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  29. Are tick collars ok to use?: allergic, treatment, store, spray - Dogs
  30. Old Dog Vestibular Disease: terrier, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  31. Well, this socks: Great Dane eats 43: labrador, vet, food, adult - Dogs
  32. Labradors - special dogs who really love the water!: people
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  34. dogs really prefer petting: food, eating, allowed,
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  37. Thinking of Moving to Wilminton NC need advice on Pets/Renting: clean, toy - Dogs
  38. It's on the floor, why can't I play with it?: drool, year - Dogs
  39. Can new carpet cause my dog to itch?: allergic, clean, cleaning - Dogs
  40. It's idiots like this:: boxer, neutered, chew, treats - Dogs
  41. Potty train an adult dog.: poop, breeder, pomeranian, diarrhea - Dogs
  42. KLM has a secret agent: best, food, breed, liver - Dogs
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  46. !!: adopted, puppies, owner - Dogs
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  51. Risk Going Under For Neuter If Mild Case Of Collapse Trachea: vet, skin - Dogs
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  58. Homemade treat dispenser and toy - Dogs
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  61. News, Agitated Woman Threatens To Poop On Property Of Lazy Dog Owners: Los Angeles, fight - Dogs
  62. a new old dog for me: lab, black, diet - Dogs
  63. People who screw up their dogs and then dump them in rescue...: barks, skin
  64. Sting or Bite? Pups face swelled up..: allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  65. Apartment complex spray painting dog poop hot pink: clean, diarrhea, normal - Dogs
  66. Is your local police dep't trained in dealing with dogs?: English Mastiff, barking
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  70. Dobbie and kitten - Dogs
  71. How can I get Lucy to get in her new bed?: pups, carpet - Dogs
  72. What is my puppy mixed with?: poodle, terrier, chihuahua, miniature - Dogs
  73. The Little Punk: how much, cost, best, walk - Dogs
  74. Britain's smallest dog? Tyson the pup is just four INCHES tall and weighs 11 ounces: toy, breeder - Dogs
  75. Dr. Sophia Yin: how much, boxer, vet, training - Dogs
  76. The Maternal Instinct can be incredibly powerful: puppies, ears, year - Dogs
  77. Has it come to this?: paws, white - Dogs
  78. Should a dog be returned after something like this?: vet, rescued, shelter - Dogs
  79. Would you feed someone's dog?: clean, stomach, skin, diet - Dogs
  80. My senior has gotten a Hematoma: lab, bulldogs, clean, vet
  81. Has ever used an Animal Behaviorist?: border collie, shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  82. Smart Dog rescues Smart 3 year old girl lost for 11 days in Siberia: people - Dogs
  83. Every time I lose a Dog: labs, black, rescued, adopting - Dogs
  84. Aggressive Bichon: vet, barks, neutered, noise - Dogs
  85. Natural flea & tic remedy: skin, treatment, shedding, fleas - Dogs
  86. How to Teach A Dog to Swim?: how much, shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  87. Origins of phrases with the word DOG in them: bite, wound, treatment - Dogs
  88. you know how in cartoons...: poop, vet, food, eating - Dogs
  89. Bucky loves his Daddy.. too much: schnauzers, schnauzer, train - Dogs
  90. Sneaky Border Collies: adopt, puppies, mixes - Dogs
  91. Dog of nurse in Spain may be euthanized: test, exercise, humans - Dogs
  92. Parvo outbreak in Mass: cross, free - Dogs
  93. I just want to be close to you.: bulldogs, puppy
  94. Dog saves life of owner after both are hit by speeding car: Boston, animal - Dogs
  95. Change food or stick with same one?: diet, protein, breed - Dogs
