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  1. Relocating to SC, but where?: Charleston, Greenville: real estate, rent, sex offenders - South Carolina
  2. Playing with the idea of moving to South Carolina: Charleston: insurance, crime rate (SC)
  3. relocation to SC: Columbia, Chapin: townhouse, retirement, best - South Carolina
  4. out there that presently lives in SUMTER?: Dillon, Oakland: real estate, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  5. Discount Tire and/or RevereWare Cookware: Charleston, Greenville: sale, Valentine's day, buy - South Carolina (SC)
  6. Vance, SC or Orangeburg, SC needed!: Charleston, Myrtle Beach: homes, living - South Carolina
  7. SC questions: Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston: insurance, home, employment - South Carolina
  8. Pension tax in SC: York: income, taxes, living - South Carolina
  9. Best coastal SC town for children and fishing!: Charleston, Mount Pleasant: real estate, house - South Carolina
  10. Help..Where to live with dogs: Summerville: house, restrictions, summer - South Carolina (SC)
  11. Smoking on City Sidewalks: Florence: city hall, schools, ordinance - South Carolina (SC)
  12. Moving to SC: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: best city, rent, low crime - South Carolina
  13. Drought restrictions all of state?: Columbia, Charleston: gardening, area, places - South Carolina (SC)
  14. Summerville or Columbia: Charleston, Lexington, Walterboro: low crime, best schools, place to live - South Carolina (SC)
  15. Is GOOD employment available for an industrial electrician in SC.: Anderson: job, small town - South Carolina
  16. Beaufort vs. Charleston: Mount Pleasant, Port Royal, North: high crime, how much, public schools - South Carolina (SC)
  17. Which town????: Charleston, Greenville, Summerville: insurance, house, movies - South Carolina (SC)
  18. Bluffton schools: private schools, education, teachers - South Carolina (SC)
  19. What's the weather like in Landrum? really humid?: moving, thunderstorms - South Carolina (SC)
  20. Relocating from NJ to SC: Columbia, Charleston: rental, home, unemployment rate - South Carolina
  21. Good place to Eat: Aiken: food, catholic church, locations - South Carolina (SC)
  22. What's with all the no swimming signs on Sullivans Island?: Isle of Palms: dangerous, safest - South Carolina (SC)
  23. Wanting to Relocate: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: home, employment, wage - South Carolina (SC)
  24. Medieval Times Kids free ALL Feb. Shows!: North: dinner, summer - South Carolina (SC)
  25. Military in Travelers Rest: Greenwood, North: home, where to live, vs. - South Carolina (SC)
  26. retirement/ aiken/goose creek/ beaufort: Columbia, Charleston: transplants, crime, new home - South Carolina (SC)
  27. SC Vehicle Registration: Georgetown, Central: insurance, DMV, property tax - South Carolina
  28. Charleston, SC vs. Portland, OR: Isle of Palms: transplants, credit, loan - South Carolina
  29. Wanting to move to South Carolina: Florence, Myrtle Beach: live in, moving to, best (SC)
  30. has heard anything about Brookstone Apartments in Rock Hill?: shopping mall, area - South Carolina (SC)
  31. Visiting SC: Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg: renting, hotel, houses - South Carolina
  32. Spring is in the air: home, living, shop - South Carolina (SC)
  33. Rock Hill SC needed!!!: Riverview: membership, place, work - South Carolina
  34. andrews, sc teacher: Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown: apartments, high school, living - South Carolina (SC)
  35. Nice experience while on trip to SC (Pendleton): Clemson, North: garage, car - South Carolina
  36. Help us get out of the northeast!!: Charleston, Hilton Head Island: cul-de-sac, real estate - South Carolina (SC)
  37. Relocating & Looking for Dog Agility in Aiken: North: taxes, prices - South Carolina (SC)
  38. Do I bring shorts or jumpers?: car, clothes, winter - South Carolina (SC)
  39. pawleys island, litchfield, Murrells inlet relocation: Georgetown: real estate, insurance, how much - South Carolina (SC)
