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  1. Peter Hainsworth, Rumford/Providence, RI: name, searching, contact - People Search
  2. Ella Dileonardo-Hobe Sound Florida ?: lost, address, important, contact - People Search
  3. Reunion Help - finlayson High Class of '87 - 88: friends, missing - People Search
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  9. Wayne Shirley: daughters, name, address, Alabama - People Search
  10. Soldier in search of Mother , Alaska: records, phone, name, adopted - People Search
  11. Terry Milam-?--does know him?: children, friend, daughter, names - People Search
  12. Aj Mrzlak: lost, name, where, brother - People Search
  13. Donna Wilkie: friend, sister, old, member - People Search
  14. Goins search: children, sister, father, name - People Search
  15. Missing Mississippi Roots: buy, daughter, father, name - People Search
  16. Brother search: baby, county, picture, father - People Search
  17. Hazel and Jeff Kell, Millersville pa: sister, brother, family, looking for - People Search
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  19. Birth records: genealogy, sisters, father, name - People Search
  20. searching for wicklines: father, name, relatives, Oregon - People Search
  21. To West Blocton AL Residents: lost, where, looking for, find - People Search
  22. Madisonville: lost, father, name, trying to find - People Search
  23. Young/Gaither: daughters, sisters, old, father - People Search
  24. My brother sine 1980: children, daughters, name, address - People Search
  25. Looking for someone - David Carvalho: lost, name, high school, brother - People Search
  26. Missing Brothers: phone, child, picture, friends - People Search
  27. Need To Find Ex, Very Important: record, child, county, old - People Search
  28. Looking for someone from Arab area: phone, friend, name, high school - People Search
  29. Looking for Hilda or Natashia bliss: father, where, contact - People Search
  30. How to find someone: records, neighbor, baby, searches - People Search
  31. Looking for Larry E. Bachlor II: last name, Atlanta, Memphis, law - People Search
  32. heidelburg: where, family - People Search
  33. Looking for Trytten's in Colorado areas: lost, last name, relatives, where - People Search
  34. Seeking Pamela, 40-ish, Gainesville, FL...student?: name, address, about, website - People Search
  35. Deloris Crawford Deisher, Daleville, VA Roanoke, VA?: record, county, Virginia - People Search
  36. Candi Mitchel - Fort Dix N.J 1989/90: baby, searches, father - People Search
  37. Judy Bartz - Oklahoma: name, looking for, find, city - People Search
  38. i'm looking for my mother: name, Kansas, Germany, finding - People Search
  39. Alice Haefeker and family - Carbondale, KS 1963: old, name, Kansas - People Search
  40. Walker Family - Walker Valley, NY and Eaton family of Newburgh, NY: daughter, father - People Search
  41. I search news of my parents in Lawrence Mass: friend, name, Massachusetts - People Search
  42. Looking for old friend from uk: location, phone, friends, daughter - People Search
  43. Searching for Tonia Carlson: children, friend, lost, last name - People Search
  44. Metal Celeste - Bayonne, NJ, Where are you...?: old, last name - People Search
  45. Alamogordo, NM - Buzz Zink - Former Boss/Owner of Car Wash: name, first - People Search
  46. Clifford Dunnaway, Mechanicsville, VA: person, find - People Search
  47. looking for Peter Schmidt from Germany: friend, old, last name, member - People Search
  48. Looking for the BLACK Family: friends, old, names - People Search
  49. Family in Crawfordsville: father, name, relatives, member - People Search
  50. Looking for family: records, children, picture, old - People Search
  51. Ashley M. Gregg - Austin, MN Diary's found for 1880 - Where is this family??: location, places - People Search
  52. Missing Family member: genealogy, child, daughters, father - People Search
  53. CA missing hiker in foothill ranch/Dec 15th search: friend, California, family - People Search
