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  12. Forgotten Pets. Did you know there are people who abandon pets at boarding kennels?: vet, shelter - Dogs
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  14. Vacustatin / Angioblock for hemangiosarcoma?: vet, treatment, effects, home - Dogs
  15. Medical Cannabis for dog cancer?: labs, tumors, vet, prescription - Dogs
  16. Learning to AROOOOO...: best, ears, test, - Dogs
  17. Animal Charity Accused to taking dog: skin, training, rescue, reactions - Dogs
  18. Ring the bells to go potty: border collie, golden retriever, yorkie, training - Dogs
  19. Animal Cruelty Cases Brushed Aside: New York - Dogs
  20. Where do all dogs originate from?: chihuahua, toy, breeding, science
  21. Can you watch without crying...: best, home, sold - Dogs
  22. oogy: rescued, ears, year - Dogs
  23. Fliers and Facebook pay off in locating missing dog in NYC: weight, animal - Dogs
  24. Dog lost and hit by car survives 9 days in the cold: owner - Dogs
  25. Blaze definitely does NOT want to go in his kennel.: biting, huskies - Dogs
  26. Swimming puppy: shepherd, lab, black, train - Dogs
  27. Pit Bull Ban Lifted: owner, difference - Dogs
  28. experts on training/reining in dogs: lab, barking, train
  29. Pychco Dogs?: chihuahua, yorkie, pomeranian, training
  30. Only 1 month in jail for this dog breeder who drowned unwanted puppies: breeders, rescue - Dogs
  31. Why guide dogs are the best animals for the blind: miniature, horses
  32. babysitting: how much, poodle, vet, cataracts - Dogs
  33. Sometimes only a dog knows how to make it better.: sick, people - Dogs
  34. Degenerative Myopathy in Shepherd: how much, labrador, clean, poop - Dogs
  35. Vacuums, dog hair new: how much, clean, cleaning, odor - Dogs
  36. How to recycle old console TV cabinet for your dog: pup, fur - Dogs
  37. News, Match made in heaven! Meet the three nuns who rescued elderly abandoned pit bull 'Remy' from being euthanized: ears, New York - Dogs
  38. Huskies are really funny dogs: rescue, carpet, ears, year
  39. Source for nail clippers: clean, vet, aggressive, train - Dogs
  40. News, Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads when We Speak?: noise, ears
  41. What patience and perseverance can do: wound, shelter, stories - Dogs
  42. Rescue Rescue Dogs in the car on the way to their new furever homes: shelter, home
  43. Pitbull tries to eat cats: pitbulls, bulldog, best, home - Dogs
  44. Dinner time: Dine in or To go ?: black, chewing - Dogs
  45. My 4 month pup won't stop hacking: poodles, vet, breeding, treatment - Dogs
  46. Taliban capture working dog: clean, eating, test, keep - Dogs
  47. 3rd birthday~21 and stepping out?: rescues, puppy, shelter, ears - Dogs
  48. Bladder Testing: training, outside, home, normal - Dogs
  49. Then and Now - Dogs
  50. Sad Shelter Dog Hides Her Face: rescue, adopt, home, animals - Dogs
  51. Accidental Dog Treat Discovery: vet, black, skin, diet - Dogs
  52. Winter itching: vet, skin, diet, allergies - Dogs
  53. squirrel tries to hide nut in dog's fur - Dogs
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  55. Master Agility at Westminster on TV now! - Dogs
  56. Frustrated with Dog: vet, training, treatment, odor - Dogs
  57. Raising super active pup while working full time: border collie, barking, skin - Dogs
  58. Heroic Canine Officer Dies of Stab wounds: medium, Mobile, Indiana - Dogs
  59. 18yo Girl throws a new litter of puppies in to a river and laughs as they drown: ears, year - Dogs
  60. Dog want to play with his shadow: children, animal, behavior - Dogs
  61. News, Pa. man who tortured dog can still own animals, judge rules: labrador, food - Dogs
  62. New Dog , New Owner: vet, housebreak, training, adopted - Dogs
  63. How Long To Train A Rescue?: how much, yorkie, spaniel, breeder - Dogs
  64. Kirkland (Costco) Flea and Tick Preventative: veterinarian, control, work, brand - Dogs
  65. Julia Roberts scares pooch: afraid - Dogs
  66. Labrador Retriever is Top Dog: boxer, poop, breeders, black - Dogs
  67. Dilated Cardiomyopathy artireal fibrilation and heart failure is ths the end game now for my boy?: how much, labrador - Dogs
  68. Dog with urination issues: how much, lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  69. Vet Tech charged with animal cruelty: stomach, puppy, people - Dogs
  70. Rescuers in Sochi try to save stray dogs set to be killed: animal, people
  71. Joe Biden looking for Bo-Look Alike: shelter, medium, cheap, people - Dogs
  72. Doberhuahua -- have one?: best, attacks, people - Dogs
  73. 5 Least Intelligent Dog Breeds: shepherd, labradors, poodles, shepherds - Dogs
  74. Pet Store Puppies Come From USDA Licensed Kennels: breeders, adopt, breed - Dogs
  75. 170 lb lap dog: ridgeback, drool, puppy, dominant - Dogs
