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Old 06-10-2019, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ian_Lee View Post
Trade War with China does not mean bringing job to U.S.

It aims for "decoupling" -- means that U.S. will be detached from the close economic relationship which China always implied like marriage.

While China reaps the economic benefit from the trade surplus and build up 1,000 missiles targeting at Japan, 2,000 missiles targeting at Taiwan, etc., should U.S. still provide the money to a potential adversary?

Vietnam is no doubt another Communist country. But at least it won't deploy missiles aiming at our allies.
china and Vietnam have been at war.. very recently...……..
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Old 06-10-2019, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by whogo View Post
In that case we should not have rejected TPP.

If China was the issue we would be a member.
TPP was a global race to the bottom.
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Old 06-10-2019, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
Of course you don't buy it. You are a Trump hater. You are never going to buy it. You will always bash him, no matter what. Show me just one, yes one post out of your 14,000 posts that did not bash Trump. I am confident you won't find one.

The fact is that China went from a poor country to the richest country in the world (per GDP and other economic measures) in about 2 decades mostly at our expense. No one, not one single person in our country did anything about or is even thinking about doing anything about until Trump.

If left up to you Leftists and Democrats, nothing would continue to be done about it. At some point of no return, China would get so powerful and have such a monopoly on power that even should we try to do something about it, it would be too little too late.

Fortunately that time hasn't come yet and we still have some leverage with them. Thank god for sending Trump here just in the nick of time. Of course you Leftists don't care about any of this. You just hate him because he does not bow down to your liberal politically correctness and one of the few conservative leaders that have the courage to stand up to the attacks from the Leftists.
American only represents 19 per cent of China's exports.
That means the rest of the world represents 81 per cent.

MEH -- yeah -- USA is important -- but maybe not the only reason why China became wealthy.

There was a definite change in trade policy with the rest of the world - -not just the USA.

Again over simplification of the facts, the relationships.

The USA benefited from the relationship with China.

There are concerns and the USA needs to broker a deal...but having a deficit isn't doom and gloom for our economy. Remember the deficit with China last year went up 12% over the previous year and yet we still added jobs.
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Old 06-11-2019, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by phma View Post
Vietnam getting the Benefits of US–China Trade War as companies increasingly switch to alternative suppliers.

Trump's right again !!! China needs a deal more than the US does !!!

Vietnam Reaps the Benefits of US–China Trade War

Vietnam is by far the biggest winner, having gained 7.9 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) from trade diversion from both the U.S. and China tariffs

The other top beneficiaries of the U.S.–China trade conflict are Chile, Malaysia, and Argentina, according to the study.

“Based on these criteria, we find evidence of U.S. and China import substitution in 52 percent of the 1,981 tariffed products,” the report stated.

President Donald Trump earlier suggested that the tariffs would force companies to find new suppliers.

I told you guys this would happen. Change a label, ship it to another country then sip it to the US. Avoid the tariff and add a middle person who is probably a family member of the Chinese manufacturer.
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Old 06-11-2019, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by craigiri View Post
As if "the left" were the group who opened up China, gave them Favored Nation Trading status and forced the Waltons to make 100's of billions from filling their shops (and the houses of most Americans) with the products made there.

Hint! They didn't. The Waltons were perhaps the #1 purveyors of Chinese goods and it is well know that they, along with other right wing founded corps (Home Depot, for example), FORCE their suppliers to go to China "or else".

Let's not be silly here. Most Americans support trade with China to this day. There is certainly not a left-right divide on this issue and, if there were, it would slant more to the Right (Waltons and friends). Heck, just a decade ago all my Rightie Friends were yapping at me about how Wad-Mart saves the average American so much money that we should praise them.

No, the only "anti-China" movement is the Loudmouth himself, who really isn't anti-China, just a Reality TV Show. When the family of the Senate Leader (who has been so forever) are TOP DOGS in Chinese billion dollar corporations it's really have for your FUD to be believed.

