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  1. North KCMO School Districts: Kansas City, Liberty: buy, living in, zoning - Missouri
  2. What shops in K.C. has analog audio equipment for sale such as vinyl turntables?: Kansas City: buy - Missouri (MO)
  3. Hostels in the KC metro area - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  4. What to order at gates?: buy, food, best - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  5. KC rated worst cities for violent crime: Kansas City: 2015, live - Missouri (MO)
  6. Kansas City can learn something from . . . Des Moines??: insurance, construction - Missouri (MO)
  7. Rental Recommendations or Management Companies To Use?: Overland, Craig: apartment complexes, rental homes - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  8. Johnson County is NOT responsible for KCMO's decline: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: how much, college - Missouri
  9. Yordano Ventura: Rea: home, car, land - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  10. Hyatt downtown: Kansas City, Leawood, Denver: appointed, 2015, apartments - Missouri (MO)
  11. Things to do with a 4 day weekend (wife and4 year old): Liberty: middle-class, 2013 - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  12. Why does Kansas City have NO IDEA what mixed use means?: Lee's Summit: apartment complex - Missouri (MO)
  13. Can't find a job with decent salary: for sale, health insurance - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  14. Interstate 70 or 670 to get across Kansas City?: St. Louis: airport, area - Missouri (MO)
  15. Downtown Office Vacancy Rates Suggest New Building Needed?: tenants, buildings - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  16. $554 million in incentives to bring 3500 seat amphitheater to Kansas.: Overland: 2014, neighborhoods - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  17. I'm looking to test drive a Nissan Cube or Scion XB in North KC: Kansas City: 2015 - Missouri (MO)
  18. Public Transportation from downtown to Cerner (North Kansas City)?: apartment, insurance - Missouri (MO)
  19. Old house Independence, MO: Jackson, Lambert: real estate, neighborhood, theater - Kansas City, Missouri
  20. Need Understanding Doctor in Kansas City: Rea: quality of life, live, car - Missouri (MO)
  21. Lee's Summit sports complex: Kansas City, Independence: lease, tenants, tax - Missouri (MO)
  22. BBQ restaurant: Overland, Center, Hayward: college, live, restaurants - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  23. Arborwalk in Lees Summit: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: new home, neighborhood, to buy - Missouri (MO)
  24. Taxable horsepower: title, car, gasoline - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  25. Pano of KCMO from Waldo to Briarcliff: Center: how much, tree - Kansas City, Missouri
  26. Population of urban cores of KCMO and KCK doing better than projected: neighborhoods - Kansas City, Missouri
  27. Need apartment alternatives with short term notice...: apartment complexes, rent - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  28. Congratulations made KC the laughing stock on national television -_- - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  29. thinking of moving to sugar creek, mo: Kansas City, Independence: low crime, houses - Missouri (MO)
  30. Need on safe affordable temp housing near Research Hospital: extended stay, apartments - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  31. Parkville Area: Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty: homes, safe area, theater - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  32. Month to Month Corporate furnished Housing: Kansas City, Blue Springs: apartments, relocating to, properties - Missouri (MO)
  33. Needed - Possibly Moving to KC,KS: Kansas City: rent, student loan - Missouri (MO)
  34. Looking for your favorite locally owned KC business!: Overland: real estate, neighborhood - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  35. Favorite Chicago style pizza: Overland: restaurant, shop, business - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  36. KC Suburb Analytics: Overland, California: rent, pros and cons, living - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  37. Big Xmas trees -- looking for a big one...: Platte City: farm, sell - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  38. KCK Land Bank: for sale, best, properties - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  39. KC is a neat place: Kansas City, Raytown: homes, wedding, salaries - Missouri (MO)
