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  69. Make them listen: illegal immigration, parade, laws
  70. Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals: 2014, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
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  74. And so it starts..murder and kidnapping: 2014, illegals, death - Illegal Immigration
  75. Obama Has Deported The Most Illegal Immigrants: 2013, statistics, USA - Illegal Immigration
  76. 70% of illegals don't report back for their hearings: illegal aliens, prison, healthcare - Illegal Immigration
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  78. Deportations down 20 percent, fewest than 2007: 2014, illegal aliens, law, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  79. Deadly Disease Invades With Illegals: 2014, Reagan, crimes, Democrats - Illegal Immigration
  80. California plans to issue 1.4 million driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants under new law: 2014, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  81. NY Dems distance themselves from illegal immigrant legislation: 2014, license, born - Illegal Immigration
  82. Immigration dispute erupts at White House lunch: illegal aliens, impeachment, Republicans - Illegal Immigration
  83. Why do the Democrats and many liberals support and encourage illegal immigration?: 2014, global warming
  84. Four-Time Deportee Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Young Girl In Texas: Harry Reid, 2014 - Illegal Immigration
  85. Immigrant sanctuary gains popularity in Arizona. Uh, they're called illegal aliens.: laws, prison - Illegal Immigration
  86. Illegal Kid Diagnosed With Swine Flu: illegal immigration, Mexico, regular, extremist
  87. Navarrette: For immigration reform, vote GOP: McCain, illegal immigrants, law, campaign - Illegal Immigration
  88. WH Refuses To Tell Congress Where Illegals Sent: 2014, law, Liberalism - Illegal Immigration
  89. News, Gov. Jerry brown: Nearly 30% of CA kids illegal or 'don't speak english': 2014, driver's license - Illegal Immigration
  90. Why Do We Need Immigration?: enemy, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  91. Perry Sending National Guard to Texas Border: 2014, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  92. Bill clinton: ‘no illegals think they can stay: 2014, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  93. Now why wouldn't you want to take precious: 2014, pro illegals, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  94. What is your view on the border crisis?: illegal aliens, unemployment, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  95. Kids With Respiratory Virus Showing Up In The Midwest: 2014, illegal immigrants, regular - Illegal Immigration
  96. Defense contractor audited by ICE - 240 illegals forced to resign .: 2014, hiring illegals - Illegal Immigration
  97. 100,000 pairs of underwear for illegals: healthcare, American, jobs, citizens - Illegal Immigration
  98. Illegals to Border Patrol: coming for the amnesty...: illegal immigrants, laws, highway - Illegal Immigration
  99. ‘if you call Border Patrol on your ranch today, going to come back tomorrow and kill you: enemy, illegals - Illegal Immigration
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  101. Illegals Now Allowed To Serve in the Military: 2014, green card, health care - Illegal Immigration
  102. US Ordering 34 Million Green Cards for Illegal Plan: 2014, license, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  103. Honduran illegal who recently crossed border kills his girlfriend: 2014, interstate, illegal immigration
  104. GOP has derailed immigration reform: 2014, McCain, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  105. Obama Administration Has Released 167,000 Illegals With Criminal Records: 2014, laws, Whitehouse - Illegal Immigration
  106. Republicans Pave Way to All-White Future Despicable RACIST Troll news story.: 2014, McCain - Illegal Immigration
  107. Illegal alien, deported twice before, charged with killing two sheriff's officers: 2014, driver license - Illegal Immigration
  108. New York City Refusing to Cooperate with ICE: 2014, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
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  112. 65% of minors requesting asylum in 2014 got approved: born, illegal, laws - Illegal Immigration
  113. FENCE! Fence, fence fence fence!!: 2014, illegal aliens, Mexico, suspect - Illegal Immigration
  114. Deported Illegal Immigrants now owe loan sharks in Central America $5000 they can't pay!: 2014, represent - Illegal Immigration
  115. Migrants in Greece Claim Police Target Them: birth, illegally, racism - Illegal Immigration
  116. Election Leaves Immigration Advocates Frustrated With Obama: 2014, illegal aliens, CNN - Illegal Immigration
  117. Poll shows that most American voters want illegals sent home: 2014, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  118. 7-Eleven Chain Busted For Hiring Illegal Workers And Stealing Identities Of Americans: illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  119. Oregon voters licenses for illegals: 2014, drivers license, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  120. What A Mess! They should have known this was coming!: illegals, law - Illegal Immigration
  121. The real reason for massive illegal immigration in the west: Baby Boomers, illegal immigrants
  122. Immigration Advocates: ICE Is 'Out Of Control': 2014, illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  123. Two Guatmalan teens escape detention and carjack a 91-year old Navy Veteran: born, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  124. The US approved basically no refugees in FY 2013 from Central America: 2014, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  125. There's a new exodus of Cuban migrants attempting to enter the US: 2014, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  126. Why obama won't act on immigration: 2014, McCain, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  127. Disappointed Latinos Eye Gutierrez as Alternative to Hillary: 2014, visa, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  128. Tens and thousands of illegals never show up for hearings: 2014, medical - Illegal Immigration
  129. America needs immigrants refuses to create proper work visas.: hiring illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  130. Colorado now grants drivers licenses to illegal immigrants: laws, deported, work - Illegal Immigration
  131. Illegals are now being sent to Hawaii: 2014, health care, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  132. Artesia N.M. -89 Illegals Tested Positive on Skin Test for TB: illegal aliens, deportation - Illegal Immigration
  133. Once Obama's best and brightest master the toilet...: 2014, medical, millionaire - Illegal Immigration
  134. Tea Party now responsible for the illegal kid problem: Harry Reid, 2014, house of - Illegal Immigration
