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  1. Pat Connely: lost, Las Vegas, CA, Nevada - People Search
  2. thank you Susan13202: records, sister, birth, where - People Search
  3. seeking baby of WW II POW named Palermo: child, photo, friend - People Search
  4. Gianetta: daughter, sister, Nevada, born - People Search
  5. searching for david allred in fl: sisters, lost, names, relatives - People Search
  6. Descendents of Harry John Stone???: father, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  7. need help finding brother: name, Virginia, where, mom - People Search
  8. Looking for Lynn Garrett: friend, name, high school, best - People Search
  9. looking for Loren Blank, Seattle: neighbor, friends, sisters, old - People Search
  10. Gaylene or Warren Brandenburg: child, daughter, father, names - People Search
  11. Looking for my Half Brother Christopher Lyne: child, old, father - People Search
  12. Looking for deborah howe/uk: children, friend, daughter, old - People Search
  13. Seeking - Bowman, Sunset, LA: genealogy, location, records, phone - People Search
  14. Looking for Ricky Velasquez: sisters, lost, name, Mexico - People Search
  15. Re-united, after 66 years apart: reunion, siblings - People Search
  16. Port Gibson, Mississippi - The Scotts: friends, last name, Chicago - People Search
  17. April Rider (Ryder): places, street, friend, names - People Search
  18. Looking 4 my 1/2 brother Robert S Thomas: father, names, birth, Columbus - People Search
  19. Florence and Pips: record, phone, street, picture - People Search
  20. looking for my son evan s.: name, locating, age, contact - People Search
  21. Jeffrey Scott Butts: names, relatives, addresses, Michigan - People Search
  22. Greg Negrete: record, phone, names, birth - People Search
  23. Looking for lady in Jasper: record, places, name, birth - People Search
  24. myrtle yavonne price -brooks: father, where, Louisiana, family - People Search
  25. Searching for Niece - Gwen Elizabeth (Roy) Brown - Granite City, IL: sister, address - People Search
  26. looking for Carrie Lee Nicholson, Richmond VA: sister, New York, about - People Search
  27. Searching for cousin - virgil orville gibson, jr: places, telephone, lost - People Search
  28. I found them!!!! Thank you City Data!!!: sisters, name, member - People Search
  29. Marianne M. Siegmund (maiden name): street, house, country, searching - People Search
  30. Looking for people stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX in 1981: names, USA - People Search
  31. Looking for Tessa Wigley: zip code, photos, friend, daughter - People Search
  32. help! knows Mark from missouri?: record, phone, friend - People Search
  33. Denise Dutton(maiden name): friend, lost, names, Washington - People Search
  34. Looking for friend: phone, child, names, Germany - People Search
  35. Looking For A ol' Friend~Matt Ellis~Wheeler,Texas: record, street, county - People Search
  36. Looking For Ronald and Russell Mayer: lost, name, address, where - People Search
  37. Birth father: Christopher Carter: names, addresses, brother, persons - People Search
  38. Gaetano Cutaia from Riesi: places, father, name, relatives - People Search
  39. Searching for Deborah(Debbie) Howe/UK: street, children, friends, old - People Search
  40. What are common nicknames for Elizabeth?: father, birth, adopted, marriage - People Search
  41. Looking for relatives. Oak Ridge,Mo., Millersville, Mo.: genealogy, record, street - People Search
  42. Looking for Bobbie: name, birth, address, about - People Search
  43. Athol IDAHO: daughter, family, about - People Search
  44. Looking for Joel/mother is Elizabeth age 54-63: children, father, names - People Search
  45. Looking for niece Tammy Darlene (Tanner) Adams, in Tennessee: sister, addresses, locate - People Search
  46. Cathey: name, address, Memphis, looking for - People Search
  47. yesenia Arocho: phone, photos, friend, old - People Search
  48. Free reverse email lookup?: member, address, finding, members - People Search
  49. Looking for friend in Eastern KY: street, county, lost, names - People Search
  50. Melinda Ortiz or is it Melinda Fraga??: friends, lost, name - People Search
  51. Looking for my sister (moved from the San Bndo/Riverside forum): city, born - People Search
