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  1. Searching for Imran Mehdi age 45/46/47?: picture, friend, old, father - People Search
  2. Monterey, TN: Looking for Janice and John Edwards (moved from TN): about - People Search
  3. Urgently need to find_ES Pasifakis: record, phone, county, daughter - People Search
  4. Damon Albano (mother: Sharon father: John)--seeking information: friends, lost, last name - People Search
  5. about Finding Sibling: birth certificate, genealogy, child, county - People Search
  6. Help find Vincent J. porter . hes my Brother: places, phone, friend - People Search
  7. I am looking for Mr. Robert Frickey: friend, name, address - People Search
  8. Want to meet my father: records, county, friend, name - People Search
  9. Looking for birth parents: children, names, adopted, where - People Search
  10. Yvonne & Rica from Amsterdam & Christian from Denmark: name, Netherland, looking for - People Search
  11. Searching for lost half brother of my daughter: daughters, old, dad - People Search
  12. Looking for the Howard family of Henderson, Tennessee: location, places, telephone - People Search
  13. Looking for Adopted Daughter: name, birth, Florida, lawyer - People Search
  14. Looking for Black or Musser Families in Erin, TN: names, relatives, family - People Search
  15. Seeking Cecilio G. Rodríguez in San Antonio Texas: names, birth, relatives - People Search
  16. Looking for a friend who in 1973 lived in indianapolis: daughter, old, last name - People Search
  17. looking for husbands sons last name sorrell: North Carolina, Jacksonville, about - People Search
  18. Looking for half brother: sister, Illinois, house, person - People Search
  19. looking for parents or family 7/14/1973: county, sisters, father, name - People Search
  20. William john dirks: phone, street, daughter, sister - People Search
  21. Looking for Father, Michael Speaks: phone, old, name, member - People Search
  22. Finding people in Germany: child, picture, daughters, lost - People Search
  23. Help Find my Step Father: daughter, old, name, birth - People Search
  24. Whats the best company to use in using a reverse phone number lookup?: name, member - People Search
  25. Looking for an old friend.....: location, lost, name, Canada - People Search
  26. Trying to Locate My Husband's Father, Charles D. Ray: children, name, person - People Search
  27. Looking for Biological mother Shirley Kramer: birth certificate, sister, old, father - People Search
  28. Looking for a friend??? Michael benson pittsfield ma: street, old, name - People Search
  29. I am trying to find missing family members: location, daughters, sister - People Search
  30. people search: friend, names, birth, relatives
  31. Nathaniel Taylor ( Rollo ): friends, name, where, locate - People Search
  32. looking for my sister: name, birth, Ohio, area - People Search
  33. Sollie Frank, Bayonne, NJ: phone, street, relatives, member - People Search
  34. Looking for a family member I've lost touch with ...Spokane, Washington: children, name - People Search
  35. Where is Walter Crite from Chicago?: lost, names, relatives, obituary - People Search
  36. Looking for a dog breeder: name, Illinois, information, find - People Search
  37. William Ernest Bassett - Hazelton, PA- obituary: genealogy, daughter, sisters - People Search
  38. Alonzo Dupont of Pensacola, midway or quincy Fl father of edward morgan: sister, name - People Search
  39. amanda mckinney's of pensacola Florida: records, children, county, daughter - People Search
  40. Family of Lt. Richard Gordon. Pelham Manor: village, New York, Dallas - People Search
  41. Tammy, Jeff, Genie Swanson...if your out there...: lost, father, where - People Search
  42. Phyllis Cetta: neighbor, name, address, house - People Search
  43. Looking for my biological Grandmother; my Dad was born January 1960: records, sister - People Search
  44. Looking for biological son: birth certificate, child, county, lost - People Search
  45. Looking for family members...Donna, Jerry, Amy, Aaron Mayes: phone, name, address - People Search
  46. Looking for Joan Cresson: phone, children, county, daughter - People Search
  47. Children/Grandchildren of Vennie (V.W.) & Myrtle Welch: searches, relatives, family - People Search
  48. Tina Coleman Where are you??: street, friend, old, name - People Search
