Double Trouble State Park - Bayville, NJ - an historical town that is now a state park

There are over eight thousand acres of recreational, natural and cultural resources in Double Trouble State Park which is a portion of Pinelands National Reserve. There is an historic village, milling and logging industry in the park as well. The historic district of Double Trouble has four cranberry bogs that are leased to and maintained by local farmers that use wet techniques for harvesting. The harvest which usually takes place in the middle of October is open to the public; however the public can not pick any of the cranberries. The voicemail and the bulletin board of the Double Trouble Interpretive Center have the approximate date the harvesting of the cranberries is scheduled to begin.

The Double Tree Historic Village was originally a farm and packing plant for cranberries. Double Tree is the name of the company town which is the current industry area. The selling of cranberries, millwork products and timber is what the town was formed for. Since the middle of the seventeen hundreds there have been a number of sawmills on the site. There are fourteen historic structures and cranberry bogs that date back to the end of the nineteenth century into the early part of the twentieth century. There are cottages, a general store and a schoolhouse in the town. During 1995 the area sawmill was restored, during 1996 the sorting and packing house for the cranberries was completed.

Pine Barren habitats cover more than eight thousand acres of the park. Cedar Creek extends from Barnegat Bay all the way to the Greenwood Forest Management Area and provides the water need to produces the cranberries and maintain the areas wildlife. It is also a good area to go kayaking and canoeing.

There is a one and a half mile trail within Double Trouble State Park. The loop trail is self guided and gives hikers the chance to see both historical and natural items shown in the Trail Guide. The guides can be gotten at the start of the trail in the Double Trouble Village.

Getting to the Double Trouble State Park in Bayville, New Jersey is simple. Whether you are traveling from the North or the South you can take the Garden State Parkway. From either direction you will take exit seventy-seven and turn left off of the ramp. When you come from the north go a quarter of a mile to the entrance of the park which will be on the left. When traveling from the south take the same left after exiting at 77 and go south on the Double Trouble Road until you reach the traffic signal. The entrance to the Double Trouble State Park is ahead of you across Pinewald Keswick Road.

Anyone in the Bayville, New Jersey area should consider visiting the Double Trouble State Park if they have an interest in cranberries, history and natural beauty. The park is an amazing place to learn about history while enjoying a relaxing day. Those that wish to obtain more information about the park and the services should contact the facilities directly.

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Nov 15, 2013 @ 1:13 pm
I was born in a maternity hospital in Double Trouble in 1938. The hospital had been a hotel, according to my parents. My birth certificate lists the location as "Pinewald, N.J.-Royal Pines Hospital", Berkeley Township, Ocean County. One account from "Sean" on google reads as follows:

"That place has a long history. It started as a resort in the 1920's. I think that it was the Royal Pine Inn. It was rumored to be Al Capone's summer place but seeing the distance between Pinewald and Chicago, that probably isn't true. Most likely Big Al summered on Lake Michigan.

Anway, eventually it became the Royal Pine Hospital. I think that it was some sort of sanitarium or old folk's home. It was also rumored to be a crazy place or nut house."

I remember swimming in the waters around the dams in the cranberry bogs in Double Trouble. The water was very cold and very clear in mid-summer in South Jersey. Great memories.
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Oct 13, 2018 @ 11:11 am
Was trying to locate Linda Andrews Shrake on !0/13/2018
her 80th birthday
and noticed her lovely remembrances of the place of her birth .. now a state park
Taking this opportunity to send my best wishes for a happy 80th celebration
and for many happy returns!
Wendy Burgasser St Petersburg, FL
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Jan 24, 2019 @ 1:13 pm
Walking through Double Trouble was like taking a walk back through history. This is truly a diamond in the rough. I would highly recommend taking a walk around on a nice day to take a step back in time.

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