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  1. Iam planning on moving to foley or gulf shores: Mobile: rent, find a job - Alabama (AL)
  2. Commuting to Auburn University: Montgomery, Enterprise: transferring to, living in, campus - Alabama (AL)
  3. Alabama Fly-in Communities: Birmingham, Dothan, Enterprise: taxi, living, club (AL)
  4. Information on Arab, AL: Huntsville, Guntersville: rent, crime, hotels - Alabama
  5. monroeville/excel/uriah: real estate, neighborhood, elementary school - Alabama (AL)
  6. Free The Hops Legislation amp;A: Tuscaloosa, Franklin: house, live - Alabama (AL)
  7. Moulton Storm Damage 4/11: Five Points: trees, property, area - Alabama (AL)
  8. Midtown: East? West? South? or Downtown?: Mobile: houses, safe area, high school - Alabama (AL)
  9. Gun Law (NON-US residents): Huntsville, Madison: rent, loan, attorney - Alabama (AL)
  10. Home insurance in Fairhope: Daphne: new house, companies, location - Alabama (AL)
  11. Help looking into property near Crossville area: Huntsville, Florence: for sale, crime - Alabama (AL)
  12. Regulation of HOAs in Alabama?: rules, used, lists (AL)
  13. Movin' home!: Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Demopolis: lease, how much, mobile home - Alabama (AL)
  14. Summer Activities for kids in Enterprise,AL: Birmingham, Elba: home, YMCA - Alabama
  15. town in alabama: Mobile, Fairhope, Foley: apartment, rent, daycare - Alabama (AL)
  16. how is Daleville?: Montgomery, Dothan, Enterprise: apartment complexes, for rent, how much - Alabama (AL)
  17. youth wrestling and football in lower al.: Enterprise, Fort Rucker: living, programs - Alabama (AL)
  18. Questions about Montgomery area.: Prattville, Millbrook: houses, safe area, schools - Alabama (AL)
  19. Tuscaloosa Capitol School: Moundville: middle schools, college, income - Alabama (AL)
  20. moving from GA to Opelika/Auburn Alabama , Need Help!: to rent, house prices (AL)
  21. Bug problem in University of Alabama?: Tuscaloosa: motels, to buy, things to do (AL)
  22. Flea Season: Mobile, Huntsville: live in, moving to, yard - Alabama (AL)
  23. McGill alumni: school, teach, union - Alabama (AL)
  24. Relo to N Alabama (Cullman): Birmingham, Huntsville: rental, movie theater, elementary school (AL)
  25. Need legal Advice about starting a Lawn Care Business: Daphne: insurance, buy - Alabama (AL)
  26. Auburn Alabama historic neighborhoods: Montgomery, Opelika: condos, moving, place (AL)
  27. Auburn Schools: best, elementary, about - Alabama (AL)
  28. Tillman's Corner: Mobile, Tillmans Corner, Theodore: insurance, buying a house, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  29. Tuscaloosa artwork saved from destruction: Greensboro, Black: chapel, college, professionals - Alabama (AL)
  30. State Senator McClain (D) Charged with Theft of State Money: Birmingham: college, moving - Alabama (AL)
  31. Hurricanes in Baldwin County: How far north?: Mobile, Huntsville: house, tornadoes - Alabama (AL)
  32. Atmore, AL changes since the 60's: Brewton: houses, private schools, income - Alabama
  33. Montgomery - bike / pedestrian friendly downtown?: Prattville: high crime, home, living in - Alabama (AL)
  34. Rockcrawlers comin' your way April 19th: home, bars, food - Alabama (AL)
  35. Emerald Mountain Christian School: Wetumpka: daycare, home, tenant - Alabama (AL)
  36. Rural acreage: Decatur, Fayette, Marion: house, buy, incomes - Alabama (AL)
  37. moving to marion county or close: Cullman, Hamilton: rental, daycare, mobile home - Alabama (AL)
  38. walkable towns?: Huntsville, Decatur, Memphis: crime rate, home, good schools - Alabama (AL)
  39. Home Insurance Costs: Enterprise: homeowners insurance, house, heat pump - Alabama (AL)
