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  17. Gog and Magog (spiritual interpretation): Revelation, Jesus, Bible, prophecy - Christianity
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  54. Falling Up?: crucify, abomination, doctrine, church - Christianity
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  57. Pope Corrects Israeli Leader: Actually, Jesus Did Not Speak Hebrew: Torah, religion - Christianity
  58. is it good or bad if you want to see people who have shunned and rejected you on Earth in heaven?: God, Lord - Christianity
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  77. Christians in the Navy?: Tanakh, HaShem, women, church - Christianity
  78. Jesus came down to lower regions: traditions, hell, beliefs - Christianity
  79. Do you pray the rosary?: tradition, Epistles, churches, preacher - Christianity
  80. Receive The Free Gift of Salvation?: believer, Jesus Christ, Bible, Israel - Christianity
  81. The Anointed: Gospel, church, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  82. SavedByTheCommandments ThroughObedienceToJesusChrist: believe, Moses, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  88. I believe this is an accurate assessment: Gospel, church, Revelation - Christianity
  89. Christianity and dating: hell, women, church, pray
  90. Prophecy- Do you believe it can happen?: messages, myth, woman - Christianity
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  96. ‘Fountains of the Great Deep’ Discovered? Scientists Find Huge Underground Ocean: evolution, Bible - Christianity
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  98. Can Lucifer repent?: HaShem, hell, myth, church - Christianity
  99. Is the yoke of the son easy?: believe, scripture, sin - Christianity
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  103. Jesus is God according to the Gospel of John.: HaShem, Deist, Gospels - Christianity
  104. Red Heifer: Torah, purification, traditions, Gospel - Christianity
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  112. Electronic Bible: Gospel, messages, Book of Mormon, churches - Christianity
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  130. Man of Lawlessness: Gospels, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  131. about Christian churches that display the rainbow flag (LGBT-friendly)?: doctrine, believe - Christianity
  132. How come not all Christians will be saved and have Eternal Life?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  133. Righteousness is the only Passport to the Kingdom of God: Epistles, punishment - Christianity
  134. Christians and Global Warming: churches, Revelation, believe, sin - Christianity
  135. Antichrist = Everyone: church, believers, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  143. SAVE Thy SELF: Gospel, doctrine, believe, scripture - Christianity
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  145. Evil in the universe: Revelation, Deuteronomy, believe, pray - Christianity
  146. Today you will be with me in paradise.: believers, Jesus - Christianity
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  148. The light of life: testimony, doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  149. Outcast: Gospel, abominations, Messiah, believe - Christianity
  150. The Worship Is Not In The Bowing.: tradition, churches, rituals - Christianity
  151. misconceptions that Christians have of being Christian: Gospel, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  152. Ordination Of Roman Catholic WomanPriest This Saturday: hell, doctrine, women - Christianity
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  155. Who are the blessed?: believe, exodus, sinners, disciples - Christianity
  156. such two completely opposite opinions of the Bible: belief, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  157. Loving the keeper.: scriptures, Jesus, Bible, Israel - Christianity
  158. Apostasy / Going back to Egypt: Gospel, Sodom, doctrine - Christianity
  159. Christian dating: woman, churches, believers, praying - Christianity
  160. Why does God give us a desire that what we want to do, but we dont have the talent to do?: church, preacher - Christianity
  161. Why Do Pagans Like Anita Moorjani Get Miraculously Healed While Christians Die?: hell, testimony - Christianity
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  163. Snowball's: Eden, traditions, Gospels, hell - Christianity
  164. Does God Have Multiple Personality Disorder?: lordship, godless, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  165. Has Ever Ministered to a Gay Person/Gay Supporter?: hell, church - Christianity
  166. News, Son Of Snake Handler Killed By Snake Gets Bitten Too: paradise, doctrine - Christianity
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  172. Taking Medication and Christianity: church, believers, prayer, Bible
  173. Is Liberal Christianity Signing Its Death Warrant?: Lutheran, hell, presbyterian
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  178. Sinners are destroyed by Destroying their sin: believe, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
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  180. The Cannibal: Micah, tradition, hell, doctrine - Christianity
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  191. Is The Good Life Just Integrity, Prosperity, Courage And Happiness Alone ?: dress code, church - Christianity
  192. Why Speak In Tongues And Quit Smoking And Drinking If Water Baptism And The Sabbath Is Too Legal ?: tradition, testimonies - Christianity
  193. Is People Meetings Priority Or Unity Meetings Priority ?: church, Revelation, believer - Christianity
  194. People Say Grace Makes You Live Holy But How Much ?: Gospel, women - Christianity
  195. WHO Invited To Church ?: lukewarm, Revelation, believe, abortion - Christianity
  196. Is Deliverance Just About Getting Rid Of Hate And Fear And Poverty And Dope and Alcohol Addictions ?: churches, Revelation - Christianity
  197. Why Are People Trained Just To Advertise Jesus And Say Where A Church Location Is ?: women, Revelation - Christianity
  198. Life of Christ - Bible Classes by Pastor Bob Bolender: Gospels, incarnation - Christianity
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  200. The consequences of trying to divide Israel: Jesus, blessings, Genesis - Christianity