  52. help to find a person Bellows Falls: address, brother, letter - People Search
  53. Looking for family (Reynolds) in Maine: record, children, daughter, sisters - People Search
  54. can help find my friend.: phone, street, friends, daughter - People Search
  55. Looking for Cindy: name, address, house, find - People Search
  56. Looking for my father!! Andrew holmes: records, name, address, find - People Search
  57. I am looking for an old friend of mine, Crystal Wilson: name, addresses - People Search
  58. Looking for last name Baines near Colfax, La: friend, sisters, lost - People Search
  59. Looking for information/pic Maurice W Prendergast KIA Korea 10 SEP 1952: member, high school - People Search
  60. Looking for Tanya Brown: phone, friend, daughter, name - People Search
  61. Looking for Douglas Antebi: living - People Search
  62. from Douglas, Ga?: genealogy, records, children, lost - People Search
  63. does knows a man by the name Stefan Estrellas in Chattanooga?: phone, street - People Search
  64. Looking for Keevin D Pierson or Rebecca Pierson: records, friend, last name - People Search
  65. Looking for a 1/2 brother (adopted), aunt and cousins (Masterson): baby, children, sister - People Search
  66. looking for Misty Rose: phone, friend, old, lost - People Search
  67. Looking for Linda Boyd, Whitmore lake 15 years ago, MI: daughter, father, names - People Search
  68. missing: children, photo, friends, sister - People Search
  69. Looking for Mr. Vitale(sp)PE Teacher: last name, state, first - People Search
  70. help to find my Uncle from Albania ?: records, children, name - People Search
  71. official route: lost, name, relatives, USA - People Search
  72. Looking for someone in Ireland (Donnycarney): phone, friend, old, name - People Search
  73. Searching for my Father help!!!!!!: phone, picture, old, last name - People Search
  74. Looking for Kaian in Hawaii: old, last name, Las Vegas, about - People Search
  75. Looking for Smiths in Tennessee: children, county, names, NC - People Search
  76. Looking for the Parents of James Christopher Smith: name, Oregon, Texas - People Search
  77. Looking for my sister Delilah: adoptee, name, birth, brother - People Search
  78. pen pal: old, last name, penpals, searching - People Search
  79. Snoderly in TN?: Tennessee, family, find, about - People Search
  80. USS PUTNAM 1951 through 1954: dad, birth, locate, contact - People Search
  81. Looking for a friend from NJ that moved to Maine: phone, neighbor - People Search
  82. Daniel from San Antonio, Texas: name, member, Columbia, Mexico - People Search
  83. Looking for a Marine-Michael Wilson: phone, name, birth, New Orleans - People Search
  84. Looking for Roger Williams 85-95 years old.: records, places, father - People Search
  85. Herman SD - looking for informaiton about Claude N. Hoffer: old, where - People Search
  86. searching for Bio father-Falls church Va: phone, relatives, address, where - People Search
  87. WWII Stanley R Myers: lookup, county, adopted, where - People Search
  88. Looking for Mildred Murphy, Ireland: friend, address, about, age - People Search
  89. Looking for Aunt Marie in Islip , NY: neighbor, street, children - People Search
  90. Mr Alessi's son from Holland: records, children, photo, sisters - People Search
  91. Looking for David Paul Latham: records, baby, picture, father - People Search
  92. Adoptee Seeking Birth Mother: Born October 26, 1963: birth certificate, records, adoptees, name - People Search
  93. Thank You: information, profile - People Search
  94. Sherry Lynn Jeffers CIN OH: birth certificate, phone, sister, old - People Search
  95. Looking for James Boyd (Tucson, AZ): birth, member, Washington, high school - People Search
  96. Looking for the Honeycutt family~: telephone, child, picture, sisters - People Search
  97. Looking for a couple of old friends: record, names, relatives - People Search
  98. I need to validate my sisters existence!!!: records, father, name - People Search
  99. Looking for old friend: friends, lost, last name, member - People Search
  100. looking for vanna: neighbor, children, daughter, old - People Search