  40. problems with Fairfield Place Fairhope: Point Clear, Rock Creek: for sale, homes, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  41. Killen: Huntsville, Florence, Athens: real estate, sex offenders, homes - Alabama (AL)
  42. Possibly Relocating to Alabama: Birmingham, Mobile: insurance, moving, area (AL)
  43. Northport Public Libraries?: Tuscaloosa: university, best, county - Alabama (AL)
  44. HELP - Moving to Montgomery Alabama: extended stay, apartments, lease (AL)
  45. Montgomery or Birmingham suburbs?: Huntsville, Prattville: low crime, neighborhoods, good schools - Alabama (AL)
  46. State Senator McClain (D-Midfield) Indicted: Birmingham, Montgomery: attorney, home, schools - Alabama (AL)
  47. New to Tuscaloosa: Taylor: apartment complex, renter, condos - Alabama (AL)
  48. Upscale Riverfront Condos in Phenix City: Montgomery: construction, move to, education - Alabama (AL)
  49. this is going to be sad since i'm from the area, but...: section 8 - Alabama (AL)
  50. The Sad Story of South Alabama: Birmingham, Montgomery: rent, casino, wage (AL)
  51. Valley, AL...Thoughts?: Auburn, Lanett, West Point: rent, unemployment rate, private schools - Alabama
  52. Where to stay near Centre, AL?: Gadsden, Leesburg: to rent, homes, best - Alabama
  53. Rentals: Florence, Muscle Shoals, Valley: real estate, houses, estate - Alabama (AL)
  54. Need Housing Today: Pell City: apartment, landlord, place to live - Alabama (AL)
  55. Alabama Inheritance: foreclosure, mortgage, attorney (AL)
  56. Retire to S. Ala. w/Disabled Adult Child in 10+yrs.???: Montgomery: home, public school - Alabama (AL)
  57. Alabama Jubilee fun!: Decatur, Foley, Fyffe: place, race, admission (AL)
  58. Hope Hull??: Montgomery: real estate, schools, pollution - Alabama (AL)
  59. Questions about Hurtsboro Al: Huntsville, Phenix City: for sale, real estate, sex offenders - Alabama (AL)
  60. Must-do things to do before leaving Montgomery?: Birmingham, Mobile: theater, best - Alabama (AL)
  61. Lowered mustang gonna make it in troy???: Mobile: campus, parking - Alabama (AL)
  62. International Marine: Mobile, Bayou La Batre: hire, close to, applying - Alabama (AL)
  63. Recycling/Environment/Rural attitude: Birmingham, Mobile: city hall, houses, high school - Alabama (AL)
  64. Greenhorn opportunity: Mobile: food, office, expenses - Alabama (AL)
  65. best smaller towns in AL? from Wisconsin: Birmingham, Montgomery: low crime, hotel - Alabama
  66. Alabama Income Taxes vs property taxes: sales, house, inspection (AL)
  67. help me one!!!!: living, move, kosher - Alabama (AL)
  68. Double Springs Jobs: Jasper, Cullman, Foley: appointed, home, move - Alabama (AL)
  69. A Few ?'s: Mobile, Fairhope, Bay Minette: sales, rent, find a job - Alabama (AL)
  70. Toll Bridge Blues: Montgomery, Wetumpka: home, live in, price - Alabama (AL)
  71. Moving from CA to the Fort Payne area: Birmingham, Huntsville: real estate, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  72. Drivers license in Al.: home, employment, DMV - Alabama (AL)
  73. Hartselle: Valley, Priceville: homes, schools, place to live - Alabama (AL)
  74. Scottsboro, AL?: Huntsville, Excel: schools, place to live, good to - Alabama
  75. Sweet Home Alabama- Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir: boat, love (AL)
  76. Questions for Home Owners in Daphne: Mobile, Fairhope: hazard insurance, house, live in - Alabama (AL)
  77. Bay Minette, AL. navy flight training: Birmingham, Bay Minette: houses, live in, military - Alabama
  78. homeowners insurance in Fairhope?: house, purchase, deductible - Alabama (AL)
  79. Auburn/Opelika daycare for the summer: relocating to, area, place - Alabama (AL)
