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  1. searching for family or descendants of Robert David McNeill Myles or his brother George from Toronto: daughters, father - People Search
  2. looking for Louise Lemery: friends, old, lost, name - People Search
  3. looking for lost brother: names, born, son - People Search
  4. cuban last name pronounced(cre-olez) ore (cray-olez): relatives, member, grandparents - People Search
  5. Trying to find an old friend: last name, birth, address, CA - People Search
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  7. help to find my father: records, name, member, Canada - People Search
  8. Trying to find my half brother. We've been apart for 12 years: location, photos - People Search
  9. helping my wife find her mom...Suzanna colon (maiden name): records, phone - People Search
  10. matthews or boucher: records, children, sister, father - People Search
  11. Looking for my birth mother in UK - Barbara Ruth Gibson (Carter, Gidlow): sister, father - People Search
  12. I Can't Find My Friend: searches, friends, Utah, family - People Search
  13. Need on Clairborn Lee Corbitt of TX/OK: record, children, county - People Search
  14. Looking for a James E Dugger DOB 1890's: location, records, county - People Search
  15. help finding, Tyler Jackson from Kosciusko, MS.: location, baby, searches - People Search
  16. Jason Michael Hill -Kansas City: old, lost, father, name - People Search
  17. Biological father questions?: name, address, Oregon, marriage - People Search
  18. LF Michael E Vick in Anaheim 83-85: location, phone, picture - People Search
  19. Judith(Judy) Fay Griffin - New York: phone, county, daughter - People Search
  20. help trying to find a Gregory Nesbitt: daughter, sisters, dad - People Search
  21. Toni Gordon Hurd: children, photos, daughters, name - People Search
  22. Looking for long lost cousin: New York, Mexico, area, Florida - People Search
  23. Help us contact family of Betsy Messina of Phoenixville: phone, obituaries, information - People Search
  24. Looking for long lost family members: location, phones, sister, last name - People Search
  25. help me find my brother.: father, name, New York, area - People Search
  26. Looking for Billy Jahns: friend, daughters, old, father - People Search
  27. LOOKING FOR Pezzuti Pizzuti SURNAME ITALIANO: birth, mother, first - People Search
  28. Frederick Jordan: children, names, California, family - People Search
  29. Reward Need identity of somebody who worked for Grolier 1960s - 1980s: record, names - People Search
  30. Anthony Blackwell- Help with finding my father: location, phone, name - People Search
  31. Sue Perreca: old, last name, member, USA - People Search
  32. Looking for my father!: location, places, phone, old - People Search
  33. im looking for my family: old, last name, adopted, Richmond - People Search
  34. kenneth richard pearce origanly from uk: baby, child, sister, name - People Search
  35. Searching for James Sinnott(Age about 53-54): Chicago, family, information - People Search
  36. Corporal Rebecca Booher 1991 Fort Lewis, Washington: old, name, person, USA - People Search
  37. leslie poole ? half sibling: birth certificate, location, children, father - People Search
  38. Looking for John, Ana, Helena, Lee & Thomas Jurjevic: location, records, children - People Search
  39. other forums or bullentin boards?: places, telephone, searches, old - People Search
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  41. Private Investigator In Mexico: children, sister, father, names - People Search
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  43. How do you find people days???: location, records, phone - People Search
  44. Looking for Francine Turman: genealogy, location, phone, county - People Search
  45. Ron Estabrook: phone, friend, old, name - People Search
  46. looking for ricky w. martin from oklahoma (HELP ME: records, phone - People Search
  47. Getting closer to finding Spellar family: children, old, where, USA - People Search
  48. help find old friend: friends, name, person, USA - People Search
  49. Successful search!!! :d no professional help!!!: records, sister, lost, father - People Search
  50. Finding my fathers birth parents. who were they?: location, names, adopted - People Search
