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Schools in Nebraska

NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
A B Newell Elementary School2700 W 13th Street, Grand Island--PK-6
Abie Public School101 Ash Box 184, Abie-11PK-8
Ackerman Elementary School5110 South 156th Street, Omaha--PK-6
Adams Central Junior-Senior High School1090 South Adams Road Box 1088, Hastings844677-12
Adams County Pre Center Base School123 Marian Road, Hastings---
Adams County School1970 E 12th Street, Hastings-71PK-6
Adams Elementary School3420 N 78th Street, Omaha48293PK-6
Adams Middle School1200 South McDonald Road, North Platte--6-8
Ainsworth Elementary School520 E 2nd Street P. O. Box 65, Ainsworth45150PK-6
Ainsworth High School520 E 2nd Street P. O. Box 65, Ainsworth--9-12
Ainsworth Middle School520 E 2nd Street P. O. Box 65, Ainsworth471635-8
Alcott Elementary School313 N Cedar, Hastings--PK-6
Alda Public School206 W 3rd Street P. O. Box 146, Alda-39PK-6
Aldrich Elementary School506 N 162 Avenue, Omaha--PK-6
Alice Buffett Middle School14101 Larimore Street, Omaha834787-8
Allen Elementary School126 E 5th Box 190, Allen--PK-6
Allen High School126 E 5th Box 190, Allen121087-12
Alliance Early Child Education Program School212 E 24th, Alliance---
Alliance High School100 W 14th Street, Alliance355919-12
Alliance Middle School1100 Laramie Avenue, Alliance--5-8
Alma Elementary At Alma School515 N Jewel P. O. Box 170, Alma-152PK-6
Alma High School515 N Jewel P. O. Box 170, Alma-1627-12
Alpha Public School60 Alpha Road, Chadron-29PK-8
Alternative Middle School1600 N Custer Avenue, Grand Island-217-8
Alternatives For Success School1122 South 13th Street Box 139, Norfolk-339-12
Amherst Elementary School100 N Sycamore Box 8, Amherst49118PK-6
Amherst High School100 N Sycamore Box 8, Amherst501557-12
Anderson Grove Elementary School11820 South 37th Street, Bellevue82206PK-6
Angora Public SchoolBox 1526, Angora-9PK-8
Ansley Elementary School1124 Cameron Street Box 370, Ansley4793PK-6
Ansley High School1124 Cameron Street Box 370, Ansley601157-12
Antelope Public School650 Antelope Road, Hay Springs-5PK-8
Arapahoe Elementary School610 Walnut Box 360, Arapahoe-181PK-6
Arapahoe High School610 Walnut Box 360, Arapahoe621487-12
Arcadia Elementary School320 W Owens Street Box 248, Arcadia-60PK-6
Arcadia High School320 W Owens Street P. O. Box 248, Arcadia-527-12
Arlington Elementary School705 N 9th Box 580, Arlington-307PK-6
Arlington High School705 N 9th Box 580, Arlington862997-12
Arnold Elementary School405 N Haskell Box 399, Arnold--PK-6
Arnold Elementary School5300 W Knight Drive, Lincoln21595PK-6
Arnold High School405 N Haskell Box 399, Arnold641027-12
Arthur County High School100 Marshall Avenue Box 145, Arthur-437-12
Arthur Elementary - Lower School212 Collins, Arthur-18PK-6
Arthur Elementary - Middle/Upper School301 Cedar, Arthur-21PK-6
Ashby Public School203 W Hill Box 127, Ashby-22PK-6
Ashland Park/Robbins School5050 South 51st Street, Omaha5016PK-6
Ashland-Greenwood Elementary School1200 Boyd Street, Ashland30444PK-6
Ashland-Greenwood High School1200 Boyd Street, Ashland632519-12
Ashland-Greenwood Middle School1200 Boyd Street, Ashland491187-8
Atkinson Elementary School407 N Holt P. O. Box 370, Atkinson69161PK-8