  135. Armed Militia arrive in South Texas to defend border: 2014, illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  136. Democrats, as predicted, using sick rhetoric on border crisis: illegal immigration, Liberalism, regime
  137. Parents of the recent migrant kids / ages of the kids: illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  138. Luis Gutierrez: 2013, pro illegals, represent, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  139. At least 30,000 illegals are being spread out to a classroom near you: 2014, Spanish - Illegal Immigration
  140. U.S. Rep from IL. says Americans need to be punished: medical, born - Illegal Immigration
  141. Steve King confronted by 2 Dreamers: visa, married, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  142. Obama Floats a Refugee Plan As Support for Deportation Grows: 2014, McCain - Illegal Immigration
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  146. Hundreds of dead border-crossers in single Texas county: illegal immigrants, laws, Mexico border - Illegal Immigration
  147. News, Yuba City Teen Faces Deportation After Selling Pot Brownies To Buy Prom Dress: 2014, illegal - Illegal Immigration
  148. Opposition to illegals is on the rise in America: born, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  149. Collect More Than $7,000 Per Month for ´Fostering´ Adult Illegal Aliens: 2014, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  150. 760 Illegals Dumped In TN Nobody In White House Tells Governor: 2014, website - Illegal Immigration
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  152. Pathways to Citizenship has been a decades long Bi-partisan idea: birth, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
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  154. What message is Obama sending to South America?: born, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  155. Brown wants to embrace and house more illegals: 2014, laws, immigrate - Illegal Immigration
  156. Inspector General report on border children spreading diseases: 2014, medical, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  157. Illegal Alien kills USC Grad Student: 2014, license, illegal immigration, prison
  158. Can we stop blaming our problems on illegals?: medical, illegal immigrants, Spanish - Illegal Immigration
  159. new suites for the illegals seem pretty nice.....: 2014, Democrats, school - Illegal Immigration
  160. Illegals the new foster kids: 2014, illegal immigration, activist, Reed
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  162. Uncle Joe: are not somebody's kids, they are our kids: 2014, immigrants - Illegal Immigration
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  164. Central American gangs will become powerful ruling parties in the United States in the near future: 2014, born - Illegal Immigration
  165. Illegal children with graying hair and wrinkles enrolling in public school: certificate, birth - Illegal Immigration
  166. CALIFORNIA is a 3RD WORLD COUNTRY (another MEXICO): illegal aliens, law, Reagan - Illegal Immigration
  167. DOJ decides that women from Guatemala can apply for asylum: 2014, immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  168. We’re Getting Ready’: Gutierrez Expecting Executive Amnesty For Five Million Illegals: 2014, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  169. Forget border security - now we are mulling going to Central America to pick them up!: 2014, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  170. Explain Mass Immigration To Me: 2014, naturalization, Canadian, visa - Illegal Immigration
  171. Illegal Aliens Storm the Beach in San Diego, Second Thwarted: prison, marines - Illegal Immigration
  172. .. now the Other Mexico: 2014, health care, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
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  174. The future for Caucasians in California: 2014, Mexicans, regular, March - Illegal Immigration
  175. New Process For Getting Into America - Go Straight To A Port of Entry: visa, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  176. Free Medical Care for Illegals: health care, pro illegals, prison, salaries - Illegal Immigration
  177. Pew Research Report: Nearly 90% of Illegal Immigrant 'Children' Are Teenagers: 2014, born - Illegal Immigration
  178. Mexico authorities stage midnight migrant raid: illegal aliens, Mexicans, American, deportation - Illegal Immigration
  179. The Worst Job in New York: Immigrant America: illegal aliens, fast food, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  180. Border Patrol Installs More Rescue Beacons: illegal aliens, law, Mexico, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  181. UACs get to register for school and the Fed will pay extra for them: certificate, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  182. Reducing immigration is politically impossible: certificate, visa, enemies, born - Illegal Immigration
  183. Baptist Child & Family Services - $190 MIL from HHS & DHS: 2014, medical - Illegal Immigration
  184. For All of You Illegal Alien Supporters: driver license, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  185. Conservatives and illegal immigrants should be friends: visa, laws, Reagan - Illegal Immigration
  186. we go, amnesty by executive order is coming...: 2014, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  187. South Texas Sheriff: Farmers report spotting gangs of armed illegals walking around on ranches: illegal immigrants, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  188. Very Disturbing Interview/Information from a Retired Border Patrol Officer: 2015, interstates - Illegal Immigration
  189. You think the border is secure? Its not.: visa, middle east, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  190. Report: Second Wave of Illegal Minors to Come in September & October: 2014, medical - Illegal Immigration
  191. Oklahoma - Passing laws other state only dream of: medical, driver license, 9/11 - Illegal Immigration
  192. Sense of Entitlement for Illegals: 2014, health care, website, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  193. Europe's Deadly Borders: An Inside Look at EU's Shameful Immigration Policy: enemy, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  194. Illegal Alien Advocates get SCHOOLED by Rep Steve King on the Rule of Law - Illegal Immigration
  195. Kuwait says stateless to be offered Comoros citizenship: born, illegal aliens, claim - Illegal Immigration
  196. No wonder the churches are in the illegal business: 2014, illegals, percent - Illegal Immigration
  197. Border Crisis and Human Traffickers: children, - Illegal Immigration
  198. Woman Gets 16 Years for Running Fake University: visa, legal, prison - Illegal Immigration
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  200. For all the mainstreet people who are being cheated on by their political party...: represent, Republican - Illegal Immigration