  51. Clinton Williams-from Alabama: daughter, name, relatives, Ohio - People Search
  52. Looking For Joseph A Curington-- My Father: location, child, daughter - People Search
  53. Niece in serach of her birth father: location, records, street - People Search
  54. Help to find information about my baby sister.: zip code, old, father - People Search
  55. Gene (Eugene) Stoner: picture, daughter, old, father - People Search
  56. help me!: name, trying to find, born - People Search
  57. Looking for Tony Cole/Used Furniture Store/TaxiCab Dispatcher: street, friends, father - People Search
  58. Rohina J Bahar: phone, name, address, San Diego - People Search
  59. Searching For Johnny M Jordan From Wilmer AL: phone, lost, name - People Search
  60. sister in distress: phone, name, address, where - People Search
  61. looking for siblings on my dad's side (Jim/James Shurtleff): sister, old - People Search
  62. Looking for...Joyce D. Boynton: neighbor, daughter, father, name - People Search
  63. derekc: friends, daughters, old, address - People Search
  64. I want to meet my Father: records, friends, sister, old - People Search
  65. in St. Louis know Elijah Davon Todd?: record, phone, old - People Search
  66. looking for relatives in eastern kentucky: genealogy, county, searches, father - People Search
  67. Archie leslie (leshinsky): genealogy, records, children, county - People Search
  68. Looking for my mom's biological father, James Lee: phone, daughter, old - People Search
  69. Help finding army service records WWII: picture, daughter, father - People Search
  70. Looking for Naomi: name, member, New York, finder - People Search
  71. Fordyce, Arkansas: where, living - People Search
  72. seeking Crystal Thomas: searches, daughter, sister, father - People Search
  73. looking for my father and family: records, children, sister, name - People Search
  74. Looking for cousin in Lubbock, TX: phone, name, address, letter - People Search
  75. People Search-Claudette Harris Caples: phone, friends, father, name
  76. help: phone, old, father, names - People Search
  77. Looking for my dad help!: daughter, father, name, birth - People Search
  78. Looking For Glen Brown: records, father, name, San Antonio - People Search
  79. Looking for that knew my Dad Johnny Shumate?, Ann Arbor, MI: genealogy, country - People Search
  80. Search for waeburja ruder in gengenbach: phone, name, member, address - People Search
  81. Help finding family in Rutherford TN: children, county, daughter, lost - People Search
  82. looking for Hubert Mills: zip code, phone, county, old - People Search
  83. Looking for Colby Ellis of Las Vegas, NV: friends, daughter, old - People Search
  84. Finding a Lost Love: location, records, last name, birth - People Search
  85. Seeking Birth Mother/Siblings: records, children, sisters, name - People Search
  86. Looking for KDO.G.G in the 95838 - People Search
  87. Need help locating family of author to return articles and effects found.: places, photos - People Search
  88. Ronnie Bennett looking for Carol Anne Horsford ( Kauppinen: phone, friends, old - People Search
  89. Patricia Ann Andrews Hymes 4/1/54-11/11/02: phone, baby, child, picture - People Search
  90. Dont know where to go from: searches, sister, old - People Search
  91. Finding Micheal Goff, New York, USS Miller crew: friends, old, father - People Search
  92. Edward James Smith: record, telephone, picture, daughter - People Search
  93. looking for sherri age 21 3/26/1991: baby, photos, old, name - People Search
  94. Help find my mother mary Bridget holland: street, photos, friend - People Search
  95. Im looking for my birth father: old, name, member, Alabama - People Search
  96. LOOKING FOR RELATIVES IN UP OF MICHIGAN ( Eggling ): phone, daughter - People Search
  97. Trying to locate my biological father and need help!: children, daughter, old - People Search
  98. looking for my father Richard Allan Dickinson, Erie PA: friend, lost, addresses - People Search
  99. Looking for family of Aubrey Francis Harris: street, daughter, sister - People Search
  100. Looking For David Rowan: friend, father, names, birth - People Search
  101. In Somerset PA Looking for ancestor John and Susannah Good Ferner: record, county - People Search
  102. Looking for Bernice Doyle Sampson: New York, where - People Search