  80. Help again: Northport, York: house, cemetery, building - Alabama (AL)
  81. Langford’s Wheel of Misfortune: Birmingham, Bessemer: sales, credit rating, lawyers - Alabama (AL)
  82. Eufaula, Alabama: Opp: house, closing, to live (AL)
  83. Old woman looking to relocate to rural Alabama: Dothan, Ozark: fit in, house (AL)
  84. Looking to Relocate: Birmingham, Hoover, Calera: house, to move, county - Alabama (AL)
  85. Jackson, Alabama & Hurricane Katrina: how much, damage, about (AL)
  86. FT Payne: Mobile, Fort Payne, Valley: sales, rent, houses - Alabama (AL)
  87. Baldwin County: Daphne, Fairhope, Foley: safe, Internet service, provider - Alabama (AL)
  88. HB150 (Autism Council) Passes State House: cost of, bill, children - Alabama (AL)
  89. Help With Relocating to Phenix: Phenix City: apartment complexes, house, to live in - Alabama (AL)
  90. What's halfway between B'ham and Chattanooga: Birmingham, Gadsden: live in, restaurants, interstate - Alabama (AL)
  91. Lisman Alabama: living, county, conditions (AL)
  92. Eye Doctor thinking about opening a practice in Baldwin County: Birmingham: insurance, how much - Alabama (AL)
  93. Thinking about Loxley: Mobile: homes, schools, shopping mall - Alabama (AL)
  94. Found New Button!: great, parent, about - Alabama (AL)
  95. Baldwin County: Sales tax rate; Property Tax Exemptions over 65 y.o.: Montgomery: live in, food - Alabama (AL)
  96. Community College Prez Pleads Guilty: Birmingham, Union: felony, attorney, contractor - Alabama (AL)
  97. Taxes for building a home in AL: sales, custom home - Alabama
  98. Did you get good - don't forget to rep: required, reputation - Alabama (AL)
  99. Living Between Birmingham and Montgomery: Clanton, Montevallo: apartment complex, homes, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  100. Signs of Alabama: Montgomery, Prattville: purchase, stadiums, area (AL)
  101. Northport History: cemetery, map, where to - Alabama (AL)
  102. Cemetery location help needed: Tuscaloosa, Northport: real estate, sex offenders, how much - Alabama (AL)
  103. Thinking of moving to Alabama?: Birmingham, Hoover: houses, middle school, college (AL)
  104. Alabama inheritance law: sale, mortgage, lawyer (AL)
  105. Dr Tarabein, Neurologist: Daphne, Foley: office, area, county - Alabama (AL)
  106. HVAC jobs: Foley: condo, how much, heat pump - Alabama (AL)
  107. Hello new to the board: Fairhope: live in, moving, relocation - Alabama (AL)
  108. Auburn Al Private Schools: Opelika, Trinity: spring break, how much, elementary school - Alabama (AL)
  109. Drive from Dothan to Lynn Haven,/P.C. florida: neighborhood, to live in - Alabama (AL)
  110. Dothan or Mobile area?: Fairhope, Jackson: crime, universities, living in - Alabama (AL)
  111. Mobile and Dothan: Old buildings converted into condos?: Theodore, Dauphin Island: wood floors, for sale - Alabama (AL)
  112. Mobile and Dothan: international airports near?: Birmingham: live in, price, airport - Alabama (AL)
  113. moving to Ft Rucker: Dothan, Enterprise: for sale, house, schools - Alabama (AL)
  114. Court Costs: Cullman, Fairhope, Fairview: how much, law, estimate - Alabama (AL)
  115. Alligators, Sharks, and Sting Rays: Mobile, Dauphin Island: live in, safe, moving - Alabama (AL)
  116. Moving from Nor Cal to AL, big surprises?: Birmingham: house, movies - Alabama
  117. Moving to Enterprise Alabama: Dothan, Fort Rucker: for sale, apartments, rental (AL)
  118. moving to gadsden area: Birmingham, Valley: for sale, real estate, sex offenders - Alabama (AL)
  119. Hopefully relocating from Conneticut to AL: Montgomery, Huntsville: for sale, HOA fees, homeowners insurance - Alabama
  120. is their still klu klux klan in alabama?: live in, safe - Alabama (AL)