  40. Talk to me about Gladstone and commutable neighborhoods!: Kansas City: homes, to buy - Missouri (MO)
  41. Gluten Free in KC?: Independence, Crestwood: allergy, restaurants, to eat - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  42. KC Streetcar going off the tracks?: Kansas City, Rea: taxi, car tax, living - Missouri (MO)
  43. Is KC area still mainly Democratic?: Independence, Raytown: wealthy, suburbs, estate - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  44. Sprint Center to be home of new AHL team (AAA affiliate of St Louis Blues): Kansas City: middle school - Missouri (MO)
  45. KC BBQ! - a nice informative article on KC's Cue...: Kansas City: living, food - Missouri (MO)
  46. How important is the KC area to MO vs KS?: Kansas City: land, best - Missouri
  47. Metro KC will now have four Bass Pro Shops?: Independence: buy, construction - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  48. Favorite hidden gems around downtown KC: Grandview, Hannibal: city hall, condo, houses - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  49. Where can I have a car title transfer done in Kansas City, MO.?: sale - Missouri
  50. Where can we get a channel guide ?: Kansas City: buy, price - Missouri (MO)
  51. Good Job Growth for KC: Kansas City, St. Louis: 2015, bankrupt, statistics - Missouri (MO)
  52. Oak Meyer Gardens / Brookside area: Kansas City, Leawood: safe area, to live in, restaurants - Missouri (MO)
  53. Moving from DC. Fairway, mission hills, Leawood, PV?: Kansas City, Union: real estate market, to rent - Missouri (MO)
  54. Leawood, KS: Kansas City: buying a home, transferring to, safe area - Missouri (MO)
  55. New college grad moving to job in Overland Park: Union: apartments, condos - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  56. RN Salaries in Kansas City?: Denver: rent, schools, university - Missouri (MO)
  57. Park Hill District Schools: Parkville: fit in, real estate, apartments - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  58. A quick tour of KCMO for relocation...Recommendations !!: Kansas City: for sale, real estate - Missouri
  59. Received a 3day quit notice: rent, eviction, lawyer - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  60. Traveler's on weather!: home, schools, station - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  61. Recent college grad moving to KC with roommate: Kansas City, Rea: apartments, rental - Missouri (MO)
  62. Lee's Summit School high schools: houses, purchasing, school district - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  63. Tomorrow May 20th, 60th anniversity of worst tornando to ever hit KC Metro: Kansas City: neighborhood - Missouri (MO)
  64. Planet Money takes on the MO-KS border war: gated, tax - Kansas City, Missouri
  65. driving from phoenix to kansas city midweek: Mexico, Liberal: motels, construction - Missouri (MO)
  66. Good Auto Repair Shops in KC?: Kansas City: home, car - Missouri (MO)
  67. News: Another Obamacare insurer just quit, leaving 25 Missouri counties with no options: Republic: health insurance - Kansas City, (MO)
  68. Dog Curbing Laws?: Kansas City: high school, living in, move to - Missouri (MO)
  69. why did KC annex all the land up North?: Kansas City: to live, suburban - Missouri (MO)
  70. New Hyatt: summer, work, year - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  71. Downtown Embassy Suites and Holiday Inn: hotel, construction, interstate - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  72. Cable/internet feedback: Rea: neighborhoods, school, moving to - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  73. Dr. James VanBiber and Dr. Pugh in Independence: houses, tenants - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  74. Kansas City aiming for Smartest City in America: live, cost - Missouri (MO)
  75. Two large mixed use developments coming to Lee's Summit: St. Louis: apartments, how much - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  76. Another Example of Opposition to Density: Kansas City, Overland: real estate, hotel - Missouri (MO)
  77. Best time of year to buy a house in KC?: Overland: real estate, mortgage - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  78. Where is the crime the worst in Independence, MO?: St. Louis: section 8, apartment complex - Kansas City, Missouri
  79. How is the Night life in KCMO?: Kansas City, St. Louis: neighborhoods, taxi - Missouri
  80. KC's urban recreation infrastructure may be turning a major corner...: Kansas City: apartments, how much - Missouri (MO)