  54. shari mleczewski: Minnesota, looking for - People Search
  55. Looking for my family: phone, daughter, old, dad - People Search
  56. Looking for Someone in Kerrville TX: location, records, phone, child - People Search
  57. Texas, New Mexico? searching for Roger P Austin: record, phone, county - People Search
  58. looking for ancestors of Ethel Mae Mott Oakley: lookup, old, father - People Search
  59. adopted brother/sister early 70's nj: records, neighbor, children, old - People Search
  60. Trying to find someone, OK: picture, friend, old, father - People Search
  61. Angier in Troy, VT: phone, village, name - People Search
  62. Looking for 3 boys named Braun, in MT and ID.: places, phone, friend - People Search
  63. one from Tulia, Tx. in the 1930's -1940's?: father, name - People Search
  64. Marked Tree, AK - Geneology: last name, looking for - People Search
  65. Trying to locate a Robert Eugene Ryan, Approx age 40. His father died in WV: sister, name - People Search
  66. Cming to Holdenville: county, father, name, birth - People Search
  67. Searching For My Brother Eric: father, information, finding - People Search
  68. Looking for Betty: name, Las Vegas, person, SC - People Search
  69. Looking for Shelly Nolan: location, friends, sister, lost - People Search
  70. Tryin' to Find 'Er: phone, friend, sister, lost - People Search
  71. Looking For Thompsons From Or In Pikeville,kentucky!!: daughter, old, Florida - People Search
  72. Soppitt / Swanson Family: genealogy, records, child, picture - People Search
  73. Missing Son - San Francisco: phone, find, number - People Search
  74. Looking For Ellis Futch from Valdosta, GA: friend, old, name - People Search
  75. Trying to find Raymond E. May (Naples, Tx.): phone, lost, father - People Search
  76. Havre de grace,MD: county, name, birth, adopted - People Search
  77. looking for daughter: daughters, name, member, address - People Search
  78. James Richard Lathrop: dad, name, Oregon, Missouri - People Search
  79. The James(jim) Lee family from Boswell Ok.: children, daughters, sister - People Search
  80. Laskody: children, county, father, last name - People Search
  81. Help!: genealogy, location, county, old - People Search
  82. McCall and Boise folks - can you help find a friend?: phone, old - People Search
  83. looking for Rebecca Rowan: picture, friend, daughter, old - People Search
  84. Jennifer Lauersdorf: sister, old, dad, name - People Search
  85. William or Tamesha Couse - Denver, CO??: daughter, addresses, co - People Search
  86. looking for a lost friend: street, dad, name, North Carolina - People Search
  87. Looking for my friend...I need help!!: name, person, information - People Search
  88. Looking for Gretchen Parke Reynolds - North Dakota: location, records, friend - People Search
  89. i search my father biological: birth certificate, records, baby, child - People Search
  90. know Kathy Kirmil (maiden) from Lebanon, NH Class of 1968: children, picture - People Search
  91. svenungsen family in homestead in pittsburgh: children, picture, daughter, father - People Search
  92. Searching For My Father: lookup, records, telephone, child - People Search
  93. Help with a missing person: phone, neighbor, street, friend - People Search
  94. I need help findin friends' biological mother - Ohio?: genealogy, records, adoptee - People Search
  95. Little girl lost: record, phone, neighbor, street - People Search
  96. help required in finding somone: phone, friend, daughter, name - People Search
  97. looking for john byron walker: sister, lost, father, names - People Search
  98. Whitmore Lake, Darling Family - Marion & Rosie: daughter, sister, where - People Search
  99. Naperville Il.. looking for a lost relative: name, address, contact - People Search
  100. Carrie Firth - - - Buffalo, WY? or Sheridan, WY?: child, father - People Search
  101. Looking for younger adopted brother around Lewistown area: sister, dad, name - People Search
  102. Looking for Jimmie L. Armstrong- Bay, AR?: picture, father, address - People Search
