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  14. 30th Infantry Regiment - 1945: daughters, old, name, Chicago - People Search
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  49. Looking for my Father: location, name, address, where - People Search
  50. Simple people search: location, phone, child, picture
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  62. *gulp* to connect?: location, phone, county, friend - People Search
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  73. Searching for my Father: records, old, name, birth - People Search
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  75. SEEKING SAM IN ONTARIO i think:0: record, phone, friend - People Search
  76. Search for Father and Family: location, baby, children, daughter - People Search
  77. James W. Heisey, York, Pennsylvania: records, children, daughter, old - People Search
  78. Searching for birth father: baby, sister, name, Michigan - People Search
  79. Looking for Alvin Schafer: phone, picture, old, name - People Search
  80. Looking for family from Princeville, NC (Joe Everett offsprings): neighbor, street, children - People Search
  81. Looking For Eugene Smith, Fuerth Germany 1975: friend, daughter, old, father - People Search
  82. seeking Robert Simpson! (Memphis): old, where, looking for, contact - People Search
  83. Anja Dagmar Blomfelt's relatives? (Benetti or Bennetti): phone, children, daughters - People Search
  84. looking for friend: records, name, San Antonio, where - People Search
  85. Looking for Ancestors in Harker's Island, North Carolina: genealogy, last name, birth - People Search
  86. finding resources: phone, friend, old, lost - People Search
  87. Looking for birth mother in French Camp/Stockton area: records, county, friends - People Search
  88. lost friend in 1972: county, member, New York, looking for - People Search
  89. James lilley (passed away nov. or Dec 2009 Texas): sisters, name, relatives - People Search
  90. Clint G from Stanford Univ Radio (early 90s): searches, old, house - People Search
  91. lost touch with friends in 1971: street, name, looking for, information - People Search
  92. Looking for Jeff Moore was in Adelaide in 72-73, Detroit, MI: sister, father - People Search
  93. CHARLTON family Foster, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.: neighbor, county, father, adopted - People Search
  94. How to find out if somone died, have first and last name and birthday: lookup, phone - People Search
  95. Looking for person for friend: old, name, information, finder - People Search
  96. Seeking person for friend #2: name, information, find, contact - People Search
  97. Help finding missing relative in NY: street, name, where, information - People Search
  98. Can help: children, father, names, birth - People Search
  99. searching for my uncle ...Las Vegas: phone, lost, name, United States - People Search
  100. Looking for Joel Rock in Austin TX: friend, lost, last name - People Search
  101. Looking For Friend: phone, name, trying to find, city - People Search
  102. Looking For Wiggins Family in Phoenix Area: baby, children, daughter - People Search
  103. Searching for my former penpal in Austin, Texas: David N. Smith: friend, old - People Search
  104. looking for friend lost in 1972: street, New York City, city - People Search
  105. Looking for Sylvia Qulies: old, father, name, birth - People Search
  106. looking for brother: state - People Search
  107. Looking for old friend in Montana: name, relatives, address, find - People Search
  108. looking for sister born to lonna may cevora monroe mi: baby, name - People Search
  109. Stephanie Wiilk (Kobylecki): records, children, county, photos - People Search
  110. looking for my brother, Steve Milton: birth certificate, name, birth, Ohio - People Search
  111. Location Missing Family Member: name, brother, locate, living - People Search
  112. i want to find my family in Idaho Falls: phone, street, children - People Search
  113. Long Lost Sisters: children, friends, old, father - People Search
  114. Looking for Sybil Mae Chappell ....: phone, children, Virginia, SC - People Search
  115. Hawthorne, CA 90250 area?: phone, neighborhood, neighbor, friend - People Search
  116. Anderson Family: name, looking for, city, about - People Search
  117. missing father..: name, address, letter, German - People Search
  118. searching for my cousin (Idaho/Spokane): last name, birth, adoption, where - People Search
  119. Anna Marie Reichart: friend, name, address, California - People Search
  120. Searching for my half-sister Elizabeth Grace Thornton: child, friends, sisters - People Search
  121. Old Army Buddy - Curtis Higgenbotham: genealogy, records, places, county - People Search
  122. Looking for an old boss: name, American, about, Facebook - People Search
  123. Looking for Joe Blankenship: picture, friends, old, father - People Search
  124. I need to know more!: friend, last name, member, where - People Search
  125. Looking for father I never met: records, name, birth, where - People Search
  126. Looking for my friend Janice Lattimore Brown ;P: records, friends, lost - People Search
  127. am looking for my family.: sister, dad, name, birth - People Search
  128. Searching for my father: name, birth, Canada, born - People Search
  129. I am looking for a lady from Scotland Neck North Carolina Her name was Joy Fath Haltomtion: baby, county - People Search
  130. Looking for Cynthia Kay Noorman Grand Rapids, Michigan: location, phone, neighborhood - People Search
  131. Looking for Richard Dowd..My half brother..: location, county, sisters - People Search
  132. Looking For My Uncle Louis.: location, phone, address, San Antonio - People Search
  133. Thanks to all of you in People Search!!!: picture, old, dad
  134. to find my father: lost, names, birth, where - People Search