  103. mark edward rose: phone, name, birth, address - People Search
  104. Looking for Mary Ann Short Rogers or descendants: children, name, relatives - People Search
  105. Looking for Birthmother for a long time, help: records, old, last name - People Search
  106. Robert Todd Leighton: lookup, phone, friend, father - People Search
  107. Looking for Herbert Foster: old, high school, person, history - People Search
  108. Looking for Peter Adrian White and Ann M White - Tacony, PA: street, friend - People Search
  109. Is there a website to find people you met briefly on your travels: picture, friends - People Search
  110. Albert T Hauen Bucks County PA.: genealogy, record, name, obituary - People Search
  111. Searching for my 2 daughters that adopted together: name, Canada, where - People Search
  112. Search for Miss Boutwell: village, Virginia, address, looking for - People Search
  113. Bonasto - TX: friend, name, real estate, house - People Search
  114. jose rolando guevara canales: father, name, looking for, find - People Search
  115. Looking for my daughters Jasmine, Olivia and Torrie: children, county, searches - People Search
  116. Wayne Rhodes, are you my biological father?: birth certificate, records, phone - People Search
  117. Looking for living siblings: genealogy, record, sister, names - People Search
  118. Looking for Aleeta Daniels from Baton Rouge: last name, married, contact - People Search
  119. Help finding son: birth certificate, old, names, birth - People Search
  120. Looking for my father Willie Johnson: name, birth, adoption, co - People Search
  121. steve johnson Aka dusty? searching for my father: children, name, CA - People Search
  122. Searching for Spellar Family in the Carolinas: county, old, names - People Search
  123. Looking for Iwona Cygan: last name, address, Germany, contact - People Search
  124. Missing Friend-Adam Decker: sisters, old, lost, names - People Search
  125. I kind if a .............: friends, sister, names, member - People Search
  126. find my long lost daughter jazmin renee lovonna adkins: old, names, Georgia - People Search
  127. My Brother Peter - 30/05/1964 - Buckinghamshire: birth certificate, records, sister, dad - People Search
  128. Searching for Robert M Flagg: street, lost, name, address - People Search
  129. Looking for Marvin Presnull of Payson, AZ: friend, sister, old - People Search
  130. Looking for my father Sam from Lagos, Nigeria: friend, names - People Search
  131. Looking for a ex Milatary Medic in Alanta: daughter, lost, name - People Search
  132. Looking for Walter Hale Goff: picture, sisters, father, name - People Search
  133. Help me find my Dad's Mom: birth certificate, location, phone, children - People Search
  134. Looking for Carolyn Denise Day(maiden name): birth certificate, record, phone - People Search
  135. Help me find Mrs. Tillow, 1120 W. 64th Street New York City: county, photo - People Search
  136. Looking for my birth sisters, Patricia and Tabitha Bower: location, phone, adoptee - People Search
  137. Looking for Jay Smith: location, picture, old, father - People Search
  138. looking for my dad: location, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  139. People Search Chat ..: phone, searches, father, address
  140. help me find my father.: location, records, phone, county - People Search
  141. Robert Lee morgan the third I need to reconnect him and his almost 18 yr old daughter Shyianne: records, phone - People Search
  142. Trying to locate Chris Hunnicutt: phone, children, old, names - People Search
  143. Finding veterans or their relatives of World War two: records, children, county - People Search
  144. I have been trying to look for my Uncle: records, phone, children - People Search
  145. Help Me Search For My Brothers: phone, children, sisters - People Search
  146. Looking for my brothers help: location, sisters, father, name - People Search
  147. Thomas D Eckert - He's still alive, I want a story On What happened.: photo, friend - People Search
  148. Searching for Roslyn and Sandra Greenhouse: phone, sisters, old, names - People Search
  149. Looking for biological Mother/Family: birth certificate, phone, friends, sister - People Search
  150. Searching for Louise White: daughter, lost, adopted, Michigan - People Search