  96. Barking Dog - Katy (apartment): training, noise, shelter, store - Dogs
  97. Is this true? A 'Dog Year' Isn't Equivalent To 7 Human Years: lab, cataracts - Dogs
  98. Ice Bucket Challenge for Dog - Dogs
  99. Alaskan Malamutes?: huskies, black, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  100. own or work at a kennel?: clean, vet, legal - Dogs
  101. Flies on dogs....: clean, cleaning, kennels, chew
  102. Trigger words?: poop, toy, training, noise - Dogs
  103. Dog trains passerby into playing fetch with him: border collie - Dogs
  104. Big Dog-Little Bed: size - Dogs
  105. Dogs CHF. Med Reaction. Need Advice: gagging, how much, vet, prescription
  106. Puppy Love: Two Pitties Fall In Love and Their Humans Marry - Dogs
  107. 14 year old Bichon travels the world: rescue, allergies, fleas, puppy - Dogs
  108. 23 year prison term for shooting police dog: black, training, illegal - Dogs
  109. The Longest pee ever: shepherd, vet, german, home - Dogs
  110. Falling in love with Huskies every day: lab, barks, train - Dogs
  111. Why waste money on a dog walker?: poop, train, walk - Dogs
  112. Pedigree Dog Food Recall: best, adult, healthiest, control - Dogs
  113. Dog's Birthday: rescue, cats, home, neighbors - Dogs
  114. Lily's Turtle suit is her refuge: beagle, cost, animal, behavior - Dogs
  115. Crazy Puppy Party: doggie - Dogs
  116. Who's that trying to steal my bone?: people - Dogs
  117. Took him about a nanosecond to decide what to do. - Dogs
  118. help my mums 4mth kitten: biting, clean, vet, cost - Dogs
  119. Puppy kisses are the best: dachshund, puppies, home - Dogs
  120. Jumpy The Australian Shepherd Will Blow Your Mind: training - Dogs
  121. New OCD in a Golden: golden retriever, paws, walk, problems - Dogs
  122. Do you ever sing to your dog?: pitbull, barking, cats - Dogs
  123. So I found two stray dogs + worried and upset if I made the right descision: pitbull, shepherd
  124. Can Yorkies sleep with you?: clean, poop, toy, housebreak - Dogs
  125. Do dogs understand what is going on when its 'mommy' & 'daddy' are having sex?: aggressive, children
  126. Banfield Wellness Plan: vet, legal, cost, shots - Dogs
  127. Our new puppy, Buddy: collies, months, gentle, family - Dogs
  128. Tips on finding housing with so-called dangerous breeds?: pitbull, ridgeback - Dogs
  129. Joint issues: poop, vet, symptoms, bones - Dogs
  130. Need Help, puppy messes in the crate.: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  131. dog food--grain free: allergy, breeder, skin, shedding - Dogs
  132. My sneaky rat terrier is getting on the table - mouse trap?: clean, vet - Dogs
  133. The right kind of dog for me: pitbull, shepherd, poodles - Dogs
  134. What do dogs all have in common?: labrador, husky, train
  135. Dog eats it own poop?: clean, training, diet, rescued - Dogs
  136. Meds form Canada?: vet, prescription, black, costs - Dogs
  137. My Dog Won't Poop Outside: toy, train, walk, home - Dogs
  138. My beautiful Cavalier King Charles died today and don't know what to do: how much, vet - Dogs
  139. Funny dog moments...: labradors, vet, aggressive, stomach - Dogs
  140. Unethical vets and euthanasia: labs, vet, treatment, beagle - Dogs
  141. with Adrenal Harmony Gold for Cushings?: lab, shih tzu, allergic - Dogs
  142. Need advice on neighbor kid and my dog: chihuahua, bite, vet - Dogs
  143. spaying and neutering experiences: how much, shihtzu, terrier, yorkie - Dogs
  144. Ladies, is it for you to walk down the street without saying aww when you see a puppy?: children, puppies - Dogs
  145. Mourning my ancient Pomeranian: biting, vet, breeder, train - Dogs
  146. A new puppy?: golden retriever, breeders, housebreak, train - Dogs
  147. Headed to the vet tomorrow, but .....: lab, tumors, bite, stomach - Dogs
