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  82. Doggie Bed and Breakfast - Dogs
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  97. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. - Dogs
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  101. Canada Vet Care: bought, reviews - Dogs
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  106. Extraordinary efforts to save a puppy stuck in a pipe: rescued, ears - Dogs
  107. Who Let The Dogs Out?
  108. How to help abused puppy in my neighborhood!?: treatment, kids, outside - Dogs
  109. Canine Diabetes help for owners of Diabetic Pets: costs, effects, insulin - Dogs
  110. Things dogs teach us
  111. Good poodle breeder in North Carolina: poodles, toy, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  112. One big happy (multi species) family: hurt - Dogs
  113. Madrid suburb's solution to unpicked-up poop: leash, owner, work, family - Dogs
  114. A tribute to John and Schoep: ears, year, man, people - Dogs
  115. We are so vulnerable when we advertise for a missing dog: poop, ears - Dogs
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  117. Animal Control Officer takes dogs from shelter home to breed: breeder, puppy
  118. Vet threatens to charge woman with animal cruelty if she doesn't get $10,000 surgery for her dog: terriers, costs - Dogs
  119. Dog found guilty....: kids, Denver, owner - Dogs
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  126. Separation Anxiety?: border collie, how much, lab, boxers - Dogs
  127. GSD reacts to hearing howling wolf: pups, breed, cats, female - Dogs
  128. How safe is your fence?: barking, kennels, chew, outside - Dogs
  129. Puppy REFUSES to be potty trained.: poop, housebreak, train, diarrhea - Dogs
  130. Warning about dog collars: poodles, biting, wound, shaking - Dogs
  131. Has with a dog have a mini pig? How do they get along?: bulldogs, poop
  132. Multi-State Dogfighting Raid Saves 367 Dogs: aggressive, rescue, costs, adoption
  133. dogs and cats, living together...: vet, barks, aggressive, training
  134. Clavamox: allergic, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
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  136. Probiotics. or Nay?: lab, bulldog, terrier, schnauzers - Dogs
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  138. How do you deal with dog owners that don't clean up poop?: cleaning, adopted - Dogs
  139. Would you suggest potty training pads for a new puppy?: bulldog, goldendoodle - Dogs
  140. Is it a lot of work --owning a dog?: how much, shepherd, yorkie - Dogs
  141. Doing what they were bred to do!: lab, poodles, terrier - Dogs
  142. The Barking. Help.: labs, vet, black, train - Dogs
  143. Finding Lost Dog: terrier, vet, spaniel, rescue - Dogs
  144. For with more than one -- Do you have a favorite dog?: pitbulls, border collie - Dogs
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  146. Ingredients in stool-eating supplements: clean, poop, veterinarians, breeder - Dogs
  147. Our dog has been with us 24/7, now a 5 day trip away -: rescue, kennel - Dogs
  148. Travel with small dog: vet, barking, black, training - Dogs
  149. Time to put training to the test: best, walk, home - Dogs
  150. Verifying AKC German Shepherd pups: golden retrievers, rottweilers, shepherds, tumors - Dogs
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  153. Questions about raw diet? do this?: border collie, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  154. I was offered a Yorkie from the Amish, For Free... What should I do?: bulldog, yorkies - Dogs
  155. Help me understand my golden retriever.: labrador, puppy, best, food - Dogs
  156. Do you think that dogs will ever be able to actually talk in form like humans?: huskies,
  157. Splenectomy: border collie, tumors, clean, vet - Dogs
  158. Breed DNA results are in...: how much, shepherd, labrador, boxer - Dogs
  159. News, Man saves dog from sinking ship, then goes back for wife: rescued, cost - Dogs
  160. Training/Barking: train, puppy, outside, walk - Dogs
  161. $20 spay/nueter for Pit Bull type dogs: pitbull, breeders, barking
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  174. Dog allergies - know of who outgrew them?: allergic, clean, wound - Dogs
  175. My dog's coat is very dry from swimming: lab, bulldog, allergic - Dogs
  176. Feeling like a bad person (sneaking dogs into places): pitbull, lab, terrier
  177. with experience on dual partial cruciate tears?: pitbull, lab, vet - Dogs
  178. Taste testing dog treats: puppy - Dogs
  179. Watch firefighters save a dog's life: rescue, breathing - Dogs
  180. News, Your Dog Can Catch Yawns— From You: best, breeds, canine - Dogs
  181. Clever Bichon wants to play - Dogs
  182. Rescued dog saves jogging woman from attack - Dogs
  183. Warrants out for a dozen animal abusers: Savannah, Ohio, Columbus - Dogs
  184. Blind and Deaf Dogs take care of each other: home
  185. Awesome dog puppeteer and little girl! - Dogs
  186. Cow dogs: weight, keep, leash, year
  187. Pit Bull saves family loses leg: ears - Dogs
  188. Doggie Yoga Class - Dogs
  189. Freestyle to Glenn Miller - Dogs
  190. Favorite Movie! - Dogs
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  200. Bed and Breakfast- Canine Style - Dogs