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  81. Searching for a Horst Geyer: friend, old, Tampa, Florida - People Search
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  96. 1980 Jane Doe possibly from Aransas Pass/Rockport area: county, photos, friend - People Search
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  100. WEHT Don Nelson: street, lost, dad, name - People Search
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  102. Searching for Stoddard relatives: daughter, New York, where, Pennsylvania - People Search
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  104. help me find someone that I loved: lookup, phone, photos - People Search
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  112. MIL Long Lost Friend: phone, name, address, Florida - People Search
  113. Male born 2-9-68 in Fort Dix, NJ ISO birth family: birth certificate, records - People Search
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  115. ISO brother, Charles Karr, Denver: name, information, find, contact - People Search
  116. Lost Lynn Akin: children, photograph, friend, old - People Search
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  123. Shirley Marie Bryant ~ Richmond, Indiana: sister, names, birth, member - People Search
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  127. Searching for Todd who lived in New Jersey worked at Whippany NJ: location, places - People Search
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  131. I have money for relative of Gerda Tappan: record, children, friend - People Search
  132. Looking for an old friend, Miranda Ross, Ann Arbor MI: name, member - People Search
  133. help me find my my biological father/ klamath falls OR last known resi: birth certificate, picture - People Search
  134. Looking for my birth father: birth certificate, genealogy, street, children - People Search
  135. Looking For A Friend named Tafari Raheim Thompson Wallace: record, birth, adopted - People Search
  136. Searching for Half-Sisters: Barbara, Enery, and Iliana: location, records, phone - People Search
  137. Debra Lucille Ponder (maiden name: Stagner): records, phone, county, daughter - People Search
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  141. Clifford R. Koepcke - PA Military College - 1962: photos, old, last name - People Search
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  143. Need on recent death in Arizona: records, county, friend - People Search
  144. Looking for my dad - Jack Alexander: location, records, street - People Search
  145. Looking for Steve in Sunnyvale of Menneapolis: location, phone, photos - People Search
  146. Looking to find long lost friend: street, county, searches, old - People Search
  147. (Joseph Langan) was born in St.Johns ND: records, neighbor, county - People Search
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  151. Ray Bouchard - Massachusetts, friend from Navy: picture, old, names - People Search
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  159. help me find the love of my life.: name, Germany - People Search
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  164. Finding birth family or adoptee - tip: adoptees, friends, relatives - People Search
  165. Toni Louch looking for birth father, North Tarrytown, NY 1964: adoptee, baby - People Search
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  167. Hung Cok Le from near Saigon: father, brother, looking for, find - People Search
  168. help me find my mom,: friend, name, member - People Search
  169. Looking for Ruben Mercado: old, father, name, member - People Search
  170. Looking for step siblings from my fathers side Ernesto Ruiz (Long Beach, CA): children, lost - People Search
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  173. Svetlana Tihonov(Tikhonov): father, Canada, brother, family - People Search
  174. Looking for Biological Father, born in Fort Worth 1976, March at Old Methodist Main to Patti Jane Workman: baby, name - People Search
  175. Raymond Timmons & Ermalee Wanell Gentry: records, Texas, searching, married - People Search
  176. ISO Knute (Philly Butcher in 1970's): friend, old, last name, house - People Search
  177. erika s courtney: San Antonio, looking for - People Search
  178. Searching for Mario Krüger (24H Berlin documentary): where, contact - People Search
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  181. search my friend irim malik in the germany: names, SSN, ago - People Search
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  189. Looking For A Long Lost Friend: name, Minnesota, contact, Facebook - People Search
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  191. Looking for a friend in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas: record, county - People Search
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  196. Searching my Dad- John o Frank Miller/US Army in Baumholder 1961: name, born - People Search
  197. Searching my Dad- John o Frank Miller/US Army in Baumholder 1961: sisters, father - People Search
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