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Coors Brewery was established by Jacob Schueler and Adolp Coors who both German immigrants during 1873. It began when Coors found his way to Golden, Colorado and found the water of the Rocky Mountains. Schueler made an eighteen thousand dollar investment and Coors added an additional two thousand dollars to the funding to start the company. Coors became the company's sole owner when he bought his partner out during 1880.

Coors Brewery won an award in 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair. In 1916 Colorado received Prohibition three years ahead of the rest of America. The brewery had to drain the contents of five hundred and sixty-one barrels and stopped production of beer.

The end of Prohibition found the Coors Brewery still somewhat intact. Adolp Coors Brewing and Manufacturing Company was established by Adolph Coors with his sons Herman and Adolph Jr. a long time prior to the Volstead Act going into effect all over the nation. Ventures such as Herold Porcelain and others were included in the founding of the company. A facility for near beer and malted milk production is what the brewery was converted into during this time.

The Coors Brewery sold a great deal of malted milk to make confection with to the Mars candy making company. The beer replacement, Manna, was similar to those sold today. The family relied on the real estate, cement and porcelain company to keep the brewery above water during this time. Coors Brewery was still intact after Prohibition ended and in 1933 it was one of only a few left.

In 1936 Coors Brewery added the name of Banquet Beer so commemorate the partying that the miners did at that time. The distribution of Coors was expanded to ten of the Western states during 1939. When World War II came about in 1941 the government gave Coors permission to continue purchasing supplies on the condition that half the beer produced would be reserved for the soldiers fighting the war.

Coors made the country's first beer can that was made entirely of aluminum and did away with the steel cans that had a bad effect on the taste during 1959. In 1966 the distribution of Coors Brewery's products was still limited and a number of people traveled to Colorado to purchase the product. President Ford loaded Air Force One with cases of the product during 1975. In 1997 the beer was featured in Smokey and the Bandit.

The distribution of products produced by Coors Brewery was expanded across the Mississippi River during 1981. From 1989 until 1992 was when the Coors Brewery's assets that were not related to the brewery spun off. CoorsTex is operated by a descendant of the Harold Porcelain business. Coors Brewery is located at 300 12th Street in Golden, Colorado and during 1990 it became America's third largest brewing facility. During 1991 with Coors becoming available in Indiana it was now in all fifty states. In 1998 Coors Brewery had been in business for one hundred and twenty-five years.

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