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  1. The seed of hope or the bait for phishing?: name, member, person - People Search
  2. Searching for a Long-Lost Friend-Anna Marrero: children, name, New York, person - People Search
  3. Looking for Kenneth E Tharp, 7054 Slabtown RD Waynesboro: old, Netherland, Pennsylvania - People Search
  4. Looking for my father his name is Byron Adams: birth, brother, South Carolina - People Search
  5. where is my GI father?: location, name, member, USA - People Search
  6. Looking for half sister, Juanita Dyer.: birth certificate, child, searches, daughter - People Search
  7. help me to find my grandfather: name, Philadelphia, where, person - People Search
  8. Looking for Joe Mathis, USN: Washington, about, state - People Search
  9. Searching for loved ones?: friends, old, names, real estate - People Search
  10. The White Family - Fairfax, Virginia: neighbor, friends, names, relatives - People Search
  11. help find my dad: names, relatives, member, Illinois - People Search
  12. Looking for William Phipps in Centerville Iowa: name - People Search
  13. Ted and Elaine Ustick in Palmer Lake, CO: phone, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  14. Looking for Scotty Skeens in Keokuk Iowa: name, high school, Eugene - People Search
  15. Trying to find my birth father, Mark Edmondson: location, picture, name - People Search
  16. looking for LIONel from CUBA: name, address, area, family - People Search
  17. Where is my gi father?: children, friend, name, member - People Search
  18. need answers: father, names, where, person - People Search
  19. looking for my daughter: searches, names, member, high school - People Search
  20. Looking for Karen Sue White-Easterland: sister, father, last name, real estate - People Search
  21. Looking for Robert F. Brown and daughter Kolbe/Colby: baby, friend, father - People Search
  22. Must find angeline mozetta ross: friend, sisters, name, relatives - People Search
  23. Family of Walter Delotto: phone, name, member, address - People Search
  24. dawn manning: names, relatives, Miami, looking for - People Search
  25. Brent Henry Jordan: location, phone, searches, names - People Search
  26. Searching for birth relatives - 1972 to 1973 - Adopted - DOB 03-15-73 March 15, 1973: children, Tampa - People Search
  27. Looking for a truck driver named sydney: information, find, city - People Search
  28. Looking for my father David Lee Johnson: daughter, sister, old - People Search
  29. Looking for Half Siblings - Felipe Fields: daughter, name, Germany - People Search
  30. Brien Hawkes...Does Know?? --Las Vegas, NV: phone, friend, name - People Search
  31. Susan Cecelia Conlan: phones, sisters, address, high school - People Search
  32. Looking for Angelica Vega, Roanoke VA: phone, friend, lost, names - People Search
  33. Looking For Bill Krayer, Jr: picture, friend, old, New Jersey - People Search
  34. I am looking for Diane from Beverly Hills: phone, children, county - People Search
  35. looking for my son that was born on 7-7-71 p.h. michigan: name, birth - People Search
  36. Looking for James (Jimmy) L. Sander - North Dakota: sister, names, address - People Search
  37. Francis Dean of Dandrdge TN: genealogy, old, name, member - People Search
  38. Deborah Waller: places, sister, father, last name - People Search
  39. Help me find my dad: father, name, birth, Washington - People Search
  40. Looking for Dooley's - from Australia to Pennsylvania: records, children, county - People Search
  41. Tom Lacovara seeking Haley Whitrod in Slough Berkshire UK: lost, Miami - People Search
  42. Looking for Jason M Racer age 27 in or around War WV: phone, birth - People Search
  43. Looking for Jennie Brown Whitma MA: sisters, lost, names, relatives - People Search
  44. Looking for My Nephew: baby, old, dad, Canada - People Search
  45. Looking for birth family:Soledad Ann and Mary Ann Castillo, Detroit MI: records, names - People Search
  46. Looking for Ira M. (Sonny) Herndon or Mary Herndon: daughter, lost, father - People Search
  47. St. Patricks School - Alton Illinois: children, sister, names, birth - People Search
  48. Mitch Madden: phone, friend, sister, high school - People Search
  49. My Mother Looking for Friend Helen Ogonek (ik?) or Helen Einhorn: children, picture - People Search
