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  51. Joe W. Fox, was Edgemont, SD and Army in Germany in late 1950's: father, name - People Search
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  53. Waco, Texas dog breeder: name, address, person, information - People Search
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  70. Looking for Pellerino: USA, California - People Search
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  81. Bunck.: daughter, old, father, name - People Search
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  83. friend from Mineola, NY: phone, name, address, where - People Search
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  86. Seeking the R.E. Jackson family from Ironwood, MI in 1958+: children, friends - People Search
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  88. Looking for Stacey Trick!: about, ago - People Search
  89. Sharpsburg, Pa. ?: street, friends, old, lost - People Search
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  91. Funk, Nebraska? Carl Ottosson Swedes out there??: genealogy, lookup, records - People Search
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  93. lost love one in El Salvador: children, picture, sister, old - People Search
  94. Marion, IL???: location, places, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  95. Looking for my son: record, child, sisters, old - People Search
  96. tryn 2 find my dad: birth certificate, records, buy, friends - People Search
  97. Justin in Keystone (tattoo on finger): name, looking for, area - People Search
  98. Memphis, Mo.: looking for, area - People Search
  99. Roger Newman, New Hartford - People Search
  100. Frazier's in Pittmen Center/Webbs Creek: last name, area, family, looking for - People Search
  101. Suggestions (Houston - ): phone, sister, name, birth - People Search
  102. Chapmanville: records, birth, where, family - People Search
  103. Help pz Denver university: lost, finding, number - People Search
  104. John / Jack Taylor Orange County, NJ late 1880's: records, children, father - People Search
  105. Searching for Otero and Lafontaine family - Louisiana area: daughters, sister, name - People Search
  106. Looking for a long lost relative in Arkansas....: old, father, member - People Search
  107. Searching for biological father Myron Eastman: looking for, information, living, contact - People Search
  108. A lost friend from Arkoma: old, name, where, about - People Search
  109. looking for someone.: name, high school, ago - People Search
  110. Family History . . .: records, father, birth, Kansas - People Search
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  117. Daggets Mill, Tioga County PA: area, family, searching, mother - People Search
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  120. Looking For The Nugent: family, information, about - People Search
  121. Tryin' to Find 'Er: friend, sister, lost, address - People Search
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  123. Union Springs: names, Alabama, where, American - People Search
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  126. Looking For My Long Time Best Friend Called Sonia N'dri: lost, name - People Search
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  128. Seeking Mason or Fisher Family bibles: records, children, member, locate - People Search
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  130. Vernon Houston McDermott: looking for, information - People Search
  131. Wanted! I'm looking for an old friend!: friends, name, member - People Search
  132. search a person in glendale heights: name, searching, important - People Search
  133. Looking for birth mom of Cheryl Anne Welker NYC: father, name, information - People Search
  134. Towle: children, looking for, about - People Search
  135. Looking for Dennis from Harrison, MI - People Search
  136. Looking for someone...Binky.. DENVER area?: friend, old, lost - People Search
  137. Manassas, VA 1960's-1970's Kathy Dupree her Father was Preacher: daughter, last name - People Search
  138. Looking for Glover Family: county, father, name, birth - People Search
  139. Genealogy: Pennsylvania, looking for, information, about - People Search
  140. Looking for data: daughter, about - People Search
  141. Paul Norton: friend, old, address, where - People Search
  142. Looking for Debbie Mclow - People Search
  143. from Alapaha?: name, trying to find, contact - People Search
  144. Covington, Louisiana: last name, relatives, looking for, contact - People Search
  145. oconto falls: sisters, name, looking for - People Search
  146. Christy Shiflett? ID? CA? or Spain?: friend, sister, name - People Search
  147. Looking for family members of Beverly Shipman Wheeler: relatives, brother, grandparents - People Search
  148. Jeanette Kotey - Okmulgee, OK: friend, name, Oklahoma, trying to find - People Search
  149. looking for Tanya: lost, trying to find - People Search
  150. Ancestry research - Pacelli: record, sister, father, names - People Search
  151. Looking for a friend: name, addresses, New York, about - People Search
  152. Lost Friends in Idabel: old, name, looking for, city - People Search
  153. Looking for esmeralda garza and juan m garza: phone, children, daughter - People Search
  154. Do you have news about this friend?: name, address, New York - People Search
  155. Looking for my friend...I need help!!: name, person, SC - People Search
  156. My Family surname Birch: street, names, house, Pennsylvania - People Search
  157. Richard and Bessie Scott family - Kentucky: location, names, member - People Search
  158. St. Peters medical center New Brunswick - People Search
  159. AKUTAN - looking for Ernesto!: information - People Search
  160. Reunion '07 for BS Rochester - People Search
  161. Help Locate Joseph Austin Carr: old, father, Columbus, where - People Search
  162. Seeking Rick Baker - Paducah, KY: picture, old, brother, looking for - People Search
  163. Richardson Family - Baton Rouge or Bastrop, LA: birth certificate, father, name - People Search
  164. looking for Rock family (patterson, bayou vista): children, father, name - People Search
  165. looking for pasted resident of hovin, SD: information - People Search
  166. Saraniti/VANGA/GRASSIA: last name, birth, adopted, find - People Search
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  168. Does know this family?: county, name, member, looking for - People Search
  169. Looking From Linda Darby Ford, Houston, Ms: about - People Search
  170. looking for sister: phone, Seattle, family, mother - People Search
  171. Tehama -seeking: CA, family, looking for, find - People Search
  172. Woodstock VA History - Koeppen's Family ???: records, person, information - People Search
  173. Rib Lake: friend, old, contact - People Search
  174. Tonya, moved from St Louis to San Fran 1991-93: name, San Francisco, looking for - People Search
  175. Family Needed: father, member, cemetery, area - People Search
  176. Searching for relatives and land of Lee K. Haggard: child, trying to find, born - People Search
  177. Wade Daniels from Grove, OK: friends, old, lost, name - People Search
  178. Missing girl from ND: children, photos, name, house - People Search
  179. Looking for my babies: old - People Search
  180. imformation on a friend: phone, address, area, married - People Search
  181. Friend Search: Nathaniel Goodson from Bossier City, LA: lost, missing - People Search
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  183. Looking For Someone Help*: sister, lost, dad, name - People Search
  184. Oneonta - Franklin: looking for, information, about - People Search
  185. Family of Mrs. Morris B. Frick -- West Virginia - Camp Shelby, MS: photos, old - People Search
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  187. I need help from residents of Albuquerque: phone, relatives, where - People Search
  188. Looking for my biological father - F. Green(e): street, name, where - People Search
  189. Looking for Paul Sherman: friend, name, Kentucky, searching - People Search
  190. Looking For Bob & Ewida Woods?: street, friends, old, father - People Search
  191. Garnett, KS: where, looking for, about, ago - People Search
  192. EMERGENCY!! Trying to find Claire I. Ford/Allen.: phone, friend, name - People Search
  193. Yelm Family Search: member, Seattle, real estate, where - People Search
  194. looking for Joe from Mt Vernon - HELP!: name, address, age - People Search
  195. Looking for Brits who live/work in New York: contact - People Search
  196. I am looking for information about a boy that was burned in Baxley Georgia: sister, name - People Search
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  200. Help Catch This Guy!!! $1000 REWARD: house, Sacramento, area, information - People Search