  103. Old FriendLooking for In Dea Gibson. - People Search
  104. Lucia: father, trying to find - People Search
  105. Ducktown, TN - Gillreath/Gilreath - Fulton - Parks: genealogy, father, name - People Search
  106. Whereabouts of descendants: children, county, father, America - People Search
  107. Sharon Dee Still (maiden name) - FLORIDA: friend, Sarasota, looking for - People Search
  108. Looking for Cheryl Kopek? Hopatcong, NJ: where, person - People Search
  109. Looking for Cassandra Richardson in Hampton, VA: lost, high school, where - People Search
  110. looking for sarby from leicester england?: address - People Search
  111. Lakin or Koker Family - Waldren, Arkansas area: old, names, looking for - People Search
  112. Dr Mike Christy-Baltimore MD-trying to contact: address, brother - People Search
  113. Jordan High School 1976 Long Beach CA - People Search
  114. Looking for Chadwick IL classmates: Illinois - People Search
  115. War Brides from London UK to Detroit: name, looking for, mother - People Search
  116. there living in Benld.Illinois?: looking for, information, about - People Search
  117. looking for David sinclair Allen: where, Ontario, about - People Search
  118. Searching for Kathy Schiller: Mississippi - People Search
  119. A niece in Mississippi: trying to find - People Search
  120. Missouri ? Danny Purseafer ? (SP): friend, last name, Kansas, Arkansas - People Search
  121. Looking for family: name, Oregon, where, person - People Search
  122. looking for old friends, PA: lost - People Search
  123. Artie Rose: father, name, where, attorney - People Search
  124. Pitkethley or Pitkethly from Edinburgh: old, names, member, brother - People Search
  125. looking for my greek relatives in illinois: location, last name, trying to find - People Search
  126. Are you from Winside NE?: friend, old, name, Eugene - People Search
  127. Looking for Jimmie L. Armstrong of MI & AR: picture, father, Michigan - People Search
  128. Looking for Rose Bailey/Rose Connell: names, adoption, Michigan, about - People Search
  129. Shipmans of Fairbury Nebraska: relatives, information, about - People Search
  130. Looking for Sonny Seaton from Billings, MO: places, phone, sisters - People Search
  131. EDWANNA NICOLLS, looking for: friend, sister, old, lost - People Search
  132. Terry Family: searches, lost, father, names - People Search
  133. grimes county,tx: name, member, locate, contact - People Search
  134. Looking for missing relatives in Clarksburg,WV: history, information, locating - People Search
  135. Looking for Rod Figueroa: children, information, living, age - People Search
  136. Looking For George Homfeldt: brother, city, area - People Search
  137. Khan in Utica,NY: phone, brother, looking for, mom - People Search
  138. jake and family visited uk in 2006 - from Colorado: sister, high school, looking for - People Search
  139. Lee and Harriet Sexton - Arkansas - dating to the 1840's: daughters, daughter - People Search
  140. Looking for Someone in Portageville, MO: beautiful - People Search
  141. I am looking for Jeff Brown...SC!!!: friend, find, living - People Search
  142. Looking for Tracie Irvin: friend, name, Georgia, trying to find - People Search
  143. Looking for someone in Green Castle: location, area - People Search
  144. Seeking Tom (or Tommy) Plaugher, Harrisonburg, VA: location, father, name - People Search
  145. i need help finding my dad: name, trying to find - People Search
  146. Searching for uncle - Henry Gerhardt, 1883-1971, Waynesville NC: children, county, lost - People Search
  147. Loth: Valentine: child, Missouri, Australia, Germany - People Search
  148. Stamps, Arkansas: house, Eugene, family, finding - People Search
  149. Anchestor wanted: picture, name, Illinois, looking for - People Search
  150. camden ala: county, high school, New York, looking for - People Search
  151. search for brother dr. mike christy/Johns Hopkins/baltimore: sister, lost, address - People Search