  101. Looking Lisa Richardson's son (formerly Johnson) Danville, FL: record, old, father - People Search
  102. Looking for Karen Hurd Claggett Dunwoodie in PA: phone, children, county - People Search
  103. Looking for a person: record, places, old, name - People Search
  104. Looking for Claudia Ellis from Bronx, NYC: friend, daughter, old - People Search
  105. nat lamp (moved from MO forums): where, tx, find, contact - People Search
  106. looking for relatives - Arkansas: photos, name, member, adopted - People Search
  107. Looking For My Biological Dad: phone, father, name, birth - People Search
  108. one serve in the Vietnam War with William Philip Reese?: name, brother - People Search
  109. dad missing for over 30 years: old, relatives, San Francisco, Sacramento - People Search
  110. Camp Darby, Italy: children, high school, looking for, son - People Search
  111. Ontario, Canada: phone, children, friend, daughter - People Search
  112. Looking for Friend: Billy Blackwell, Tennessee ?: county, old, names, relatives - People Search
  113. James R. Fry Jr. Belton, TX: genealogy, phone, adoptee, children - People Search
  114. Greg Nelson: records, phone, friend, daughter - People Search
  115. looking to contact Marysue Terzick: phone, searches, old, name - People Search
  116. Looking for David Brooks Indiana: photos, old, name, brother - People Search
  117. Looking for lost Aunt: phone, county, daughter, relatives - People Search
  118. Looking for friend in Texas: places, phone, friends, sister - People Search
  119. Royal Trent White City. Or. Are You OUT THERE?!!: phone, friend - People Search
  120. Looking for another friend: name, member, Michigan, where - People Search
  121. St Patrick's School, Maple Ridge BC: letter, looking for, information, mother - People Search
  122. Two needles in a gigantic haystack: baby, child, county, father - People Search
  123. Looking for daughter: birth certificate, daughters, father, names - People Search
  124. Trying to find out what cemetary Grandmother is in: lost, dad, Virginia - People Search
  125. Looking for brother and sisters possibly NJ: phone, children, searches - People Search
  126. Robert Henry Mayer: records, phone, adoptees, children - People Search
  127. Does know/knew Pilar Castillo / AKA Pepsi? Born 10/52?: records, name, birth - People Search
  128. Looking for Elsie Price: searches, daughters, name, address - People Search
  129. help me find my mom: old, dad, name, birth - People Search
  130. Victoria (nee:) Taylor...approx. 1996: location, daughter, name, birth - People Search
  131. Looking for Bobby Joe Comer: birth certificate, record, phone, child - People Search
  132. I'm looking for a man: baby, children, picture, old - People Search
  133. Looking for my siblings: child, sisters, father, last name - People Search
  134. Looking for my father Peter Vic Grima: places, last name, addresses - People Search
  135. Lost Family - Puerto Rico: photo, searches, friend, daughter - People Search
  136. Looking for my son: birth certificate, phone, neighbor, street - People Search
  137. searching for Miles family in Tullahoma, TN: genealogy, location, children - People Search
  138. Looking for my 1/2 sister Amber(last name unknown) (SoCal): children, lost, father - People Search
  139. Looking for biological parent: child, photo, daughter, old - People Search
  140. Looking for father in Mexico: phone, child, friends, daughter - People Search
  141. Looking for others that lived at Woodycrest Home, Bronx, NY: photos, friends - People Search
  142. Looking For-Patti Ann (Patricia) Scheland: places, phone, children, sisters - People Search
  143. Relatives of Ralph Jasso Jr. from Arizona, Jaso / Jasso family: genealogy, records - People Search
  144. Nelda Louise Martin-Oklahoma: phone, children, picture, daughter - People Search
  145. Denise Griffitts (Ritchie): location, record, county, friends - People Search
  146. Lloyed Griffitts: location, friends, daughters, father - People Search
  147. Looking for american relatives Caramanna/Paladino: genealogy, records, phone, photos - People Search
  148. Do you recognize this Girl was in AZ 1999 a Runaway?: phone, street - People Search
  149. Looking for death records: neighbor, street, searches, daughters - People Search