  81. Blue Valley School District schools: Liberty, Overland: house, education, ratings - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  82. Kansas City History Tour: Independence, Liberty: house, neighborhood, tornado - Missouri (MO)
  83. Independent diamond appraisal for diamond engagement ring?: Kansas City, Clayton: credit, home - Missouri (MO)
  84. Moving advice: apartment, lease, car registration - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  85. Where are the Motels?: Kansas City, Independence: for sale, hotels, neighborhood - Missouri (MO)
  86. Lawn work and movers and stuff: appointed, new home, transfer - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  87. Casino in down town kansas city: casinos, bus, station - Missouri (MO)
  88. Recommended Home Security Alarm Companies?: new house, buy, price - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  89. Is there Pakistani or Indian or Russian or Ukrainian shops or grocery stores in the KC area: Overland: neighborhood - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  90. Visiting KC in two weeks---a few questions....: Liberty, Union: to rent, how much - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  91. List Luxury Apartments - Overland Park: Weston, Leawood: apartment complexes, rental, houses - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  92. Move to Kansas City After College: Lee's Summit, Blue Springs: best suburbs, apartments - Missouri (MO)
  93. Whats the average tip amount a server makes at a restaurant in kansas city?: hotel - Missouri (MO)
  94. What to see and do in kansas city kansas: Camden: neighborhood, live in - Missouri (MO)
  95. Is there a used car dealer in KC that has lots of subcompact cars?: Kansas City: buying - Missouri (MO)
  96. Former Missouri Western football player killed: Grandview: home, college, place - Kansas City, (MO)
  97. KC Area Schools & Suburbs: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: new home, neighborhoods, school districts - Missouri (MO)
  98. Brookridge Project in Overland Park (Antioch and 435): Kansas City, Lee's Summit: neighborhoods, quality of life - Missouri (MO)
  99. Overland Park tower to be imploded: Center: real estate, lease, crime - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  100. Why are rents higher in KS than MO parts of the metro?: Independence: 2013, apartment complex - Kansas City, Missouri
  101. Moving to Lee Summit. Discouraged with HOA's: Independence, Lee's Summit: appointed, real estate - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  102. Kansas City Apartments: Union, Rea: best neighborhoods, renters, lofts - Missouri (MO)
  103. I'm getting tired of angry politics...: Washington, Weaubleau: high school, college, wage - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  104. Is Kansas City a Western city?: Pacific: fit in, home, airport - Missouri (MO)
  105. Should we be concerned about the Plaza: Weaubleau, Nelson: hotels, landscaping - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  106. Apartment Hunting in the 'Burbs: Kansas City, Overland: apartments, rent, homes - Missouri (MO)
  107. The Kansas City Zoo: Jackson: how much, cost of, discounts - Missouri (MO)
  108. Buying an affordable home in KC: Kansas City, Independence: how much, buying a home, landscaping - Missouri (MO)
  109. Another Example of KC's Small Town Attitude (by: Kansas City: middle-class, apartments - Missouri (MO)
  110. Election a stunning victory for KC government and now the hard work starts: Kansas City: sales, city hall - Missouri (MO)
  111. Reflections on Kansas City from a 3.5 year resident.: Republic, Pacific: sales, apartment complexes - Missouri (MO)
  112. Might move from Plaza to Overland Park.: Kansas City, Independence: apartments, rent - Missouri (MO)
  113. Moving from PA to Kansas City: Lee's Summit, Gladstone: house, transferring to, safe area - Missouri (MO)
  114. I can't believe this is still such a problem in KC...: Kansas City: crime rates, buying a house - Missouri (MO)
  115. KC Nostalgia: Kansas City, St. Louis, Lee's Summit: sales, apartments, motels - Missouri (MO)
  116. Indian Creek Trail homicides: Kansas City: fit in, apartment complex, crime - Missouri (MO)
  117. History of KC National Prominence and Perception?: Kansas City, Springfield: home, to buy - Missouri (MO)
  118. This is why KC will never see a new office tower go up downtown...: St. Louis: real estate, apartments - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  119. Kansas City Coming Into Its Own: apartment, homes, neighborhood - Missouri (MO)