  40. Looking for realtor in Blacksburg area: short sale, house, town - South Carolina (SC)
  41. SC Health Insurance: York: house, employment, to buy - South Carolina
  42. Questions South Carolina And North Carolina Relocation Advices: Myrtle Beach: spring break, real estate (SC)
  43. Is it beach weather: Hilton Head Island, Surfside Beach: how much, college, pool - South Carolina (SC)
  44. Relocating to work in Pageland, need help.: Lancaster, Chester: transfer to, private school - South Carolina (SC)
  45. The Nostalgic Park at Broadway at the Beach: Myrtle Beach: prices, trailer - South Carolina (SC)
  46. Ossian or Bluffton?: North: houses, purchase, school district - South Carolina (SC)
  47. Toll Brothers in SC: Charleston, Hardeeville: houses, landscaping, live - South Carolina
  48. Public/Non-Profit Business in S.C.?: Orangeburg, North: fit in, job market, buy - South Carolina (SC)
  49. I neeed advice...: Columbia, Charleston: apartment, to rent, crime - South Carolina (SC)
  50. Family Of 5 Looking To Relocate From Midwest: Greenville: how much, home - South Carolina (SC)
  51. Bishopville Sc ?: Columbia, Sumter, Florence: home, to buy, private school - South Carolina (SC)
  52. Young Couple From Maryland Looking For Change: Columbia, Charleston: spring break, sales - South Carolina (SC)
  53. House Hunting in Florence - Looking for Community Recommendations: how much, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  54. visiting Florence for relocation. what to see?: Columbia, Charleston: home, college - South Carolina (SC)
  55. relocating from NYC to South Carolina: Columbia, York: homes, employment, neighborhood (SC)
  56. relocating from NYC to North Carolina...again: employment, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  57. Moving To S Crolina: Columbia, Charleston: for sale, real estate, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  58. Moccasins and Harley T-shirt: Aiken: purchase, store, places - South Carolina (SC)
  59. Insurance, and Homeowner costs: Columbia, Socastee: real estate, home owners insurance, house - South Carolina (SC)
  60. Cross Island Parkway?: Hilton Head Island, Beaufort: how much, live, business - South Carolina (SC)
  61. Woodside Plantation: Aiken: homes, buy, good schools - South Carolina (SC)
  62. florence ,sc: insurance, homes, transfer - South Carolina (SC)
  63. WHERE WOULD YOU PREFER TO LIVE: NC or SC Foothills?: Greenville: real estate, crime - South Carolina
  64. help me!: Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach: hotels, find a job, theater - South Carolina (SC)
  65. Aiken or Columbia for USC: Charleston, Isle of Palms: apartments, rent, homes - South Carolina
  66. Need: Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach: school, salaries, price - South Carolina (SC)
  67. Federal retiree taxes?: Charleston, Welcome, North: sales, homes, transfer - South Carolina (SC)
  68. Withers Preserve?: Myrtle Beach: townhouses, theater, construction - South Carolina (SC)
  69. Palmetto's Finest Award Schools: Pawleys Island: high school, island, reputation - South Carolina (SC)
  70. WOW People are more friendly in South Carolina: Myrtle Beach, Hartsville: sales, to live in (SC)
  71. Confused about Pawley's Island.......Litchfield Beach.....: Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet: apartments, rentals, condo - South Carolina (SC)
  72. Edgefield/Aiken Fuel Prices????: Central: house, moving, small town - South Carolina (SC)
  73. Vacation: SC or NC: Charleston: price, shop, beach - South Carolina
  74. Looking for information on Bluffton area: Charleston, Mount Pleasant: insurance, pros and cons, income - South Carolina (SC)
  75. Relocating: Charleston, Myrtle Beach, North: find a job, salaries, professionals - South Carolina (SC)
  76. INFORMATION 911!Job opportunities/realestate: house, job openings, high school - South Carolina (SC)
  77. ICW, Mountains and not too crowded: living, relocating to, deal - South Carolina (SC)
  78. looking for shopping close to Honea path: Columbia, Anderson: low crime, house - South Carolina (SC)
  79. Which coastal town would you choose?: Charleston, Beaufort: house, buy, living in - South Carolina (SC)