  50. Looking for susilianny edwards, Holand Nederlands: name, birth, information, website - People Search
  51. Looking for Artist Who Uses Animals to Make letters: children, names, find - People Search
  52. Looking For A Lost Cousin For My Brother's Wedding: records, phone, name - People Search
  53. I am looking for my friend DAN: old, last name, California - People Search
  54. looking for sioban perry: friend, lost, father, name - People Search
  55. William Billy Smolinski, Missing Waterbury, CT: location, neighbor, family - People Search
  56. Searching for Tracy Myers North Carolina: roommates, last name, relatives, family - People Search
  57. im looking for a freind name kelly lyn kalzmen: old, names, where - People Search
  58. Dale E Siders: picture, sister, father, Washington - People Search
  59. Lady Irma: telephone, friend, old, last name - People Search
  60. Searching for York family from mystic ct: searches, friend, old - People Search
  61. Looking for My Half Sister: name, Buffalo, born, Pittsburgh - People Search
  62. Does know this person?: photo, where, brother, information - People Search
  63. looking for lst friend Jennifer M. Call,,,: location, searches, friends - People Search
  64. Colville residents!: friend, old, name, relatives - People Search
  65. Looking for Cynthia Cioffi Cameron: father, name, relatives, Columbus - People Search
  66. Jerry Howard: places, friends, sister, old - People Search
  67. help me find my best friend: sister, last name, birth - People Search
  68. Looking For John Baldwin: friend, old, names, relatives - People Search
  69. looking for an old navy friend: daughter, father, name, birth - People Search
  70. I am looking for my brother ROMAN SZYMANSKI: picture, old, where - People Search
  71. searching for my father: phone, old, name, birth - People Search
  72. Baby Maloney 11-15-64 Seeking Birth Mom: birth certificate, child, county - People Search
  73. Looking for Virginia Chapin (Maiden name) Age:66/67: high school, where, SC - People Search
  74. Looking for Sharon Stone of San Antonio, TX: phone, children, friend - People Search
  75. Do you know my grandfather Alwin Carstens: phone, children, person - People Search
  76. Serious Germany Search: phone, friend, daughter, last name - People Search
  77. Jan W. W.: street, names, relatives, Kentucky - People Search
  78. Missing Person - Dav (David) Stone Bakstad - help: lost, where - People Search
  79. Griffin indiana: street, name, Virginia, where - People Search
  80. Looking for relatives of Nathaniel Pounds: county, father, Columbia, history - People Search
  81. Help! looking for sibling: location, child, old, lost - People Search
  82. Looking for Kathy in Seattle: friend, old, name, Washington - People Search
  83. Divorce Information: records, children, sister, father - People Search
  84. searching for Sziszák Géza, in USA: daughter, old, father - People Search
  85. Im trying to find my mother: friend, name, birth, Canada - People Search
  86. Searching for David and Beth adopted in Lane County, Oregon- Found!: Facebook - People Search
  87. Searching for Carol: records, street, picture, father - People Search
  88. Looking for Elizabeth (Beth) Mask: Alabama, blog, married - People Search
  89. Looking for daughter of late Paul Mast: lost, names, cemetery - People Search
  90. Need help: how to find - People Search
  91. looking for lost brothers and sister: names, birth, member, USA - People Search
  92. searching for my dad: birth certificate, records, picture, old - People Search
  93. searching for Jimmy Spears Commerce, Oklahoma: genealogy, records, phone, child - People Search
  94. Brothers & sisters ...Vancouver, Washington: last name, looking for, city, important - People Search
  95. melody williams: daughter, sisters, names, birth - People Search
  96. Looking for my father, Steve Shull / Szulklaper, disappeared 12 years ago, help!!!: records, friends - People Search
  97. Lina Maria Reyes where are you?: friends, old, names, member - People Search
  98. Robert Leo Korn - Born in Maryland - December 1954: telephone, friend, Mexico - People Search
  99. Looking for Leslie Walter Young, Melbourne Australia: birth certificate, phone, street - People Search