  120. Gay Couple relocation Kansas City Metro: Overland, Jackson: apartment, low crime - Missouri (MO)
  121. Living near the Plaza: Kansas City, Grandview: for sale, foreclosure, rental - Missouri (MO)
  122. Misperceptions Kansas Citians Have About KC: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: sales, hotels, buying a house - Missouri (MO)
  123. Two Airports in the Metro? Brownback wants to build an airport in Johnson County: Kansas City: how much, houses - Missouri (MO)
  124. State line and police issue?: Kansas City, Independence: high crime, house, transfer - Missouri (MO)
  125. Downtown KCMO lands a new HQ from out of town (300 jobs): Blue Springs: moving, activity - Kansas City, Missouri
  126. Removing the north leg of downtown freeway loop...: Kansas City, California: 2015, construction - Missouri (MO)
  127. Buck O'Neil Bridge: Hannibal: apartments, neighborhood, shop - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  128. What excuses does Missouri have for it poor public schools?: Kansas City: home, school district - (MO)
  129. Overland Park fire: apartments, homes, neighborhood - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  130. Downtown KCK: From Dumpster Fire to Prairie Fire?: Kansas City, Rea: lofts, townhouses - Missouri (MO)
  131. Single female, 50s, $2500 per month apartment budget: Kansas City, Overland: apartments, for rent - Missouri (MO)
  132. K.C. Photo, circa 1908. Main Street north from Twelfth.: Kansas City: 2015, city hall - Missouri (MO)
  133. Is this your neighbor?: Kansas City, Belton: live, car, friendly - Missouri (MO)
  134. Virgin Mobile Selects downtown KC for new headquarters: credit, move - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  135. So, where for Kansas to film commercials, than in Missouri.: Kansas City: buying, college - (MO)
  136. No Shipping activity on the river ? ? Why?: Kansas City, Atlanta: live, professionals - Missouri (MO)
  137. Why is Kansas city's population so small for it's size?: Jackson: how much, tax - Missouri (MO)
  138. on Good High schools -Moving from California To Kansas: Kansas City: home, best school - Missouri (MO)
  139. Relocation to (moldy?)KS (KC or Suburbs) from sunny San Diego: Independence: apartment complex, leasing agent - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  140. Boy dies at Schlitterbahn: waterpark, salary, safety - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  141. Relocation from Spfd MO to Johnson County KS- Best place to live around there: Springfield: 2015, apartment complexes - Kansas City, Missouri
  142. Sam Brownback and KS Commerce sending mass emails to MO Orgs: Kansas City: how much, hotel - Missouri
  143. Minneapolis to KC - Weather Winter): Kansas City, Weston: allergies, live - Missouri (MO)
  144. Family moving to KCMO: Kansas City, Overland: sublease, credit, how much - Missouri
  145. Plaza/Westport crime: Lee's Summit, Leawood: square footage, live, stores - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  146. Wanted: Johnson Countians Willing To Talk About Kansas Now With Me: Kansas City: real estate, sex offenders - Missouri (MO)
  147. Teachers are jumping ship in Kansas and it's getting worse: Independence: credit, school district - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  148. A few thoughts on KC...: St. Louis, Lee's Summit: apartments, credit, hotel - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  149. What is the best bbq place in kansas city: Gladstone: live, prices - Missouri (MO)
  150. Why is the streetcar getting so much backlash?: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: buy, theater - Missouri (MO)
  151. Showing family with kids around the city - Looking for recommendations: Kansas City: college, restaurant - Missouri (MO)
  152. Young Professional Moving to Kansas City area: Leawood: apartment complex, renter - Missouri (MO)
  153. moving out of OP? Advice: Independence, Lee's Summit: apartment, home - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  154. Moving from FL to KS: Kansas City, Independence: best neighborhood, insurance, homes - Missouri (MO)
  155. local help on finding a photo op?: Kansas City, Independence: price, association - Missouri (MO)
  156. Streetcar routes that would help and work for the city: Kansas City: loan, sales tax - Missouri (MO)
  157. Are there dangerous tornadoes in KC MO area??: Kansas City: tornado, earthquakes - Missouri
  158. Safest cities in Kansas and Missouri: Lee's Summit, Blue Springs: crime, statistics, metro - Kansas City, (MO)