  80. Building a house near Aiken: appliances, new home, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  81. SC Background: Columbia, Charleston, Aiken: insurance, look for a job, universities - South Carolina
  82. What can you get for $250,000 in your area?: Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island: real estate, HOA - South Carolina (SC)
  83. Looking to move from VT to SC: Columbia, Charleston: homeowners insurance, low crime - South Carolina
  84. Moving to SC from the UK and Massachusetts: Columbia, Charleston: how much, public schools - South Carolina
  85. What about SC?: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: home, job market, subdivisions - South Carolina
  86. Where are the Candidates going to be in SC?: Columbia: hotels, homes - South Carolina
  87. Help needed by Englishman!: Myrtle Beach: credit, employment, school - South Carolina (SC)
  88. Greenville or Columbia for a single female 49?: Charleston, Taylors: home, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  89. Living in Bluffton versus Mt. Pleasant: Charleston, Mount Pleasant: real estate, house, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  90. Moving to SC in search of a gov. job: Charleston: house, universities - South Carolina
  91. Looking for land in Richburg, SC: husband, acre - South Carolina
  92. Need help looking for a house in Anderson: Greenville, Mauldin: real estate, lease - South Carolina (SC)
  93. North Carolina or South Carolina?: Parris Island, Jackson: taxes, military, moving (SC)
  94. Ready to leave NoVA area but not sure where to go: Charleston: how much, living - South Carolina (SC)
  95. Loris: Conway: real estate, sex offenders, assessor - South Carolina (SC)
  96. nice to Stay: Aiken: hotel, house, price - South Carolina (SC)
  97. tile contractors: Lancaster, Fort Mill, York: live in, installer, kitchen - South Carolina (SC)
  98. needed: Greenville, Anderson, Myrtle Beach: low crime, homes, school district - South Carolina (SC)
  99. relocation: Conway, Georgetown, Pawleys Island: rental, safe neighborhood, school district - South Carolina (SC)
  100. Murrell's Inlet: Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach: sales, home owners insurance, home - South Carolina (SC)
  101. change in property taxes: Aiken: sales, insurance, home - South Carolina (SC)
  102. What is it with all the yankees?: North: transplants, home - South Carolina (SC)
  103. Move in Year or so but where?: Columbia, Mount Pleasant: sales, insurance - South Carolina (SC)
  104. Where to go after the military?: Columbia, Aiken: living, to move, nightlife - South Carolina (SC)
  105. move to SC: Myrtle Beach, Socastee: to rent, live in, safe - South Carolina
  106. Cities in SC that stay green for most of the winter?: Columbia: to live, pine - South Carolina
  107. Charleston, SC vs. Jacksonville, FL: Isle of Palms: employment, wages, living - South Carolina
  108. Moving from WI: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: transplants, crime, credit - South Carolina (SC)
  109. Social Workers?: Charleston, Myrtle Beach: homes, moving to, license - South Carolina (SC)
  110. SC 4th worst for drunk driving fatalities: sales, to buy - South Carolina
  111. More on Sumter: Columbia, Charleston: low income, real estate, crime - South Carolina (SC)
  112. Anderson weather today: Mauldin, Pawleys Island: tax, beach, friendly - South Carolina (SC)
  113. How is Florence, South Carolina???: Charleston, Greenville: renter, crime, employment (SC)
  114. due west, sc: Anderson, Greenwood: college, living, restaurants - South Carolina (SC)
  115. Activities in Aiken?: Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach: best schools, university, camping - South Carolina (SC)
  116. Single and moving to Bluffton, SC: Columbia, Charleston: buying a home, buying, living in - South Carolina
  117. Where is the best place to move in SC: Columbia: lease, low crime - South Carolina
  118. Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet, or Pawleys Isalnd, Help me make a choice: Myrtle Beach: for sale - South Carolina (SC)