  76. For hearing the breed Pit Bull brings on a knee jerk reaction...: Denver, Texas - Dogs
  77. Peanut Butter Ingredients: vet, diet, food, spray - Dogs
  78. Big Baby Boris is Afraid of the Stairs: training, walk, eating - Dogs
  79. A Very Puppy Christmas To My CD Friends - Dogs
  80. News, Lindsey Vonn adopts shelter dog with a bum knee. - Dogs
  81. Dukie Dog saves baby's life: rescued, stories, family - Dogs
  82. How cold is too cold?: border collie, terriers, yorkie, spaniel - Dogs
  83. Santa Time: paws, shots, pups, best - Dogs
  84. Abused and abandoned dogs: pitbull, poodles, miniature, vet
  85. Hard lump on hock joint: labrador, vet, problems, ears - Dogs
  86. German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders: rescue, adopt, puppy, ears - Dogs
  87. What kind of dog is this ?: terrier, toy, breeds - Dogs
  88. Good book: training, rescue, children, free - Dogs
  89. Puppies for Christmas: legal, train, teeth, chews - Dogs
  90. People Leaving Barking Dogs Outside In Winter, Is It Cruel?: how much, shepherd
  91. Dog doing his business in the house: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  92. Abused beyond belief- can this dog be trusted and can she trust?: rescued, children - Dogs
  93. Why Dogs Circle to Poop in Perfect Position: training, outside, medium
  94. Another reunion b/c of microchip- 5 years later: vet, home, animal - Dogs
  95. Beautiful Golden finds loving home: rescue, best, animals, necessary - Dogs
  96. Two years spent trying to gain dog's trust pays off: puppies, blanket - Dogs
  97. Guilty Dogs: lab, poodles, Denver
  98. NFL player abandons puppy and gets sued: Seattle, sick - Dogs
  99. 62 dogs found in broken down van: breeders, breed, test, Ohio
  100. How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal - Dogs
  101. Dogfighting Rescue Saves 367 Dogs: months, work, people
  102. Man and his dog recreate classic romantic movie scenes - Dogs
  103. Have Experience with Pet Insurance?: vet, pomeranian, skin, rescue - Dogs
  104. beginning canine agility: training, biscuits, NYC, year - Dogs
  105. Service Dog Meets Pluto: lab, training, ears, test - Dogs
  106. DMG for dogs?: vet, breeder, symptoms, effects
  107. Confused puppy: toy, chew, cross, best - Dogs
  108. Liver Cancer: vet, stomach, surgery, diarrhea - Dogs
  109. I would definitely try out this vet clinic - Dogs
  110. Dog food brand reviews, excellent web page: vet, science, diet - Dogs
  111. Thousands of $$ donated for homeless man and his dog which was hit by car: surgery, ears - Dogs
  112. Dog bit new dog in the house :(: lab, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  113. Puppy Love: vet, adopt, kids, noise - Dogs
  114. My dog bit someone - advice: how much, bite, wound - Dogs
  115. Cheap solution to fix broken ears in an ADULT GSDs.: vet, breeders - Dogs
  116. aggressive soft tissue sarcoma on leg: lab, bulldog, clean, vet - Dogs
  117. What might your dog think about you picking up its poo?!: clean, poop - Dogs
  118. Do your pets sleep on top of each other?: poodle, spaniel, bones - Dogs
  119. Conflicted - not sure about putting dog to sleep.: lab, shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  120. Service dogs, real vs fake: skin, maltese, seizures, store
  121. I Love My Dog!: home, safe, NYC, animals - Dogs
  122. Another day, another off leash dog: vet, aggressive, surgery, chewing - Dogs
  123. Issue with neighbor's rottweiler--Need advice: barking, aggressive, skin, children - Dogs
  124. another rescue encounter...*sigh*: chihuahua, vet, breeders, collie - Dogs
  125. Cost of Home Cooked: how much, lab, vet, diet - Dogs
  126. What a surprise...Ben's DNA test results are in...: how much, shepherd, poodle - Dogs
  127. hate my life right now with dogs: how much, chihuahuas, poop
  128. One woman offers free spay for every dog in Macon, Georgia: neuter, cheap - Dogs
  129. Trying to get dog lovers to understand where I'm coming from: shepherd, allergic - Dogs
  130. Obedience training?: retriever, poop, vet, toy - Dogs
  131. Too Many Toys: toy, bones, doxie, chew - Dogs
  132. Amputee Vet and his dog turned away from Starbucks: shaking, training, food - Dogs
  133. Westiminister Dog Show Allows Mutts for First Time: poodles, rescues, kennel - Dogs
  134. Shivering Chihuahua left outside!: skin, train, shelter, animal - Dogs
  135. I let neighbors dog in when below freezing and he accuses me of theft: skin, adopted - Dogs
  136. Can worms cause bloody diarrhea in dogs?: clean, poop, vet
  137. into Barn Hunt or Earth Dog trials?: how much, terriers, breeder - Dogs
  138. Shedding: how much, labs, allergy, poodle - Dogs
  139. Zyrtec for dogs with allergies?: how much, bulldog, allergic, vet