  121. Fastest drive to Pensacola: Birmingham, Mobile: construction, live, moving - Alabama (AL)
  122. armadillo vs possum: Birmingham, Decatur, Marion: lawyer, live in, beach - Alabama (AL)
  123. Daughter bitten by moccasin when swimming at lake Martin: Birmingham: day care, house - Alabama (AL)
  124. East Central Alabama between Columbus, GA and Montgomery, AL: Birmingham: fit in, apartment
  125. Property Taxes, Homeowners Insurance: Mobile, Robertsdale: sales, house, income - Alabama (AL)
  126. Alabama sheriffs feed inmates on $1.75 a day: insurance, moving (AL)
  127. Compost: for sale, co-op, home - Alabama (AL)
  128. acreage for sale - not too expensive: Huntsville, Talladega: how much, buyer - Alabama (AL)
  129. B'Ham Vs. H'Ville: Birmingham, Huntsville, Hoover: crime, chapel, homes - Alabama (AL)
  130. Birmingham vs. Mobile: Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, construction - Alabama (AL)
  131. Might be moving to FLorence AL or in the area: Muscle Shoals: appointed, crime rate - Alabama
  132. How do I find rentals in N Alabama?: Huntsville, Decatur: leasing, insurance (AL)
  133. Chicago to Alabama: Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile: transplants, low crime, university (AL)
  134. Relocating from MI to AL: Mobile, Daphne: real estate, house, neighborhoods - Alabama
  135. 25 things never heard in the south....: college, eat, Walmart - Alabama (AL)
  136. Over 65 pay NO property tax in Alabama?: Birmingham, Section: houses, school districts (AL)
  137. Tuscaloosa/Auburn: Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville: theatre, schools, universities - Alabama (AL)
  138. Southside/ Gadsden area: Birmingham, Scottsboro, Valley: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  139. Selma rated tops by This Old House: for sale by owner, real estate - Alabama (AL)
  140. Horse people near Dothan?: Ozark, Andalusia: to buy, living, cost of living - Alabama (AL)
  141. Alabama is on the rise!: Birmingham, Mobile: income, upkeep, quality of life (AL)
  142. $4,000,000 worth?: Hoover, Auburn: construction, schools, universities - Alabama (AL)
  143. Spring has sprung: live, garden, best - Alabama (AL)
  144. Maritime / nautical theme area near AL coast?: Mobile, Daphne: real estate, sex offenders - Alabama
  145. State Rep Sue Schmitz (D-Toney) Indicted: Huntsville: attorney, buy, community college - Alabama (AL)
  146. Canadian thinking about Montgomery AL: Mobile, Auburn: real estate, sex offenders, low crime - Alabama
  147. Winter weather in NE Alabama: Huntsville, Madison: appointed, house, live (AL)
  148. Moving to Monroeville area: Frisco City, Excel: real estate, rentals, houses - Alabama (AL)
  149. Gulf Shores/Orange Beach - relocation: Birmingham, Mobile: real estate, foreclosures - Alabama (AL)
  150. once again you bama ins: Arab, Lincoln: hotel, to live in - Alabama (AL)
  151. Relocating from NY to Alabama... need information: Birmingham, Montgomery: to rent, insurance (AL)
  152. Need Help... move from NY to Alabama!!: Birmingham, Mobile: best cities, low crime (AL)
  153. Is Gulf Shore a good place to live or just visit?: Birmingham: spring break, apartment complex - Alabama (AL)
  154. Racism in Dothan ?: Birmingham, Ashford, Minor: hotel, home, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  155. New to the forum...Albertville,Al: Scottsboro, Boaz: rentals, house, find a job - Alabama (AL)
  156. US Rep Bud Cramer (D-5th) Retiring: Mobile, Huntsville: house, residential - Alabama (AL)
  157. Another auto plant?: Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa: unemployment, closing, taxes - Alabama (AL)