  119. Thinking of moving to easley: Greenville: low crime, homes, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  120. Vacationin Akien S.C: Aiken: hotel, house, live - South Carolina (SC)
  121. recommendations: Columbia, North Augusta, Welcome: relocating to, cities, small towns - South Carolina (SC)
  122. Rheumatoid Arthritis: living in, military, vs - South Carolina (SC)
  123. Moving to SC?: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: transplants, insurance, house - South Carolina
  124. Banning sex with students: school district, law, teachers - South Carolina (SC)
  125. Looking to move south Possibly SC or FL: Columbia, Charleston: to rent, insurance - South Carolina
  126. Transferring your auto registration to SC: Charleston: sales, insurance, assessors - South Carolina
  127. motorcycles allowed by homeowners in hilton head gated communities: plantation, move to - South Carolina (SC)
  128. Voting in the Primary: Columbia, Charleston: real estate, DMV, beaches - South Carolina (SC)
  129. Temp/Employment Agencies: Aiken: job market, DMV, move - South Carolina (SC)
  130. Holiday in SC: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: plantations, beach, vacations - South Carolina
  131. Moving from Sacramento, CA to St. Stephen, SC: Summerville, Marion: real estate, house - South Carolina
  132. not trying to rattle feathers...: Greenville, Anderson: home, employment, college - South Carolina (SC)
  133. Leaving NJ - - not sure where to go.: Columbia: sales, real estate - South Carolina (SC)
  134. Looking to Relocate! Can you help?: Florence, Myrtle Beach: low crime, homes, good schools - South Carolina (SC)
  135. u pull it salvage yards?: Columbia, Rock Hill: live in, ferry - South Carolina (SC)
  136. Moving to Florence: Greenwood, Orangeburg, Marion: low income, section 8, apartments - South Carolina (SC)
  137. what do SC'ers think of Yankee transplants?: Charleston, Greenville: transporting, home - South Carolina
  138. Moving from VA Beach, VA to Aiken, SC (to work in Augusta, GA)...Help!!!: Columbia: apartment complex, to rent - South Carolina
  139. Where's the snow??: Columbia, Piedmont, North: home, live, move - South Carolina (SC)
  140. The Sumter County John & Jane Doe from 1976: Florence, Arial: insurance, crime - South Carolina (SC)
  141. Can I move out at 17 in southcarolina?: car insurance, credit score - South Carolina (SC)
  142. Moving to Florence, SC - Looking for Nice Area: Columbia: rent, buying a home - South Carolina
  143. Cities in Mountains?: Greenville: employment, to buy, good schools - South Carolina (SC)
  144. Looking to move to South Carolina: Charleston, Florence: fit in, real estate, to rent (SC)
  145. Charlotte,NC or Columbia,SC or Greenville, SC: Charleston, Rock Hill: low crime, employment - South Carolina
  146. NC vs SC Taxes: North: sales, real estate, insurance - South Carolina
  147. Information on Edgefield,SC: Aiken, Greenwood: crime rate, mobile home, job market - South Carolina
  148. Schools : NJ vs SC: Summerville, Fort Mill: home, neighborhoods, school districts - South Carolina
  149. SC is 10th fastest growing state: North: for sale, crime, loan - South Carolina
  150. Cheap Golf in SC?: Columbia, Sumter: homes, purchasing, luxury - South Carolina
  151. best coastal area to raise a family: Charleston, Summerville: transplants, low crime - South Carolina (SC)
  152. New Moving to Aiken, SC: Columbia, North: fit in, transplants, how much - South Carolina
  153. Shaw AFB/Sumter, SC: Dalzell, Oakland: apartments, rental, houses - South Carolina
  154. Road trip... Greenville, Anderson, Aiken?: Laurens, Jackson: hotel, camping, restaurants - South Carolina (SC)
  155. Driver License: Welcome: rental, insurance, DMV - South Carolina (SC)
  156. Moving To Sc: Sumter: real estate, mobile home, live - South Carolina (SC)
  157. Coastal Carolina University?: Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Clemson: high school, universities, restaurant - South Carolina (SC)
  158. Charleston or Hilton Head?: Mount Pleasant, Hilton Head Island: fit in, transplants, real estate - South Carolina (SC)