  100. looking for someone from ireland called sean murphy!: old, where, city - People Search
  101. I'm looking for my fatther who was American vietnam war veteran: daughters, father - People Search
  102. I'm searching for someone from Belfast, Ireland: name, about, born - People Search
  103. Search step grand mother and her doughter (my aunty): records, baby, daughter - People Search
  104. Wanting to find birthparents for my adoted daughter: searches, dad, name - People Search
  105. Need help finding Samuel Thomas Rodriguez: phone, sister, names, relatives - People Search
  106. search adress of my friend melanie desso: name, Canada, address - People Search
  107. Warrington/PEnsacola FL newspapers in 1959 help: sister, old, names - People Search
  108. Father of Debra Olsen: birth certificate, names, birth, marriage - People Search
  109. Searching For My Childhood Best Friend, Nancy Blumenthal: baby, name, address - People Search
  110. Adoptee, born in Miami Florida 5/21/67: name, birth, adopted, New York City - People Search
  111. Missing Person - last seen in Marietta, GA: places, county, friend - People Search
  112. Searching for Thurman Henry Doss: daughter, name, Springfield, Texas - People Search
  113. Looking for Old Friend from Lawton, OK: friends, father, name - People Search
  114. Looking for Richard D Presti AKA Richard D Sokoloski: phone, father, name - People Search
  115. I'm searching for Afredo coronado or cornado half brother from nevada: old, name - People Search
  116. Myron Edward Billings (Civil War): children, county, picture, father - People Search
  117. McDowell-Cheatham's: daughter, obituary, family, looking for - People Search
  118. Searching for last name Daws or possibly Dawes: children, photos, sister - People Search
  119. Alwin Carstens a famous artist, do you know him: photo, father, name - People Search
  120. Does know who this girl is??? LOOK!: name - People Search
  121. help me solve the mystery! Looking for someone in Vancouver Washington: name, information - People Search
  122. Looking For Emily May Pearce or . . .: record, county, names, relatives - People Search
  123. Looking for my Real family.. HELP!: birth certificate, genealogy, records - People Search
  124. How to find ..: genealogy, lookup, records, friend - People Search
  125. missing person: location, phone, friend, letter - People Search
  126. looking for a drummer named alex-used to work for univision...: street, old - People Search
  127. Looking for obits on three dad's. California, Texas and Mo.: county, sisters - People Search
  128. Sargent Missouri: records, dad, birth, looking for - People Search
  129. Looking for RORY L. FITZGERALD: friend, lost, name, address - People Search
  130. searching for Cynthia Ritchie: phone, street, photos, sister - People Search
  131. my father is missing.. 6 years: phone, street, children, old - People Search
  132. Did you go to the 1969 Woodstock?: New York, NC, looking for, finding - People Search
  133. sis: friends, sister, names, birth - People Search
  134. Help looking for father, PHIL BRUNTON, PA: birth certificate, children, sister - People Search
  135. Searching For Family: phone, village, father, names - People Search
  136. looking for wheeler young in brooklyn new york: neighborhood, neighbor, street - People Search
  137. Adoptees and BIrthparents from Logansport: friend, father, last name, adoption - People Search
  138. help me find my mom RITA MARIA DUARTE: phones, last name - People Search
  139. Searching for my Mother Martha Ann McGraw in San Antonio TX: records, phone - People Search
  140. murder information: records, phone, friends, name - People Search
  141. Looking for a friend: friends, name, Canada, brother - People Search
  142. Baby boy Flores looking for bioparents since 08/12/69: children, old, name - People Search
  143. Denise Lasnick - San Diego: high school - People Search
  144. Searching for a lost love.....: friend, sister, old, father - People Search
  145. finding my brother: looking for, contact - People Search
  146. Looking for Lydia, Baby Girl Adam: adopted, New York - People Search
  147. Searching for Lee Family: old, father, name, member - People Search
  148. Looking for Pamela G Brockton, Ma.: last name, member, country - People Search