  49. Need HELP to Find Longtime Friend Kathy Fuller age 61 Graduated KHS 1966: neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  50. How can I find John Mechanical Engineering living in TEXAS: name, Miami - People Search
  51. Father Looking for son: location, children, last name, birth - People Search
  52. Looking for Sue Porath: daughters, name, relatives, USA - People Search
  53. Looking for Cantwell's in Austin,Texas area.: children, county, daughters - People Search
  54. San Antonio Texas: Looking 4 Biological Mother from 1963, Maiden name Luevano: records, phone - People Search
  55. help me find my sister ROSA YAMILET OLIVA: phone, old, name - People Search
  56. looking for childhood penfriend fron the early 1960,s: child, old, names - People Search
  57. I met german guy in Thailand last year ,, I have his photos . help me to find him ..: baby, friend - People Search
  58. Looking for lost friend Tony from Hempstead late 40s friend of Eddie Healey, and looked like Epstein: phone, last name - People Search
  59. looking for my mom teresa kay wilder and sister cheri wilder: friend, old - People Search
  60. help find Dora Gallagher: phone, child, daughter, sisters - People Search
  61. Roger and Bernadette Goodbred: location, address, area - People Search
  62. How to obtain current address?: birth certificate, records, phone, child - People Search
  63. Looking for my father.: phone, name, brother, Georgia - People Search
  64. looking for a old friend, Mary Wall, Pittsburgh: street, father, names - People Search
  65. my looking for my father: phone, old, last name, Miami - People Search
  66. Searching for Timothy A Smith in Illinois?: name, contact - People Search
  67. Devinder Singh: street, name, address, Huntsville - People Search
  68. News, Son finds long-lost father on Facebook.: searching, city - People Search
  69. Looking for cathy griner who lived in indy in !973 & working at state of indiana: friend, daughter - People Search
  70. Trying to find my little sister: baby, dad, last name, birth - People Search
  71. Looking for a lost friend Christian White: telephone, old, name - People Search
  72. Does know my cousin in Pahrump Nevada?: location, picture, friends - People Search
  73. adopted 1961 or 1965: location, phone, sisters, old - People Search
  74. David Johnson Born April 9, 1981: location, friend, names, relatives - People Search
  75. Looking for Joan, Daughter of Celina Lionel (Leona) Thivierge: birth certificate, sisters, father - People Search
  76. Piper Tech in LA: street, friend, CA, locate - People Search
  77. searching for Keith Spicer (moved from TN forum): phone, name, address - People Search
  78. need to find my daughter: phone, searches, friends, lost - People Search
  79. Lost sister in Florida: location, daughter, old, name - People Search
  80. Looking for Vincent Iyen, NY: phone, father, address, house - People Search
  81. Searching for Mr. William Wright Ex US Air Force Officer: name, Canada - People Search
  82. Son is looking for his father: street, name, birth, where - People Search
  83. Looking For Melissa: name, birth, adopted, where - People Search
  84. Lesley Rae Kolb in Colorado: old, lost, names, member - People Search
  85. Trying to find an old friend: records, friends, name, addresses - People Search
  86. Looking For Connie Singleton of Beaumont, Texas: lost, name, member - People Search
  87. am looking for old friends of my parents: phone, street, county - People Search
  88. Kenneth Ray Foster (75-77 ): search for him, members of his family or friends, area Severn, Baltimore: phone, neighbor - People Search
  89. Looking for Grandsons Biological Father: county, old, name, relatives - People Search
  90. Looking for Jimmy Johnson of Columbia, Sc. received first drivers licence in Winnsboro, Sc.: member, person - People Search
  91. Betsy Breazeale from Asheville, NC: friend, old, name, member - People Search
  92. I Am Looking For An Old High School Friend: name, California, find - People Search
  93. help me find my father, William Dickerson, Morton, PA: children, daughter - People Search
  94. Barney, Marie and Camilla Rudd - Lougheed Alberta Canada: daughter, father, name - People Search
  95. Looking for Robert Vanderbilt ...Carson City Nevada: phone, daughter, old - People Search
  96. I've Found Jan Mavis.... One Year Too Late: location, old, relatives - People Search
  97. Tips for Hiring Search Investigator: records, searches, lost, name - People Search
  98. Sheila Baker-NH Where are you?: location, phone, friend, roommates - People Search
