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Crest Hill, Illinois Neighborhood Map - Income, House Prices, Occupations, Boundaries

Based on 2000-2016 data
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Lidice neighborhood in Crest Hill statistics: (Find on map)

Area: 0.691 square miles

Highways in this neighborhood: Broadway St (State Rte 53, N Broadway St, State Rte 7); State Rte 53 (N Broadway St, State Rte 7).

Roads and streets: Theodore St (Theodore, Rte 7, Rte 7); Stern Ave; Ludwig Ave; Elsie Ave; Rose Ave; Burry Circle Dr; Inner Circle Dr; Marlboro Ln; Hosmer Ln; N Raynor Ave; Oakland Ave; Nicholson St; Highland Ave; N Center St; Clement St; N Hickory St; Cora St; Kelly Ave; Wilcox St; Dearborn St; Cowing Ln; Alma Dr; Prairie Ave; Hoffman St; Frederick Ln; Rahill Ct; Waverly Ct; Sullivan Ct; Burry Ct; Manor Ct; Rosel Ct; Elrose Ct; Waverly St; Willow Ct.

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