  148. have experience on extremely scared dog?: bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  149. I Have a Poison Snake in my Dog's Yard :(: bite, vet, black - Dogs
  150. having a flea problem?: bite, vet, heartworms, skin - Dogs
  151. Help me name my German Shepherd for the AKC registration.: rescue, kennel - Dogs
  152. Dog Bump--Opinions: poodle, tumors, clean, vet - Dogs
  153. The young and the old, this is my senior: ridgeback, adopt, breed - Dogs
  154. Fed Up with Vets!: how much, bite, vet, breeder - Dogs
  155. My puppy eats...: clean, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  156. My dog was bitten by a copperhead: bites, vet, wound - Dogs
  157. What kind of dog were you in a past life?: shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  158. My friend put her dog down, her experience concerns me.: golden retriever, poop - Dogs
  159. Barking at Kids - how to stop?: border collie, how much, shepherd - Dogs
  160. for that has skin issues with thier dog: shepherd, allergy, retriever - Dogs
  161. Extra tall, durable dog gate: kennel, chewing, best, breed - Dogs
  162. Police Officer charged with animal cruelty after K9 dies in hot car: stomach, training - Dogs
  163. Is people food bad for dogs?: vet, teeth, diet, fleas
  164. Should I Return Dog? HELP: shepherd, vet, toy, wound - Dogs
  165. Red stain around mouth: poodles, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  166. dog bit baby: shepherd, shepherds, bite, vet - Dogs
  167. Puppies playing very roughly.: bite, wound, housebreak, training - Dogs
  168. Energetic Dog and Leaving Him Home While at Work...: how much, goldendoodle, labradoodle - Dogs
  169. Powerful video - Dogs
  170. Dreaming about my dog: how much, vet, collie, euthanize - Dogs
  171. Which breed of small dog is suited for living in a high rise building?: boxer, terrier - Dogs
  172. The debate over shock electronic collars: lab, skin, train, kids - Dogs
  173. Dog breed recommendation for an adult with Downs syndrome: shih tzu, allergic, terriers - Dogs
  174. Potty Pads: labrador, clean, vet, science - Dogs
  175. Cleanest small dog to get?: daschund, shih tzu, poodles, vet - Dogs
  176. Dog died after Petsmart grooming: shih tzu, vet, skin, training - Dogs
  177. Leaving dogs in a vehicle: aggressive, children, food, outside
  178. Our puppy injured her hind paw: yorkies, patella, vet, surgery - Dogs
  179. way to test how protective our dog is?: shepherd, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  180. Every dog needs a cockatoo - Dogs
  181. Lucy and Toby got their dentals yesterday: vet, teeth, shots - Dogs
  182. Funny Halloween costumes for dogs: medium, year, white, stories
  183. Bella doesn't want to go home!!: shepherd, german, swimming - Dogs
  184. Nightly Battle of the Bed with a Great Dane - Dogs
  185. Dog destructive only around one owner: toy, training, chew, dominant - Dogs
  186. Not tonight dear. I have a headache. - Dogs
  187. Boxer Body Language?: bites, aggressive, cross, puppy - Dogs
  188. World’s Tallest Dog From Otsego Dies at Age 5: Great Dane, Michigan, owner - Dogs
  189. How to drive your dog crazy.: mean - Dogs
  190. Dog Tries To Save Fish Out Of Water - Dogs
  191. Dog Bump: Opinions: vet, ears, necessary, people - Dogs
  192. licking dogs: poop, causes, normal, female
  193. Go Pro on a running- to- the- water lab - Dogs
  194. Two dogs talking on Skype: huskies
  195. Green Groom Shampoo/Conditioner - Has tried it?: natural, home, safe - Dogs
  196. MAN'S Best Friend......: food, cats, eating, treats - Dogs
  197. What happens when not at home.: puppy - Dogs
  198. Dog get's caught playing on the bed - Dogs
  199. Life hacks for Dogs: owner, work
  200. ???: vet - Dogs