  159. places to AVOID in S.C.?: Columbia, Charleston: homes, elementary school - South Carolina (SC)
  160. Thinking of moving to Greenwood, SC..I need your help!: Columbia: sales, crime - South Carolina
  161. Salaries in SC: Charleston, Myrtle Beach: real estate, lawyers, home - South Carolina
  162. Looking for walkable city or area in NC, SC, TN: Columbia: condos, townhomes - South Carolina
  163. University of South Carolina or College of Charleston?: Columbia, Clemson: apartment complex, homes (SC)
  164. Moderate Climate in SC?: Aiken, Myrtle Beach: college, income, living - South Carolina
  165. Professsional Lesbians: Columbia, Charleston: neighborhood, construction, professionals - South Carolina (SC)
  166. Sick Of Dillon..: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: crime, house, find a job - South Carolina (SC)
  167. where oh where can I move?: Columbia, Greenville: house, to buy, luxury - South Carolina (SC)
  168. Charleston, SC vs. Portland, OR: Columbia, Greenville: transplants, real estate, mortgage - South Carolina
  169. Are they closing Bombay Outlet?: Columbia, Gaffney: sales, bankruptcy, prices - South Carolina (SC)
  170. Pedro's South of the Border--Dillon SC: Myrtle Beach, Gaffney: amusement park, buy, live - South Carolina
  171. Southeast Drought: Columbia, North, Clarks Hill: transplants, to live, gardens - South Carolina (SC)
  172. Best City in South Carolina.. Need Help!!!: Columbia, Charleston: best cities, homes (SC)
  173. yes, another weather: Columbia, Summerville: transplants, hotel, house - South Carolina (SC)
  174. Moving Early '08: North Augusta, Fountain Inn, North: apartment, rental, crime rates - South Carolina (SC)
  175. Myrytle Beach area mobile homes: homeowners insurance, lawsuits, homeowner - South Carolina (SC)
  176. Harbor Island: public schools, shop, activities - South Carolina (SC)
  177. Looking for Thomas Darden Richardson in Reevesville, S.C.: living in, good - South Carolina (SC)
  178. Thinking of Retirement in Pee Dee: Conway: military, health, area - South Carolina (SC)
  179. on Hilton Head beach rentals/beaches: oceanfront, getaway - South Carolina (SC)
  180. Beaufort Area schools and neighborhoods?: vacation home, private schools, taxes - South Carolina (SC)
  181. Finding an apartment: Charleston: apartments, move to, best - South Carolina (SC)
  182. Voting in the primary? Find your polling location: Charleston, Florence: residential, counties - South Carolina (SC)
  183. Coming Home: Florence, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown: job market, live, to move - South Carolina (SC)
  184. State announces the finalists for Palmetto Gold Schools: elementary, parent - South Carolina (SC)
  185. housing in summerville: Hollywood, Ravenel: motorhome, high school, live in - South Carolina (SC)
  186. relocate to sc..need suggestions: employment, good schools, to live - South Carolina (SC)
  187. Relocate to Walhalla from Lowcountry?: Charleston: home, school district, quality of life - South Carolina (SC)
  188. Help-Need Fast Short Term Rentalin N. Charleston area: rental, moving to - South Carolina (SC)
  189. Sam's Club: Aiken: traffic - South Carolina (SC)
  190. PHCS medical coverage in SC (from Ohio): Charleston, Florence: insurance, university - South Carolina
  191. Black-eyed peas: York, Williams: construction, manufacturing, food - South Carolina (SC)
  192. beaufort area inexpensive living?: Burton: real estate, insurance, taxes - South Carolina (SC)
  193. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: pictures, town, great - South Carolina (SC)
  194. Townhouse/Duplex Help !!: Columbia, Cayce: apartments, townhouses, subdivision - South Carolina (SC)
  195. SC state employment: Charleston, Myrtle Beach: beach, jobs, looking for - South Carolina
  196. A couple of articles on affordable housing along the Grand Strand: loans, market - South Carolina (SC)
  197. Looking for 5-20 acres in Richburg, SC?: schools, land - South Carolina
  198. Retirement in SC?: renting, buying, centers - South Carolina
  199. HHI traffic: live in, island, job - South Carolina (SC)
  200. SC Website on Public Schools: students, poverty, parents - South Carolina