  152. Nebraska - Seeking Becky to tell her about Jack: contact - People Search
  153. Looking for Relatives: daughters, father, name, Virginia - People Search
  154. Looking for Someone: Mississippi - People Search
  155. looking for someone in the Dallas area: name, address, find - People Search
  156. Looking for a childhood friend in Cedar Rapids: grandparents - People Search
  157. searching for sherri, Philippi WV: friend, New Jersey, trying to find, about - People Search
  158. Searching for Doddy's in Rhode Island: daughter, relatives, information, contact - People Search
  159. Family of Elsie Houston (Nealey) Lake Village and Goodwin: children, birth, member - People Search
  160. looking for descendants of James Edward, 1911 immigrant: daughter, name, California - People Search
  161. Searching for family in Cabool, MO: picture, old, father, name - People Search
  162. Looking For William Armstrong, Last seen in Dayton, Ohio: name, relatives, Richmond - People Search
  163. Looking for people in Keego Harbor Michigan: friends, old, Arizona - People Search
  164. Seeking KOPFER ; Caney, Montgomery County, KS., 1917: names, relatives, Anchorage, Alaska - People Search
  165. A missing woman by the name of Jasmine (married name Thomas) in Texas: phone, baby - People Search
  166. looking for buddy goree villa ridge Missouri: where, contact - People Search
  167. I did not say ...Whitney Museum, 11.26.: friends, American, beautiful - People Search
  168. I need help.: last name, where, New Jersey, looking for - People Search
  169. Looking for...: lost, family - People Search
  170. Kenneth Kaneback Lakewood??: looking for - People Search
  171. Looking for a friend in Vermont: old, online - People Search
  172. Nuttall High School Classmate 1964: contact - People Search
  173. philip leroyboadway: sister, name, address, brother - People Search
  174. I looking form my friend Jose Boada: information, about - People Search
  175. Searching for family in Silver Creek, NY: father, names, member - People Search
  176. Need Helping Finding: mom - People Search
  177. Adrian, MI: Looking for family of JA (Jim) Campbell: old, father, address - People Search
  178. Marie Guerra Lee of Roselle, IL, now in Colorado?: phone, friend, old - People Search
  179. Trying to find Donna Kulmaczewski: contact - People Search
  180. William Donghia - Dillwyn, VA - Looking for old friend: sister, name - People Search
  181. Joe Bowman - Horse Cave, KY - WW2 Chaplain: name, Kentucky, where - People Search
  182. Searching for relatives in Jackson Tenn. Harper & Nanney.: names, Georgia - People Search
  183. Looking for Sherman Black: friend, old, addresses, numbers - People Search
  184. Did You Go To School In West Orange, NJ?: high school, area, area - People Search
  185. Zaba search: name, looking for, state - People Search
  186. Looking For Laurie: friend, last name, address, Oregon - People Search
  187. help me to find my friend...: friends, relatives, information - People Search
  188. Arlene, Are You Out There: friend, name, Oregon, looking for - People Search
  189. my friend: brother - People Search
  190. Emilia V i t t u a r i , Litchfield, Illinois: looking for, information - People Search
  191. Trying to find someone in Pleasant Grove: phone, old, name - People Search
  192. Looking for LLL, Fredericskburg, VA: phone, name, address, Mexico - People Search
  193. Dad wants to hear from Daughters: birth - People Search
  194. Kimberly S. from Atmore, where r u?: old, name, Alabama - People Search
  195. Looking for J. Saulnier oder Brother/Children: friend, father, name - People Search
  196. Need About Winsted, CT Photographer: location, photography, Kentucky, information - People Search
  197. Wayne and Amber Backman: friends, old, looking for, find - People Search
  198. Thomasville hypnotist: Georgia, contact, first - People Search
  199. Looking for lost friend: name, address, Sacramento, CA - People Search
  200. looking for lost friend layla: last name, member, address, Minneapolis - People Search