I suppose you think it's coincidence that McConnells wife is tied into the highest levels of the Chinese and Taiwanese government and business empires? And it's coincidence that Nixon opened up China to the modern trade with us.

And it's also coincidence that "China's MFN status was made permanent on December 27, 2001" - hmm, that was AFTER 9/11 and, if I am not wrong, GWB was in power.

The only question I have for you is whether you are intentionally trying to mislead people or whether you don't know the very basics of how we got here???

Working Americans didn't ask the Waltons to sell our their birthright (Sam had insisted on American made, but that went down the tubes).
If you look at my posts you can see that I blame BOTH parties for this. Both GB's were awful presidents in my book but no one did anything with China when Obama was in office either. I was importing from Japan from 2001-2006, and was angered that the tariff fee schedule was only 1.9-2.9% on Chinese goods while China had 16-17% tariffs on USA goods. I also remember the Walmart opening in my town, and how cheap stuff was but then almost all of it broke so that "joy" was short lived for me. I've done my part and continued to buy American goods where possible, even if used items. Hardly anything I've bought that was made in China has actually lasted, so this hasn't been a hard decision for me.
It's not the elimination of trade with China that I want, but we need to balance it better and stop bleeding trillions of dollars in deficit. That's money that could be spent here instead. I'll take a stab at both parties here and say look at how much military spending or entitlement programs $13 trillion dollars could fund instead? In the meantime, I'd hope we can also return some quality to some of the sectors that have totally gone down the toilet such as appliances and electronics. Trump could even step it up and use the tariff money collected on Chinese goods to issue grants for US manufacturing start ups...give China a taste of their own medicine!

Again, watch the "Trumps trade war" Frontline video. Because China is communist and the government owns all the land and buildings, it's considered "investment" for China to set up companies to manufacture items. Simply put, China is collecting so much extra money from the USA and the rest of the world, that their Government will build a manufacturer the building and equip it, and all they have to do is put workers in it. That's why so many things from China are so cheap-in many cases cheaper than we can even buy stock materials to make an equal item here in the US, because we've already paid them $13 Trillion+ dollars which they've used to build their manufacturing infrastructure. Dominating 90% of the worlds manufacturing is their goal, and along with that comes having most of the worlds money, leaving nowhere for the rest of us to go expect down.

Last edited by rkcarguy; 06-11-2019 at 10:14 AM..
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Old 06-11-2019, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by phma View Post
Business and industry leaders don't agree with you and a good case to prove it is the bicycle industry !!!

TDS put to the side they put their money on the line and not on democrat talking points or their compliant media headlines !!!

Bicycle Manufacturer Brings Production Back to America | IndustryWeek

Bicycle Production Begins Move Back to US | Reshoring | IndustryWeek

That news was from **** 2015 *****
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Old 06-11-2019, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by TylerJAX View Post
A lot of people on this thread are looking at "small ideas". Geo-strategically, it makes absolute sense to "bust China at the kneecaps." For decades, we've allowed their ascendance with the (false) belief that they will reform. Now we have a nation that is nearly on the cusp of becoming the world's leading nation, showing absolutely zero sign of reform, and having the potential to upend a wrold order based around liberal, democratic values. For me, a scenario where the CCP will possibly become the world's leading decision making body is absolutely unacceptable, and it's high time that more people acknowledge the threat that China's potential ascendance poses.

The Chinese economy doesn't have to be destroyed, just stunted enough to let aging demographics take over.
Dream on.

1) Tariffs or not, China has the largest population in the world, no one else is even close. That puts them in position to be both the world's largest supplier and the world's largest consumer, and this is clearly what they are aiming for. I don't see anything, short of a world-wide cataclysm, that can stand in their way in the long run.