  99. Looking for a person in Ireland: friend, lost, name, information - People Search
  100. Searching For an Adopted Half Sibling: records, child, sister, birth - People Search
  101. Looking for my brother, Charles Ray Webb: dad, name, birth - People Search
  102. Looking for my cousin: street, New York, where, city - People Search
  103. mr. Henry!: location, records, phone, county - People Search
  104. Looking for children or grandchildren from Marie Bolte (maiden name): record, phone - People Search
  105. I am looking for an American Service Man that served in Wiltshire England during 1942-1944: records, baby - People Search
  106. Searching my Biological fam: children, sister, names, birth - People Search
  107. Searching For Michael Lars Holmes: location, sister, name, Kentucky - People Search
  108. I'm missing Miyuki Tachibana, last seen in Vancouver, BC: friend, lost, name - People Search
  109. looking for one: location, last name, address, obituaries - People Search
  110. Looking for Slim Gatliff's second wife, Ruth: dad, name, birth - People Search
  111. Raleigh North Carolina area: record, phone, street, county - People Search
  112. Looking for Richard Baldwin or of his relatives: friend, daughter, name - People Search
  113. looking for sister that was gave up for adoption: last name, birth, information - People Search
  114. BCA people: looking for - People Search
  115. A lost love: location, picture, name, birth - People Search
  116. Looking for Father or Family: photo, friends, name, member - People Search
  117. Looking for my mother's parents: birth certificate, father, names, birth - People Search
  118. Greg Palmer- Jacksonville FL: address - People Search
  119. Edward Villareal from cenizo park elem. in San Antonio Texas, 1979?: sister, names - People Search
  120. Looking for Popers in Greencastle, PA area - Jacob Poper: location, record - People Search
  121. Searching for Gagner siblings: genealogy, street, children, sisters - People Search
  122. Searching For Siblings: children, sisters, lost, father - People Search
  123. Evelyn Lark - Know Her?: records, street, baby, friend - People Search
  124. Jack Lewis, Chillicothe Ohio: names, relatives, information, state - People Search
  125. Where does he lives exactly?: old, lost, name, member - People Search
  126. Looking for relatives of John McNulty from Santa Ana, California: records, children - People Search
  127. Old buddies: friend, member, where, USA - People Search
  128. Looking for Jay Jessup-age 55 or so: phone, friends, old, lost - People Search
  129. Looking for Dale Arnold...: children, CA, Mexico - People Search
  130. Looking for John Fobbs: father, name, New York, brother - People Search
  131. I'm looking for Ashlee Pierce..UTAH: street, friend, name, member - People Search
  132. Looking for KENITH HAYMAN - SAN DIEGO: street, name, house - People Search
  133. My mother has disappeared, a few years ago. Suffering from fybromyalgia: children, sister - People Search
  134. Looking for Lisa Yvonne Day: phone, searches, friend, sister - People Search
  135. Looking for John Pongel, Kira Lee, & Kristin Daniel: sister, lost, last name - People Search
  136. Finding my father Jim (james) Lesonik - Pennsylvania: lookup, records, children - People Search
  137. Looking for Kimber Harrison and Shawn Daniels from Rhoadesville,VA: record, phone - People Search
  138. Looking for 4 sons whos parents are looking for them: baby, names, birth - People Search
  139. Looking for Thomas Bobsin , Lubeck, Germany: zip code, telephone, street, lost - People Search
  140. Looking for Barry Farely: friends, lost, last name, Miami - People Search
  141. Is it to find a half sister: birth certificate, records, places - People Search
  142. Looking for my Father: birth certificate, location, children, friends - People Search
  143. Family Richard A. Wertheim: records, street, children, county - People Search
  144. Searching for My BIo-Dad - Gregory RAtliff - Age 59/60: birth certificate, records, county - People Search
  145. Adopted fr Germany threatned to be DEPORTED after 46yrs need to find birth family: birth certificate, records - People Search
  146. I am looking Cheri anne cole - JAX, FL: records, county, old - People Search
  147. looking for family in Tennessee: records, children, county, picture - People Search
  148. DENVER, CO area: Kristin Ann Wilson, Where are you?: daughter, old, names - People Search