  150. Need on how to find old school records!: county, sisters, father - People Search
  151. looking for Colleen (nee) Noble: father, name, letter, information - People Search
  152. Hann's: Canada, Kansas, family - People Search
  153. Wilson daughters (3) 1954 Hayti, MO. !: sisters, military, contact - People Search
  154. searching for old friend Leisa Snyder (Ryder): street, house, brother - People Search
  155. does know?: father, New York, brother, born - People Search
  156. Looking for possibly a Gulfport Family: Mississippi, city - People Search
  157. Looking For My Little Brother Birt Name Kirk James Nichols 11-17-1989 I really want to find him.I would have adopted him: lost, birth - People Search
  158. looking for my cousin Armando Romo Godoy (25) in NV: father, name, address - People Search
  159. looking for my son Johnathan Boersma: phone, father, name, where - People Search
  160. help me find nurse: photos, old, name, person - People Search
  161. searching for James Cook: father, birth, Atlanta, Georgia - People Search
  162. Searching 4: daughter, Montana - People Search
  163. Looking for a long lost brother: birth certificate, sisters, father, name - People Search
  164. Bastrop, LA. Alumni 1972-1976 Announcement: important, reunion, contact - People Search
  165. Trying to find my uncles: children, father, last name, brother - People Search
  166. Looking for Evan Scott Ross: old, address, son, important - People Search
  167. Bertha jean Portlock/ carter, laurie,planchard: record, places, county, last name - People Search
  168. Looking for Brother DOB 81/82: record, old, father, name - People Search
  169. Am looking for someone I used to know: last name, member, address - People Search
  170. Vaisbrot Petr: New York City, looking for, city - People Search
  171. looking 4 half bro: sister, name, brother, Ohio - People Search
  172. The little dead head that left without saying goodbye.: friends, daughters, address - People Search
  173. Help me find Lauren Boylan,: friends, address, family, looking for - People Search
  174. looking for king family in toledo early 1900`s: children, father, last name - People Search
  175. everyone who knows a Babara: friends, name, information, searching - People Search
  176. Work at Nielsen in NY in 1965? 65-70 years old now?: children, name - People Search
  177. it could be you?: street, child, house, SSN - People Search
  178. Monique Simon: daughter, member, looking for, information - People Search
  179. LOST FRIENDs - Arkansas: location, name, Missouri, Huntsville - People Search
  180. Debbie Davidson I Found You - People Search
  181. kelly fitzmaurice: phone, friend, names, find - People Search
  182. Searching for Ozark Empire Fair photographer MO: picture, person, contact - People Search
  183. Mary E. Rimpo: about - People Search
  184. Carla Kay Jones---- cincinnati. OHIO: name, looking for, about, babies - People Search
  185. Are you the Bob Hogan, Manager, from NYC in 1960?: record, village, friends - People Search
  186. Looking for the Realtor in Coachella California: phone, member, find - People Search
  187. Looking for Diana Walsh Ospina of Medellin Colombia: last name, member, where - People Search
  188. Jonathon Krebs of Destin, Fla - People Search
  189. Searching for husband's bio father: birth certificate, records, children, county - People Search
  190. mason richard primrose: looking for - People Search
  191. Looking for a loved one: New York City, California, searching, city - People Search
  192. Debbie Davidson - Found - People Search
  193. Searching for: lost, name, Ontario, married - People Search
  194. Looking for Jalon Dontavious Westbrooks bka TaTa and Shenika Denise Westbrooks: location, sister - People Search
  195. Kathy, Margie & Bobby Hunter...Ohio: California, married - People Search
  196. Can give me information about this boy?: sisters, name, surname - People Search
  197. looking for a lost friend: sister, name, brother, find - People Search
  198. Looking for an adopted sibling in NYC (1967-1974): baby, children, sister - People Search
  199. Looking for Kim Williams: sister, last name, birth, member - People Search
  200. Looking for Lewis or Louis Matia or Mattia: high school, Arizona, Germany - People Search