Workplace violence in the United States

Andrey Kamenov

Andrey Kamenov, Ph.D. Probability and Statistics

Workplace violence (intentional injury caused by a person) remains to be the second leading cause of work-related fatalities in the U.S. It accounts for around 10 percent of all work-related deaths each year (with another 4 to 5 percent being suicides).

The vast majority of these cases were shootings, which constituted 82 percent of all homicides (and 49 percent of all suicides).

Importantly, the number of homicides has fallen by a third since 2003. In 2017, 417 incidents were recorded. This is not much higher than the lowest number ever: 404 in 2013.

On the other hand, the number of suicides keeps growing (albeit rather slowly). Here, 2013 also stands out — but this time it’s because of the highest number (282 incidents).

The year-by-year chart shows both trends clearly:

Number of occupational fatalities due to intentional injury, 2003-2015

Justice & public order seems to be (quite predictably) one of the most dangerous job sectors in this regard. For a further breakdown of fatalities in law enforcement, you can visit the NLEOMF website.

On another note, repair & maintenance and truck transportation stand out as the industry subsectors with the most suicides per one million employees.

Workplace violence by state, 2011-2015 (per 1m employees)

Notably, there is not much correlation with gun law stringency by state. California and Illinois, both known for their relatively strict gun laws, have numbers in line with the national average. New York (along with the other northeastern states) is on the lower end of the scale.


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Andrey Kamenov

Andrey Kamenov, Ph.D. Probability and Statistics

Andrey Kamenov is a data scientist working for Advameg Inc. His background includes teaching statistics, stochastic processes and financial mathematics in Moscow State University and working for a hedge fund. His academic interests range from statistical data analysis to optimal stopping theory. Andrey also enjoys his hobbies of photography, reading and powerlifting.

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