  151. Looking for Jerome Sturdivant (sp): neighbor, children, lost, father - People Search
  152. After a 45 year search, City Data PEOPLE SEARCH helped us reunite!: children, daughters
  153. Looking for information help: zip code, county, picture, name - People Search
  154. Vulnerable Search for Adoptive Parents: birth certificate, phone, baby, father - People Search
  155. Is your Father Wilbert Shoemaker ?: genealogy, phone, sister, name - People Search
  156. female 9/30/1969 looking for birthmom born 5/30/1951: birth certificate, records, adoptee, baby - People Search
  157. Conflicted About Contacting Dad: record, phone, daughters, father - People Search
  158. Searching for Richard Kemble, Alabama: record, phone, old, father - People Search
  159. Looking for a man who owes Money: phone, old, last name - People Search
  160. Looking for Dianna Llanera?: photo, searches, friend, name - People Search
  161. Haines Lighthouse Floy: genealogy, zip code, location, records - People Search
  162. Trying To Find Someone for Years..: picture, friend, daughter, sister - People Search
  163. help find sister- Deborah Faye Miller: phone, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  164. Scott Hooker: records, phone, baby, friends - People Search
  165. looking for my french penfriend Carole Duhamel: old, lost, address - People Search
  166. Looking for John Hix relatives: children, father, San Francisco, California - People Search
  167. Is your Bio Father Tom Mannon?: children, county, old, San Diego - People Search
  168. Seeking Eugene Bryers Townsend: records, last name, member, family - People Search
  169. Dana Joelle Garcia-Looking for Birth Mom: phone, friend, father, name - People Search
  170. looking for someone special: friend, old, name, member - People Search
  171. Zvonko Jurcic from Samobor, Croatia lives in Argentina: relatives, find, born - People Search
  172. Looking for my adopted brother!! help!: name, Tampa, Florida - People Search
  173. kate poland-simon argentina: house, looking for - People Search
  174. charles r. chaney of pgh, pa and delaware: daughter, father, name - People Search
  175. Family from Mexico Ramos, Velasquez: birth certificate, records, sister, lost - People Search
  176. matthews or boucher - People Search
  177. Can't find a great uncle...Help: friend, name, Michigan - People Search
  178. Searching for family members in Utica area: father, names, relatives - People Search
  179. Could I find old friends (Tujunga, CA): name, family, living - People Search
  180. past the message on.: name, important, contact - People Search
  181. brian in australia: street, children, address, about - People Search
  182. Searching for Robert (Bob) Carver -Tacoma, WA 1965: name - People Search
  183. looking for Matt from Belfast.: find, living - People Search
  184. looking for family by last name of Dano or Jez: father, trying to find - People Search
  185. you have seen Emily: looking for - People Search
  186. Help Searching for White/Phillips living in Ripley, Payne Cnty, OK in 1958: records, adoptee - People Search
  187. David Smith Purvis: children, birth, looking for, information - People Search
  188. Looking for my Russian/half Somali niece (Sofia) and her mother (Yulia) in Moscow, Russia: picture, daughter - People Search
  189. Looking for 2 ppl i met in New york in June 2012: names, California - People Search
  190. Stanley Guiberson, from Newark, Dela. now in Atlanta: friend - People Search
  191. Harry Polay: about - People Search
  192. Looking for Grandfather Named NG CHIO SING: photos, persons, grandparents - People Search
  193. I'm looking for my birth father in Wichita, Kansas: high school, information, born - People Search
  194. Searching for my birth son & daughter: children, county, sister - People Search
  195. Searching for GI father.Michael Earl Tupper of Colorado.: son - People Search
  196. Searching for a uncle--Naval Base Long Beach, 1954-1958: father, person, CA - People Search
  197. Looking for brother in Japan: father, name, family, information - People Search
  198. want to find my friend kristina: friends, old, person, German - People Search
  199. Search in the Netherlands: phone, children, lost, name - People Search
  200. Looking for adopted Uncle: baby, child, sisters, father - People Search