  149. COLORADO: Leslie (maiden name) Halverson: genealogy, daughters, sister, old - People Search
  150. Family of Tossie F Bennett (children/siblings,: lost, father, names - People Search
  151. look for older brother: location, phone, name, birth - People Search
  152. Family member search: genealogy, location, records, street - People Search
  153. Dutch girl is looking for two Pennsylvanian students I've met on Chatroulette!: photos, lost - People Search
  154. June 19, 1968 baby girl Albany, N.Y: born, date, contact - People Search
  155. Looking for Children of Hill Graham Ingraham Seattle Area: Michigan, information, searching - People Search
  156. Im looking for Lamar Halwood for my uncle: old, Arizona, where - People Search
  157. Relatives of Gumercindo Cabrera in San Antonio Texas: friends, where - People Search
  158. looking for old girllfriend who said that i had a daughter: sister, father - People Search
  159. best website for unlimited background searches/reports?: looking for, number - People Search
  160. Looking for sven yuri bakker - netherlands.: photo, friends, lost - People Search
  161. Looking for my birth father: daughter, name, born, mother - People Search
  162. Looking for Sicilian family: daughters, father, last name, member - People Search
  163. Searching For Mrs Yolanda Martinez 5th Teacher St Michael's School 1965 in San Antonio Texas: old, information - People Search
  164. Amsterdam, Singleton's, Louckes? - People Search
  165. William Putch and Family in Chambersburg: children, member, where - People Search
  166. Leland West - Clendenin WV: photo, high school, family, looking for - People Search
  167. Looking for Gaza resident who once lived in Alexandria VA: address, where - People Search
  168. i miss my girl friend: name - People Search
  169. Does know - People Search
  170. Looking for Bill Davis: Germany - People Search
  171. Looking for John Quinn - People Search
  172. Looking for Russell Family, Forest City Area: lost, father, brother - People Search
  173. Looking for family: neighborhood, neighbor, baby, sister - People Search
  174. Looking for Elaine Berman: Germany, California, about - People Search
  175. Need to find a baby's location: information - People Search
  176. Deborah Waller: San Diego, san diego, searching, area - People Search
  177. Jeff Richardson: brother, Australia - People Search
  178. If your last name is Breen, I could be your Brother: children, father - People Search
  179. Looking for rosemary dalton: New York, Jersey, state, living - People Search
  180. can help?: names, American, looking for, information - People Search
  181. people search: looking for
  182. Bargesser & McNary: genealogy, county, Kansas, cemetery - People Search
  183. 2nd Bat 30th Field Art (SGT. Missiles): name, looking for, hospital - People Search
  184. Denver, CO: Looking for a friend, Frank H Zhong, we have not seen for 20 years: phone, find - People Search
  185. Crystal Sessmons NC: children, member, brother, hospital - People Search
  186. Search for a person Frankfurt-Detroit: buy, friend, name, New York - People Search
  187. help me: old, dad, name, married - People Search
  188. Searching for relatives.: street, looking for, information, about - People Search
  189. Searching for Jakob and Fela Schumer relatives-Argentina: sister - People Search
  190. Did U go 2 school with fraternal twin brothers in Charlotte, N.C. in late 60s early 70s?: sister, member - People Search
  191. lookin for citizen of huntsville, arkansas, a businessman in 1965: county, Miami, marriage - People Search
  192. Vanessa: picture, looking for, information, about - People Search
  193. 9/28/69 Son ISO Birthmom possibly from Charlotte, N.C.: children, Virginia, brother - People Search
  194. Searching for girlfriends of ned styres: New York, family, information, about - People Search
  195. Looking for Georgette and others in the Chicagoland area: friends, names, Illinois - People Search
  196. David Eugene Myers or Simmons or Sullivan: father, name, relatives - People Search
  197. Reception Detention Center for Boys/Judge John Connolly Youth Center: find - People Search
  198. Langford Lodge - Northern Ireland, Former Personnel - 1942 - 1945: picture, American, website - People Search
  199. Male adoptee born 9-28-69 Lynchburg, Va ISO birth family: children, adoption - People Search
  200. Relatives of Richard Nile Smith((Deceased)): sister, lost, father, name - People Search