Auburn High School1829 Central Avenue, Auburn384327-12
Auburn Middle School1713 J Street, Auburn862034-6
Aurora Elementary School300 L Street, Aurora80680PK-6
Aurora High School300 L Street, Aurora4731410-12
Aurora Middle School300 L Street, Aurora273217-9
Avery Elementary School2107 Avery Road, Bellevue40326PK-6
Axtell Elementary School500 Main Street P. O. Box 97, Axtell80144PK-6
Axtell High School500 Main Street P. O. Box 97, Axtell361577-12
Ayr Public School1270 South First Street Box 91, Ayr-30PK-6
Ballard Marsh Public SchoolHC 37 Box 44, Valentine-4PK-8
Bancroft Elementary School2724 Riverview Boulevard, Omaha16636PK-6
Banner County Elementary School200 School Street Box 5, Harrisburg3964PK-6
Banner County High School200 School Street Box 5, Harrisburg17987-12
Banner Public SchoolHC 56 Box 20 B, Hay Springs-5PK-8
Bassett Grade School202 E Florence Box 407, Bassett6298PK-8
Battle Creek Elementary School305 South 4th P. O. Box 100, Battle Creek86177PK-6
Battle Creek High School605 Martin Street P. O. Box 100, Battle Creek892787-12
Bayard Elementary SchoolEast 8th Street Box 607, Bayard96221PK-6
Bayard Secondary SchoolEast 8th Street Box 607, Bayard242287-12
Beadle Middle School18201 Jefferson Street, Omaha-6596-8
Beals Elementary School1720 South 48th Street, Omaha18393PK-6
Beatrice High School600 Orange Boulevard, Beatrice-7359-12
Beatrice Middle School215 N 5th Street, Beatrice725276-8
Beattie Elementary School1901 Calvert Street, Lincoln-383PK-6
Beemer Elementary School815 3rd Street Box 10, Beemer2757PK-6
Bel Air Elementary School1101 N 18th Street Box 139, Norfolk-339PK-6
Belgrade Public School100 East 5th Box 98, Belgrade-10PK-8
Bell Field Elementary School1240 E 11th Street, Fremont27374PK-6
Belle Ryan Elementary School1807 South 60th Street, Omaha9361PK-6
Belleaire Elementary School1200 Mission Avenue West, Bellevue54297PK-6
Bellevue East Senior High School1401 High School Drive, Bellevue464879-12
Bellevue Mission Middle School2202 Washington Street, Bellevue906567-8
Bellevue West Senior High School1501 Thurston Avenue, Bellevue675209-12
Bellwood Attendance Center School100 Church Street Box 100, Bellwood-113PK-6
Belmont Elementary School3425 N 14th Street, Lincoln10622PK-6
Belmont Public School31 Phelps Street, Crawford-4PK-8
Belvedere School3775 Curtis Avenue, Omaha1520PK-6
Benkelman Elementary School900 A Street Box 586, Benkelman21154PK-6
Bennington Elementary School11620 N 156th Street, Bennington70391PK-6
Bennington Secondary School16610 Bennington Road, Bennington793287-12
Benson High Aof School5120 Maple Street, Omaha---
Benson High Aoht School5120 Maple Street, Omaha---
Benson High School5120 Maple Street, Omaha515819-12
Benson West Elementary School6652 Maple Street, Omaha71590PK-6
Bertha Barber Elementary School1402 Main Street, Bellevue47155PK-6
Bertrand Elementary School503 School Street P. O. Box 278, Bertrand78133PK-6
Bertrand High School503 School Street P. O. Box 278, Bertrand611097-12
Berwyn Public School1401 Kent Street, Berwyn-5PK-8
Betz Elementary School605 W 27th Avenue, Bellevue24350PK-6
Beveridge Magnet Middle School1616 South 120th Street, Omaha617437-8 does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of any information on this site.  Use at your own risk.
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