. Looking for person (J. Scott Smith): location, records, places, phone - People Search
  145. Lookin 4 Veronica Perez from sixflags over TX: member, Texas, looking for - People Search
  146. Missing Man - Help: phone, daughter, sisters, father - People Search
  147. Looking for decendants of Edream Lomax and Freddie M. Wilson: daughter, sister - People Search
  148. John Owen Davies and Sheila May Davies: looking for, about, mother - People Search
  149. Looking for Stephanie Mulki or Anderson Lived in Port Hueneme in the early 1980's: old, dad - People Search
  150. My father Adrian REA: name, looking for, born - People Search
  151. People search: old, name, birth, adopted
  152. Beautician with last name Ernest during 1940s and later: old, Virginia - People Search
  153. Looking for old friend Sue Vielie (maiden name): street, roommates, lost - People Search
  154. Brian Wilson Victoria BC: picture, father, name, family - People Search
  155. Looking for Chantal Martinez (Paris-Sarlat France): daughter, relatives, address, brother - People Search
  156. Andi Mills? Help: photos, friends, roommates, name - People Search
  157. LOOKING FOR LUCY!! From Sao Paulo Brazil!!!: contact - People Search
  158. Search Engines: finder, local - People Search
  159. Grandpa Jim and Ruth Adams - People Search
  160. Looking for relatives of Tekla Walen, Brooklyn NY: children, Alabama, letter - People Search
  161. Searching for my father: records, sister, names, member - People Search
  162. Relatives Durall McDaniel: address, looking for - People Search
  163. Kortes, Saari, Hantula, Mackey Family: sister, relatives, Ohio, searching - People Search
  164. Looking for kin folk Vestal: names - People Search
  165. Looking for the family from Italy: father, name, Pennsylvania, information - People Search
  166. Lost Familly:: Gladys Velma ??? Daytona Beach Florida: street, child, friend - People Search
  167. Losr friend in Georiga: sister, old, last name, Georgia - People Search
  168. Lost friend: sister, old, last name, Georgia - People Search
  169. Seeking long lost Father-in-law: children, sister, name, member - People Search
  170. Searching for an old school friend: street, name, New York - People Search
  171. Searching for my half-brother.: children, father, names, Michigan - People Search
  172. help me find Mr. Morrison in New Zealand - Auckland: brother, living - People Search
  173. Seeking Father-in-law across the pond HELP!: children, sister, name, member - People Search
  174. Deborah Cunningham: birth certificate, county, father, name - People Search
  175. Looking for Farrow family: photos, daughter, father, history - People Search
  176. Lookin 4 Kids(or grandkids) of Richard Spiecher(Spiker?)(is deceased) [he Was from Pa]: children, county - People Search
  177. Searching for Phoenix girl: friends, old, lost, father - People Search
  178. looking for the daughter of james lilley (james passed away nov or dec 2009): sisters, brother - People Search
  179. Mary Cullen Scott, London??: trying to find, UK - People Search
  180. **Looking for a Buddy Reed or Reid**: children, picture, father - People Search
  181. Looking for Albert Thomas, Columbus, OH: Ohio, contact - People Search
  182. looking for a childhood neighbor from New Hartford, NY: last name, member, brother - People Search
  183. Searching for Joe and Moe: photos, name, member, New York - People Search
  184. I am looking for an adopted parents of my birth son: Virginia, USA - People Search
  185. looking for relatives burford porter jr: daughter, dad, family, information - People Search
  186. Looking for My Mother He: father, name, member, California - People Search
  187. searching for father, Scott McKinnell or similar: name, where, Germany - People Search
  188. Isabelle Babigian: genealogy, looking for, find - People Search
  189. Mack's Texaco, Westwood Ca: father, last name, California, looking for - People Search
  190. Looking for my Magic Heart....: friend, lost, name, member - People Search
  191. Looking for vikter or viktor from sweden,he was n the bank nightclub vegas nv: first - People Search
  192. Missing classmates from Gary Emerson: high school, information, find, reunion - People Search
  193. Looking for Mother and Adams family in and around Longview, Texas. Reward offered: location, child - People Search
  194. Francisco Alvarez-Michoacan, Mexico: friend, old, lost, birth - People Search
  195. Information on Umberto Flores Denali?: old, father, name, Mexico - People Search
  196. Jonh Sidney Taylor: records, county, father, name - People Search
  197. Find my Grandson, Billy Ray Cruse, Ur Fam is looking for you: sisters, father - People Search
  198. Looking for brother: name, birth, adopted, area - People Search
  199. Looking for Teri Oliver - EXPAT from SE London: friends, dad, relatives - People Search
  200. Charles Whitestone, oct 8, 1899, London - may 1, 1969, New York, 11779, Ronkonkoma, Suffolk County: children, birth - People Search