  159. Moving to Kansas City, MO from Portland, OR: Union, Oran: sublease, apartment complex - Missouri
  160. Safe Neighborhoods in KCK/MO: Kansas City, Overland: low crime, safe area, to live - Missouri
  161. Connector Shuttles to Augment Streetcar Line: Kansas City: homes, buses, suburban - Missouri (MO)
  162. KC 1% income in KS, work in KCMO: credit rating, good schools - Kansas City, Missouri
  163. Why can't we split the Kansas side off to it's own: Kansas City: neighborhood, theater - Missouri (MO)
  164. Kansas city bbq: Rea: 2014, neighborhood, eat - Missouri (MO)
  165. Churches with Millennials?: Kansas City, Springfield: fit in, home, live in - Missouri (MO)
  166. Clay Chastain's Persistence: Kansas City: fit in, live in, light rail - Missouri (MO)
  167. Does Kansas City is boring compared to major US cities ?: Miami: schools, living - Missouri (MO)
  168. Is random crime in KC getting as bad as it looks?: Kansas City: high crime, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  169. Southwest is practically begging KC to let the airport build a new terminal: Kansas City: vs., to move - Missouri (MO)
  170. Neighborhoods of KCK: Kansas City, St. Peters, Parkville: lease, buying a home, buying - Missouri (MO)
  171. suggest good neighborhoods as 'm moving to KC in a month.: Kansas City: where to stay, 2013 - Missouri (MO)
  172. KC is terrible for single young Indian men: Kansas City: schools, live - Missouri (MO)
  173. When Northland KC population exceeds Jackson Countys: Kansas City, California: apartment, city hall - Missouri (MO)
  174. living in/around Overland Park?: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: apartments, foreclosure, rental - Missouri (MO)
  175. Investment Opportunities - Housing - Up and Coming Areas: Kansas City: real estate, renters - Missouri (MO)
  176. From the coast? You may want to think twice about moving: California: neighborhood, construction - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  177. Las Vegas To Kansas City? How Buggy Is KC?: Grandview: real estate, lease - Missouri (MO)
  178. KC Metro vs the 'Burbs: Kansas City, Overland: transplants, apartments, rent - Missouri (MO)
  179. Frontier Justice retail center coming to Village East in KCK.: Lee's Summit: high crime, hotels - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  180. Looking to move to the Kansas City area: Independence, Lee's Summit: fit in, crime - Missouri (MO)
  181. Downtown KCMO - A Fantasy Map: Liberty, Belton: fit in, rent, condos - Kansas City, Missouri
  182. To from Overland Park area, where is a good place to get on the Indian Creek Trail that is more secluded???: Kansas City: hotel, neighborhoods - Missouri (MO)
  183. Why is the kc forum so dead?: city hall, hotels - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  184. Metro KC climbs into top 20 for new construction.: Kansas City, Lee's Summit: sales, apartments - Missouri (MO)
  185. Good Dentists: Overland, Leawood: live in, office, best - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  186. Good Lord. Kansas politician embarrasses Kansas City, MO on CNN: Clinton: house, public schools - Missouri
  187. Moving to OP: Kansas City, Lee's Summit, Overland: where to stay, ski resorts, renting - Missouri (MO)
  188. Shooting on the Plaza tonight: Independence, Blue Springs: crime, neighborhood, live - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  189. Awesome Video of Kansas City's largest HO Model Train Layout.: vacation, best - Missouri (MO)
  190. Interactive slide with then and now pictures of the city: Kansas City: how much, market - Missouri (MO)
  191. New Website Charting KC Metro's Economic Progress: job, growth - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  192. Best Trade School In the Kansas City area?: home, schools - Missouri (MO)
  193. Kansas City in the Seventies: Commerce: promotional, history, video - Missouri (MO)
  194. Carrington Park Apartment staff acts like wardens KC: Kansas City: apartments, living - Missouri (MO)
  195. Has experienced sketchy billing with KCP&L before?: appliances, new house - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  196. United in more ways than Divided: video - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  197. Kansas City's Board Game Cafe Kickstarter Just Went Live!: donate, projects - Missouri (MO)
  198. Biker on Square: street - Kansas City, Missouri (MO)
  199. Who can I go to and have my naturally curly hair cut and styled in K.C.MO.?: Kansas City: live - Missouri
  200. Moving to KCMO area after college.........: living, place, degrees - Kansas City, Missouri