  149. Looking for old friend, Mary Hickey: street, name, member, where - People Search
  150. Seeking friend Jenny Ogilvie, married to Gary in December 1992, Melbourne, Australia: daughter, lost - People Search
  151. People who worked at Country Place Brockton Ma: baby, old, last name - People Search
  152. Searching for my sister(s)/brother(s): children, father, Winston - People Search
  153. know Butch: looking for, find, state - People Search
  154. People who worked at M-G-M's N.Y. office in the 1960s: lost, New York - People Search
  155. looking for uncle who used to be a soldier in the u.k: county, father - People Search
  156. searching for long lost friend-julie price: father, name, high school, Oklahoma - People Search
  157. looking for old friend in new hampshire: high school, trying to find - People Search
  158. Looking an old friend in Shenandoah, Virginia - David Kelly: where, find - People Search
  159. Have you seen John Davis: children, daughter, sister, father - People Search
  160. Looking for few old Spokane friends: name, about, married, ago - People Search
  161. Muskeyvalley-Wilson's: daughter, family - People Search
  162. Looking for Jim Sealy: name, Houston, information - People Search
  163. Looking for Mandy Salsman - People Search
  164. Lincoln Family: looking for - People Search
  165. looking for KENTY FROM INDONESIAN WHO USED TO LIVE IN HONG KONG: American, contact - People Search
  166. Millburn Football Player from 1973 season.......: name, member - People Search
  167. looking for my dad john c carlson jr: father, name, where - People Search
  168. still lookin for my chingona(delicia): name, find - People Search
  169. Looking for Fremont district oriental/asian artist: name, son, local - People Search
  170. 612955: contact - People Search
  171. Looking for birth mom: adoption, city, born, Baltimore - People Search
  172. Looking for Balans in Ohio: picture, relatives - People Search
  173. Fremont St Sculpture: street, name, about, son - People Search
  174. looking for my best friend.delicia.mi chingona.: name - People Search
  175. Tara woodforde living in new zealand - moved from adelaide, australia- help me find her...: friend, old - People Search
  176. looking for scottish relatives kirkaldie, calder: child, old, Buffalo, America - People Search
  177. Looking for Grick Taylor--Iraq 1Plt,BCo.1-156AR: photo, friend - People Search
  178. Birth mom: name, adopted, where, born - People Search
  179. Michael Faglie in Austin Texas: lost - People Search
  180. Searching for rick short....waynesville ohio: father, family, looking for, mother - People Search
  181. Jack: sister, Alabama, San Diego, san diego - People Search
  182. Seeking John W. Ward/Florence Ward from 1920's: records, father, adoption - People Search
  183. looking for Brenda E. Macdonaldo (orginially from Mexico moved to US): old, address - People Search
  184. Searching for relative: sister, Alabama - People Search
  185. Seeking relatives of Ferdinand Theis (circa late 1850's) - People Search
  186. Is there who lived in Overtown doing the late 80's and 90's?: lost, looking for - People Search
  187. Looking for relative last name Flores: area, area - People Search
  188. German Father - Missing; Gunter Sachs: picture, old, last name, American - People Search
  189. Looking for David Berkley Ship, son of JoAnn Eby, Roanoke Virginia: where, about - People Search
  190. searching for Lewis Nyana from Liberia: friend - People Search
  191. Lookinf for Anderson siblings: names, looking for - People Search
  192. Trying to contact PHILIP MARTIN (East Coast Originally): member, house, California - People Search
  193. help find family members: children, name, relatives, Buffalo - People Search
  194. Every one... I'm searching for this family since months: phone, daughter - People Search
  195. Looking For Rose Cloud: name, Germany, information, about - People Search
  196. Need on daughter Stephanie Abigail Quintanilla (Los Angeles): phone, name, address - People Search
  197. looking for birth parents/east side of Michigan: name, adoption, Detroit - People Search
  198. Looking for Old Friend in New Hampshire: sister, name, brother - People Search
  199. looking for son.: name, address, New York City, find - People Search
  200. Looking for Jennie: friends, old, name - People Search