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  33. Robert Burrell of My Ayr killed 11/2/1966 in Korea: phone, picture, friends - People Search
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  51. American airlines f/a: name, Arizona, San Francisco, person - People Search
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  64. Found: Unidentified male, Sept 1977, might be named John. Could you know him?: location, records - People Search
  65. Help How Do You Find Details How Someone Died?: county, friend - People Search
  66. Looking for Biological Father: name, member, Virginia, address - People Search
  67. im looking for my lost step sister help me: telephone, friends - People Search
  68. Looking for on annie trivers or arthur trivers!: daughters, name - People Search
  69. Looking for birthfamily: adoptee, father, last name, address - People Search
  70. Looking for my boys: children, old, name, birth - People Search
  71. oscar elio garcia jr born on 10-30-1988 in McAllen TX or his father oscar elio garcia jr: friend, daughter - People Search
  72. Veronica Contreras: sister, father, birth, Las Vegas - People Search
  73. lookin for my father: location, friend, daughter, name - People Search
  74. cathy robinson: friends, lost, where, Texas - People Search
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  76. Looking For Lost Love: names, member, high school, Kansas - People Search
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  78. looking for my grandfather raymond mathis,american airman: photos, sister, old - People Search
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  80. Pamela Spain: phone, county, friends, old - People Search
  81. Looking for family, friends or acquaintances of George Brody: neighborhood, neighbor, child - People Search
  82. Looking for biological father. (Nashville): places, phone, photos, daughter - People Search
  83. Ron Laliberte - where are you?: street, friend, Toronto, about - People Search
  84. Searching for Cajleb McNair: location, phone, baby, children - People Search
  85. Donald Joseph Shull: location, name, birth, address - People Search
  86. Who knows John Conley - Mary Ann Kuter from Wayland, Steuben County, NY ???: daughters, sisters - People Search
  87. Searching for Mary Capwell---Scranton, Pa.: old, name, address, area - People Search
  88. am looking for half siblings out there, sharing father James Lewis: places, baby - People Search
  89. Looking for Clint D Fassett: location, records, father, where - People Search
  90. looking for someone: location, about, son - People Search
  91. Ocasio Cousins: name, San Diego, san diego, area - People Search
  92. Trying to find my brother.: children, father, name, Georgia - People Search
  93. Search for Bee Hang: location, record, children, picture - People Search
  94. Francine Thatcher, Brian Thatcher, Zak Thatcher: records, father, names, birth - People Search
  95. Looking for someone in Mexico: father, name, brother, find - People Search
  96. Francisco Caballero in Phoenix one know him???: records, friend, person - People Search
  97. Nothstein: genealogy, name, birth, history - People Search
  98. Looking for half brother born in Aberdeen, WA: child, sister, father - People Search
  99. Search problem - Spokeo removed the number part of the address from their search results: searches, person - People Search
  100. Looking for my father - Arizona: child, old, name, Germany - People Search
  101. help me locate this person: records, friend, name, relatives - People Search
  102. help locate Mary Montgomery (Schucht/Schucct): location, county, friends - People Search
  103. Looking for Family of Jesse James Page of Memphis, TN: records, county - People Search
  104. Looking For daughter - Dallas area - Sherry Yvonne Patterson: father, last name - People Search
  105. Old friends: record, searches, daughter, name - People Search
  106. Trying to locate husbands Father: daughter, names, relatives, address - People Search
  107. Clarissa Harper & Catherine Evans: children, friend, sisters, old - People Search
  108. Searching for cousin...Rosalyn Stribling: father, name, Washington, 2015 - People Search
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  111. helpppp me pleaseee i need to find him!!!: name, tx, looking for - People Search
  112. looking for dear friend lost in the 1970's: location, phone, children - People Search
  113. Name of Institution in Ca. 1920: street, children, photos, old - People Search
  114. know or remember a J.S. Reed who was a barber in Anderson, California?: birth certificate, records - People Search
  115. Looking for an aunt in texas (san antonio): records, children, county - People Search
  116. Information on Edward W Phelan and Nelle Phelan: phone, neighbor, children - People Search
  117. Seaching Half-Siblings: Biological father the late Maynard L Gleason (1932-2010) CA: location, records - People Search
  118. Need help: phone, friend, sister, father - People Search
  119. Looking for Robert W. Allen - New Jersey: daughter, sisters, father - People Search
  120. Looking For Bernice June Foster, Detroit, MI: birth certificate, records, phone - People Search
  121. Looking for My Half Brother ALEJANDRO GARCIA born in Amarillo TX: record, places - People Search
  122. Help! I need a psychic: location, records, children, picture - People Search
  123. Help identify this Canadian person: photo, names, member, address - People Search
  124. Las Vegas: Dan Bernal: zip code, record, phone, county - People Search
  125. Looking for Rhonda Cox in Charlotte, NC: location, record, street - People Search
  126. missing sister: records, neighbor, children, county - People Search
  127. looking for my dad daniel taylor: records, places, phone, old - People Search
  128. Looking for half-brother, just turned 18.: records, places, county, friend - People Search
  129. Looking for Verna Jean Smith: records, children, old, name - People Search
  130. Looking for information on sister, brother, mother, possibly S.C.-N.C.-Va.: children, county - People Search