  140. Cold weather dogs in humid weather?: ridgeback, boxer, golden retriever, biting
  141. What did your dog(s) get for Christmas?: lab, toy, teeth - Dogs
  142. 300 Animals Seized in Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary in Florida: vet, breeders, stomach - Dogs
  143. Getting a young dog: vet, mice, rescue, costs - Dogs
  144. Sochi city hall orders killing of stray dogs.....: cost, adopt, neutered
  145. help w/ advice!: how much, lab, bite, poop - Dogs
  146. Border Collie behavior: terriers, bite, vet, legal - Dogs
  147. Stuff Dogs Say: lab, chew, outside, eat
  148. Puppy training questions: bite, toy, wound, skin - Dogs
  149. Dog Breed + Adoption: pitbull, shepherd, labs, poodles - Dogs
  150. Mixed breed dog - guesses?: pitbull, Shar-Pei, terrier, bite - Dogs
  151. Looking for advice for my dog who ha 2 Torn ACL's and a Loose knee cap.: shepherd, patella - Dogs
  152. Need your help dog adoption (what would you do??): shepherd, bite - Dogs
  153. Service dog thrown out of hospital: pitbull, golden retriever, cross, best - Dogs
  154. Where can I get my dog tatto: shepherd, vet, stomach - Dogs
  155. Geographical differences in pet adoptions, transporting animals to other regions: vet, breeding - Dogs
  156. Help with dog ID: golden retriever, spaniel, teeth, adopted - Dogs
  157. My 1 yr old Shihtzu barks when I sit down after..: laser, toy - Dogs
  158. Dog emotional level comparison to humans: labs, bulldog, aggressive, husky - Dogs
  159. Guess who got into fire ants?: bites, puppy, home, neighbors - Dogs
  160. What happened when a little girl was left alone with a pitbull for 20 minutes. Do you dare look?: breed, Cary - Dogs
  161. Cute baby dogs: puppies, test
  162. Why Sectionals Were Invented: shepherd, labrador, shepherds, skin - Dogs
  163. What can we do about neighbor's dog?: biting, poop, barking - Dogs
  164. guesses on this dog's breed?: shepherd, boxer, rottweiler, vet - Dogs
  165. Squeak toys?: clean, toy, aggressive, cost - Dogs
  166. Do you let your dog(s) sleep with you?: border collie, yorkie, collie - Dogs
  167. Recommend a small dog?: shih tzu, poodles, terriers, rottweilers - Dogs
  168. Older dog with multiple health issues: shepherd, lab, tumors, clean - Dogs
  169. Can a boring / understimulating start to life be overcome?: border collie, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  170. Is it ok to yell at a dog for barking?: shihtzu, train - Dogs
  171. Pancreatitis, IBS/IBD, Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis & Prescription Dog Food: bulldog, allergic, miniature - Dogs
  172. Should I take my dog to the vet?: how much, terrier, treatment - Dogs
  173. Going dog shopping today: rescue, eating, home, hair - Dogs
  174. trying to find bread of my puppy: border collie, lab, rescued - Dogs
  175. Small dog with car sickness, s?: lab, vet, toy - Dogs
  176. HELP! Overwhelmed with flea issue: clean, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  177. My Leashed dog bit another leashed dog: pitbull, shepherd, miniature - Dogs
  178. Another Dog food: allergic, chihuahua, vet, prescription - Dogs
  179. Moving to Australia and dog failed Ehrlichia canis test: vet, cross, pup - Dogs
  180. People food: bite, black, puppy, cats - Dogs
  181. had/have a Presa Canario?: pitbulls, spaniel, breeder, aggressive - Dogs
  182. Getting a new dog after losing a loved dog: how much, lab, train - Dogs
  183. How do you exercise your dog?: barking, aggressive, training, paws - Dogs
  184. Dog faking continued illness after she has recovered!: poop, barking, stomach - Dogs
  185. Kong Failure: toy, black, teeth, bones - Dogs
  186. Welcoming our new family member...: border collie, terrier, clean, poop - Dogs
  187. Aggravating Dog Tendencies I Don't Get: shepherd, pinscher, clean, barking - Dogs
  188. for owners who use remote e-collars / shock collars: lab, retreiver, training - Dogs
  189. Did I hurt my dog with a prong collar?: border collie, veterinary, wound - Dogs
  190. Does own an unusual breed of dog?: ridgeback, border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  191. Dog left in cold car: labradors, golden retriever, barking, skin - Dogs
  192. Free veterinarian care for service dogs for veterans.
  193. News, Dog helps save owner's life.: stop, man - Dogs
  194. Say Thank You: clean, kids, best, people - Dogs
  195. Flea Control in New Jersey: allergy, fleas, yeast, natural - Dogs
  196. Rescue dog saves baby - Dogs
  197. News, Best in show! American Kennel Club names Labrador retrievers the most popular US breed.: retriever, puppy - Dogs
  198. Dog walking events: black, cross, collars, outside - Dogs
  199. Putting up the puppy's toy....: aggressive, food, walk, eat - Dogs
  200. If you have lost your dog: a good that could help: cross - Dogs