  135. Hello from Germany: records, phone, friend, lost - People Search
  136. Searching for Robert W. Bazzle: places, village, friend, name - People Search
  137. Raymond Duff Hurley of Lowell, Ma.: records, phone, friend, sister - People Search
  138. Alma L Williams Coley: location, record, children, county - People Search
  139. Looking for Randy Ray Reid (navy): phone, picture, daughter, father - People Search
  140. Need for my family tree: zip code, location, records, children - People Search
  141. Family of USAF Lieutenant Robert A MEZZETTI in San Antonio, Texas: genealogy, records - People Search
  142. Looking for Sean Port St. Lucie: friend, old, name - People Search
  143. Should I Continue Search for Birthfather? Advice: phone, baby, children - People Search
  144. s would be great...: birth certificate, genealogy, location, records - People Search
  145. Searching for my penfriend Angela Becker, from runkel, germany: daughter, lost, father - People Search
  146. from Hanson, MA HELP!: street, daughter, name, addresses - People Search
  147. Gary bryce roberts II: record, phone, sister, roommates - People Search
  148. Searching for family of Maj. Harry Ravenna of San Antonio, Texas... killed in Vietnam: children, father - People Search
  149. Smith family~'66~Jacksonville, Fl: records, phone, street, baby - People Search
  150. Searching for Richard Holland: street, county, sister, names - People Search
  151. Michael Scott Fore / Michael Scott Copaus: friend, sisters, lost, father - People Search
  152. help me find my penfriend, coralie stremler, she used to live at varsberg, france: lost, contact - People Search
  153. Father Jorge Luis Acevedo - Daughter in Germany?: records, sister, old - People Search
  154. Looking for biological father/last name DAWSON: county, relatives, Seattle - People Search
  155. Looking for woman who went by the name Denise Bowman: brother, person - People Search
  156. Looking 4my dad Ricardo Morales who worked in La Duana Mexico: friends, daughter - People Search
  157. Searching Hawaiin James Burgess age 70-73: name, information - People Search
  158. Looking for my Bio Father: birth certificate, name, birth, where - People Search
  159. Searching for my mother's birth history. We lost our mother due to wrongful death & we are on a desperate mission: adoptee, children - People Search
  160. Descendants of Oscar H Samuelson of Ocean City and Trenton NJ: children, lost - People Search
  161. ARE YOU looking for someone try this.......... - People Search
  162. MISSING WOMAN. Isabelle Roy-Roland, 32, Missing in LÚvis, Quebec, March 18, 2011: age, identify - People Search
  163. searching for marcie schweitzer: lost, Seattle, age, contact - People Search
  164. Looking to meet my Bio-father Rex in Austin, TX: old, last name, adopted - People Search
  165. Looking for childhood friends: street, lost, last name, member - People Search
  166. search for an old gf from corpus christi tx from 1989-90: name, first - People Search
  167. Ruth Marianne Soffer and Eveline Dorith Soffer born in Austria: daughters, Kansas - People Search
  168. Looking for Kaye Wright former member of RCAF: daughters, name, Canada - People Search
  169. looking for Rudolph and Rose Mary Degasperi's relatives: friends, father, address - People Search
  170. looking for my birth father: baby, names, Columbus, Ohio - People Search
  171. Looking for my lost sisters: picture, old, names, adoption - People Search
  172. sgt.Harvey MacDougall: father, name, American, Texas - People Search
  173. Girl in Sussana Shopping Centre(In love): friend, name, about - People Search
  174. Help finding father in El Salvador,: children, photos, friend - People Search
  175. Looking for my dad Hans Koch born 3 August 1940 in Duisburg: old, father - People Search
  176. searching my father: child, old, Germany, country - People Search
  177. Looking for Peggy Strang: where - People Search
  178. Need Help finding...: where, married - People Search
  179. help me to find my friend in Libya: name, German - People Search
  180. Paul, from who recently moved from Littleton to Cedaridge near Delta, COLO: person, Colorado - People Search
  181. seeking family history- John Wiley, Shreveport LA: area, information, area - People Search
  182. Missing Niece: sisters, father, name, area - People Search
  183. Looking for children of Wallace John Johnson: name, Washington, Oregon - People Search
  184. Looking for Keith Beetle Bailey of Ider Alabama: friend, relatives - People Search
  185. Looking for Kim who was the hair stylist at Salon Ciero in Southpark, Charlotte: last name, where - People Search
  186. AMANDA MARIE KATLYN ASHER born APRIL 15TH OR 17TH 1995: daughter, sister, lost - People Search
  187. Searching for lost relatives in Reynosa Tamps: sister, father, name - People Search
  188. searching for my mom: old, name, birth, where - People Search
  189. Theresa Pressely and Luann Smith,: high school, looking for - People Search
  190. Looking for William Walker, former LCDR, DC, USN: friends, old, member - People Search
  191. need medical: names, birth, adopted, looking for - People Search
  192. looking for my father: New York, living, ago - People Search
  193. Looking for Curtis O'Neil Sanford: sister, find, born - People Search
  194. Looking for Robert Hislops in Australia: father, name, family - People Search
  195. Looking for Pamela G from Brockton, MA: country - People Search
  196. Need to find friend in Mallorca: sister, old, name, member - People Search
  197. My moms relatives?: child, dad, name, Kansas - People Search
  198. tracing hobbs relatives: street, sister, house, Albuquerque - People Search
  199. Does know Danny bonnete cruz!: father, name, address, house - People Search
  200. Searching for my Dad: father, name, Kansas, where - People Search