English in Montana fuses Northern and Midland features, the Northern proportion declining from east to west. Topography has given new meaning to basin, hollow, meadow, and park as kinds of clear spaces in the mountains.

In 2000, the number of Montanans who spoke only English at was 803,031, representing about 95% of the resident population five years of age or older. There was no change in the overall percentage of English speakers from 1990 to 2000.

The following table gives selected statistics from the 2000 census for language spoken at home by persons five years old and over. The category "Other Native North American languages" includes Apache, Cherokee, Choctaw, Dakota, Keres, Pima, and Yupik. The category "Scandinavian languages" includes Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. The category "Other Slavic languages" includes Czech, Slovak, and Ukrainian.


Population 5 years and over 847,362 100.0
Speak only English 803,031 94.8
Speak a language other than English 44,331 5.2
Speak a language other than English 44,331 5.2
Spanish or Spanish Creole 12,953 1.5
German 9,416 1.1
Other Native North American languages 9,234 1.1
French (incl. Patois, Cajun) 3,298 0.4
Scandinavian languages 1,335 0.2
Italian 759 0.1
Japanese 711 0.1
Russian 610 0.1
Other Slavic languages 570 0.1
Chinese 528 0.1