2) If China ever runs short of laborers, it will simply import them. You think there will be any shortage in the foreseeable future of poor people willing to leave their home countries for jobs? And they will also continue exporting their factories to where the labor lives. Things that the US did with great success, I might add. I wonder why you think that it won't work for China.

I'm no supporter of Chinese government, but we can never compete with them on this ground.

Last edited by jacqueg; 06-11-2019 at 10:44 AM..
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Old 06-11-2019, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Mikala43 View Post
That news was from **** 2015 *****

I also post this link which is current.


And here is a new link 2018 :

Bicycle Manufacturing Industry in the US

Bicycle dealerships and repair shops represent the key downstream market for bicycle manufacturers. An increase in demand from bicycle shops translates directly into stronger revenue performance for industry operators. Demand from bicycle dealerships and repair shops is expected to increase in 2018, presenting a potential opportunity for the industry.

And this link 2019 :

313 Bicycle Works Custom steel bike frames-city bike, road bike, mountain bike- made in Detroit, Michigan
Allied Cycle Works Road bikes made in Arkansas
Bent Up Cycles The Carbent HPV Raven is a recumbent cycle built in this California bike shop's back room
Bike Friday Folding and travel bikes made in Oregon
Bilenky Cycle Works Road, touring, cross country, mountain, urban, cargo and tandem steel or titanium bike frames made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bronson Silva Cycles Custom frames, made in California
Catrike Trikes (low to the ground tricycles with no handle bars) made in Florida
CHUMBA Cycles USA Trail bike frames made in Austin, Texas
Co-Motion Cycles Single or tandem touring, road, cyclocross bikes made in Oregon
Cysco Cycles Hand built customized titanium bicycles, frames made just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dean Handcrafted titanium frames, made in Colorado
Detroit Bikes Minimalist commuter bikes manufactured in Detroit, Michigan
Dirt King Tricycles for kids and adults made in Kansas, many models are avaialable on Amazon
Elite Road, triathlon, and specialty bikes made in Philadelphia,
Ellsworth Handcrafted Mountain, urban and cyclocross bikes made in California
Firefly Bicycles Road, cyclocross, utility, and mountain bikes made in Boston
Foes Racing USA Mountain bikes handmade in Pasadena, California
Gunnar Road, travel, cyclocross, touring bike frames made in Wisconsin
Independent Fabrication Custom built cross, road and off road bikes made in New Hampshire
Intense Cycles Mountain bikes made in Southern California
Kelson Bikes Handcrafted custom road bikes, frames made in Idaho
Kinn Bikes Cruise bikes, frame made in Portland, Oregon
Litespeed Bicycles High end road and mountain bikes made from titanium and carbon fiber in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Lynskey Performance Designs Road, mountain, and custom titanium bikes and components made in Tennessee
Masi Bicycles Road bikes made in USA
mes made in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Slingshot Bikes Handcrafted mountain and road bike frames, made in Detroit, Michigan
Sotherland Custom Bicycles High performance steel frame road, cyclocross and touring bikes custom built in Wisconsin
Standard BMX and freesyle frames made in USA
Turner Bikes Suspension mountain bikes made in California
Utah Trikes Custom built trikes for racing or commuting
Vassago Cycles Mountain bike frames made in USA
Ventana Mountain Bikes USA Mountain, tandem, cross country, trail and fat bike frames made in USA
Waterford Precision Cycles Specialty frames made in Wisconsin
Worksman Cycles Leisure, urban, tricycle, cargo, special needs bikes made in New York City
Yamaguchi Bicycles Custom, hand built bike frames made in
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Old 06-11-2019, 11:10 AM
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PHNA: I clicked on one link that showed the US industry's growth dropped in 2017 so I am really confused on what your point is.
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Old 06-11-2019, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Mikala43 View Post
PHNA: I clicked on one link that showed the US industry's growth dropped in 2017 so I am really confused on what your point is.
I'm more puzzled by the idea that bicycle manufacturing is a major trend indicator in manufacturing and international trade..
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