  158. Information on The Waters development in Montgomery: Opp: for sale, homeowners association - Alabama (AL)
  159. How's Spanish Fort??: Mobile, Daphne, Fairhope: insurance, Home Depot, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  160. Possibly moving to Anniston area...advice?: Huntsville, Oxford: home, buy, tornadoes - Alabama (AL)
  161. Montgomery - moving from South Carolina: Prattville, Millbrook: fit in, apartments, to rent - Alabama (AL)
  162. Lacrosse in Southern Alabama?: Birmingham, Montgomery: transplants, high school, club (AL)
  163. Alabama tags: high school, university, move (AL)
  164. Talladega!!!!: Birmingham, Huntsville, Decatur: mobile home, employment, buy - Alabama (AL)
  165. Are you a DamnYankee or Rebel?: home, live, food - Alabama (AL)
  166. No acceptance: Athens, Cullman: neighborhood, live, moving - Alabama (AL)
  167. Wheelchair friendly towns in N Alabama: Atmore, Arab: real estate, insurance, homes (AL)
  168. Gulf shores vacation: Mobile, Fairhope, Orange Beach: rentals, condos, townhouse - Alabama (AL)
  169. west alabama freeway: Huntsville, Tuscaloosa: prices, lawsuits, manufacturing - Alabama (AL)
  170. New high school graduation requirements: Excel: credit, university, taxes - Alabama (AL)
  171. Restoration Ranch in Tuscumbia: Russellville: living in, club, centers - Alabama (AL)
  172. on Eufaula, AL: Huntsville, Dothan: homes, look for a job, to buy - Alabama
  173. Unhappy living in N. Alabama: Birmingham, Huntsville: fit in, how much, houses (AL)
  174. maddox family: Piedmont: center, looking for, interest - Alabama (AL)
  175. Safe area's for Summer housing only.: Jasper, Cordova: house, town, near - Alabama (AL)
  176. Thinking of attending school at Faulkner State Community College: schools, education - Alabama (AL)
  177. Lay Lake: Talladega, Sylacauga, Fayette: vs., moving to, property - Alabama (AL)
  178. I need a discontinued type of georgia pacific siding!!!: vinyl siding, pay - Alabama (AL)
  179. Orange Beach Running Club: parking, free, near - Alabama (AL)
  180. Lighthouse Christian Academy in Montgomery, Al: school, good, about - Alabama (AL)
  181. Office Space in Tuskegee: town, downtown, available - Alabama (AL)
  182. Good workout gyms in Fairhope/Daphne?: gym, recommend, circuit - Alabama (AL)
  183. Ashville Home: rental, budget, looking for - Alabama (AL)
  184. Land for sale in Curry??: house, purchase, horses - Alabama (AL)
  185. PreSchools in Curry: purchase, land, church - Alabama (AL)
  186. Lunch get together for Arab, Guntersville/Albertville, Cullman area: living, requirement - Alabama (AL)
  187. Senior Citizens in Enterprise: price, yard, businesses - Alabama (AL)
  188. wanting to move to valley al: rent to own, credit, to buy - Alabama (AL)
  189. Tuscumbia, Alabama Seeking New Friends: Huntsville, Florence: address, female, looking for (AL)
  190. Mobile sub-forum has been added: moving, relocation, area - Alabama (AL)
  191. looking for family!: Troy: children, free - Alabama (AL)
  192. renting in Alabama with a pit bull?: Enterprise: rent, area (AL)
  193. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! - Alabama (AL)
  194. Looking for Alabama Adventure Fans: park, interest (AL)
  195. Need to Ask Questions to Specific People: Enterprise, Daleville: live, areas - Alabama (AL)
  196. Old Northport Cemetery: places, rain, town - Alabama (AL)
  197. Is Alpine (Talledaga area) nice?: special education, teaching, winters - Alabama (AL)
  198. is it to find a job as a teacher's assistant right now?: school - Alabama (AL)
  199. Battle of Horseshoe Bend Weekend: Jackson, Dadeville: camps, live, military - Alabama (AL)
  200. Alabama affordability index high: Tuscaloosa: real estate, home, buyers (AL)