State of North Dakota

North Dakota

North Dakota

ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: The state was formerly the northern section of Dakota Territory; dakota is a Siouan word meaning "allies." NICKNAME: Peace Garden State. CAPITAL: Bismarck. ENTERED UNION: 2 November 1889 (39th). SONG: "North Dakota Hymn." MARCH: "Flickertail March." MOTTO: Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable. FLAG: The flag consists of a blue field with yellow fringes; on each side is depicted an eagle with outstretched wings, holding in one talon a sheaf of arrows, in the other an olive branch, and in his beak a banner inscribed with the words " E Pluribus Unum." Below the eagle are the words "North Dakota"; above it are 13 stars surmounted by a sunburst. OFFICIAL SEAL: In the center is an elm tree; beneath it are a sheaf of wheat, a plow, an anvil, and a bow and three arrows, and in the background an Indian chases a buffalo toward a setting sun. The depiction is surrounded by the state motto and the words "Great Seal State of North Dakota October 1st 1889" encircle the whole. BIRD: Western meadowlark. FISH: Northern pike. FLOWER: Wild prairie rose. TREE: American elm. GRASS: Western wheatgrass. BEVERAGE: Milk. FOSSIL: Teredo petrified wood. LEGAL HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, 1 January; Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., 3rd Monday in January; George Washington's Birthday, 3rd Monday in February; Good Friday, March or April; Memorial Day, last Monday in May; Independence Day, 4 July; Labor Day, 1st Monday in September; Veterans Day, 11 November; Thanksgiving Day, 4th Thursday in November; Christmas Day, 25 December. TIME 6 AM CST = noon GMT; 5 AM MST = noon GMT.


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