Omaha: Geography and Climate

Omaha is located on the bank of the Missouri River and is surrounded by rolling hills. The area's continental climate, which produces warm summers and cold, dry winters, is influenced by its position between two zones: the humid east and the dry west. Low pressure systems crossing the country also affect the weather in Omaha, causing periodic and rapid changes, especially in the winter. An annual average of 32 inches of snow falls during Omaha's winters, which are relatively cold. Sunshine occurs 50 percent of the possible time in the winter and 75 percent in the summer.

Area: 118.88 square miles (2000)

Elevation: Ranges from 965 to 1,300 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 21° F; July, 76° F; annual average, 52° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 30 inches of rain; 32 inches of snow