  131. Looking for Annemarie Irl in Canada: lookup, phone, old, name - People Search
  132. NAVY SHIP BLOWN UP IN CALIFORNIA IN 80'S need answers: member, San Diego - People Search
  133. Why are people so anonymous with phone greetings?: record, friend - People Search
  134. Ruth Gatliff: records, county, name, marriage - People Search
  135. I need to find my father.. Its killin me: birth certificate, records, phone - People Search
  136. Grandmother help: location, records, children, county - People Search
  137. Looking for Jenny/Jennifer Davis-born in Pickerinton, Ohio: records, photography, searches - People Search
  138. Looking for very good friend Ireland: phone, photo, daughter, sister - People Search
  139. Not sure where to look.. Searching for my moms birth parents: children, sisters - People Search
  140. Mark and/or Paula Putman, New Hampshire area: friends, lost, name - People Search
  141. I am looking for an old Friend in the UK: name, contact - People Search
  142. Richardson's (Clancy, Sue Alan or Sandi) of Kittredge, COLO: looking for - People Search
  143. What happened n VEGAS satying n my HEART: name, about - People Search
  144. JUN SANTOCIDES of NEW YORK: WHERE ARE YOU?: friends, dad, name - People Search
  145. Looking for Ludvika Kwiatkowska (* 1895) descendants: name, Canada, USA, country - People Search
  146. Looking for my daughter angela delgado(before adopted) d.o.b.10-24-1983: name, brother - People Search
  147. Looking for old classmates: names, high school, information - People Search
  148. looking for someone: picture, lost, name, finding - People Search
  149. Robert Shaw LA-National City, Chula Vista CA 1961-62: father, information, find - People Search
  150. Norbert Rüdiger in Germany, mother is Charlotte Porsch: sister, father, name - People Search
  151. Looking for Jessyka Smith in Indianaplois,Indiana: where - People Search
  152. Looking for a girl from Marietta GA: where, person, how to find - People Search
  153. BabyboyFlores in search of biological parents born 8/12/69: father, adoption, where - People Search
  154. He left us hanging...: children, where, brother, United States - People Search
  155. Looking for old friend janine ann shaffer (limbert): name, address, Montana - People Search
  156. looking for on great-grandmother: records, county, daughter, name - People Search
  157. looking for 1/2 sister in Chichuhua, Mexico: old, father, name, relatives - People Search
  158. surching for a Brother: father, name, birth, USA - People Search
  159. searching for someone in dallas: friend, lost, name, Kentucky - People Search
  160. help me find this woman from Pa: name, address, marriage - People Search
  161. Manzo-Mazzillo: grandparents, looking for, information, born - People Search
  162. Looking for Birth Father/ Panama: information, mom, blog, military - People Search
  163. Jimmy Johnson, Columbia, SC. african american, trying to locate him.: name, member - People Search
  164. Trying to find my adopted daughter.: father, name, adoptive, Ohio - People Search
  165. Roberts Family, Lewistown Montana: relatives, searching, mom - People Search
  166. Ann John Clark Ralston: daughter, SC, find, mother - People Search
  167. Looking for a couple that got engaged on the bridge locks in Paris on 6/14/11: picture - People Search
  168. searching for someone: friends, old, lost, name - People Search
  169. lookin for family: last name, adopted, Memphis - People Search
  170. Charles Oliver Gephart 1906-1939: San Diego, san diego, cemetery, California - People Search
  171. To All.... need help for a friend.: father, adopted, Miami - People Search
  172. Marion alabama: sisters, father, last name, marriage - People Search
  173. Looking for Girl born 12/19/1968 in Virgina: sister, birth, family, searching - People Search
  174. Looking for Mark Richard Andrews: daughter, father, New York, where - People Search
  175. siblings: dad, looking for, born, married - People Search
  176. Find Jeannie Petroff Patterson: old, Colorado, married - People Search
  177. David James McMillan, missing from Phoenix, Arizona: phone, friends, Canada - People Search
  178. Rangel's from San Francisco del Rincon GTO Mexico: children, sister, father - People Search
  179. Genevieve Townsend Relatives: information, contact - People Search
  180. Looking for information on Pat Dimaria, b. 1926 D. 1976: children, person, Social Security Number - People Search
  181. Robbins family Jacksonville, Fl: children, friends, daughters, sister - People Search
  182. Brien Hawkes: Arizona, Las Vegas - People Search
  183. Looking for old friend Bobby Giles or other friends from Raleigh, NC: name, contact - People Search
  184. Henry Steiner: Las Vegas - People Search
  185. relatives of Sandra (Snider) Jezierski Buffalo/NF area: birth, history, family - People Search
  186. US Military Personnel Records - Searching for Ancestors or Relatives: birth certificate, genealogy - People Search
  187. Mysliwy or Lubas ancestors: places, father, names, Salem - People Search
  188. Marilyn Barr Savage, Massachusetts...: father, looking for, mother - People Search
  189. Looking For Relatives of George G Pagliuso: information, contact - People Search
  190. Near Crumlin?: name, brother, locate, age - People Search
  191. help me find my husbands dad: father, name, Ohio - People Search
  192. Family record for Cohen-1930s or 1940s in Chicago: records, county, father - People Search
  193. searching for cousins: daughter, country, looking for, son - People Search
  194. I need help to find my brother!: sisters, old, father - People Search
  195. looking for adopted sibling: sister, Mexico, information, born - People Search
  196. Looking for lost relative:Thomas Stalling: children, searches, old, father - People Search
  197. Looking for 1/2 brother for serious medical reasons.: children, father, name - People Search
  198. Twilight - Allentown, PA and Victorville, CA: name, house, find - People Search
  199. Suzanne Banda - Anchorage/Nome - World Vision RN: neighbor, last name, where - People Search
  200. Friend from Canada, Tjark G. Hamilton Mt.: contact - People Search